10 Ways We can Help You Enjoy a Greener 2015

As the new year begins, many of us are resolving to make positive changes in our lives and our homes – for aspiring eco-warriors and seasoned greenies alike, this means looking for ways to live a greener, cleaner lifestyle. Check out these ten product picks below, and find out about some easy and unexpected ways Faithful to Nature can help you green your daily routine in the year to come.

Reusable Water Bottles


By choosing a reusable water bottle over the countless single-use drinking bottles that get thrown away every year, you can make a significant difference to your environmental footprint – not to mention your health. Choose from our stylish ranges of glass, BPA-free plastic or stainless steel water bottles, which will last for years and save you so much waste.

Good for the Ground Biodegradable Bags


These eco-friendly, food-safe sandwich bags are so handy; they’re made with an innovative polymer called PLA, derived from natural sources like corn. Perfect for storing leftovers or wrapping up snacks and lunches; without the use of nasty pollutant-laden plastics. Available in small and large.

Tuffy Recycled Black Refuse Bags


Made with recycled and recyclable materials, Tuffy bags are the green alternative to ordinary bin liners. Tuffy processes around 6000 tons of material to create a whopping 240 million recycled refuse bags every year, and is the first South African organisation to receive SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) accreditation for producing fully recycled refuse bags.

“A great addition to my shopping basket – one less thing I have to mission to the shops to find.” – Caroline

Probio Indoor Composter & Bokashi Bran


The perfect home composting starter kit. Bokashi bran works to break down all sorts of kitchen scraps – fruit and veggies, eggshells, even bread and meat! Plus the compact, smell-proof bin is designed to fit easily under a standard kitchen sink, and has a handy tap for extracting rich compost tea. The ideal system to help you nourish you garden while drastically reducing household waste.

“This bin is awesome! Our first bin of food waste is full and almost ready to be buried and turned into compost. It truly is a non-yucky way of composting. There is a distinct yeasty smell when you open the bin, but not gross at all. And the tea really does what it is meant to do. The only regret I have, is that we only bought one bin and one bran. Essentially you should have two because, once full, the bin needs to be kept aside for about 2 weeks before emptying. Now we’re in limbo until we can empty it and in the meanwhile have to go back to chucking food waste out with the garbage. A second bin will be bought! And also – you use about one pack of bran while you fill one bin, so if you’re tucked far away (like in Walvis Bay, Namibia) and getting your order to you is a bit of a mission, my tip is to buy this in bulk.” – Surita

Essential Green Toilet Paper & Paper Towels


These are some of the most high-consumption household products; so making even one change as simple as switching to eco-friendly toilet paper can make a huge difference to your family’s carbon footprint. Essential Green products are made in a way that ensures the protection and sustainable use of our precious indigenous trees.

“Wow what a fantastic product. Perfectly inline with regular paper in the shops but so much better and also nice and soft. Our whole family is very happy with this product.” – Celeste

Triple Orange All-Purpose Wonder Gel


From washing dishes to cleaning windows and floors to de-greasing your oven, this biodegradable citrus-fresh gel really is a multi-purpose wonder. With just one tub of Triple Orange Wonder Gel, you could replace at least half a dozen chemical cleaning products!

“This product has exceeded my expectations, Ive replaced almost every other chemical with it and just a little bit in warm water has cleaned my windows to a brilliant shine my failed floor is squeaky clean no residue no stickiness smells wonderful and is gentle on my skin. LOVE IT!” – Natalie

“This stuff is great! I love the smell and it goes a lot further when washing dishes than the sunlight liquid that I used to use. I plan to use it to thoroughly clean and degrease my oven next…” – Jessica

Eco Firelighters


Ordinary firelighters release fumes and pollutants, so by replacing them with an eco-friendly option you can enjoy cleaner, greener braais all summer long. Check out our Fidibus firelighters, made with wood fibre and vegetable wax, or our Greenlite firelighters, made with waste paper and bio fuel.

“We bought some of these firelighters in 2013 and used them for our braai and Morso oven… They work like a charm! We had some left over from last year and made a fire in our fireplace this week… No drying out! Would recommend this product and will be buying it again!” – Michelle

Showerwise Shower Filtration System


Make that refreshing shower so much better with this smart showerhead filter; the Showerwise filters out chlorine, heavy metals and all sorts of other toxins from your shower water – which means no nasties running onto your skin and hair, or into our precious waterways.

Bento-Ware Lunch Boxes


Forget soggy disposable sandwich bags – theses stylish BPA-free lunch box sets are the perfect eco-friendly solution for school and work.

“I am so impressed with this product – love how all the little containers/boxes fit into the large container. Has made my life so much easier as i can now mix and match lunch for my little ones without any fuss. No more boiled eggs mixing with raisins anymore :)” – Estea

Biowash Ball


Change the way you look at your laundry – this little beauty can make a big difference! The Biowash Ball is designed to replace detergents and fabric softeners, saving you so much money, and so many chemicals.

“LOVE this product! It works like a charm, and leaves hour laundry with no chemical smells and a lovely clean fresh smell. It also removes stains and smells from those dreaded gym clothes. ;-)” – Santie

“I have been using this product for 3 years and absolutely love it. It’s fantastic and makes an enormous difference to your clothes – they last longer as the fibres are not so stretched and broken up. The cost saving is enormous as well. I will never use anything else.” – Val

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