Is Your Idea of Love Making You Lonely?

There is so much more love to be given and had than just romantic love. For absolute starters, there is the love you have for yourself, and you can demonstrate this in as many ways as there are stars in the sky. Choosing to get some fresh air over your lunch break is a fantastic way to say, yes I do love me; eating a good meal of freshly picked organic veggies, or just stopping and allowing yourself to focus on your state for a few minutes is indeed a very loving gesture to the most important person in your life – yes you!

I bet you take a lot of care in making your house look good for guests, but one of these nights, put your energy towards creating a wonderful soothing space in your bathroom with scented candles, flowers and music… and love yourself that little bit more with a long relaxing bath. Take some time in the bath to think of all the things that you are grateful for about YOURSELF.

Remember that you are also a creator. Every time you make a choice in your day-to-day existence you are choosing to love yourself more, or less in some way or another. You are walking closer to being able to love others unconditionally because you have embraced yourself, or you are isolating yourself further from yourself and ultimately others. Even choosing to go to bed just a little earlier because you need the rest in some way adds to how much further you do or don’t move along your path.

Love and bliss are your birth right and they start with you. The greater your capacity to love yourself, the greater your capacity to give love to others around you.

This Valentine’s day make the intention to start the day off by saying ‘I approve of myself’. You may not really believe it the first time you say it but I am positive that if you can remember to say it to yourself at least three times that day, you will start to feel different about yourself. Isn’t it sad that we humans have such a tough time feeling good about ourselves? Most of us walk around each day thinking of and recreating our perceived inadequacies. How much better would this world be, if we all loosened up and walked around thinking of how beautiful we are? Or how amazing and smart our bodies are; or how wonderful we are; or indeed how loveable we are. Is vanity not a whole lot more tolerable that shame, hurt and anger?

Call me a cliché, but I am positive that more loving self-talk would give us the lightness to feel better and more excited by the wonder; beauty and possibility around us. Because life is truly one dashing adventure with a world of possibility resting on every choice and action.

PS – For those who are inspired to read on about self-love, take a glance at why the world looks better when you love yourself and then give yourself a great big hug after reading through it.

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