A Conversation with Mother Earth

Alosha from 3D-Deco sent out a story a while back that he was inspired to write, and with his permission I would like to share it with you:

I was lying next to the river the other day, relaxing and just about to doze off when I heard a voice… all around me. It was asking me ‘what was going on with planet earth, where were all the flowers that were planted eons ago? Why is there so much grass?’ It was then that I realised the “Voice” was Mother Nature. Taking a deep breath and trying to explain it as best I could I told dear wise old Ma Nature that… ‘um… the tribes that settled here on earth have been at great pains to keep the grass green. They begin each spring by fertilising grass and poisoning any other crops on the lawn.’ ‘They must be happy when the rains and warm weather make the grass grow fast’, she commented. Again, I had to be honest and admit that ‘as it grows the suburbanites cut the grass once a week.’ ‘And what then?’ asked Mother Nature? I answered that ‘they put it in plastic bags and then um… they pay to throw it away.’ Of course she was very confused by all of this. ‘You mean they fertilise the grass so it will grow then they cut it off, bag it and pay to throw it away?’ she asked. ‘Yes ma’am’ I sighed. Her reply was that, ‘at least the suburbanites had kept some of the trees. The trees give leaves in summer for shade’ she said, ‘and in spring they provide beauty. In autumn the leaves fall to the ground and form a natural blanket to keep moisture in the soil and protect the trees and bushes. It’s a natural cycle of life’, she added. Now what could I say? I had to tell her the dreaded truth once again: ‘as soon as the leaves fall down they are raked away and people pay to have them chucked away.’ ‘So… what do they do to protect the shrub and tree roots in the winter to keep the soil moist and loose?’ asked dear old Mother who was by now beginning to lose patience. I replied that ‘after throwing away the leaves they go out and buy some mulch that they spread around in place of the leaves.’ ‘And where do they get this mulch?’ I was asked? ‘They cut down trees and grind them up.’ ‘Enough!’ shouted Mother Nature, her voice vibrating the earth I lay on. I don’t want to hear anymore, she declared, I think I’ll rather watch a movie. I couldn’t resist suggesting that she watch the movie ‘Dumb and Dumber’. Of course I didn’t need to tell her the story because she had just heard it all already.

This story, inspired from Biophile which is one of my favourite magazines (view the back copies) quite nicely sums up the human species in current relation to planet earth. We have made our lives so overly complicated to the extent that we are creating more negative work for ourselves, wasting money and slowly but surely killing our species by what we claim to be masterful inventions for the sake of clinical hygiene and convenience when in fact everything was created in perfected balance.

We say, open your eyes, but don’t do it with despair – remember we have the power to change the world around us – we are the creators of the world we live in!

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