Castor Oil: The Plain-Jane Product with a Glamorous Secret

We recently published “The Natural Glamour Edition” of our popular weekly newsletter – and while this beauty product spotlight covered all the usual goodies like lipstick, nail lacquer and foundation, it included a few surprises as well. One of these was castor oil – the undisputed underdog of the natural beauty world!

Castor oil is a thick gloopy plant oil best-known for its use as a natural constipation remedy; you’ve got to admit it’s not something that springs to mind when you’re talking glamour and beauty. However, castor oil is loaded with nourishing fatty acids, making it an amazing natural beauty-booster for your hair, skin and nails.

Nail Treatment

Castor oil is ultra-moisturising, and will help to soften dry, ragged cuticles. It also has antifungal and antibacterial properties, to protect your nail bed against nasty fungal infections. Massage a little into your cuticles every day (don’t forget your toenails too!) and you’ll soon have healthy, strong nails that look picture-perfect with no need for polish.

Under-Eye Cream

Dab a few drops of castor oil under your eyes to plump the skin and leave it with a soft, supple and glowing.

Skin Serum

Castor oil is full of triglycerides, which are also found in human skin oil (sebum). It’s very effective for reducing scars and stretch-marks; plus it can help to heal up scratches, scrapes and even minor burns.

Hair Volumiser

Castor oil promotes thicker, stronger and more lustrous hair. Massage a small amount into your scalp before bed, and wash it out in the morning. This will boost hair growth, add thickness and shine, and even help to control dandruff.

Lip Gloss

OK, so it’s not known for having a pleasant taste, but you might find that easier to ignore once you see what castor oil can do for your pout! Just a drop or two will hydrate dry lips, prevent chapping and plump up the skin making them look fuller. In fact, castor oil is already used as an ingredient in many lip care products – including our fab Karen Murrell lipstick range.

Brow Gel

This versatile oil isn’t just good for the hair on your head; it’s great for your brows and lashes too. If you have thin or over-plucked eyebrows, massaging a drop of castor oil into them in the evenings will help to encourage thicker, fuller growth.

Natural Mascara

Using an old but very clean mascara brush, apply a teeny-tiny amount of castor oil to your lashes, to help them grow long and luscious.

Please Note: If you’re using your castor oil for multiple health and beauty purposes, decant a small amount into a separate, sterilised bottle for eye use only. Make sure you only use clean cotton buds or mascara wands when applying it to your eyes. This will protect you from conjunctivitis.

So now you know – that humble bottle of castor oil is hiding some seriously big beauty secrets! And if you’re not convinced yet, check out what some of our customers have to say:


Nautica Cold Pressed Castor Oil

“I’ve started using this product a week ago.saw a youtube video that encourages the use of castor oil on ethnic hair. bought it for my hair but ended up using it on my face. I must say its very good on my face and good even when I apply make up. My hair is still plaited so Ill have to post a hair related review on it.” – sweet_malva

“This oil works very well on my dry kinky hair.” – Nsimba

 “Castor oil might not sound very glam, but it’s actually a pretty impressive multi-purpose beauty tool. I recently started using it as a chemical-free anti-wrinkle ointment, lip plumper, brow gel and lash booster! Plus you only need a drop or two at a time, so it lasts for ages.” – Julia

 “I have dry eyes and use this daily for relief – advice from my homeopath. Works better than expensive conventional dry eye medication. Sorts out pimples in a hurry too. I’ve mixed it with Vit E and Aloe Vera Gel and have seen a difference in the length and thickness of my eyelashes.” – Preba

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