Buying Right: How to Read Nutritional Labels

Food labels can be very confusing and tricky to understand. We often don’t have time during our weekly grocery shop to work out what each item’s nutritional label is telling us. Knowing how to read a nutritional label is far more important than you give it credit for. This is a “how-to” in knowing what key things to look out for, as a means to assist you in making the best choice, and essentially making your shop for healthy food a whole lot easier.



Source of fibre: means the food contains at least 2g of fiber per serving.
High source of fibre: means the food contains at least 4g of fiber per serving.
Low fat: means the food contains no more than 3g fat per serving.
Reduced in Calories: means the product contains 25% less energy (Calories) than the original food it is replicating.
Light: means the product is either reduced in fat or reduced in Calories.
Cholesterol-free: means the product contains less than 2mg cholesterol per serving size and is also low in saturated and trans fat.

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