Benefits of Choosing Natural Incense

Smell is a powerful sense. It can change our moods, raise our vibration, heal and repel. The ways in which we can use incense are so diverse and so powerful that we wanted to inspire you by sharing some of these uses. Furthermore, if you have ever wondered why we only sell natural incense, then read on.

Incense is used in worship, prayer, and healing. Its use was described in Vedic literature dated at 5000 B.C.E. and on Egyptian tablets from 1500 B.C.E. In fact, burning incense has also been an important element in many diverse religions across the world from Christianity to Buddhism. For centuries, incense has been burned in temples and gardens and still today it is used in many ritual occasions enhancing everything from holiness to well-being. It is believed that the pleasing fragrance that arises from the burning incense has a direct influence in helping to repel negative thoughts by creating a feeling of sanctity and bringing about the spiritual mood in you. Today it is an important part of our rituals and it is used to cleanse the atmosphere and reduce tension and stress.

There are also many people around the globe who believe that the burning of incense has a curative affect bringing about serenity, creativity and good health. The aromatic effect of incense offers harmony to the senses and thus it is said to have several other medicinal effects too. It is for this reason that many former civilizations have used incense as a herbal remedy for treating health disorders.

Incense is material that, when burned, imparts an odour, usually fragrant. Raw incense is usually fresh or dried plant parts that are used for smouldering — resins, dried leaves, bark, roots, wood, etc. Raw incense contains the essence of the plant it came from, as well as its folklore and beauty.

By the eighteenth century, however, natural incense was being supplemented with artificial fragrances developed by the perfume industry. Today, synthetic incense has become so popular that most people don’t even know that there is a difference, that the incense they are burning no longer retains any natural substances but instead has become a synthetic imitation full of potentially unhealthy substances, such as synthetic glues, petroleum by-products, saltpeter, synthetic fragrances, ground-up sawdust (from non-incense trees), and more. The result is that this synthetic incense is unable to provide anything more than a pleasant fragrance as energetically it no longer has any strength. It can only be used for perfumery purposes.

The hand-blending of natural resins, gums, oils, flowers, wood, roots and leaves is too costly for mass produced incense. Instead of using flowers and essential oils, the factories use synthetic fragrances and petrochemical binders. The main ingredient of synthetic incense oils is usually coal tar. The health implication of burning this in your home is evident and the unfortunate irony is that so often synthetic incense is burned to create a sense of harmony.

So if you are interested in benefiting from the curative effects of incense it is best that you use natural incense. The Auyervedic Incense can be used to heal and enhance your moods in the following way:

Benzoin: Heating/moisturizing

Smell: Sweet balsamic aroma with vanilla note

Uses: Antidepressant, anti-stress, balancing nervous conditions, antiseptic, fixative and preservative

Cinnamon: Heating/neutral

Smell: Warm and spicy

Uses: Stimulant, aphrodisiac, useful in colds, sinus congestion, impotence and menopause

Clove: Heating

Smell: Aromatic fruity, sweet and spicy

Uses: Stimulant, aphrodisiac, coaudivant in colds, laryngitis, pharangitis, nausea and low blood pressure

Cedarwood: Drying/heating

Smell: Rich,sweet-woody, light balsamic fragrance

Uses: Calming, elevating, anti-depressant, helpful in breathing problems, can be used for yoga or meditation

Eucalyptus: Heating/moisturizing

Smell: Strong balsamic, camphoraceus to lemony fragrance

Uses: Decongestant, stimulant, antiseptic and expectorant, disinfectant of air and increases concentration

Geranium: Cooling/moisturizing

Smell: Intensely earthy-foliage green herbaceous aroma with a sharp rosy note

Uses: Antidepressant, aphrodisiac, hormone balancer, antiseptic and insect-repellent

Myrrh: Heating

Smell: Warm, spicy, peculiar, sharp aroma

Uses: Rejuvenative, antiseptic, analgesic, restorative, helps in centering the conscious and therefore useful for spiritual practices

Olibano (Frankincense): Drying/Heating

Smell: Diffusive fresh, green peppery aroma mellowed with a rich, sweet, woody, balsamic undertone

Uses: Preserves spiritual energy, enhances meditation and clarity of mind. Purifies the soul and provides mental stability

Patchouli: Warming

Smell: Sweet, herbaceous, aromatic, spicy and earthy note

Uses: Rejuvenative, antidepressant, aphrodisiac, tonic and insect-repellent

Sandalwood: Cooling/moisturizing

Smell: Soft, sweet, woody, warm balsamic aroma with spicy undertones

Uses: Sedative, nervine, calming, antidepressant, aphrodisiac and insect-repellent

Vetiver: Grounding/warming

Smell: Sweet and heavy woody heart, aroma reminiscent of roots and wet soil

Uses: Tonic, relaxant, aphrodisiac, grounding and balancing, regenerating, strengthening and insect-repellent

Ylang Ylang: Cooling/moisturizing

Smell: Intensely sweet balsamic and floral aroma with tenacious floral woody undertone

Uses: Balancing, strengthening, sedative, general tonic, antiseptic and aphrodisiac

Our other natural incense ranges, can be used to enhance your yoga, meditation and prayer. They can also be used in the following ways for perfumery and aesthetic purposes:

  • To freshen linen or clothes, wrap a few unlit sticks in tissue paper and place them in drawers, wardrobes and linen cupboards.
  • When storing clothes away for the season, wrap a few sticks in tissue paper and place between clothing items.
  • To freshen your car, place a few unlit sticks under the car seats.
  • To combat musty odours in your home, place a few unlit sticks under beds, in spare rooms, cupboards and drawers.
  • To add a touch of elegance and fragrance, place a few unlit sticks in dried flower arrangements.
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