Beauty Trends: Skin Creamery and SKOON share their vision for skin in 2017

With each new year, new evidence in science and research brings us ever closer to an alignment with health and a lifestyle more synchronised with nature. But do general lifestyle trends like minimalism and water conscious living also play important roles in the beauty industry? In looking at natural beauty trends for 2017, we asked two of our most popular natural beauty ranges, Skin Creamery and SKOON what their respective vision for skin was in the year ahead.

Faithful to Nature chat to the Skin Creamery team on beauty trends for 2017

Skin Creamery is a Cape Town-based skincare company founded by skincare therapist, Hannah Rubin in 2014. With a passion for pure organic products, she set out to merge her commitment to conscious living with her passion and understanding for skincare. The beautiful resulting range of Skin Creamery products are formulated without parabens, preservatives and harsh synthetic fragrances. To date, the Skin Creamery Facial Cleanser is our most popular product from the range.


What is Skin Creamery focusing on as beauty goals for 2017?

Skin Creamery’s goal and vision for 2017 is about simplifying your beauty routine and offering multi-use products that don’t compromise on quality. It’s all about the minimalistic back-to-basics approach for skin care. For this year we will be focusing on creating the XS range (smaller versions of our existing products in glass) this will allow customers to trial our product before purchasing a full size, as well as having the convenience of a smaller product for travel purposes, not to mention the super cute packaging they will come in!

What does the Skin Creamery brand want to emphasise when it comes to natural beauty?

The Skin Creamery brand emphasises that there is no need for compromise when it comes to using natural skin care products. We take pride in providing customers with a beautiful product from start to finish. The user experience of the product is just as important as the box it comes in.

What is the most important element to clean beauty products for the Skin Creamery brand?

We have a few important elements which bring together the ethos of our brand:

  • sourcing locally made packaging and printing
  • finding fair-trade, certified ingredients from the African continent
  • Using recyclable, reusable packaging and avoiding the use of plastic where possible

Faithful to Nature chat to the SKOON.Skincare team on beauty trends for 2017

SKOON. Skincare are a proudly South African company offering beautiful bespoke, natural and organic skin care products, inspired by the good old days of home, hand made body products made from ingredients found in nature. Their range is dedicated to bringing alive the almost forgotten textures and aromas of nature’s abundance.

SKOON. Also believe in helping you become an informed consumer, and that beautiful skin is not possible without knowledge. Their products are honest, and packaged beautifully but fuss-free. To date our top selling product in the SKOON range is their Rosehip C-Concentrate


What is SKOON focusing on as a beauty goals for 2017?

Our focus for 2017 is geared towards water – a key ingredient in most skin care products – and with SKIN SIPS
we aim to introduce next generation natural products that will plump dry skin. Light and liquid rich, you can smooth SKIN SIPS on dry skin before applying your moisturiser or simply add 1-2 drops to a dollop of cream.

What does the SKOON brand want to emphasise when it comes to natural beauty?

A hydrated skin is a healthy skin – Nature combined with science allows SKOON to provide a cleaner, greener skin care option to obtain optimum moisture content.

What is the most important element to clean beauty products for the SKOON brand?

Ensuring a clean line throughout the process starting from our green factory right through to the final skincare products. Skoon is passionate about being of natural origin and totally free of toxins. It’s what sets us apart.

Beauty trends for 2017 in recap

It appears that while much in our lives become ever more complex, our beauty routines will evolve through simplicity and minimalism. It seems quite poetic that hydration, even for our skins, becomes an ever more crucial focus in 2017. And as always, anything achieved through sustainability is a good trend in our books.

Take a look at our natural skincare products and see where you can awaken your personal skin care routine.

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