Amazing Ways to Repurpose Your Bread Tags

  • Use bread tags to organize and tag your unmarked keys.
  • Show off your ingenuity at your next dinner party by printing your guests’ names on bread tags as wine glass charms.
  • Use bread tags to organise your cords and keep them tangle free.
  • Keep your socks together in the wash with these nifty little tags.
  • For the musicians out there, bread tags make for very retro guitar picks.
  • Decorate your bread tags and use them as book marks.
  • Use them to seal plastic bags of food that you are freezing.
  • Bread tags are a wonderful and effective way at keeping rubber bands clipped together – much better than putting them in a ball where they lose their elasticity and become a mission to get loose!
  • Dry pantyhose, stockings, hose, etc on a thin wire coat hanger. Simply attach them to the hanger with old bread bag clips.
  • Spray paint these silver, gold, or green and use to hang Christmas tree lights.
  • Bread tags are a great way to replace lost pieces on board games.
  • Keep some bread tags on your desk and use it to mark the end of your tape rolls – you will never lose the end again!
  • Crafters can use bread tags to wind spare threads and yarns on and knitters can use them to hold their place.

But, even if repurposing is not your cup of tea, don’t throw away these fantastic little items, as a lady called Mary collects them to recycle and uses the proceeds to buy wheelchairs for those who really need them. She can be contacted on 021 789 1831.

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  • sueingram
    Posted at 17:59h, 01 October Reply

    Loved this tip – I used it to make a seedling label and attached it to a thin dowel rod I use for making kebabs. Much better and more weather proof than my other cardboard labels. Have a photo but can’t attach?

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