Accessorise your Kitchen

Accessorise Your Kitchen for Health

Healthy eating is often about getting back to basics and there are some really great gadgets that can kit you out to eat wholesome, preservative and additive-free, simply delicious food prepared in your own kitchen. Preparing your own food the healthy way is so much easier if you have the basic set-up to start with.

Here are some ideas how to turn your kitchen into a self-sufficient health haven:

Raw Goodness

Dehydrating your food is one of the most empowering and tasty ways to enjoy the benefits of food that still has all of its raw living enzymes and nutrition intact. You also get to choose organic veggies and make food without any additives. From dehydrated fruits and veggies to scrumptious raw veggie patties, crackers, dried herbs or chips, the dehydrator is an essential for preparing healthy food the raw way.



Natural Processing

A blender is indispensable if you want to prepare your own healthy food. Smoothies are one of the quickest easiest ways to create a nutrient dense, raw food potion. And blenders aren’t just about smoothies, you can also make nut milks, home-made organic pesto, chopped nuts, nut butters, dips, sauces, soups, raw health balls, and dice your veggies for salads and soups.


Living Superfood

A sprouting or microgreens kit is like have your own vitamin supplement maker, except it’s even better because sprouts and microgreens are living wholefood literally alive with nourishment. Not only that, they are simply delicious to sprinkle on all sorts of dishes, from salads to burger patties, to soups; sprouts are one of the easiest ways to add fresh, additive free and delicious health food to your diet.




This automatic sprouter is the simplest way to grow your own succulent, nutrient-rich sprouts, wheatgrass and microgreens. Complete with an automatic mist generator and adjustable timer, this home sprouting system requires very little effort, but produces great results – even for those of us who haven’t been blessed with “green fingers”.


Making your own healthy nut butters, pesto, jams, cookies, crackers and health potions means you need to store them somehow. Glass is one of the best ways to store your healthy food as plastics can leech harmful hormone disrupting chemicals into your food, especially when heated (softer plastics being the worst). Make sure you can store and transport all your wonderful health food creations conveniently and safely. (Take a look at our storage options here).


Pure Water

Our municipal water has been found to contain many toxins and hormones that in the end make it questionable as a healthy way to hydrate our bodies. Good, clean fresh water is the liquid our bodies absolutely need without any exception. A good water filter will ensure that all the wonderful health goodies you make, from smoothies to your relaxing evening cuppa, are made with healthy water that can do its job properly and even improve the taste of your kitchen cuisine. Not only that, drinking pure water on its own sometimes is important for keeping our bodies clean and hydrated, especially when you are trying to detox and get healthy.


Slice & Dice

Preparing all sorts of healthy foods such as fruits and veggies is easier if you have the right tools to slice and dice them. A handy nut chopper will make it easy to sprinkle raw nut nourishment into any dish you desire, or slicers designed to chop up fruits and veggies such an avocado slicer or spiralizer can create just that touch that makes eating healthy more fun, easy and versatile. A great tool for raw foodies (or even if you’re not) a spiralizer allows you to create fine strips from veggies such as baby marrows that make great raw pasta, or stir-fry or salad additions.


Nut Milk Bag

If you are avoiding dairy for whatever reason, or simply love the tastiness of nuts, raw nuts are an amazing way to replace dairy with silky creaminess. A nut bag is a simple device which (coupled with your trusty blender) you can use to create the most delicious, fresh and wholesome, unpasturised milks, brimming with healthy fats. Great for adding to your smoothies, or making homemade yoghurt. You can also use a nutmilk bag to make fresh fruit or veggie juice if you don’t have a juicer.


Homemade Yoghurt

Making your own yoghurt gives you the control as to what milk you use. Whether you are dairy-free or not, you can choose organic hormone-free dairy milks, nut milks, coconut milk, whatever works for you. And you also get to choose which probiotics you want to culture your yoghurt with, so you can be sure it’s done properly. Properly cultured yoghurt is super good for your gut flora and healthy digestion, one of the keys to good health.


Fermentation Pot

Food fermented the traditional way is one of those health secrets that has been around forever. It’s not only yum, it’s very healthy for your gut and overall wellbeing. Fermented foods such as Kimchi, sauerkraut, or anything other veggie you ferment such as cucumbers or carrots provide easily absorbed nutrition while nourishing and encouraging your gut with a healthy ecology.



Make your own fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut at home, using the Harsch Gartopf Fermentation Crock Pot. This state-of-the-art fermenting crock is made using a traditional German design, and is ideal for fermenting all sorts of veggies, including cabbage, cucumbers, carrots and pumpkin

Non-toxic Cookware

The quality of your cookware is also worth considering. Many pots and pans are made with aluminum and heavy metals that can leech into your food and build up over time, and there have been links between heavy metals and all sorts of illness, such as Alzheimer’s and chronic fatigue. Non-stick Teflon surfaces contain PFTE (polytetrafluoroethylene) that releases toxic fumes into your food and the air when it’s heated, as well as PFOA (perfluorooctanoic or C8) a synthetic compound that has been linked to serious changes in organs. Going for good quality cookware with a ceramic coating can help you avoid these toxins (we have a great range for you to browse here).



Tools that empower you to empower your health are worth the investment in the long run, start off with what works for you and build up your range of healthy eating accessories as you follow your journey to cleaner, healthier living.

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