A Girl’s Wish List for All Things Natural on Faithful to Nature

On Wednesday I celebrated my 30th birthday and I spent far more time than I actually had to spend deciding on how I would treat myself from our store. I thought I would share my favourite products for some serious birthday spoiling:

If I had to write myself a card to tell myself how much I loved me on this very special day, it would be on the very lovely Birdcage Growing Card. The artwork is so fine that I am actually thinking of framing it – in fact just having it near my computer makes me feel like I am surrounded by just all the prettiest things on this special day!

I love the natural perfumes (read more about why you should opt for natural perfume here) and the African Dawn has a delightful blend of sweet and sultry that I just love.

I absolutely love the Victorian Garden Wild Rosemary & Vanilla Shower Gel to the point that I find myself showering more than I need to! It has the silkiest texture and the sweetest smell. I step out of the shower feeling like a queen each time.

Although a little on the expensive side, a birthday gal’s allowed to be decadent don’t you think! The Trevarno soaps are out of this world – with the richest longest lasting smells and soft creamy bubbles. Their Organic Soap Selection Box is top of my list. Those that have been shopping in out warehouse in Noordhoek will know that the exquisite smells primarily come from the shelves that these beautiful boxes sit on.

I love bathing and treats for this special time of day definitely rule my wishlist. Although I bath in just plain Himalayan salt on most days; I thought I would bling this time up with the Meadowsweet Sensual Bath Salts. These guys add a drop of essential oil to every 2ml of product which means that the scent and therapeutic value of their products is amazing and the wafting fragrance of ylang ylang will definitely do the trick to relax!

Now I am usually a little shy on the make-up front but it was love at first sight when the Jane Iredale Sugar & Butter Duo arrived at our warehouse. The lip plumper is a lovely natural colour and leaves your lips tingling and just so kissable after application. I love the fact that I can exfoliate them on the go with the organic sugar crystals at the other end too. No pealing or dull lips when this little baby comes on a trip with me!

I am not a sweet tooth (sweet enough as I am you know 🙂 and so love the stronger taste of licorice – call me a licorice connoisseur if you will. This Organic Licorice is at the top of that list – soft and strong enough without being bitter. A real treat – and that’s just what I am after today!

I have a special place in my heart for anything scented with Rose – and I am talking about the real thing here, synthetic rose scented products make me want to run for the hills! The Meadowsweet body butters absorbs so well with just the right amount of thickness and the Rose Scented Body Butter is just the dandiest thing!

Organic Kalamata Olives – now you’re talking! These black edible jewels are not too bitter, lovely and salty and not too soft – just right for some elegant snacks while I am enjoying a bit of me time!

Now a birthday girl just can’t have too many body washes, and just the look of the Giovanni Body Washes was enough to win me over. And I was not disappointed how beautiful the products inside was either. With names like raspberry winter and lavender snow, I never stood much of a chance to not have my curiosity aroused in any case!

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