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6 Companies Utilising Eco-Friendly Conscious Packaging

“The truth is our planet’s alarm is now going off, and it’s time to finally wake up and take action.” This was said by environmental activist, and Oscar-winning actor, Leonardo DiCaprio in 2001. 17 years on and, though we still have a ways to go, there are innumerable companies all over the world fighting for the preservation of the planet.

Organisations such as PETA and the World Wide Fund for Nature make it their mission to preserve Mother Nature’s wild life. Greenpeace lobbies on behalf of the earth’s ecosystem, while companies like Sistine Solar are working on establishing green energy as a replacement for the use of fossil fuels. We have recently run our #FTNTakeThePlunge campaign to minimise single-use plastic.

Many have rallied together to try reverse the damage we’ve done to the planet.  Though the big conglomerates are bigger making waves in the conservation community, smaller companies are doing what they can.

Here are six companies doing their bit for the planet by utilising conscious packaging to minimize their carbon footprint and waste:



Proudly South African, Growing Paper The Seed Paper People, is a local company based in Malmesbury in the Western Cape. Growing Paper is a range of beautiful handmade gift tags and cards with an extra-special secret. Each one is embedded with a mix of growing seeds that will sprout into indigenous flowers or herbs after the paper is planted in the ground. This means your gift keeps on giving in a truly magical, earth-friendly way. And of course, we stock their awesome range of products on the site.



The first (and only) of its kind, this company has managed to produce edible cups. Marketed as 100% plastic-free and non-GMO, these creative cups are safe to consume by people who are gluten intolerant too. Loliware cups are made from seaweed, organic sweeteners and flavours extracted from fruits and vegetables. Impress your eco-conscious friends and family at your next get together by serving drinks and desserts in your biodeg(edible) cups. The flavours come in Yuzu Citrus, Tart Cherry, Matcha Green Tea, Vanilla Bean, and an unflavored Natural Clear. That’s not all! This eco-friendly company also makes edible straws.



This GMO and BPA free toilet paper is made from two of the fastests growing plants in the world, bamboo and sugarcane. The power-plants, that grow at the rate of 91cm every 24 hours, are also biodegradable. Greencane’s commitment to minimising waste has lead them to develop packaging that is 100% biodegradable as well. They use a combination of natural cardboard and paper that is decomposable, and a clear cellophane which is made of a plant-based material. Because everything about this product is made from organic materials, the risk of poisoning animals that might get into your trash and/or sewage system is low-to-none.



Can you imagine owning a wardrobe of clothes that never go out of style – because the clothes will have decomposed before that? This Zurich-based brand has developed a line of compositable clothes made of plants. Through repurposing truck tarpaulin, and similar materials, Freitag has managed to produce a niche line of apparels that decompose three months after being thrown into compost. Your pre-owned clothes will literally cease to exist. Choose from men’s pants (available in three colours), women’s bib dresses (available in two colours) and short-sleeved T shirts that come in four colours.



Don’t worry, beer happy with these edible six-pack rings. This innovative brewery company has come up with a delicious solution for the pesky packaging that always seems to land up in the ocean. Made from barley and wheat, six pack rings- that are normally used for beer and soft drink packaging- are now 100% biodegradable as well as safe for fish and marine life to consume. Saltwater Brewery is hoping to distribute millions of these plastic alternatives all over the world, so we can soon say goodbye to sombre images of seagulls and seals choking on our irresponsible waste.

Biodegradable 6-pack ring is edible to sea life

This 6-pack ring is edible! Talk about animal and eco-friendly.

Publiée par State of the Carte sur Lundi 9 avril 2018


I’m just as much a fan of their bath bombs as you are, but that’s not the only thing that makes this eco-friendly cosmetic company so great. LUSH has taken the call to reduce the negative impact we have on the world seriously. They are all about conscious consumption. Not only are 35% of their products sold naked (no packaging) but their handmade cosmetics are made from natural, and often safe to accidentally consume, ingredients. And these eco-warriors don’t stop there. The plastic packaging they do use is recyclable and reusable, but if you don’t want to do the earthy work LUSH will do it for you. Simply go into any store and trade your empty LUSH tubs for a free face mask. They reuse your empty tubs to package more of their wonderful products, you get a complimentary take-home that your skin will thank you for.


These are just five of the many companies finding ways to combat the waste and pollution we impose on our planet. From clothes, crockery and cosmetics to everyday household items and food stuffs, being an environmentally-friendly consumer is relatively easy.

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