5 Great Reasons to Choose Glass over Plastic


There’s a lot of discussion these days about the downside of disposable plastics – those single-use bottles might seem convenient, but when you consider how bad they are for you and your environment, a little “quick-fix” convenience is hardly worth it. In case you still needed some convincing to ditch the plastic, here’s a look at 5 great reasons to choose glass packaging instead – this green and gorgeous alternative is fast becoming the packaging of choice for health-conscious households everywhere.

1. Glass is Safe

Plastic is just loaded with synthetic chemicals – that includes BPA, PVC and all sorts of other nasties. Over time, these chemicals start to leach out, contaminating anything that’s stored in the plastic container. Needless to say that poses a serious food safety issue. Glass on the other hand is made using three natural substances, namely sand, soda ash and limestone. It hardly gets simpler or more natural than that!

Did You Know? Glass is the ONLY packaging material that’s rated “GRAS” (Generally Recognised as Safe) by the US Food & Drug Administration.

2. Glass is Green

Glass is fully recyclable and reusable. Unlike disposable or single-use plastic bottles, glass containers don’t end up piled high in our country’s landfills, slowly degrading and leaching nasty chemicals into the environment. A glass drinking bottle will last you a lifetime – plus it can be recycled into other glass products, without losing its integrity. Using glass instead of plastic is a sure-fire way to lower your household’s carbon footprint, and play your part in caring for this beautiful planet of ours.


3. Glass is Fresh

Glass is non-porous and non-absorbent; that means it won’t soak up the smell or taste of its contents. Milk, juice or water stored in glass simply tastes better – plus glass helps to keep its contents cooler and fresher for much longer than plastic does. Face it, nobody likes the taste of plastic in their snacks, or the smell of old protein shakes in that plastic shaker!


4. Glass is Multifunctional

Glass jars and bottles can be used over and over and over again. Biscuits, cereal or pasta, sweets, nuts and dried fruits, wine, shakes and juices, fresh herbs and even flowers – there’s simply no end to the things you can store in glass!

5. Glass is Gorgeous!

Glass is about style as well as substance. It looks great, and because it’s so simple and timeless it suits pretty much any style of home décor.

Isn’t it time you took a closer look at glass?

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