Eating Organic Food Protects Our Genetic Codes & Much More

So why organic food you may ask? Because it’s such an important question and because there is such an abundance of robust information on why we should eat organic food, we have devoted a whole article (below) to the topic. Please do read it. Either way, consider this:

We are what we eat – our energy comes directly from the food we ingest. That food, just like us, is a living entity. Its energy comes from the sun and its nutrients from the air, soil and water. If we abuse our own bodies with drugs, additives and poisons we loose vitality and health. The same applies to the food we grow and eat. If we spoil and pollute our food’s energy source with man-made chemicals, our food source degrades, as do we and our children when we consume it.

Like the plants, all that we consume must be healthy in order for us to be healthy, and I don’t just mean in terms of not having a cold or illness. I am talking about our reproductive health, which becomes weaker with every generation that is ingesting pesticides and other man-made chemicals. Although we share individual personalities, we are not a separate entity. Our genetic material is intricately intertwined as a species and so, even if our parents were exposed to pesticides before we were born, we can still have been affected by it. Our genetic code that will be passed on for generations to come has been altered.

Humans have survived on organic farming for millennia before pesticides and mono-culture farming was introduced. Non-organic farming is flawed from the start, because when farmers grow the same crops on thousands of acres of land they attract less diversity of insects which leads to a pest control problem. Pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilisers are then introduced which destroy the quality of soil, air and water on the farm. The yield and quality of the food from that land is therefore lowered. It’s neither intelligent nor sustainable. The environment loses, the wildlife loses and we lose.

By making the choice to opt for organic food wherever possible, you have the chance to gain. Your support will help your future generations to gain. It will help the environment gain and it will help the wildlife gain.

Let’s choose to win!

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