15 Naturally Inspired Holiday Ideas for Little Eco-Warriors

What your little ones really want this festive season is to have tons of fun in a manner that does not harm them or the beautiful planet that they call their home. We’ve found some fabulous ideas and recipes to inspire some good old fashioned fun this holiday that we believe will evoke the inner child in many of you too!

  1. Make natural play dough using safe-to-taste ingredients.
  2. Make organic blowing bubbles AND homemade magic bubble wands.
  3. Make fizzing sidewalk chalk.
  4. Have your own raw chocolate fruit fondue.
  5. Treat your family with a clever mommy raw celery and pineapple sorbet.
  6. Make an obstacle course in the garden, and then get your kids to make one for you.
  7. Ask your kids to make some nature art collecting natural objects in your garden or on a hike.
  8. Make your own wrapping paper and Christmas tree decorations – check out our handmade recycled gift wrap for inspiration.
  9. Make paper airplanes from used paper.
  10. Get into home sprouting.
  11. Start an organic vegetable garden with your kids.
  12. Make your own foot soaks and scrubs for some natural pampering.
  13. Plant some indigenous trees.
  14. Grab some old magazines and get your kids to make their own dream boards by tearing out words and pictures of things that appeal to them.
  15. Have a ton of fun with our organic face paints.


We’d love to see pics of our Faithful fans enjoying these fun family activities – share your fave holiday snaps and recipes with us!

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