14 things you didn’t know to love about Oh-Lief Skincare

Oh-Lief is one of those brands you can’t help but fall in love with. Not only do their creams and balms do a magical job, but they’re infused with essential oils for an oh-so-yummy smell. And to top that, their ingredients are certified organic. Could you ever guess they get a whole lot cooler? 14 reasons more in fact!

Just in case you’re not already in love with Oh-Lief, have a read below and share our newest eco-product crush.

1. Their NEW Cosmos-standard certification

Not only is Oh-Lief a skincare brand with certified organic ingredients, but they are also now certified by the Soil Association on the COSMOS Natural standard. To gain COSMOS-standard certification, brands must meet a very strict set of requirements, especially considering this certification overrules a lot of certifications that left a few grey areas a little too open. Currently, Oh-Lief are the only COSMOS-standard South African brand and certified South African manufacturing plant!

2. They’re delicious in more ways than one

It’s true, all the balms and products in the Oh-Lief range are edible – so not only do they smell delicious, they actually are delicious! They even had a chef prepare canapes using their products at their launch celebration.

3. Their no-nonsense non-nano

All Oh-Lief sunscreens are non-nano, preservative free, and Endorsed by CANSA. Non-nano refers to the size of the particles used in the sunscreen. Nanoparticles can be absorbed into the skin whereas non-nano particles form a protective, but non-penetrating barrier.

4. Their super local brand name

We love their brand name, which is actually a wordplay on olive oil – a primary ingredient in all their products. “Oh” is the English part, and “Lief”, an Afrikaan moniker or term of endearment meaning “love”, pays homage to the founders’ Afrikaans upbringing. In combining the two halves, Oh-Lief also references the love for oneself, our skin and the environment.

5. Working on the same wavelength

We like quirky things, so we can really appreciate this one. We hear management over at Oh-Lief headquarters subconsciously colour-code their outfits at least 3 – 4 days of the week. There must be some kind of awesome synchronicity in their thinking going on there.

6. Their forest for the future

They’re part of the Greenpop association and have planted over 2000 trees since joining. So anyone who purchases an Oh-lief baby box or any Oh-lief product across the globe contributes to this collaboration. Their hope is to leave an Oh-Lief forest behind for future generations. And we couldn’t be more chuffed about it either!

7. Taking time to celebrate

Birthdays are a huge part of the Oh-Lief operation, and when they roll around, they are celebrated with cake and birthday wishes are sung in 3 different languages. With 16 staff members, that means they now have more than one celebration a month. Want us to find out if they’re hiring?

8. That they followed their gut

Oh-Lief Natural Aqueous Cream was the first completely natural aqueous cream available on the market. They were told by so many that it would never work, yet it’s their best seller to date.

9. Local to the core

Many brands that advocate for being local are made or assembled in SA, but use international raw materials. Oh-Lief pride themselves on being local to the core, never importing any raw materials but rather supporting only local companies.

10. Family run & family tested
Founders Louiza and Christine’s husbands and kids are the real life Oh-Lief product guinea pigs. And what’s more, all their photography and social media is done by their youngest sister, Suly. Nice one, keeping it in the family!

11. They’re architects and agents of change

Louiza was actually an architect and Christine an estate agent before Oh-lief was born. The reason for the brand’s rise? Christine’s sons Liam and Henry inspired the need for certified organic baby products.

12. They’re the best kind of hand-me-down

They make all their products by hand, from the blending and labelling to the packing. The Oh-Lief motto has always been to create work for hands in a machine-operated industry.

13. They’re all abroad

Oh-Lief natural products are made locally but exported and available across Europe, Australia, Dubai, and many of SA’s neighbouring countries.

14. Their hearty motivation

All brands need a little something to keep them going from day to day. For Oh-Lief, it’s the feedback they receive from customers about the efficacy of their products. For them, this is all the reason they need to continue doing what they believe in.

So, do you love them just about as much as we do? We thought you might. Don’t miss out on all the skin loving magic they have to offer by heading over to their collection and seeing what happy customers have to say about their favourite Oh-Lief product.

Ons is lief vir jou Oh-Lief!

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