11 Reasons to be Faithful to Nature

Our 11th birthday, or rather our 11th Earth Day, meant 365 more days of learning gratitude and mindfulness on how to be better earth citizens. So, in celebration, we’re acknowledging 11 reasons to love being Faithful to Nature.

1. Strength in diversity

Every product we source and list is inspired to improve the sustainability game from their own, unique perspective. As a business, we don’t believe in telling you how you should live sustainably or what you should prioritise from a health or environmental perspective. We value the diversity each brand we list brings to the table and know that each and every one offers their own story on how to inspire making the world a better place. As long as our listed brands don’t conflict with our overarching criteria for non-toxic ingredients, we do our best to give you a wide range of quality products that best equip you to walk your own journey to greener living.

2. Belief in transparency

For every single product we list, we have and always will continue to ensure you have a full ingredient listing. This not only gives you complete clarity on what you are spending your hard earned bucks on but also empowers you to to do your own detective work. We do this because we care about products that don’t harm our earth and also because we respect you deeply and the trust you show us in helping you on a sustainable shopping journey.

3. Always evolving

Our best growth comes when challenging the norm. Never wanting to stagnate, we strive to innovate how we sell products, enabling an easier journey for you. We’ve recently pioneered the way products are sold across the globe with our unique product filters, allowing you to easily see which products don’t contain any plastic and even which products do contain palm oil.

4. Always seeking the indigenous

We list products from over 400 kick-ass suppliers, who are all change agents in their own right. Where ever possible we choose to support local business and innovation and so over 80% of our suppliers are local businesses.

5. Honour our roots

Our business has grown from humble beginnings and has kept that humility as a key personality trait to our brand and business. We know we are not perfect and we keep it real. We make a concerted effort to learn from and celebrate our mistakes and thank the customer or staff member for bringing it to our attention. When you know better you do better, and you could never have the opportunity to know better if you already considered yourself perfect.

6. Commitment to the individual

Our customer service is extremely personalised. At any time you can get through to a real person, our ops director or even our director. We don’t promise that we won’t make mistakes, but we go to every length to fix them when we do. This is why we call our customer service agents customer satisfaction agents because we do not believe a request has been dealt with adequately until we have done everything to satisfy the customer fully.

7. Looking after the hive

Every person on our team is responsible for making the service we offer possible. Our team are literally our hardworking little honey bees. We value their time and energy deeply and do our utmost to treat our staff as good as we can.

  • We not only offer breakfast and lunch but our kitchen is always stocked with bowls of fresh fruit, herbal teas, healthy snacks and water filtration stations.
  • We offer weekly yoga classes, pay for transport for our less advantaged staff and give all staff an extra half day of leave on their birthdays so they can celebrate it with loved ones.
  • Our office spaces are kitted out with plants and salt lamps on almost every desk to provide better quality oxygen and neutralise electromagnetic frequencies from all the equipment we need to run an online operation.
  • We give our staff a decent discount on all the products we sell to encourage them to experience the benefits of natural products for themselves.
  • Being a strongly values-led, we hold monthly value-awards celebrating those team members who exhibited any one of our core values of action, responsibility, bravery, love and caring. Team members are not only nominated by other team members which build an incredibly strong team culture of appreciation but our awards a cash prizes and product freebies which we believe really make these individuals feel values.

8. The opinion of the collective

We strongly value the opinions of our customers, who trust us with the products we list and invite them into their homes. Our product reviews offer this wealth of information and feedback to ongoing shoppers providing invaluable advice on getting the best out of these products. To date, we have over 22 800 product reviews on more than 4800 of our listed products. We also thank our customers for leaving product reviews by rewarding them with loyalty faithful points which they can use to discount their future purchases.

9. Morals grow on trees

We make tough decisions on a daily basis that are completely counterintuitive to running a profitable business. By actively choosing to not list products our competitors offer because simply put they do not adhere to our strict listing criteria, we choose to reap the rewards of staying true to our morals rather than an increasing profit margin with popular products. We believe the reward of running a business like this is far greater, offering a richness in customer relationships that no amount of profit could buy.

10. Sharing the sunlight

We are super passionate about support local NGO’s doing awesome work in their respective fields. We encourage our customers to make donations to Greenpop, FTFA or the Starfish Foundation on checkout, reminding them to pay it forward. After all, we are all connected. 

11. Beauty in the details

We’ve learnt from the marvel that is nature on this one, that magic really does lie in the details. We include hand-written notes and free samples in all our orders to further delight our customers. We pride ourselves on a super speedy delivery turn around and beyond that our boxes are 100% plastic packaging free, using only paper tape and recycled cardboard boxing and packaging. We also offer a top-notch gift registry service to make any gifting occasion from weddings, birthdays to baby showers a great way of inviting your loved ones to continue honouring and supporting your lifestyle choice for greener living.

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    Going Organic must important for Nature and People

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