9 Ways to Honour Mother Earth this Mothers Day

Mothers Day is all about saying thank you & appreciating everyone who has helped nurtured us; and who has done so more than the mother of the entire human race, Mother Earth herself? This year, celebrate and honour our beautiful planet by doing a little something that “gives back” to the Earth. Here are ten fun and meaningful family activities to honour Mother Earth for Mothers Day.

1. Plant a Tree

This is a simple and fun activity that will get your family outdoors in the fresh air; every tree planted provides more oxygen and more greenery to the planet, making it a wonderful gift for our Mother Earth. Buy an indigenous sapling at your local nursery, or grab one of our gorgeous Growing Paper cards and nurture your tree right from where it starts.

2. Clean Up Litter

Grab a few bags (and some rubber kitchen gloves); head down to the beach, the park or the woods and spend an hour or two picking up litter. You can reward yourselves with a Mothers Day picnic when the hard work is done.

3. Show our Furry Friends some Love

Make a donation to a local animal shelter, or spend the day volunteering there. The beautiful creatures at these shelters always appreciate a little extra love. And if your family is thinking of adopting a pet in the near future, this is a great way to start teaching your kids about the responsibilities involved in caring for animals.

4. Get Crafty

Commit to a fun re-purposing or up-cycling project with your kids; you’ll be amazed by how many cool, funky and beautiful things you can make for the home or garden, using “trash” that you’d otherwise throw away and add to the country’s landfills.

Check out our Pinterest board; Purpose in Repurposing; for some inspiration.

5. Start an Heirloom Garden

This is another fun fresh-air activity; prepare a little veggie patch and get planting, using our organic heirloom seeds. These little beauties will give you a crop of healthy, nutrient-rich vegetables and herbs, and because they’re heirloom seeds (ie non-GM, non-hybridized seeds), they can be saved again and replanted year after year.

6. Make Nature Art

A nature art project is something that younger and older kids will enjoy. Collect seashells, leaves and stones, then paint them or turn them into a collage; or make your own eco-wrapping paper with a veggie-print pattern! There are so many cool and fun ways to turn nature’s treasures into little family masterpieces.

7. Get Mucky

Kids love getting their hands (and feet and faces) dirty; start a compost heap or a worm farm this year, to make your garden that much greener, and have some messy outdoor fun while you’re at it.


8. Kind Thoughts, Kind Words, Kind Intentions

You can honour Mother Earth by saving a special prayer, blessing or meditation just for her; filling your heart with as much gratitude as you can and send it back down to her, letting her know just how much you appreciate everything she does for the human race.

9. Go Hug a Tree!

Just do it – embrace your inner hippy and give your local trees a big hug. It’s a simple, lovely way to express your gratitude – and hugging trees can be good for your health too – really!

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