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10 Stylish & Sustainable Gift Wrap Ideas

The more conscious we become about the little things that matter in life, the more we can appreciate gestures that are personal when it comes to gifting. Every year many of us roll out reams of mass produced store-bought Christmas paper – but there are some beautiful and creative ways you can wrap your gifts yourself, using materials that have less impact on the environment. Upcycling, using paper that has less printing and inks, fabrics that are reusable, a touch of green magic from mother nature and using your own creativity can turn your giftwrap into a special part of your gift instead of just mass produced paper to be thoughtlessly torn off.

1. Nature’s Gifts

You can turn the simplest and most natural of giftwrap – brown paper – into something magical, just by adding a touch of fresh green and a splash of colour. Use string or ribbon instead of sticky tape to secure your package and you’ll have a gorgeous gift wrap that doesn’t have a smidgen of plastic or artificial inks, though if you love your silvers and golds around Christmas, you can add that touch by using metallic twines or spraying seed pods or twigs with some metallic paints.

2. Recycled & Natural Fabrics

Fabric is like paper but softer and easy to tie with twine, ribbon, or even just knot it it – and it’s resusable too. For a different feel, wrap your gift in natural fabric and embellish with a beautiful handmade gift-tag and greenery. Buy some plain natural cotton, or use old handkerchiefs, tea towels, napkins or even old fabric from clothes that you find pretty and that can be cut up. Hessian bags are also great, with a rustic natural feel you can pretty up with finishing touches.

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 3. Print Your Own

Use the eco-friendly power of your own hands – print or paint your own giftwrap using brown or newspaper, along with stencils or stamps cut out of old kitchen sponges. Your gifts will be one-of-kind unique that will touch hearts. Great for doing with little ones.

4. Get Artistic

This is where you use your imagination. Paint, draw or cut your paper, from simple stick drawings, to paintings, to collages from old magazines, create personalised once-offs and have creative fun making your DIY wrappings. Great for the kiddies for a wrapping that can be kept afterwards and stuck on the fridge.

5. Give the Gift of DIY!

Why not inspire those you gift with something to do – decorate their own gift!

6. Paper Bags

Use your old paper bags and upcycle them as gift wrap – this nifty concept uses old brown bags turned inside out and sewn together.

7. Postcards & Photos

For a nostalgic or personal touch you can use old postcards, christmas cards or photos to decorate simple newspaper or brown paper wrapping.

8. Egg Cartons

Egg cartons are such unique useful little things they just beg to be re-used, perfect for homemade goodies such as chocolates or sweeties, or a lucky packet with lots of little gifts.


Most people have a newspaper or two lying around. The perfect way to re-use a newspaper – or even pages from an old telephone book could work for smaller gifts.


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10. Old Envelopes

Envelopes make the perfect container for flatter gifts such as books or jewellry. Wrapped up with string with some greenery or a pretty tag or card and there you go.

For more delightful gift wrap inspiration visit our Pinterest Page.

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