Magical Properties of Pomegranate Seed Oil

There’s a miracle secret to lusciously gorgeous skin and hair that comes from the natural treasure of little seeds nestled in the heart of glowing ruby red fruit.

Pomegranate seed oil is a nutritious and rich ancient cosmetic and a symbol of health, fertility, and eternal life that is being validated by science and is used in many beauty products because of its potent ability to rejuvenate skin and hair while being faithful to nature at the same time.

Pamper yourself a little with a beauty elixir from one of the most romantic fruits around – just take a look what it can do for you:

1. Reverse skin damage: Keratinocytes

These are cells found in the outer layer of your skin and pomegranate seed oil stimulates them. The reason this is great beauty news is that keratinocytes help rejuvenate your skin and reverse skin damage. Say hello to the natural anti-aging potion for more youthful appearance.

2. Non-Greasy: Deep hydration anyone can use

Because pomegranate seed oil penetrates so deeply and effectively it doesn’t make the skin greasy and clog pores. It goes to where you need hydration most and can even be used by those with skin problems such as acne. It’s extremely healing so can be used to remedy dry and cracked skin and to alleveiate skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema.

3. Anti-inflammatory & Anti-aging: Punicic Acid

Pomegranate seed oil contains a magical compound, a new essential fatty acid to know about – punicic acid. It’s also called omega 5 and it has been found to reduce inflammation, fend off free radicals and show cancer fighting abilities. It also helps thicken your skin and improve elasticity making it useful for scarring.

4. Beautiful Skin Texture: Pro-estrogen

Pomegranate seed oil contains a form of pro-estrogen which is compatible with your natural hormones, and its hormone supporting and balancing effect has an amazing effect on skin texture.

5. Firmer skin: Collagen

Pomegranate seed oil is extremely rich in antioxidants and helps boost collagen production and we all know how important collagen is for that firm, youthful look.

Moving onto your hair…

6. Glossy Locks: Hair Food

Pomegranate seed oil is very nutrient dense, with all its anti-oxidants and vitamins such as vitamin C it has a stimulating effect on your scalp, increasing circulation, strengthening your blood vessels and encouraging hair growth. It also revitalises dull brittle hair. How about a wonderful scalp massage?

7. A Healthy Head: Anti-pruritic

Pomegranate seed oil clears away buildup and debris and flushes out dirt and bacteria on your scalp which can stunt hair growth. It also has what is called anti-pruritic properties, which means it can help cure conditions such as psoriasis and scalp eczema, soothing and alleviating redness, inflammation and itchiness.

8. A balanced scalp

A healthy balance of scalp oils and pH is essential for your hair to be its non-greasy, shiny best. Pomegranate seed oil creates a balance in pH level of your scalp and balances out excess oil production.

9. Hair Tonic

It’s a great hair tonic and you can mix it up with carrier oils such as coconut or almond oil to create a penetrating deep treatment to give your hair a real treat.

10. Good hair days

It’s a wonderful hot oil conditioning treatment for your hair, detangling, taming frizziness and as it penetrates deeply into the shaft, it gives your hair a soft, glossy shine. Simply smooth a few drops through your hair with your palms.

As with all precious and potent elixirs, a little goes a long way.


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Tell us how you have benefited from the magical elixir of pomegranate seed oil in the comments section below. Or simply share your own beauty secret. We love to hear your tips and tricks!

With love from Faithful to Nature

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