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Triple Orange Dishwashing Gel

Triple Orange Dishwashing Gel
Triple Orange Dishwashing Gel
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  • 500ml
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Readily bio-degradable ingredients that target tough stains, tackle stubbornly sticky food - even in hard water. Spotless dishes all without phosphates, sulphates or chlorine bleach. It cleans and degreases effectively with easy dosing. Contains plant-based & mineral ingredients and is not tested on animals, suitable for septic tanks. Leaves No residue!

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Pour into dishwashing machine soap dispenser, 1 tablespoon is enough.

Active Ingredients
Orange Oil, Coconut Oil, Coconut Extract, Anionic surfactant & non-ionic surfactant.

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Overall Rating
3.6 out of 5 stars from 54 reviews

38 out of 54 people would recommend this product

20/11/2021, By Shelley
Natural washing liquid with a citrus scent
04/08/2021, By Lynn
Have been using this for the last year or so. Am very happy with it and will continue
13/07/2021, By fishyfairy
This product is probably effective if you rinse your dishes off or perhaps turn the dishwasher on immediately after eating. Otherwise any sticky food like spaghetti bolgnaise with grated cheese will get steam-baked into your crockery. I resorted to adding a teaspoon of baking soda to the gel, which you should only fill to the first line or soap comec pouring out the sides of the dishwasher.
08/05/2021, By Mel
Smells great! Works well. I am very happy with my purchase of this dishwashing gel and will continue to use it.
18/02/2021, By Annique
Die produk werk goed, maar n mens moet net n bietjie gebruik anderste loop die skym by die dishwasher uit.
Dit hou regtig lank gebruik een houer al 3maande omdat mens minder gebruik as wat hulle se mens moet.
02/01/2021, By Natasha
Extremely disappointed! I added a teaspoon of this and my machine overflowed with bubbles streaming out everywhere! My dishwasher didn't want to work again and showed an error. Had to get a technician in. Just to be told that dishwashing liquids are not supposed to foam like that. Angry because it costed me a lot of money. This is definitely not suitable for dishwashers!!!
29/12/2020, By Morgan
Foamy and friendly to our planet, lovely smell and cleans like a breeze - what more do you need?
20/12/2020, By Karabo
Love the smell
11/12/2020, By Verena
Works so well
30/11/2020, By Jenna
Lovely - but I am finding that it is a tad too expensive for my budget - going through the bottle far too fast. But is has a lovely smell & I love knowing that I am not doing harm to our planet
29/11/2020, By Tania
I have used Triple Orange Dishwashing Gel for YEARS and love it. It lasts a long time as only a small amount is needed, foams and cleans beautifully. Luckily, I have never had foam leftover at the end.
14/11/2020, By Cir
15/10/2020, By Riana
I found that it does not clean well - dishes, and especially cutlery, are streaky and sometimes not clean;
I also find that after the cycle had been completed (like in minutes after it's done), there is still a lot of foam at the bottom of the washer - as if it had not been rinsed at all! I wondered whether my dishwasher was broken, but when I used regular dish-washing detergent, everything was back to normal again. I then halved the volume, but then found that although there was less foam left over, the dishes were even more dirty ...
10/08/2020, By Maggy
Works great
31/07/2020, By Ocean
Has a nice smell
24/07/2020, By Kirsty
I'm having mixed results as sometimes it cleans beautifully and others not at all. Still happy with the product as I just hand wash if necessary afterwards.
09/06/2020, By Goodness
Leaves the dishes spotlessly clean
02/06/2020, By camille
Good product
28/05/2020, By Rock
Still in use
08/05/2020, By Leigh
It's passable
15/04/2020, By Jarel
don't like this
05/04/2020, By Blue
Under trial
01/04/2020, By Winner
Works well
25/03/2020, By Tania
I have used this for years and it is the best chemical-free dishwashing liquid for dishwashers I have found.
24/01/2020, By Quest
23/01/2020, By Jenny
Works fine if your dishes and glasses are lightly soiled but it's definitely not a heavy duty cleaner. My glass coffee mugs in the top drawer rack never get cleaned properly.
16/01/2020, By Support
Top gel
14/12/2019, By aileen
Very disappointing, i had to rewash all the dishes, the glasses looked even dirtier.
13/12/2019, By Penelope
I wish the description had mentioned dish washing machines.
I bought it to use in a home with no machine...
07/12/2019, By Eilnah
Very good!
30/11/2019, By Michelle
I have to use much more than the instructions and doesn’t work well if using my economic washing setting. However if the dishes aren’t too dirty and the washer is set to normal wash it works fine.
15/10/2019, By Maureen
I have not used this yet, but their laundry gel is the best in the west!!
27/09/2019, By Pawlu
Can I make arrangement to ship some products to Malta, Valletta port? How can I order and pay? Do you have a PayPal account? Kindly advise
03/06/2019, By Adele
We don't have a dishwasher, but we do use this for hand washing. It makes a good amount of foam and really cuts through the grease. No marks on glassware. Another success by Triple Orange!
09/04/2019, By Lorraine
I have used this product in my dishwasher for a few months now and find it very effective.
21/01/2019, By Simone
We only use this in our home.
You need to use a fair amount but it is the best chemical free option on the market
16/01/2019, By Nikki B
One teaspoon (as per instructions) does not clean effectively - dishes and especially cutlery comes out semi-dirty! But, 1 TABLESPOON of the stuff works effectively. They should review their instructions, then less people would be disappointed. 50 washes out of that whole bottle is excellent for the price
03/12/2018, By Gail
I was mislead by the title and bought it assuming it was for hand-washing dishes. It does not perform as well as regular dishwasher detergents in the machine but it does work well for hand-washing.
19/08/2018, By Tania
After trying a few products this is an absolute winner for me. It is the only Dishwasher soap I use and I have not had any of the problems other people have mentioned.
31/07/2018, By Jackie
I took a long time to work up the courage to try a natural product for the dishwasher again. Unfortunately I've been disappointed yet again . Dishes don't come out clean and cutlery and pots and pans have rusty spots on them.
25/07/2018, By M C
Works like a bomb! A little goes a long way and an awesome fragrance too.
13/07/2018, By Julia
Does not clean dishes properly and leaves a greasy film, especially on glasses
26/02/2018, By Varsha
Seriously the best dishwashing liquid i have used as it gets my cutlery shining! Love the smell and the fact that it is citrus is always great for me.
09/01/2018, By Marina
It is not easy to find a green alternative to dishwashing machine soap, but this one has been satisfactory to me. The machine is full of soap suds during the cycle but my dishes more often than not come out clean.
19/10/2017, By Sharon
It was disappointing, but I do keep in mind that it is a natural product, unlikely to clean as well as the commercial chemical products. One tablespoon as suggested was definitely not enough. Since I can't waste it, I'm adding it in with my commercial tab for the lovely fragrance.
31/01/2017, By Nicole
Striving to go green at home but alas its back to commercial dish washing tabs. Had to re-wash several items. Not sure if this is related but dishwasher started flooding all over the kitchen floor. Spent a bomb on a dishwasher technician to be told that nothing is wrong with the machine...He watched it go through an empty cycle (without the gel) - it didn leak but as soon as I tried with the gel again there were a whole lot of soap suds and it seemed to overflow again. Very open to suggestions...
01/09/2016, By Julia
Very disappointed in this product- I washed the same load of dishes on the highest setting 3 times and still did not achieve to get all dishes clean. Especially cutlery and glasses remained dirty. I did not see the negative reviews on the product before ordering, unfortunately.
11/05/2016, By Lulu
Im someone who is actively spending money to find an environmentally and animal friendly dishwashing soap and am yet to find one that I am satisfied with. At least one that cleans glasses! You can use this is you have NO glassware in the washer and it does smell nice, but it leaves your glasses greasy and you would have to wash them again. Alas, my mission continues.
05/08/2015, By Margot
Love this product!
It works so well!! I have used other environmentally friendly dishwasher products, but they leave a fatty scum in the bottom of my dishwasher. The triple orange dishwasher gel does not do this at all!!
It really is amazing!
And you only need a small amount too...very cost effective!
05/09/2014, By Bronwen
I have tried this a few times now in my dishwasher. So far the dishes have been okay. IT does not clean pots and pans well and I always have to give them a wash my hand. I haven found a problem with glass though or ceramic cups. I think as long as it is not too dirty it does the job.
Commercial dish tabs still work better though.
30/06/2014, By Liesl
Triple orange dishwashing liquid just doesn’t clean well enough. I’ve tried increasing the quantity which helps a bit but my dishes still don’t come out as clean as I’d like.
03/02/2014, By Samantha
This dishwasher gel really works very well. I did need to add salt to my machine to prevent cloudy glasses etc but once I did that I have only had spotless dishes since. It also lasts long - a little goes a long way :) I would recommend it.
30/10/2013, By Santie
My new all time favorite dishwasher gel! I made the switch a few months back, and swapped my rinse aid out for white vinegar, with great results! No streaky glass and no leftover food bits. Like all other Triple Orange products, I highly recommend!!!
10/02/2011, By Wendy
This really did not work well enough for me... I am sad to say that it is back to good old Finish Dishwashing tablets for me! I need a product that really gets things clean 1st time and every time.

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