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The Real Thing Chlorella Tablets

The Real Thing Chlorella Tablets

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The Real Thing Chlorella Tablets
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The Real Thing Chlorella tablets are made from 100% pure, cracked cell chlorella algae. This superfood is grown in Taiwan under controlled conditions in outdoor ponds and filtered with ground water via a 400-foot well. The water is filtered and tested to comply with Taiwan drinking water standards.

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What? Chlorella is a single-celled, two-billion-year-old great, green superfood.
Why? This fresh-water algae is crammed with nutrients and chlorophyll – that’s the plant antioxidant responsible for chlorella’s name and its green colour.
So what? It’s a nutrient-boost and a detox waiting to happen. Precisely what your body needs to help clear heavy metals and other toxins.

FACT: Chlorella contains three times more of the antioxidant chlorophyll per weight than any other known plant.


  • Chlorophyll
  • Chlorella Growth Factor
  • Nutrients

It’s a potent antioxidant found in many green plants.
What does it do?

  • It fights free radical damage.
  • It's structurally similar to oxygen-carrying haemoglobin in red blood cells, which is why it helps increase red cell counts.
  • It can also chelate and clear heavy metals, detoxify the liver and help counter the effects of radiation.

A unique phytochemical with multi-systemic effects.

What does it do?

  • Supports healthy immune function by stimulating the production of interferon, and protecting infection-fighting T-cells and B-cells.
  • Its probiotic function stimulates the growth of good bacteria and supports the digestive system.
  • It promotes tissue regeneration, growth and repair without causing uncontrolled cell proliferation in the form of malignancies. Or it wouldn’t be called a “growth factor”.


  • Vitamins, including the stress-busting Bs and vitamins A, C, E and K.
  • Minerals, particularly iron, but also calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, zinc, copper, sodium and various trace elements.
  • Essential fatty acids, to contribute to cholesterol balancing.
  • Protein, carbohydrates, amino acids and nucleic acids.

FACT: Chlorella contains more protein per weight than meat or fish and more DNA and RNA nucleic acids than any other natural source.


It helps your body clear out all kinds of junk.

  • Heavy metals. The cellulose in chlorella’s tough cell wall binds chemically with noxious heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium. Then it shows them the door.
  • Pesticides. It helps the body flush out hydrocarbon pesticide traces, like DDT, kepone and PCBs.
  • Radiation. It helps reduce damage due to radiation exposure. Japanese scientists have been investigating its effects since the nuclear disasters of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


  • Fewer free radicals. The antioxidant chlorophyll cuts the tissue damage and ageing caused by free radicals.
  • More regeneration. The CGF, in chlorella helps promote cell growth and tissue repair.
  • More nucleic acids. When you hit your 20s, nucleic acid volumes start to decrease. CGF also boosts nucleic acid levels and so, may have an anti-ageing function.

Still not enough for you? Here’s what else chlorella can do...

  • More macrophages, the immune cells that swallow and destroy invading organisms and contaminants.
  • An alkaline pH, as chlorella helps counter acidity and restore the body’s optimal, pH balance.
  • More energy, due to improved nutritional status.
  • Fresher breath, thanks to the chlorophyll.
  • Better digestion, due to the healthier balance of good bacteria in the gut.

FACT: Studies have shown that chlorella’s immune-boosting function can actually stimulate the body’s natural ability to overcome the effects of radiation and control cell growth.


  • What we put in it. Only the purest possible cracked-cell Chlorella pyrenoidosa algae.
  • What we don’t put in it. No binders, fillers, colourants, flavourants, preservatives, tableting aids or additives of any kind.
  • How it’s grown. In fresh, shallow water that’s totally free of toxins and pollutants.
  • How it’s made. Our algae's cell walls are "cracked" through a low-temperature drying procedure. Why? For easier digestion and absorption of all the good stuff inside.
  • How it’s stored. It’s packed in plastic to avoid all contact with metals and moisture


For maintenance, take 5 tablets twice daily, at meal times, with a glass of water. This can be increased to 10 to 20 tablets daily, or consult your health practitioner.

Each tablet contains 200mg of chlorella - one serving equals 1000mg (or 1g) from 5 tablets

100% pure Chlorella algae. Free of binders, fillers, additive and tableting aids.

*Notice: The ponds are supplied with water from the factory water supply and not from natural lakes or rivers.

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Overall Rating
4.8 out of 5 stars from 56 reviews

54 out of 56 people would recommend this product

22/05/2024, By Janine
Excellent product that we order regularly!
22/05/2024, By Janine
Excellent product.
22/05/2024, By Janine
Excellent product.
22/08/2023, By Karen
Love this product. I've been using it for 10 months and I've noticed a difference in my energy levels, skin and general health.
01/07/2023, By Cols
This is an energy booster without that weird vibration one gets from caffeine - and it doesn't disturb my sleeping pattern. Gently turns up the volume of your daily pace. Careful though - adjust the quantity to your own metabolism to avoid midnight dashes to the water closet. I must mention that this one will be a regular in my basket.
22/09/2021, By Annwyn
I have tried many supplements. This one is easily taken and also seems to have made a difference to my energy levels as well as the vitality of my hair and skin.
12/07/2021, By Julia
Very good product! Use it daily
21/06/2021, By MG
Great product!
27/02/2021, By Bijoux
Wonderful product! Great for detoxing your system. Highly recommended. All natural and it truly is the real thing!
03/02/2021, By Rikki-Lee
You’ll get a good detox from this
05/11/2020, By Charity
These are awesome tablets for detoxing the body. I used them some time ago when I was detoxing. An amazing thing happened when I gave my uncle these tablets to use. He is hypertensive an was sufferings from some hardened arteries which caused him to lose his vision. He took these green tablets at a low dose and guess what? after two months he was much more energetic able to stand and maintain the garden and even cross a busy road. Not so bad for a man in his 80's. Greens for gold guys green all the way. When I'm too busy to make my green smoothies I always supplement with these even a few caps make a huge difference to my energy levels on any given day.
26/10/2020, By Sissie
Great product
25/10/2020, By Mien
10/09/2020, By TJ
I love this product, great for a detox.
24/07/2020, By raa
I bought this primarily because of my digestive issues and body odour. I've been on it for about a week now, increasing my dosage from 5 tablets, to 10 and now 20 a day. While i cannot say for sure that it's helped much with body odour, my digestion seems to have eased a bit. Not sure if its been significant enough for me to highly recommend this, but perhaps over time i will experience more results. It's much cheaper at both Takealot and Dischem though
08/07/2020, By SP
08/06/2020, By Maureen
Prefer this to the previous one I bought as the tabs are slightly shiny and so do not disintegrate into powder at the slightest touch.
01/06/2020, By Talent
Glad I bought this
09/05/2020, By Ann
Detoxifying and packed with nutrition. Love this brand - such good quality. Use chlorella also to detox my dogs when necessary, e.g. for tummy upsets...
04/05/2020, By Sarita
Works for me to detox and gives me load of energy.
29/03/2020, By CJ
I had really bad body odour. Taking 5-8 of these tablets a day helped me get rid of the problem. It's completely changed my life!
25/07/2019, By Love the real thing
Great for detox. It really does what it says and works well.
11/06/2019, By Des
What a wonderful brand. So true to their word. The products do what they say.
05/06/2019, By Taryn
I suffer from fibromyalgia and since taking 10 tablets 3 x a day with meals, I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my mental health and also the pain is less. Wonderful product!
12/03/2019, By Amanda
This product is great,its great if you have a stomach ulcer. Its very healthy and it has lots of beniffits.
18/02/2019, By Amy
I took these tablets when trying to get pregnant last year. I took up to 16 tablets a day, with the Ester C combo (only 2x a day). I also took a tablespoon of barley powder first thing in the morning in addition to all this. I can't be sure exactly what the secret ingredient was, but was thrilled to finally fall pregnant after months of trying! I obviously ate extremely well during this time which I think helped tremendously. All the green goodness in combination did its thing :)
13/02/2019, By Zia
I love this product, I drink it every day. I have an autoimmune disease and I feel that it helps.
11/10/2018, By Jenny
Absolutely love this product I take 15 tablets twice a day. I used to buy them off here but have found it at dischem for R50 cheaper.
26/05/2018, By M C
I take 5 in the morning and it helps with energy levels.
14/05/2018, By Janine
Now comes the 2nd part of my review.

I suffer from chronic fatigue and I was really hoping that Chlorella was going to give me extra bit of energy that I so need but that hasn't happened. In fact I actually feel more fatigued after taking it which doesn't surprise me as fatigue is listed as one of the side-effects of chlorella. I have also noted that my chest is a little tighter than usual since taking chlorella, asthmatic symptoms are also a side-effect of chlorella. Also whether I take it last thing at night or first thing in the morning I either can't sleep at night or I find myself awake hours before my alarm goes off, another side-effect of chlorella.

I have decided that for me it is probably best to take it when I feel a cold is coming on which is what happened Saturday night and today I feel ok.
14/05/2018, By Janine
I will be giving 2 separate reviews for this product as it is needed.

This has to be the best anti-flu remedy I've ever come across. I've been taking this Chlorella since December 2017 and so far I haven't been sick once. I am asthmatic so when I get a cold or flu it turns into bronchitis and lasts about a month. By now I should have had at least 2 - 3 big flu's already but this has not happened while everyone else at home and work is getting sick around me.
09/04/2018, By Zia
Love this product - I've always used the Green Power Tablets but they contain a bit too much protein - these work wonders and value for money!
29/03/2018, By Lou
Have been taking these for 6 years the real thing is a wonderful range
14/03/2018, By Zukiswa
Have not been sick since I started taking these babies
14/03/2018, By Zukiswa
Have not been sick since I started taking these babies
08/02/2018, By Albertus
11/01/2018, By Nadia
26/12/2017, By Natasha Korotka
Price in Dis-Chem 209 rand. Why? What is the differens?
04/12/2017, By Char
All that goodness in such a small tablet.. great stuff! :)
26/11/2017, By sette11
Chlorella worked wonders for my whole Family and I.Well being is the keyword.Just after 10 days you can see healthy skin colour,flat tummies and no complaints about swelling or water retention.It is a Blessing for my heart,since a heat attack 10 years ago,i have found a serious detox relief from the medication I take.I feel good and so does my Family.I have ordered another 2 Chlorella,dont want to be caught without.A Fantastic Product.
12/11/2017, By Jenna-leigh
prefer the green power tablets over this , but this is a bit cheaper cause it lasts longer
11/11/2017, By eNdia
Im not sure if i can swear by these just yet but i think that time is coming soon. I have used them for about a year and happy with it. Even though they're expensive, they seem to last even with daily use. I have recommended to family with skin problems and general detox requirements.
06/11/2017, By Beth
My little boy and I love them!
11/10/2017, By Ria Harding
I'm addicted
09/10/2017, By Malimal
Great adaptogen. Literally felt my mind get "brighter" the first time I snacked on these. Definitely an acquired taste; recommend taking 'em with a snack. Man's chlorophyll.
30/09/2017, By Carolyn
24/09/2017, By Ryder
Good stuff
04/04/2017, By Moxima
I rarely finish detox products, cause I think I have a stubborn system that takes long to catch on to small doses, but I totally recommend this product. I take it together with a sip of apple cider vinegar and it works more heartburns and funny sluggishness! Try it!!
22/11/2016, By Glenys
The tablets made me very ill. At first I did not realize it was the Chlorella but after a 2nd bout of nausea, vomiting and stomach discomfort I realized the tablets were the cause.
19/08/2016, By chantel
i am really happy with this product. gives you loads of energy and keeps you going throughout the day.
well worth the money.
18/08/2016, By Verona
A very effective detoxifier to get rid of heavy metals. I use it together with my home made cilantro/garlic/olive oil pesto to get rid of heavy metals and toxins. When I get a Herxheimer reaction I take Activated Charcoal to assist the clean up process. I would recommend this product highly.
26/03/2016, By Peter
Chlorella is an excellent source of high-quality protein, especially for vegetarians. I suck and then chew a teaspoon full of tablets before every meal and one quickly becomes used to the unusual taste. But Chlorella tends to stick to the teeth so sucking the tablets first, until they are soft, helps prevent this.
02/12/2015, By Christa
Keep these in my handbag during holidays and the festive season - a great all in one supplement to help with over-indulgence immunity.
14/07/2015, By Aneke
There are very few supplements that I feel are worth taking, but this stuff is really excellent. I also experienced reduced cravings, and most amazingly I haven suffered from Candida after being on strong antibiotics (and no candida meds) twice in the last month - which is pretty much miraculous for me. Highly reccomended!
02/06/2015, By Jackie
Since using this product I have more energy these days, I used to be very fatigue everyday due to GERD and this product has given me an energy boost every morning and throughout the day even, I have been using it for two months so far. I don feel sleepy at my desk anymore and it soothes my tummy. I love it! :) Thank You!
15/07/2011, By Marisca
I started using this product a few days now, having hypothyroidism this gave me a energy boots and I also think I sleep better. I feel really good, and my body seems to function very well. Somehow it also helps with cravings, Im not craving as much food as I usually do and Im only hungry when I should be. Great product!

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