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The Herbal Pet Joint Formula

The Herbal Pet Joint Formula
The Herbal Pet Joint Formula
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This joint formula for pets is a blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals formulated for old or stiff pets. Treat arthritis and joint problems naturally.

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The Pet Joint remedy has been formulated to treat:

  • Arthritis or a related ailments
  • Decreased energy and zest for life
  • Recovering from illness
  • Old age

A breed known for suffering from joint problems


  • Small breed dogs (under 10kg) & cats: One half teaspoon per day, sprinkled on food. 
  • Medium breed dogs (10 - 20kg): One level teaspoon per day, sprinkled on food. 
  • Large breed dogs (20 -40kg): One heaped teaspoon per day, sprinkled on the food. 
  • One 200g tub will last one large dog about 1 month and a small dog or cat about 2 months.


  • This is a nutritional product and is not intended as a substitute for veterinary products or advice.
  • Discontinue immediately at any sign of an adverse reaction.
  • Not for use in pregnant or lactating pets.


Devil's Claw, Methylsulphonyl methane, Glucosamine, Evening Primrose Oil, Phytosterols, Fenugreek, Kelp, Steak flavour

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Overall Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars from 38 reviews

36 out of 38 people would recommend this product

28/10/2023, By Ceciel
My dog has responded really well to this powder. Her back is so much better, thank you for a great natural product.
23/10/2023, By Yvonne
I will be buying this again. It definitely helped my old dog.
26/08/2023, By Gill
Bought this on a recommendation from a friend. Didn't expect much because have tried many other supplements for my dog before this and they didn't seem to do much. I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by this product though! My dog has quite advanced arthritis and I can definitely see an improvement in her general mobility after using this.
08/08/2021, By Beverley
Works for my lab and only a spoon a day works out more economical than other products
02/08/2021, By Dom
Amazing product! My 14 year old Afrikanis was limping badly and struggled to get up the stairs with her arthritis and the expensive dog food the vet prescribed didnt do much. After just a few days of mixing this powder in her food she is running and jumping and able to get up the stairs again. This product lasts long and works wonders.
20/07/2021, By Ingrid
My dog Bug is a township special who never has any real issues, but from when he was still a puppy (I found him when he was about 4 months) he's always struggled with the ligaments in his shoulders. He would often limp and now that he's almost 8 he still hurts one side or the other when playing with other dogs. The Herbal Pet Joint Formula has really given him more flexibility and support. He's been on it now for a few months and he's not limped once, he also seems to be more agile getting in and out of his basket. I will definitely keep giving him this formula as he's getting into his senior years, and I have recommended it to other people here in Knysna and they all say the same!!
19/07/2021, By gabby
I ordered this for my boerboel x husky dogs???? haven't used it for that long but definitely see a change
11/06/2021, By Beverley
Been using for about 9 weeks and it really seems to be making a difference to my lab. She seems much happier & is even going for short walks now.
16/04/2021, By Sharon
Seen a big improvement in our older boy! Was thrilled to see him on the bed the other day, something he was not able to do for a couple of months. I am happy with this product
10/04/2021, By Beverley
It's only benn 2 weeks so early days but I have noticed an improvement in my Labs energy level.
25/03/2021, By Madeleine
I have never bought this before
08/03/2021, By Sharon
I promised an update so here it is:
We went on to order this product for over a year and each time I ordered I wondered whether it would be the last time. Ophelia, our 10 year old Great Dane coped better with taking the pet joint formula and when we eventually made the hard decision there were other factors which influenced us as she had developed an infection in her jaw. She did have a couple of bad falls towards the end and I was having to help her to stand up - no mean feat - but she had more than a year extra. What was left over I gave to a friend whose elderly dog had a similar problem and she likewise reported favourable results.
28/11/2020, By Lauren
I have tried this and CBD for our 8 year old Afrikanis, and this wins hands down. After just one month our dogs coat looked shinier and his movement was greatly improved, and he played more like a puppy than he has in years. We're ok our second tub now.
20/08/2020, By Candice
Helps our 8yo Boxer with mobility. Noticed a difference in the second month.
25/05/2020, By Carin
My large breed 12 year old dog is on her 2nd tub now and I can definitely see an improvement in her mobility. I can recommend this product.
01/03/2020, By Chantelle
Excellent herbal supplement for our 14 year old German shepherd . Her mobility has improved in three months , she joins the rest of the "pack " on a sunday run . definately has given her a better quality of life and pain management for her hips .
19/02/2020, By Yvonne
I'm on my second tub, and I can see that it made a huge difference to my dog's mobility. She's running around in the park, playing with the other dogs which is something she didn't do before. She also seems to be happier and will just roll over on her back, asking for a tummy rub when I walk past her. I will definitely keep on using this product.
01/02/2020, By Priscille
We have 2 Staffies; One is 14years old and has joint aches and problems; since giving her this Joint formula (about 2years now)she is happy and very little pain if any at all. Our other Staffie had skin allergies and scratched himself non stop. Our vet recommended I also give him the Joint Formula and the result is no more scratching!
14/01/2020, By Dominique
I bought this for my 6 month old Border Collie pup who has epilepsy as well as a back injury. Started giving this to her in December and the improvement is simply amazing! She's running and playing with her siblings again after sitting on the sidelines, wanting to join but unable to due to pain. After showing this to my vet, he said that it is better than anything (chemical) they could prescribe. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
02/10/2019, By Sharon
It is early days yet but Ophelia, my great dane, who was very shaky on her back feet and falling over a lot does seem to be coping better. I am very hopeful that she is improving. I am definitely intending to buy another jar.
01/07/2019, By Lynne G
Have been sprinkling on my +12 (Border Collie) and +14,5 (GSD) year old fur kids food for a long time now and it has certainly helped their mobility.
02/04/2019, By Tania
I started giving this to my 10-year old large breed dog for arthritis and general stiffness. It took about a month to start seeing a difference but he has become more mobile and less stiff. Only problem with it being in powder form is that my other dog refuses to eat it. But it has worked very well for the dog who has been taking it daily.
10/01/2019, By shaani
first few weeks and i think i see a slight improvement in my pitbull who has arthritis
02/01/2019, By Lynne
Have been giving this to my two, plus 12 year old fur kids and it has helped them with mobility.
15/08/2018, By Suné
I didn't really see an improvement in my older dog.
17/07/2018, By Chantal
I have an almost 10 year old, 57kg male ridgeback - he is not fat - just a big boy, the vet prescribed anti inflammatory for him for when we get back from walks, as he gets stiff and limps. I have been giving him this product for about 6 months and in the last month I have not had to give him the medication.. I am so chuffed.
11/07/2018, By Shireen
This is the most wonderful product. My old girl is doing so well on it as well as a rescue dog that we saved from being by a car.
Beryl's products are tops!!!!!
18/06/2018, By Jess
it has helped so much with my 10 year old ESS who started developing "clicking" noises when he walked. Once starting with this, it has made a huge difference! Should have started sooner!
11/06/2018, By Mel
This definitely helps with our dogs joints and mobility, we should have started sooner.
25/05/2018, By Melissa
Dogs eat it happily mixed with their food. One of my dogs was on a daily painkiller for her sore joints and now she can get around comfortably without them. Great for my old boy too to give him some extra mobility. Not a miracle cure but definitely helps.
11/12/2017, By Kim
I am still trying to get my older cat to eat it. The younger one (12) has arthritis and it seems to improve the stiffness he has when he gets up after a long sleep. The older boy (16) ,that is only now showing signs of stiffness, wants nothing to do with it - even if it is mixed in with his favourite pilchards.
06/10/2017, By TJ
Works well for my old boy
22/09/2016, By Beate
I have tried this formular now twice for my aging GS. It doesn do wonders, but she seems to be in high spirits and shows no sign of pain! Even if her walk will never be good again, she tries to play and run and does not look like a 13 year old GS. For a big dog it is amaizing and I think this remedy has got something to do with it. I would recommend it anytime.
25/05/2016, By Maureen
I just wish this could be made in the form of a treat. My cats are always a bit suspicious when they get food that is not their normal stuff. I have to mix this in with a little cat tuna and they then eat most of it. Would give an extra star if it was a treat or even a pill. Cats are not as easy as dogs it seems :).
17/05/2016, By Robyn
This has truly been a gift from dog-heaven. My dog loves the taste and it has really helped with the inflammation of her joints. I use this in conjunction with flax oil and mix the two together.
20/05/2015, By Penny
I have 2 rescue dogs, both 12 years old, one is a Jack Russel_Staffie cross, the other a Lab_Retriever cross. The smaller one of the 2 has a lot more energy now, his coat is super shiny and hes got his attitude back, lol. The Lab cross has or had what was thought to be arthritis in her back legs or hip dysplasia, but this supplement has brought her so much relief that she is giving our 1yr old German Shepard a run for his money. Im glad I took the chance and tried this, the results really do speak for themselves.
10/02/2015, By Morgan
I have a 14 year old staffie, and while I can really handle the smell of the stuff, he always picks up his wagging tail and comes along eagerly for his meal when I take his supplement off the shelf. I can most definitely see a marked difference in when I do and do not give it to him.. He is markedly more agile, comfortable and active when he has had his daily dose than when he hasn . For comparison, I have used MobiFlex in the past, I have had much better results with this particular product. It is also a smaller dosage, which means the product lasts longer (works out cheaper) and in my experience noticeably more effective.
22/11/2011, By Barbara
The Herbal Pet Joint Formula is absolutely wonderful stuff. My dog absolutely loves her food since I have been giving it to her. She now sits and waits for her food and licks every scrap out of the bowl. I don’t know what flavouring they put in it but the pleasure of seeing my beloved pet really enjoying her food is absolutely priceless.

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