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Rooibos Aromatics Rooibos Anti-Itch Skin Care for Animals

Rooibos Aromatics Rooibos Anti-Itch Skin Care for Animals
Rooibos Aromatics Rooibos Anti-Itch Skin Care for Animals
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Price From: R89.00
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Rooibos Aromatics Rooibos Anti-itch SKincare is famous for its amazing effect on animals suffering from skin issues such as itchiness and lacklustre coats, whether they be furred or feathered. Rooibos Anti-itch for animals is made from the highest quality ingredients. Pure Organic South African Rooibos tea leaves, from the Cederburg and Organic Chamomile flowers are infused in a blend of vegetable and Grape Seed oil making up an amazing  infusion that vets and many pet lovers have found to have fantastic results with pet skin issues, as well as helping older animals with joint aches and pains.

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The medicinal properties of Rooibos tea are well documented. It has been shown to boost the immune system, it has anti-allergic and antispasmodic properties. Rooibos contains Iron, Potassium and Copper which are all good for metabolic function. Calcium, Manganese, Zinc and Alpha Hydroxy Acid are essential for healthy skin and bones. Recent studies have shown that Rooibos helps to prevent cancerous tumours and is effective in healing skin irritation. Likewise Chamomile flowers have been found to have the following healing properties: Boosts the immune system, relaxes the nerves and soothes the stomach, reduces inflammation, improves liver function and helps rheumatism.

Chamomile is also an effective anti-depressant and analgesic. Grape Seed oil is high in anti-oxidants and it has been found to improve blood circulation and has anti-inflammatory properties.

The combination of the these three Ingredients acts as not only a powerful itch soother, but other benefits for example, easing arthritic pain in older animals has been recognised.

The dosage does depend on the size of the animal:
Cats : 1 tsp (5ml) per day
Small– medium dogs: 1—2tsp (5ml—10ml) per day
Large dogs: 1 dessertspoon (15ml) per day
Horses: 3-4 dessertspoons ( 45-60ml) per day, depending on the size.

Once itching subsides lower the amount to 3 times a week. To maintain a healthy skin and coat, continue to administer once a week.

Results are usually seen 7—10 days after starting on the oil. The key to success is to be diligent in the daily administration of Rooibos anti-itch.

NB If itching persists please consult your veterinarian.

The only know adverse side effects of the Rooibos anti-itch for Animals, is that over dosage can lead to diarrhoea.

Using Rooibos Anti-itch
Rooibos Anti-itch is an internal nutritional supplement. It is a palatable oil which can be poured over food or given as is. Most animals enjoy the taste and will lap it up without coaxing. It can also be used topically for rashes and hot spots, only on UNBROKEN skin.

Important Information
Most itchy skin is caused by an allergy of some sort, although Rooibos anti-itch for animals helps animals to reduce the irritation caused by the allergy, it is important to find out what is causing the reaction. The most common cause is fleas, so make sure your animal friend and their environment are treated with an effective flea control. Another cause of irritation is often diet related, so be sure to investigate natural, nutritional diets for your animal companion who may not be able to cope with the additives in commercial pet food.

Vegetable & Grapeseed Oil infused with Organic Rooibos leaves and Organic Chamomile Flowers.

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Overall Rating
4.6 out of 5 stars from 57 reviews

56 out of 57 people would recommend this product

28/11/2023, By Beverley
No difference
09/10/2023, By Simonae
Works great for m dog with skin allergies, as well as my other dog that has clouding in his eyes - the anti-oxidants slow the progression.
05/09/2023, By Lilly
Have been adding this to my Pug's food for years now. He tends to have rashes, this has solved that issue.
His coat is also very shiny and healthy.
27/08/2023, By Tanya
My horse has an itchy skin. This product has helped to manage her problem as part of a Holistic program.
07/08/2023, By Donna
This is really great for dogs that have skin issues. After 2 weeks can see a huge improvement in my dogs skin
25/07/2023, By Donna
After only 5 days I can see a huge improvement in my dogs. Hardly no scratching. Very impressive considering I have tried various products and medications. Have now ordered in 1 ltr.
13/03/2023, By Ruth
Excellent product, have been using it on my boerbull that has sensitive skin and ears
20/10/2022, By Samantha
My lab mix has suffered with itchy skin no matter the hypoallergenic food he is given. This product has eased his discomfort substantially! It has been a game changer for him. Thank you.
24/07/2022, By Natalie
My pet has had terrible eczema on her paws for over a year now. She was licking them obsessively and that contributed to very raw skin and cracking paw pads. Since buying this product now for a few months, there has been a marked improvement her paws are night and day in comparison from where we started and her coat has thickened too (double whammy!). I highly recommend this product.
17/04/2022, By MvW
My dog got terrible rashes along her inner front paws and her lower chest and stomach. I started giving her a teaspoon a day, and it seemed to help lessen the itching immediately. But even better, after about a month I could see a marked improvement in her skin condition - there was increased hair coverage and the skin appeared much less pink and tender. After that first month of usage she hasn't had another rash. I highly recommend it, but be patient to see the full results.
08/01/2022, By Mads
I started my dogs on this 3 days ago and am amazed. Their itching has already decreased dramatically. Fantastic. Now l can't wait to see the effects on their fur. So pleased l found this
08/01/2022, By Mads
I started my dogs on this 3 days ago and am amazed. Their itching has already decreased dramatically. Fantastic. Now l can't wait to see the effects on their fur. So pleased l found this
12/10/2021, By Stefni
I'd actually give this product 1 star just based on the fact that my bull terrier wont eat his food without it now LOL
He usually suffers badly with dry, inflamed and itchy skin but he seems much less obsessed with scratching and licking since we first gave this a try in Aug 2021. I'll unfortunately have to keep buying this anyways cos otherwise my dog just stands and stares at his food if we've run out and I won't be surprised if he ends up starving himself due to extreme stubbornness :D
04/03/2021, By Louise
My dog has had no skin rashes since I've used this product. The 1L is great value for money, especially since it's lasted forever.
03/02/2021, By Sue
Great organic product, my doggo loves the taste! Her itchiness and rash has subsided. This together with hypo-allergenic kibble does the trick.
01/02/2021, By Ashleigh
Definitely felt and saw an improvement in my dogs coat after 2 weeks and they love the taste.
20/01/2021, By Taj
Our cat had an reaction to food change, his skin itched profusely and he had a bad rash, causing him to loose fur. It's day 3, the rash is subsiding and he's much less itchy. (Now to tackle the fleas)

This has made a huge difference, definitely recommend.
07/01/2021, By Carina
Love this product, will never stop using it for my doggos. They're coats feel amazing and itching has subsided.
25/11/2020, By Diana
3RD time buying. A few squirts on all the dogs' food, and their coats are lovely. The itchy dog need less medication to maintain her itchiness.
26/09/2020, By Jenna
My dog doesn't like the taste so it needs to be mixed in with the meat. The cats like it better on its own. We used it in conjunction with other things to treat itchy skin so not sure of its individual effectiveness but it helped overall
13/08/2020, By Angela
Used this on both of our dogs - the one dog is 13 yrs old with stiff old bones - she can now sit again and is definitely more flexible. Our other dog used to get seizures and serious allergies. He never used to stop scratching ( annoying). He had missing patches of hair from all the scratching. All his hair has grown back and his coat is silky. The scratching has stopped and the seizures reduced dramatically.
13/08/2020, By Angela
Used this on both of our dogs - the one dog is 13 yrs old with stiff old bones - she can now sit again and is definitely more flexible ????. Our other dog used to get seizures and serious allergies. He never used to stop scratching ( annoying). He had missing patches of hair from all the scratching. All his hair has grown back and his coat is silky ????. The scratching has stopped and the seizures reduced dramatically.
31/07/2020, By Ocean
Excellent for swelling
01/07/2020, By Leebee
It works. I use it in conjunction with the rooibos and camomile crunch for our 6 month old puppies. 1tsp with their morning and evening meals and their coats are soft and shiny with a huge reduction in itching
09/06/2020, By Goodness
Good for horses
06/06/2020, By Happy Chikky
My order arrived a month ago and had to wait to see the results before I could respond. My puppy had an allergy and was shedding her fur like crazy. All her back was almost bald from her scratching due to itch. After applying the Rooibos Aromatics Rooibos Anti-Itch Skin Care for Animals for now 36 days, her fur has grown back completely and its so smooth and has luster. I am so happy now as I was so saddened and helpless to see her in previous condition. Thank you so much for the amazing product:))
29/05/2020, By Rock
Good for dry skin on pets
28/05/2020, By Angela
Our English Springer Spaniel suffers badly from allergies and the constant scratching drives us crazy. After a week of using this product the scratching has reduced remarkably.
05/05/2020, By Kim
Love this stuff for my allergy prone spaniel!
14/04/2020, By Adene
Super gentle and does not irritate skin
02/04/2020, By Winner
Well done
27/12/2019, By Miss_KittyWhite
Combined with his efazol and the itch relief spray I've been using. The combination seems to be working a lot better than my previous attempts of cortisone cream and efazol. I can't say for certain this product is attributing to the relief though
25/09/2019, By Amaryllis
My pug gets raw meat and fresh veggies/fruit and he loves the oil. It has made him look extra shiny :)
27/08/2019, By Amaryllis
My pug loves it. I put it over his food once a day, his coat has gotten so shiny :)
Also he used to have quite itchy skin and this definitely helped
18/04/2019, By Brenda
We had a huge problem with dogs - a boxer and a labrador - being itchy all the time. I give them a tablespoon of the Moringa Rooibos and Chamomile crunch in the evening over their food and a tablespoon of the oil in the morning over their food - no more scratching! Their coats are now soft, their skin is no longer dry. We cannot believe the difference! I have now bought the big containers for our dogs and our home assistants dogs!
09/04/2019, By Lynnette
My Fussy Cat Just Looooves It. So Far It Seems As Though The Itching Has Subsided. Will Definitely Buy It Again
11/09/2018, By henriette
I first brought a small bottle from a pet shop to try out for skin and coat maintenance for my border collies. Not sure whether it really helps for itchiness, but it definitely helps for a soft and glossy coat. I ordered a 500ml to continue using the oil for maintenance for the collies and the added health benefits. A lot of skin/coat maintenance products for dogs, come in a squirt bottle. The last bit always goes wasted. I like that this product comes in a normal bottle.
11/07/2018, By Shireen
My dogs coats are so shiny and soft but it doesn't help much with one of my dog's itchy skins. But highly recommended
07/07/2018, By Terri
Although my dogs still seem to be itching, their coats are so soft and shiny. So I would buy it again because it is definitely doing something for their skin/coat, even if it's not helping the itching as much.
27/05/2018, By Tania
Although Colt's coat is looking good, I'm not sure how much it has helped with itching.
12/04/2018, By Anne
Seems to help my doggie with itching and she loves the taste. Many thanks.
30/10/2017, By Patricia
Helps with itching skin and easy to administer in the food. My dogs seem to like it.
24/10/2017, By Avril
I am currently using the Rooibos Anti-Itch for my cat who have been suffering with allergies for the last four years. This product is amazing and have done wonders for my baby. She looks amazing and her coat feels amazing no more open wounds and no more excessive scratching. For the first month I gave it to her every 2nd day by using a syringe and now every third day. She have been on so many different medications over the years which only worked for a week or so then she start scratching again.
10/10/2017, By Beate
It helped my little one with an allergy, but she didn't like the taste so I had to mix it under gravy or similar.
25/08/2017, By Leeanne
My dog loves the taste of this and it's great knowing he is getting something natural and good in. I haven't seen any improvement to his itchy paws yet though, and I have been giving this to him for two weeks now.
31/07/2017, By nicki
Super product. Has certainly helped putting condition back on my rescued pony. His coat is shining again and is not dry
05/06/2017, By nicki
Have used it for my dog but remain undecided as I am not certain if it had any affect or if I should have continued using it to see an improvement
26/05/2017, By Rusha
I have an allergic cat - I have tried everything. Unfortunately she is vol fiemies and won't eat her food if there is anything on it. Maybe think twice before buying for cats as they are more finicky about what they eat.
20/07/2016, By Deona
I use this oil in combination with Efficient Microbes Pro-Canine and Herbal Pet Serenity Formula. My Mini Schnauzer used to get regular bouts of Bacterial Folliculitis and Schnauzer bumps that the vet treated with prolonged courses of antibiotics. His skin has been clear for 15 months now. The combination of products seem to work magic.
07/01/2016, By Candice
I bought this product out of desperation as my poor Ridgeback suffers from skin allergies. The vets I have taken him too cannot really pinpoint the cause - they say its probably grass or pollen or dust. He now only eats Arcana (super expensive dry food with only meat (fish) and veg) and I bath him in expensive anti-allergy shampoo. However, he still gets flare ups and scratches a lot.

I have been adding this oil to his food for a couple of weeks now. At first I thought it was working, as his itching seemed to reduce a bit, but now it seems to be back again...

So, I am not sure if I can blame the product, or if his allergies are just impervious to ALL products I try. Maybe this product works well for certain types of skin conditions and not others.
That is why I have not given a high star rating, but have said I would recommend it to a friend - I would tell others to give it a try and see if it works on their dog. The nice thing is that it will not do any harm to try.

My dog is not put off by having it poured over his pellets at meal times, and he can be quite a fussy eater.
14/07/2015, By Wendy
I adopted a rescue pup in Jan 2015 and he has battled with skin allergies from grass to food etc. This product has made the world of difference in my fur-babies life. His skin is almost perfect and his coat is starting to shine...Love it and will be placing a order for more right now
21/03/2015, By Rosemary
Excellent product which I use for my Whippet who gets an allergy to the wet grass in summer. My order arrived timeously and thank you to Faithful to Nature for your help and good service.
17/03/2014, By Dawn
This is a really wonderful product. I use it for all my pets(5 dogs, 5 cats) I bought it inparticular for my 16 year old maltii who has suffered from eczema since birth, this product is the first one, after numerous veterinarian visits,medications and tablets , that has really made a total difference in his condition, no more constant scratching and itchy, raw, sore,patchy skin , and a very happy dog .... not to mention his owner! :) I recommend this product wholeheartedly,.
17/10/2013, By Lizan
Must tell you how brain washed my dog is on the Rooibos Aromatics Rooibos Anti-Itch Skin Care for Animals, whenever I shake the bottle he comes running and only picks out the pellets with the oil on it. The product has made a huge impact on his itching.
04/10/2011, By Carrianne
The Rooibos anti-itch for dogs is working wonderfully for my dog.

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