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Raw C Coconut Water 1L

Raw C Coconut Water 1L
Raw C Coconut Water 1L
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  • 1L
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Quench your thirst with this refreshing and delicately delicious drink and you’ll experience the Raw C difference. Raw C only uses young green coconuts for the tastiest, most nutrient-dense coconut water available. No added sugars, preservatives or chemicals at all, just fresh Coconut water with all its goodness preserved by a BPA-free tetra pak. Coconut water is the perfect way to hydrate and replenish lost electrolytes when you’ve been sweating it out, or simply need a pick-me-up. This convenient 1L bottle with a resealable lid is a great for sharing with your friends and family, or making some delish coconut water cocktails or smoothie mixes.

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  • 1 litre of the tastiest, freshest coconut water on the market
  • The 1 Litre is the same premium quality as the smaller size, unlike some brands who use inferior water for their bigger sizes
  • Only coconuts less than 7 months used for superior taste and nutrient content
  • Raw C has consistently won independent tasting tests
  • Coconut water with one of the lowest natural sugar content
  • Coconut water is an excellent drink for replenishing lost electrolytes after strenous activity
  • An excellent hydrating tonic for a refreshing pick-me-up
  • Has many health benefits, apart form being simply delicious
  • Real coconut water with no additives should only be consumable for 1 -2 days after it has been opened
  • Absolutely no chemicals, sugar or preservatives added
  • Packed fresh in a tetra pak that it BPA-free
  • Resealable cap
  • Endorsed by the Australian health food guru Pete Evans
  • A product of Thailand

Here is a scrumptious Coconut Water ice -cream recipe compliments of Raw C:

Lime and blueberry layered nice cream

For the lime layer:
2 frozen bananas
Raw C coconut water (as much as you like, to your desired consistency)
Zest and juice of 1/2 lime
2 Tbsp coconut cream
1/2 tsp of your favourite green superfoods

Wizz all Ingredients until smooth

For the Blueberry layer:
2 frozen bananas
Raw C coconut water (as much as you like, to your desired consistency)
1/2 cup Blueberries
1 Tbsp Acai powder
1 Tbsp Chia Seeds

Wizz all ingredients until smooth

Layer these two yummy flavours in a glass and top with delish things like Blueberries, puffed quinoa, coconut yoghurt and molasses.

Recipe by @panaceas_pantry

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Overall Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars from 83 reviews

79 out of 83 people would recommend this product

18/10/2023, By Vivien
Love this one. We always keep a stash at home. Especially great when the kids are sick: They might refuse everything else to drink but happily take this coconut water.
17/10/2023, By Kirsty
The best tasting coconut water on the market in my opinion.
10/08/2023, By Natasha
Love the taste - will definitely be buying this one again
16/03/2023, By Amanda
Absolutely delicious! I go through a litre in a day! I find it so refreshing, love that is as healthy as it is, and that it is from a sustainable source. Without doubt, I'll order more - in fact, about to do that now!
13/02/2022, By staceyv
Full of electrolytes and divine
04/02/2021, By Seshini
Excellent taste-not artificial at all-I have tried various makes and this is by far the most pleasant of them all-wont buy any other
30/12/2020, By Mary
Love the fact that its pure coconut water with no additives
05/12/2020, By Chantie
A must have in my pantry
25/11/2020, By Rox
Great Product
28/10/2020, By Tanja
Great stuff
26/10/2020, By Amy
14/09/2020, By Naomi
Nice and healthy, its a good buy
30/07/2020, By Greenie
23/07/2020, By Chantal
So glad I got this as a freebie - the most delicious coconut water, really great quality
04/07/2020, By Fabia
I love this drink. It has a mild coconut flavour that is so thirst quenching and hydrating.
12/06/2020, By Deidre
So yummy and hydrating
09/05/2020, By Real
Guilt free drink
08/05/2020, By Philip
Pure joy to drink
06/05/2020, By Glad
02/05/2020, By Thaveshnee
Love it
28/04/2020, By Happy
Go down well
13/03/2020, By Duané
Always drink this to calm my tummy, it works!
31/01/2020, By Organic
02/10/2019, By Adene
So happy to be able to get a coconut water that has not been sweetened with unnecessary sugars.
27/08/2019, By Kelly
Great taste, if you like coconut water. I think its very refreshing. Good price too
04/08/2019, By Ntuthuko
Tastes delish
19/07/2019, By Mouity
It tastes not lekker
18/07/2019, By Nazrhana
Love this!
02/07/2019, By Primrose
I never used to like the taste of coconut water but after receiving this one as a sample I gave it a try, so refreshing, energizing and hydrating. I can’t start my day without a glass. I love it, it taste too good ;)
01/07/2019, By Lynne G
Really great product. For health reason I am not permitted to utilise any of the electrolite products on the market to rehydrate. This coconut water is amazing and find it really works for me when I am exerting myself of an extended period of time, replenshing and energising me.
29/06/2019, By Ahmed
Received this as a sample, best coconut water I have had thus far. Not artificial like most commercial ones I have had
22/06/2019, By Deeeee
I received a small bottle of this extremely delicious coconut water with my last order which was just the way to brighten up my day
12/06/2019, By Lea
Coconut is sooo good for humans! I add this to my smoothies to make sure i have some form of superfood in there that offers side a wide variety of benefits :)
06/06/2019, By Abigail
Didn't particulary like the taste of this coconut water - good that it isn’t too sweet/ that is real but wasn’t very pleasant. Seemed a good pure version but also dissapointed that it is called ‘raw’ when it has been flash pasteurised :|
05/06/2019, By Sivu
I love anything with coconut however coconut water is really unpleasant. I thought this might be different but I was disappointed. I think I would rather add it to a smoothie drink in the place of a juice or milk.
04/06/2019, By Jané
Definitely the best and affordable! I love this coconut water. I use it every day, smoothies just taste like a splash of magic has been added.
04/04/2019, By MichelleP
A delicious, thirst quenching drink. My favourite coconut water!
03/04/2019, By Meryl
The best coconut water you will ever taste without any added sugar and other nasties. I love it so much and my 1 year old loves it too.
03/04/2019, By Jax
The best for making smoothies.
20/01/2019, By Annelies
My favourite coconut water. Best when very cold, especially after hot yoga. No preservatives, sugar or nasties added.
12/01/2019, By Kate
Best quality and taste
04/12/2018, By Kate
Better tasting and not as sweet as other commercially available products.
24/11/2018, By Ana
I am currently breastfeeding and this has become my favorite hydration elixir. I have tried other brands but find the taste of this one just spot on (not too sweet or too bitter). A current favorite :)
11/11/2018, By Drina
I love this brand. Best tasting coconut water ever without any additives
04/11/2018, By Sammy
Absolutely the best brand of coconut water. Love adding it to my smoothies to give it a boost
11/10/2018, By RG
favorite coconut water!
05/10/2018, By Jacqui
It's the most natural one I could find so far. Great taste. Ice cold over ice, delicious.
24/09/2018, By I.
Best coconut water available in SA. Comes closest to the real thing.
29/08/2018, By Organic_love
Love this water. Just a bit pricey
06/08/2018, By Samantha
Very tasty. We use this in smoothies and they taste great
24/07/2018, By Saffiyya
Best tasting coconut water..... so energizing...
20/07/2018, By Nazrhana
Love this water.. it also gives me a nice energy kick like I've had a red bull :)
13/07/2018, By Chantelle
CocosPure is my favorite coconut water but this is definitely a close second!
25/06/2018, By Janine
So far this is the most natural tasting coconut water I've come across, a very close second to drinking from an actual green coconut.
09/06/2018, By Wendy
Really refreshing. Worked well to keep me hydrated while I had flu
29/05/2018, By Linda
Really enjoying it in my smoothies one if the
Best I have tasted so far.
11/04/2018, By Raaziqa
It's got a good, clean taste. quite refreshing but it tastes more bland than other brands I've tasted. Sort of like watered down.
Was also unpleasantly surprised to see that it's flash pasteurised, only after purchasing.
26/02/2018, By Courtney
Best addition to my morning green smoothie!
24/02/2018, By Jess
Refreshing and great for smoothies
13/02/2018, By Sophie
I've been loving this product BUT have just seen that it is flash pasteurised. This means it has been heated briefly at a very high temperature in order to have a longer shelf life - a process in which beneficial nutrients are destroyed alongside harmful pathogens. The name RAW is therefore misleading :(
09/02/2018, By Prue
Lovely in smoothies - or in a wine glass with ice!
27/01/2018, By sam
My mom loves this. It is very refreshing but most importantly, it gives her a lift when she is feeling weak. She has it everyday. Won't be without it.
15/01/2018, By Sandra
LOVE it! So refreshing!
10/01/2018, By Jacqui Weich
Excellent Product. Refreshing and helps with dehydration. Also replaces electrolytes. One box is never enough. I ran out of make-up remover and use coconut water - worked great
29/11/2017, By Sam
Great tasting coconut water
04/11/2017, By Sherona
19/10/2017, By Loreen
I love that it's not as sweet as other brands and that it's raw.
13/10/2017, By Tracey
Favourite for the morning smoothie.
16/07/2017, By Lisa
Reasonably priced and gives you that boost after a long day in the office, or in my case, a long day out in the African bush.
05/07/2017, By Justine
Really the best coconut water I have tried so far. You can tell its REAL.
12/06/2017, By Jac
The best on the market. No additives. Pure.
02/06/2017, By Andrea
Lightest, best tasting coconut water, reminds me of sipping the from coconuts in Bali - can't make a smoothie without it!
26/05/2017, By Ali
It's like drinking straight from a coconut!
22/02/2017, By Warren
Good tasting and refreshing. Better than other brands but...
Pete Evans is a co-owner of RAW C so of course he will endorse it.
14/12/2016, By Janine
Ive had the juice of green coconuts in thailand and this brand pretty much tastes the same. I noticed that by the 3rd day in the fridge it starts tasting a little sour which is a good thing, I read somewhere that if the coconut water lasts 5 - 7 days then theres definitely preservatives in it. Just wish it could be a lot cheaper.
03/08/2016, By Preba
Love that its 100%.
NOTE : Hubby is diabetic and it does spike his sugar levels. Dilution may help in this case.
20/04/2016, By raeesa
Drinking this is almost like drinking water out of a coconut! Only complaint is that it gets finished too quickly :)
20/04/2016, By Elmar
I agree, my taste buds also got a shock first time round. But they are getting used to it. And I start loving it. It does taste very exotic. I also put it in my smoothies. And after exercising I dilute it with some water. I will definitely keep using it.
29/03/2016, By Karien
Nothing tastes better after a hot, sweaty run! Healthy and delicious, and I love the economical 1 litre pack.
12/02/2016, By J
Refreshing. No added sugars all natural. Use it in my smoothies and baking(in place of milk). Very well priced here
21/01/2016, By Shelley
I think this is a bit of a shock to my taste buds. Although it tastes really good. I love it in smoothies and diluted with water but I will have to get used to it a bit more. It is awesome as a post workout drink to replace electrolytes and I can feel the difference! I love it
04/11/2015, By Loraine
I use the water in my fruit smoothie every day... gives it a tropical taste. Excellent quality.
05/10/2015, By Ria
This is the closest I have tasted to fresh green coconut water

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