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Naturals Beauty Shampoo

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Naturals Beauty  Shampoo

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Naturals Beauty Shampoo
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  • 300ml
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Wash away the bad hair day blues with this organic shampoo. The Naturals Beauty formula includes aloe, chamomile and calendula, to cleanse the hair and balance the scalp. Naturals Beauty Shampoo is free of SLS and SLAS; there are no harsh ingredients to strip the hair of its natural oils. This is the ideal formula for beautiful hair and a balanced scalp.

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  • A gentle cleansing shampoo that won’t strip the hair of its natural oils
  • Made with certified organic Ingredients 
  • No SLS or artificial additives
  • No artificial colours or fragrances
  • Only natural, biodegradable surfactants & preservatives used
  • Aloe Ferox is anti-inflammatory & antibacterial
  • Spearmint is antibacterial, cooling & refreshing
  • Wheatgerm Oil is moisturising, rich in Vitamin E & antioxidants
  • Rosemary promotes strong shiny hair & healthy growth
  • Calendula extract is a soothing anti-inflammatory


  • 300ml


Aqua, Decyl Glucoside (natural surfactant), cocoamidopropyl betaine (natural surfactant), Triticum vulgare (Wheatgerm) oil, Xanthan Gum (natural thickener), Aloe Ferox Leaf Extract*, Calendula officinalis flower extract, Triticum vulgare (wheat) protein, Citric Acid (natural preservative), Benzyl Alcohol (natural preservative), Dehydroacetic Acid (natural preservative), citrus aurantifolia (lime) oil, origanum majorana (marjoram) oil, Mentha Viridis (Spearmint) leaf oil, rosmarinus officinales (Rosemary) leaf oil
*Certified organic

Country of Origin

Made in South Africa

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Overall Rating
4.2 out of 5 stars from 75 reviews

68 out of 75 people would recommend this product

06/06/2022, By DT
Wasted my money on this product, left my hair dry and unmanageable...will not recommend it
05/05/2022, By Jade
This is one of my favourite shampoos. It’s not too drying on the scalp and it leaves my hair squeeky clean. It also doesn’t have much of a smell, which is great if you don’t like fragranced shampoos.
03/10/2021, By Tash
This works well. Only complaint is have to use ALOT of product to get a good lather and clean feeling.
07/09/2021, By Barbara
Lovely and great only would love to see it in glass bottle
05/07/2021, By Natural
Natural ingredients that is easy on your hair and washes it well
18/05/2021, By Lynda
One of the few shampoos that is really gentle on your hair.
18/03/2021, By Kristin
I've tried alot of the natural shampoos and really like this one feels really gentle but definitely cleans my hair without leaving it dry and straw like. It also lathers nicely which I like, and it's one of the cheaper ones as well so easier on the pocket. Definitely recommend this
04/03/2021, By Kelly
Good as a first wash shampoo. Also use it for my dog
02/03/2021, By Melanie
I love this natural shampoo ...I have tried three so far off this site and have found this one really lathers and cleans without striping and works well on my wavy/curly hair.....I have just purchased my second bottle ....I would love an option for a bigger bottle
20/01/2021, By Mariaan
16/11/2020, By wee
Nice shampoo with a fresh fragrance. The container is very convenient to use as an added bonus. will buy again
04/08/2020, By AG
Nice consistency and foams up well. Aroma is subtle - kind of woody and minty - so won't bother you if you don't like strong fragrances. The pump bottle is extremely convenient and cuts out wastage / leaking shampoo everywhere. A little goes a long way and hair is left squeaky clean. . However, I find it slightly drying for my fine hair and it's not as soft as when I use the Victorian Garden Shampoo. I would repurchase if the VG shampoo I like is out of stock.
01/06/2020, By Sarah
Absolutely love this shampoo! I searched for a very long time to find something that was natural and local and worked well for my curly hair. Haven't looked back since finding this!
08/05/2020, By Kendra
Works so well
02/05/2020, By Thaveshnee
Dried out my hair
30/03/2020, By Caron
I love this shampoo! It has an unusual smell, a bit like liquorice, which I wasn't sure about at first, but now I really like. It's great to have the squirty nozzle which helps me only use as much as I need instead of accidentally taking a huge dollop. It cleans so well without drying my hair
27/02/2020, By Valencia
dried out my hair
19/02/2020, By Barbara
Love this shampoo. Natural, hair feels naturally clean after washing. No harsh ingredients
13/12/2019, By Mariska
This shampoo works really well, I have long, thick and wavy hair. It left my hair clean and soft. It also helped to take some frizz out.
07/11/2019, By Estie
This product smells good and a little goes a long way. Even for long hair like mine. I will definitely buy it again.
05/11/2019, By Tarryn
whole family is using it and very happy with the results. hubby likes that it doesn't smell too 'girly' and I find it's perfect for my light, mid length hair.
21/10/2019, By Kathryn
Smells lovely and my hair was soft and shiny but not moisturized enough and left my scalp feeling too itchy and dry, maybe not for someone prone to sensitive skin issues.
01/10/2019, By Kelly
So many mixed reviews (like most of the other sulphate free shampoos on FTN) but I bought it on sale and I'm very happy. It smells great, foams nicely and I only need to wash my hair every 3rd day. Will definitely buy again
27/09/2019, By SM
It left my hair silky but limp and lifeless at the same time. Also definitely not for curly hair. Also little more hair loss than usual. Makes you scalp itch.
10/09/2019, By TL
We use for the whole family. recently learnt that you need to use more water on your hair when using sulphate free shampoos. this has made a big difference as I was using more product instead of more water. I'm on my 2nd bottle and very happy.
09/09/2019, By Elaine
The conditioner is great, but unfortunately the shampoo made my hair and scalp very dry!
26/08/2019, By Natalie
Too drying for my hair. Left my hair feeling dry. My hair feels so damaged now. I think it would be better suited to oily hair types. But even so it is just too drying.
22/08/2019, By Lara
Smells great, looking forward to trying it
16/08/2019, By Nicci
I am highly allergic to sulphate and this is perfect for my sensitive scalp. I also use the naturals beauty body wash which I love. Would definitely recommend.
14/08/2019, By Edith
Hands down the best silicone free conditioner on the market. I wash mine out but my daughter has dry hair and leaves the conditioner on her ends. does not leave the hair greasy
13/08/2019, By Carmen
I ordered this product because of all the nasty ingredients it doesn't have. Unfortunately, it's very drying and irritated my scalp. It also stripped moisture from my hair and left it feeling fragile.
08/08/2019, By Chantelle Muller
its ok as a hair treat once in a while.. not every wash.. dries out hair needs to be used with a nice creamy conditioner like dove even then hair is very dry.. also the bottle is way to small.. need to use a lot for only one wash.. not worth it really
10/07/2019, By Wendy
Finally I've found a hair product that doesn't irritate my daughter's sensitive skin. Well worth the extra cost for that.
02/07/2019, By Chantelle Muller
i was a bit scared of the peppermint ..but turn out its sooo good for your hair.. made my hair feel very healthy and very soothing on your scalp
11/06/2019, By Shelz
Finally a natural shampoo that foams and cleans well. Most leave my hair lank and greasy but this one leaves my hair light and clean. Very happy
31/05/2019, By Katie
It took 2-3 months of my hair getting used to it.
At first my hair got greasy very quickly (felt as though it wasn't getting cleaned properly) but after pushing through it's done wonders for my hair.
I have always had dry skin & hair. After using this product for a while, I hardly need conditioner. I am amazed. I can get a comb through it after shampooing only (that was NEVER possible with any other product before).
23/05/2019, By Sarah
I've been using this shampoo religiously for about a year now, and it is wonderful. My hair is curly and fine, and this shampoo tames the frizz and is great for curls. It doesn't dry out my hair, it smells great and a bottle lasts a really long time.
06/05/2019, By Mel
I was surprised I didn't like this shampoo because I have the conditioner which I love. It leaves a residue in my hair and weighs it down. Going back to Earth sap shampoo.
03/05/2019, By Anke
5* all the way. love the smell, foaming action and how little I need to use.
10/04/2019, By Stephany
I love this shampoo. It is really light and does not weigh my hair down. It doesn't foam alot, it takes some getting used to
07/04/2019, By Medea
Love this! I’m very picky when it comes to my (long, fine, oily) hair. Took a chance and struck hair heaven.

Yes, it’s drying, but not too much. Reminds me of an all-natural version of my usual Kerastase, but at almost 1/4th the price. For the first time ever, I can EASILY go two days between washes. That’s a huge deal for me.

Only minus - not a fan of the smell, which I find medicinal.

Great bottle though; love the pump.
06/04/2019, By Lauren
Works really well on my hair
06/04/2019, By Lynda
Gentle shampoo and doesn't dry out my hair which is very fine
03/04/2019, By Colleen
I am ordering my second bottle today. I love the fact that I can wash my hair every second day and that I don't have itchy scalp.
02/04/2019, By Susan
It is ok but I wouldn't recommend it to a friend
30/03/2019, By Rory
Best I've used. Controls oiliness and dandruff. foams very well. bottle lasted me 2 months
21/02/2019, By Tess
yay! best buy. very happy
21/02/2019, By Sarah
I have very fine hair that I have to wash everyday and this shampoo is fantastic - have even been able to stretch to two days! Leaves it squeaky clean but not dry
26/01/2019, By sandra
Love this shampoo. Cleans hair nicely. will buy again.
13/12/2018, By Hayley
I have fine hair, and not a lot of it, and this shampoo suits me beautifully. A complete winner which I'm sure works on all hair types. Smells amazing too.
12/12/2018, By Yvette
Really, really good! I was about to give up on natural shampoo to be honest. so many of them don't foam and just leave my hair feeling dirty. This is a fantastic shampoo that leaves my hair squeaky clean and looking beautiful.
07/12/2018, By Tania
I use this shampoo daily and it tends to leave my hair limp after a few days. I find it works best if I alternate every few days with another brand of shampoo.
15/11/2018, By Aruna
I really like this shampoo. I have short hair so one pump is plenty to give a nice lather and clean my hair well. I don't have the itchy scalp I had with other "normal" products. It does seem to leave the hair a bit wirier than other products but the conditioner treats that really well. At first I could use it less, but now I have used it for a while I have to use it every other day, which is the one bad side.
29/10/2018, By Anonymous
Lovely product smells great. Must use with conditioner to prevent it being dry.
18/10/2018, By Dusti
I really like this shampoo. It foams well, even with a small amount. It does leave my hair feeling grassy though, but I think most natural shampoos do. I love the smell.
05/10/2018, By Bev
Wonderful product leaves your hair shiny and bouncy.
02/10/2018, By Thaveshnee
Great product
12/09/2018, By Tandy
Bought this on a special and did not have high expectations because of the very reasonable price. In my experience with natural hair care is that the well priced products suck. Anyway, I use the shampoo and conditioner of this brand together and it is AWESOME. Leaves my hair with volume, shine and smells good. My hair also does not get oily as quickly
04/09/2018, By Yvette
Lovely product, feels good and leaves the hair feeling clean.
30/08/2018, By Carina
great product, great price - A little really goes a long way. I've tried some of the more 'affordable' natural shampoos and the reality is they just don't foam! you end up using too much product. This ticks all the boxes - great smell, foams beautifully, leaves hair soft and manageable.
26/08/2018, By N
Really great product but the bottle is a bit small . Still trying to find a natural shampoo that my hair loves at a good price.
20/08/2018, By Emmarentia
only have to use a little to go a far way. hair feel full and shiny - lovit!
15/08/2018, By Jubiejooo
Definitely gets all dirt off your hair and lathers well. I'd recommend using with a conditioner. Gave my hair a lot of volume. However for the amount I think the price is too high and in future I'd rather go with a cheaper natural brand. It is a great product though!
27/07/2018, By Anita
I was sent a sample of this shampoo by FtN. Washed my hair this morning, it lathers well & I am very pleased with the results. My fine hair is silky & less “Fly-away” than usual. I will buy this product in the future.
02/07/2018, By Fran
It foamed nicely and left my hair smooth and clean. I also ordered the conditioner now... The shampoo is great!
28/06/2018, By Janine
This is amazing, it doesn't have the strongest scent which actually works for me as I use a hair moisturizer everyday that smells great. Also it's a great price for a bigger bottle then most other shampoo's.
07/06/2018, By Lauren
Really like this shampoo. My very fine hair seems light and clean, not weighed down.
02/06/2018, By Meagan
Great product!
04/05/2018, By Tania
This is by far the best chemical free shampoo I have used. Many of the others leave my hair lank and greasy looking a few hours after washing my hair. With this shampoo, my hair is light and bouncy for two days.
20/04/2018, By Kerry
This is the ONLY natural shampoo I have ever used that doesn't leave my hair lank and looking dirty after use. 1 bottle has lasted me 6 weeks so I am very happy.
16/04/2018, By Jo
Lovely shampoo...very foamy and leaves my hair shine and soft!
11/04/2018, By Cathy
I've been using the shampoo and then leaving the conditioner in my hair after use and my hair is soft, shiny and not dry at all.
08/04/2018, By Stacey
love the ingredients listed however since using it my hair feels really dried out. Have been using it in conjunction with the conditioner but still get this result. My hair is usually really hydrated and healthy so not sure what is causing it in the ingredients, anyone else experiencing this?
03/04/2018, By Sarah
I'm so happy with how this foams! I really like the minty, rosemary smell and my hair has a great shine after use
03/04/2018, By Sam
I'm enjoying this shampoo and would consider buying it again but not without trying some others first. It doesn't have much of a smell on your hair which I'm disappointed in but it lathers really well and cleans my hair nicely without drying it out at all. Best to use in combination with the matching Conditioner or your hair will feel a bit too "squeaky" clean and not as soft. For best results wash once with one pump (it won't lather much at all) and then again with two pumps and you'll have a lovely foaming lather. I do enjoy the packaging and the pump dispenser is great for specific applications without any wastage.

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