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Absolute Organix Lugol's Iodine

Absolute Organix Lugol's Iodine
Absolute Organix Lugol's Iodine
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  • 50ml
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Lugol's Iodine solution has a strength of 5% Iodine and makes a highly useful addition to your home's medicine cabinet. Used successfully by doctors for a century, Iodine is an effective and safe natural antibiotic, a powerful anti-cancer (especially breast and prostate) agent, and a potent heavy metal detox tool. Iodine promotes healthy thyroid gland function, a strong immune system and normal energy levels.

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  • Boosts immunity
  • Supports reproductive health
  • Regulates thyroid hormones
  • Promotes healthy skin, hair & nails
  • Maintains optimal energy levels
  • Anti-carcinogenic

Why Iodine is Important
Iodine is detected in every organ and tissue in the body. It is found in high levels in the thyroid gland, liver, lung, heart, and adrenal glands. It is found in the highest concentrations in fat and muscle tissue. It is depleted out of the thyroid gland and other tissues when thyroid hormone medications are prescribed. Iodine has been considered so important that up until 20 years ago, it had been routinely added to bread as a supplement. Now because of politics and fear of Iodine, the thyroid-toxin bromine has taken its place as a bread supplement. And in the past 20 years there has been an increased prevalence of obesity, diabetes, and hypertension, as well as more thyroid and breast cancers.


  • Use only as directed by your medical practitioner or pharmacist.
  • Store below 25°C, out of direct sunlight.

Please Note: 

  • 2 Drops Lugol's Solution -contains 5mg Iodine and 7.5mg Potassium Iodide. Calculation based on 20 drops/ml)


  • The necessary precautions must be observed with iodine solutions intended for internal use.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women and people with kidney ailments should be cautious not to take iodine unless in specifically prescribed doses.


  • Iodine 5g/100ml
  • Potassium Iodide 10g/100ml
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Overall Rating
4.6 out of 5 stars from 105 reviews

102 out of 105 people would recommend this product

18/03/2024, By Lolica
I'm using the product for my thyroid regulation and I'm seeing a difference
13/02/2024, By Nobuntu
I can definitely feel an improvement in my energy levels!
05/02/2024, By Jonita
Great product!
01/02/2024, By Anthea
Shipping was fast, packaging was very good
Very happy with my product
06/11/2023, By Shirley
This is an excellent product,just a little difficult to get drops out.
24/10/2023, By E
Bought for my mom who has thyroid problems, I'll report back with the results she sees. But the service of FTN is superb, super fast delivery!
10/09/2023, By G
A few drops a day for thyroid health, really feel more energy
10/09/2023, By g
Only a few drops to help thyroid function better
27/08/2023, By Tayla
Great product. Would buy it again!
11/08/2023, By Olivia
Great product!
20/07/2023, By Tumi
This is the best product for thyroid issues! My energy levels have improved and my hair is getting fuller again. I would really recommend this product.
09/04/2023, By Mitzi
I haven't been using it for long but have every confidence that this is going to help my hypothyroidism. Thank you also for your impressively swift and kind response.
09/04/2023, By Mitzi
I haven't been using it for long but have every confidence that this is going to help my hypothyroidism. Thank you also for your impressively swift and kind response.
11/12/2022, By Joy
The only Iodine drops that I use. Thank you.
18/08/2022, By ashley
I bought a bottle and am iving it to the whole household after a test. It is astonishing how much more energy I have and I am on a 40day fast. This is definitely going to become a necessity in my home
12/05/2022, By Shelley
You cannot go wrong with Lugol's iodine. An absolute must-have especially to get rid of bromine. Remember to supplement with selenium when taking iodine. Love this product !
07/12/2021, By Ellan
This is my second time buying Lugol's Iodine. This time I bought 2 because it has been wonderful.
07/12/2021, By Ellan
This is my second time buying Lugol's Iodine. This time I bought 2 because it has been wonderful.
08/09/2021, By Tracy
I always have this on hand for daily use (a drop or two in some water), for emergencies (cuts, threatening colds or flu) and also disaster readiness. It arrived from FTN properly packed to avoid breakage and was at my door quicker than I could have hoped for. Please first check that you don't have an allergy to any form of iodine.
30/08/2021, By cc
I love this product. Would definitely recommend. I also recommend reading The Iodine Crisis.
17/06/2021, By Naeem
Only a few drops daily is all that is required.
04/06/2021, By Avril
Great price top quality
03/04/2021, By Leon
I am 67 years old and received radiotherapy for hyperthtroidism about twenty plus years ago. My life has been a nightmare ever since. I experienced body cramps daily and had no energy to perform even menial tasks. Since taking iodine in combination with selenium a mere two weeks ago I have evolved from a lethargic layabout into a sprightly workaholic with energy to spare. Cramps and shortness of breath are a thing of the past and my quality of life has improved in every respect.
26/02/2021, By Li
This is a staple in my house. I “paint” it on my face and throat with a cotton swab at the first hint of a sinus/upper respiratory tract infection and it really has helped me. I pop a few drops in my bath if I feel thrush coming on and it really seems to help this too. An all-round superstar.
25/02/2021, By Jay
I was a bit skeptical and worried about the taste but the taste is really not that bad in my opinion. So far so good!
09/02/2021, By Kate
You don’t need to consume a lot of this in a way. A little goes a long way
22/01/2021, By Stan
This product contains dangerously high amounts of iodine. Even one drop (5-6mg) exceeds normal daily safe limits for adults (1.1mg) 5-fold. Note that the recommended dose for adults is only 0.150mg per day!

The description mentions it is only to be used as directed by a medical practitioner, this is for good reason! Unfortunately, the description of the product is such that it is easy to miss, as many of the reviews show people are taking this without medical supervision.

Safe iodine levels from:
08/01/2021, By Emma-Jean
I love this, got it as a gift for a friend and she loves it too :)
07/01/2021, By Eric
I find 2 drops daily of Lugol's Iodine works just as well as Iodoral tablets at a fraction of the price. My most noticeable improvements from Iodine supplementation were improvement in my energy levels and regeneration of hair growth especially my eyebrows and legs which had gone bald.
Take care not to spill Lugol's solution on your clothes because it stains.
04/01/2021, By Safiyyah
2 drops a day, improves lot of functions! Lasts ages
25/11/2020, By WW
I can't stand the taste (not the fault of Lugol's) but it does seem to be working. Effective.
23/11/2020, By Monique
I always make sure i have iodine in our little household "pharmacy". Also useful to take when you feel a cold coming on, and even if you missed the beginnings of the cold, taking it during a cold helps to lessen the symptoms and the duration of the cold.
12/11/2020, By Onthatile
Big fan of minerals
26/10/2020, By Sherele
A great strong iodine option! Take a few drops daily as I don't eat iodized salt. This is a great help to your thyroid. I haven't tried it topically yet but excited to!
26/10/2020, By Ahmed
12/09/2020, By Thembela
Increasedd my energy levels and it's easy as I take it with water, tea or juice.
29/08/2020, By Annmaré
23/08/2020, By T
22/08/2020, By Charles
I only take one drop a day five days a week, but it became so part of my routine that I will not miss my Lugols water just before I leave for work. It has a good clean taste & it makes me feel a bit protected.
30/07/2020, By Carrie
add it to your drink, 5 drops, and you are good to go
27/07/2020, By Celest
Best form of iodine. Use it every day
09/07/2020, By Candy
So glad i could find this product on FTN, great product.
28/06/2020, By Claire
Am trying this out to improve my thyroid function - will know more about how effective it has been in a few months!
22/06/2020, By Mrs. E
This is my 3rd time ordering this product. Works very well for me.
15/06/2020, By Tori
Very happy with this product and have definitely seen a difference since I started using it.
13/06/2020, By Von
I was using medication for an underactive thyroid..which my dr gave WITHOUT A BLOOD TEST...when i complained of fatigue..dr just keeps increasing dosage...had tremors...excessive sweating and exhaustion..upon advice of an iridoligist had thyroid was normal but being overstimulated by meds...i stopped meds upon my dr's advice and started using kelp just to maintain thyroid health....i then discovered Lugol's iodine at Faithful to Nature and ordered a bottle...i add 3 drops to my water bottle every night...i have no tremors sweats and a while lot more energy and am reordering so my hubby can start using as he has an underactive thyroid and do not want him on meds. Super product!!!
11/05/2020, By Sandesh Elaine
06/05/2020, By Dalene
Read The Iodine Crisis by Lynne Farrow and understand and realize that you cannot be without Lugol's Iodine! It sorts out tummy bugs quickly as well as viruses causing colds and flu. Organs need iodine.
24/04/2020, By AugustRose
This product was recommended to me, and so thankful for that as I am very happy with it.
31/03/2020, By Clayten
Lugol's Iodine is if not one of the best things to have and take, it is essential to supplement with it, before antibiotics there was luglo's Iodine, its the only thing I know of that knocks fluoride and more out of you thyroid which is a very important organ to stay healthy. There is so much more on iodine, use it but safely more does not always mean better.
30/03/2020, By Alouette
Amazing! No virus has been known to be resistant to iodine.
05/03/2020, By Go
Real stuff
30/12/2019, By Helper
Well done
27/12/2019, By Veganshmegan
Recommended by my health practitioner and wow...I have energy again and the low mood has gone! Will continue for 6 months or so as per recommendation of doc.
19/12/2019, By Micky
Had high hopes from the reviews but alas
12/12/2019, By La
Vital nutrient, fundamental to health and so happy I can easily get lugols from FTN!
Just ensure you follow the iodine protocol and build up slowly.
12/11/2019, By Mich
I bought this for a friend who has really severe chronic sinusitis. It didn't help for this purpose. My friend does have quite hectic health issues though, so it could be that hehe
20/09/2019, By Nadia
This is a must have in my household.
20/09/2019, By Nas
I have just started using this product with one drop each day, need to increase it slowly and see results.
27/06/2019, By Lucille
I put some on my skin and it burnt me so I am too scared to use it.
17/06/2019, By Ren
I cannot live without this! Before I started dropping iodine into my tea each morning, I felt like a drip - immense fatigue, lack luster hair and uncomfortable hunger pangs. Now that I take iodine regularly my appetite has stabilized, immunity has increased, skin is glowing, hair shiny and my energy levels are up!

I will never go without again! I take mine in the morning with vanilla rooibos tea and selenium - works like a bomb (and doesn’t taste too bad). I recommend building up to 10 - 15 drops a day.
28/05/2019, By Tegwan
Feel more energized.
12/05/2019, By Andrea
Good for people who live in an area where seaweed, fish and seafood are not as common as in other parts of the world. The taste is not great, but with a lot of water it goes well. I am taking 5 drops a day, because I am already looking after my intake of iodine rich food.
24/04/2019, By Nadia
Gave some of mine to friends and now they want a bottle so this order was for them. Helps them with fatigue.
04/04/2019, By Matthew
Can't wait to follow the protocol and purge my body of flouride
03/04/2019, By Lee-Ann
A must for health in all ways
25/03/2019, By rashida
I take this when feeling fluey and metal detox
13/12/2018, By WK
I've been using this for a few months and can't do without it. It has definitely boosted my immune system and energy levels. Taking at a dose of 8-10 drops per day.
25/11/2018, By Albertus
its ok
05/11/2018, By Nicola
Not sure about this yet. Was taking 1 drop a day for the first week but made me feel very tired. Unsure about the dosage and how to take it, will have to do some more research and update review.
26/10/2018, By Lyn
Happy with the product. Just what I was expecting and good results so far.
16/10/2018, By T
Good for people with iodine deficiency, but be careful with the dose! Follow iodine protocol
24/09/2018, By Florence
This is amazing. I have been taking it for about 2 months now and have noticed awesome benefits. I however ended up with gastric ulcers so if you plan to take it internally please be cautious. I'm looking at topical applications because I believe we all need this.
18/09/2018, By Della
Wow, instant effect. On only one drop per day the dreadful fatigue was better. (Underactive thyroid) I read that it can be taken in a glass of water with half a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar while eating. Start with one drop and very gradualy increase to 6 or 8. Awesome service FN.
12/09/2018, By tk_za
A trustworthy Lugol's Iodine is hard to find. I love that this product is well labelled so that one knows the percentage to work out the correct dosage. So glad I found this at F2N! :)
02/09/2018, By Chantal
Lugol's is a highly recommended brand but difficult to find until I discovered Faithful to Nature - thank you for providing us a channel with excellent service to access excellent products.
17/07/2018, By Nicole
I'm finally experiencing a marked improvement in energy levels after years of being fatigued. I've also been struggling with my hormones recently due to stopping the contraceptive pill, and I feel this is helping with my mood swings and all round positivity. *Watch out for taking too much - this happened once and I had a rash and bumps all over my body the next day.
15/07/2018, By Sam
Great product. Cost effective.
08/07/2018, By Jonah
Great supplement for thyroid.
21/06/2018, By Helene
Although the taste is something to get used to, you need so little that it is swallowed of easily and definetly worth the effort!
14/06/2018, By Sam
Really helps with the fatigue
05/06/2018, By Estelle
Bought this for my daughter who suffers from extreme fatigue. She immediately felt much better after just the first dose!
29/05/2018, By Carol
So happy you stock Lugols. I’m buying again. Best “medicine” ever.
I’m off all other thyroid medicine. I only use Lugols iodine now. If I don’t take it in the morning, I need a nap in the afternoons.
28/05/2018, By Candice
Can see improvement on my health great product will buy again .quick delivery.
18/05/2018, By Leanda
Thanks so much team for stocking this product - my grandfather swears by it & has used it to self treat the onset of arthritis...he is 88 yrs old & going strong!
Couldn't find anyone stocking it anywhere until I found you - THANK YOU!!
17/04/2018, By Nadia
I'm slowly increasing my dosage and it seems to be helping the fatigue. Direct application has helped a boil/cyst thing that I've struggled with for a very long time. Interested to see how my health improves as I slowly raise the dosage (only on 2 drops a day at the moment started with just 1).
04/04/2018, By Dips
The description for this product says "highly useful addition to your home's medicine cabinet". That is wrong wrong wrong. Iodine is detected in every cell in the body. That makes it "a necessary/essential nutrient in your diet". Read the book THE IODINE CRISIS - by Lynne Farrow. I am slowly increasing my intake (daily maintenance dose for adults is 8 drops) - i am currently on 4 drops per day. It really helps with my fatigue. On the days I forget to take it i feel that I really need an afternoon nap, but not when I take my Lugol's.
16/03/2018, By Christiene
Excellent Product! I use it for under active thyroid - 8-10 drops in 250ml water in the morning + Selenium + Zinc.
ps.Every 17 min all your blood circulate through your Thyroid to flush toxins exct. Very important for optimal thyroid health in order to eliminate foreign pathogens in the body. (Cracked heels is also an indication that your body lack Iodene.)
21/02/2018, By Shnoo
This stuff is Amazing!!!
20/02/2018, By Albertus
25/01/2018, By Monze Consultants CC - VAT NR 4810141152
Read The Iodine Crisis by Lynne Farrow and don't be without Lugol's Iodine!
23/01/2018, By Beverley
Recommended in the book The Iodine Crisis by Lynne Farrow
Great book, a must read!
Iodine a necessary supplement
04/01/2018, By Dirk
Could use more info on how to use iodine
29/12/2017, By Carol
It has helped with my under active thyroid. It is natural & I now have far more energy. I love this product.
15/09/2017, By Chris
This stuff is brilliant. Every time my family gets flu symptoms or injures themselves, Lugols is the first thing I reach for!!
28/08/2017, By DM
With most people having iodine deficiency, everyone needs Lugols in their home. I recommend to research everything about iodine and its necessities.
01/08/2017, By E
Have under active thyroid, and read that Lugol's is the best to use.
Thank you for the quick delivery and the personal message on the invoice.
12/07/2017, By Binny
This is a high quality must for any medicine cabinet!
30/06/2017, By Kerry
Almost everyone has an iodine deficiency and I find Lugols the very best for applying topically!
02/08/2016, By Rozalia
Im starting iodine protocol according Dr. Brownsteins book. There are many illneses which can be treated by iodine with good results. See how itll work for me
21/07/2016, By J
Apply one drop of iodine to your skin daily. Use your stomach or upper thighs where the orange stains won be visible. The quicker it absorbs. the greater your iodine deficiency.
05/04/2016, By Jenny
I have purchased Lugols because I lack iodine and have thyroid issues. However, no where does it say how many drops I need to take a day? Ive read up on iodine and it seems you can overdose on it. So if anyone can give me some insight to dosage I would really appreciate it.
05/04/2016, By Lungisa
Just make your own research on this. If you can read Dr. Brownstein book IODINE: WHY YOU NEED IT, WHY YOU CANT LIVE WITHOUT IT
You will be surprised how many illnesses are linked to iodine deficiency. Even more mind-blogging is the number of people that are iodine deficient. The numbers are shocking and chances are you are. However, do your own research.
Personally I can not live without it.
16/01/2014, By Pam
I have been battling Chronic Lyme disease (undiagnosed for 30 years) but since using the Iodine, I am feeling a marked improvement after 4 years of virtually no improvement.
04/06/2011, By Junita
The iodine protocol has proven really amazing to me, my husband and our 8 year old daughter. On that note, just a little bit of useful information (I hope) that can maybe help you when clients encounter detox and want to quit organic products. I think a lot of people experience detox symptoms and then run away from organic products, thinking they are allergic to it.

Please Note:

Faithful to Nature is an online retail store, specialising in a wide selection of natural supplements, vitamins, superfoods and health-related products. Our green team is all about helping you unlock your full potential to live a healthy life; however we are not medical professionals. Please do consult your health care practitioner when seeking medical advice. Some products may be manufactured in a factory that also produce gluten, nuts and dairy products.

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