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Kalyan Tea Tree Cleansing Bar (Sensitive Skin)

Kalyan Tea Tree Cleansing Bar (Sensitive Skin)

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Kalyan Tea Tree Cleansing Bar (Sensitive Skin)
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Price From: R32.99

Made for sensitive skin, Kalyan Tea Tree Soap is a special blend of essential and natural oils created just for you. Tea tree oil is the magic component here with antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal properties. So if you suffer from acne, eczema and even psoriasis, this organic soap will help to ease those afflictions. Let the amazing healing properties of tea tree oil, deeply nourishing olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil leave your skin feeling fresh and healthy.

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  • Tea tree has antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal properties, which means it can be used to treat things like ringworm, athlete’s foot, minor cuts and scrapes, insect bites, chickenpox, acne, dandruff and even warts.
  • Super nourishing avocado oil is easily absorbed into your skin and will relieve irritations like dryness and itching
  • Olive oil is packed with antioxidants, which help to heal your skin
  • Coconut oil is moisturising and also contains lauric acid, which kills bacteria and heals pesky skin infections.


  • Available in: 100g & 200g


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Overall Rating
4.5 out of 5 stars from 112 reviews

108 out of 112 people would recommend this product

27/04/2021, By Hayley
This is a great product. It cleanses sensitive skin wonderfully
01/03/2021, By Jay
I have extremely sensitive skin and this soap is perfect for me. Creamy, moisturizing and soothing. Also great for the face too, complexion looked better after using it on my face. Tried the others from Kalyan but this is my favorite
09/02/2021, By Melissa
Love it! It's a big bar of soap! Good value for money!
04/02/2021, By Robyn
I only use this range of soap at home! It's soft on skin and cleans so well! Much better than conventional soap from grocery stores!
31/01/2021, By Tendani
The best Dr in the bathroom, but not for face though. It leaves my feet so clean ????????????????????????
23/01/2021, By Warda
I generally love this brand of soap. definitely loyal to it.
18/12/2020, By Karabo
16/12/2020, By Antionette
Love these saop. Exelent for sensitive skin
27/11/2020, By AnnaD
My daughter and I both use this as a facial cleaner and it works great on sensitive skin. And the little 100 g bar goes a long way.
11/11/2020, By Claudia
Really love this range of pure soaps.
06/11/2020, By Ree
Didn't help my skin at all. It brought out the acne. I have sensitive skin.
30/10/2020, By Dani Green
My favourite soap, and I love the plastic-free packaging. Been using Kalyan soaps for years and would highly recommend them.
28/10/2020, By Melody
Love it. Would buy again.
02/10/2020, By Armin
Lovely smell. Bought for my son. He loves it.
26/08/2020, By Tracy
I love this soap and keep coming back to it.
25/08/2020, By Nabila
This soap works well but I prefer the pure simple Castile soap since it’s more moisturizing.
02/08/2020, By Banner
01/08/2020, By Sally
Lovely product. Very gentle on the skin and smells amazing.
31/07/2020, By Traci
I use this soap a lot, Kalyan is always on my shopping list. I've tried all the variants and love them all.
24/07/2020, By Roux
I'm making my way through all the different kinds of Kalyan soaps to find that one right for my skin, the Tea Tree one is sitting on top at the moment as the best one
13/07/2020, By Herm
I'm still using this. My acne prone skin didn't breakout. I'm using an antibiotic solution for my acne, so I can't tell if it's the soap contributing to my skin. But overall my skin is loving the soap
01/06/2020, By Carlin
This soap is amazing. It lathers so well and a little goes a long way if you are using a sponge or loofah. I have eczema and very dry skin and it left my skin feeling moisturized. The only drawback is that it melts quickly so one needs to take care not get water on it.
25/05/2020, By B
Love all the Kalyan soap bars and this one lathers well and was great as a face cleanser however it did not ease my eczema at all unfortunately.
23/05/2020, By Chantelle
First product to work for my skin and my kids
22/05/2020, By Stash
Loved this soap bar, for a natural version it is so foamy! Love the smell of it, overall a very satisfying soap I'd recommend!
21/05/2020, By Astra
Love the smell when I opened the box. It calms my skin and very soothing. I absolutely love it
16/05/2020, By [email protected]
Bought it for my son's problematic skin, he is very happy, will have to order again soon.
11/05/2020, By Ellie
I have bought the small bar for myself and liked it. I cant say it cleared up my skin, but it didn't dry it out either and generally I was happy with it. But this time I bought the large bar for the whole family to use as an all over soap. Everyone in my family complained that it left their skin feeling as if they hadn't washed all the soap off it. And it really does feel like there is a residue left on your skin. I presume this is from the oils. Though i did not get this with the small bar a I bought last time. So I don't know if the formulation has changed or if its just this batch. But I doubt I will buy it again. Pity as I think the price is reasonable.
10/05/2020, By Marisca
I've been struggling for years with problem skin and have tried inexpensive and expensive products with little results. When I started using this soap I was just amazed. My skin is 80% better in two months. I'll continue to use it. I'm very relief and happy
09/05/2020, By Real
02/05/2020, By Thaveshnee
Good product
30/04/2020, By Afua
Smells like heaven :) my skin usually reacts when I try new products but this product is treating my skin real good
29/04/2020, By cindy
Very good for skin conditions
28/04/2020, By Happy
Good for the skin
27/04/2020, By Pia
I prefer other varieties in this range, but it's a good soap and does its job well!
26/04/2020, By Candy
Makes a difference
22/04/2020, By Maud
love it
28/02/2020, By Connect
Nice and foamy
04/01/2020, By Nicole
Wonderful paper packaging. Doesnt smell as nice as other soaps and didnt last long.
20/12/2019, By Amanda
Great soap, works beautifully for us as a facial cleanser as well.
04/11/2019, By Happy
01/11/2019, By mapule
Just wooow!!
30/10/2019, By Terry
I decided to try this cleansing bar for the first time and I'm glad I did. This cleansing bar is amazing. It lathers well and holds its shape without forming any cracks. It's gentle on my skin and smells good. At least I have peace of mind, knowing that the pleasant fragrance is not due to any chemical-based perfumes.
27/10/2019, By Kate
I was quite worried about changing from my previous shower gel to the soap bar. I have struggled for years with keratosis on my legs and arms. I always thought it was because my skin was dry. Since using this soap (+/- 2 weeks) my keratosis is nearly gone. It makes me think that it wasn’t keratosis, but that the shower cream was making me have an allergic reaction because of all the chemicals and artificial junk they put in shower gels. This is such a natural product and it smells so fresh and clean. Never using another soap. And it’s plastic free!
24/10/2019, By Waxy Waves
This small magic bar is an absolute life saver for my husband’s oily skin and a big help for my occasional hormonal breakout
21/10/2019, By Atel
Does not dry out my skin. Enjoy it. Wish it lasted longer.
25/09/2019, By Wendy
The tea tree cleansing bar is gentle on the skin and has a subtle aroma to it.
13/09/2019, By Kirsten
Have been using for about 2 weeks now - and it's still hasn't gotten any smaller. Will probably last a long time.
Lathers nicely and smells refreshing
10/08/2019, By Storm
Best soap I have used so far. My skin feels fresh and just after one week it appears to be clearing my skin / acne.
30/07/2019, By TJ
The 100ml goes up rather quickly if not placed on a soup rack/dish. I found that this dries out my skin leaving it feeling slightly sensitive, although my husband couldn't get enough of this product.

Love the scent on this one.
30/04/2019, By Landi
By far my favourite soap in the world. I completely believe in tea tree. Without this soap i feel lost. Also great for those that love walking barefoot as it helps prevent any nasty foot fungals you might pick up.
29/03/2019, By Nokhanyo
Perfect shower soap. Smells great and the large size is perfect for long-term use.
06/03/2019, By Male
Great soap - my favourite so far. Also tried the Kalyan Tea Tree Cleansing Bar (their other soap for sensitive skin), which is just as effective.
06/03/2019, By Barbs
This soap is fantastic. It lathers well and leaves my skin moisturised. The fragrance is lovely. Well worth it. It will last longer if you allow it to dry on a soap dish with draining holes.
06/03/2019, By Sandesh Elaine
Good soap for sensitive skin. Cleans without drying out skin
06/03/2019, By Janine
I have really sensitive Skin and this soap doesnt aggravate it at all.
Great soap!
06/03/2019, By Brianne
Nice soap
06/03/2019, By Sara
Keeps my skin acne free
06/03/2019, By Sady
Love the gentleness of this soap. Does not leave my skin feeing stripped
06/03/2019, By Yolandi
I love this soap. Not only does it smell good it also naturally helps against skin problems.
06/03/2019, By Melissa
My skin is feeling amazing and clearing up after using this product
06/03/2019, By Anne
The smell is amazing! This soap has a strange texture if you've never used a natural soap before, but once you get used to it it's really great to use and makes your skin feel clean and looked after. Doesn't create as much lather as normal soaps, but don't fret, this doesn't mean that your skin isn't being cleaned and taken care of. My skin feels a lot less dried out since I started using this product.
06/03/2019, By J
Very good tea tree soap for face and body. The tea tree scent makes the shower smell like a tea tree sauna; fresh and clean.
06/03/2019, By Heike
I love it.
06/03/2019, By Amanda
Lovely as a facial soap as well.
06/03/2019, By lemuk
its gentle on skin
06/03/2019, By Kerry
Nice soap, cleans well but not moisturising. Leaves me skin quite dry. Maybe better in summer time
06/03/2019, By Jemma
My favourite soap to use! And it being plastic free makes it so much better
06/03/2019, By Sam
My skin is so clear
06/03/2019, By Q
Best face soap for me.
06/03/2019, By Gail
I was a bit disappointed with this soap bar because it had very little scent.
06/03/2019, By CR
Love it! Great smell and good for face wash as well.
06/03/2019, By anova
I have keratosis pilaris, and i find that tea tree helps a lot on all affected areas. I also love the smell.
06/03/2019, By Tali
Not as good as expected. Doesn't moisturize as advertised.
06/03/2019, By Nikki
Works well, just not sure about the sensitive part ... burned if I didn't immediately wash it off my face again.
06/03/2019, By Zakho
For some reason it really dried my skin significantly, but all the oils in it are really good for hair! it works like quite a good shampoo, leaving hair Silky Smooth and thick!
06/03/2019, By Jenna-leigh
Nice product , it did burn my skin a little though
05/03/2019, By Rose
love this product and i keen buying it for myself and friends :) Added bonus is the packaging is plastic free!
05/03/2019, By Loreen
I received this soap as part of a pamper hamper from friends. I struggled with acne on my arms during my pregnancy, but after a few days of using this bar of soap, my skin was a lot smoother and looked healthier. Will definitely recommend for problematic skin.
05/03/2019, By Shereen
I love the smell of this product!
05/03/2019, By Curious Buyer
Good smell and foam
05/03/2019, By Dinette
I will definitely be repurchasing this!
05/03/2019, By Lindsey
I bought this thinking it would be good to my skin. It was quite average and I never repurchased.
05/03/2019, By Karin
Love the smell
05/03/2019, By KS
Great soap, also excellent as a face wash.
05/03/2019, By Louis3
Can not believe all the good reviews...
But each one (skin) is different I suppose.
It burned my skin SO bad, doesn't smell nice (the other scent I bought in this range smelled the same) and can not explain how it dried out my skin no matter where I bathed with it, face... body... didn't matter. Felt like burns when I washed with it.
It was on sale I almost bought every scent and I am SO glad I didn't!
05/03/2019, By Lyn
A good cost effective all over cleanser, which is great for face and body. Doesn't dry my skin out too much.
04/03/2019, By barbara
It is early days but it seems my skin is loving this soap.
04/03/2019, By Cynthia
For the first time in over 25 years, I have found a soap for my skin - it has cleared my blemishes, created a smooth and clean look on my face. Introduced it to my husband and son and they love it too. I always make sure all my orders include this soap.
04/03/2019, By Sarah
I do not find this bar moisturising at all, I find my skin feels very dry and I need to moisturise as soon as I wash my face but it has helped clear my acne more than anything I have used previously. I can live with the dryness to have acne free skin.
04/03/2019, By Ryan
If you
e expecting the wonderful smell of tea tree with a luxurious feel, then this isn the product for you. The bar feels like a cheap glycerin soap, and smells of nothing. Makes your skin feel dry. The most expensive part of the soap is the packaging. I bough this soap on a special and I still feel ripped off. I ended up giving the soap bars away.
04/03/2019, By Rolien
I used to have a lot of acne on my back. Thankfully, it cleared up right away when I started using this soap. The tea tree oil in it really works! I do find it a bit drying on my sensitive skin, so I have to use a moisturizer more often nowadays. Good product though, especially if you have oily skin or struggle with acne.
04/03/2019, By Juandre
Great soap, skin feels soft, NO MORE DRY ITCHY....
04/03/2019, By Stacey-Lee
I am so happy with this soap! It foams beautifully and the smell is neutral enough for both myself and my fiance to use! My skin definitely feels softer since using this soap.
04/03/2019, By Catherine
My skin is super sensitive and often soap bars leave little bumps on my skin and red rashes... This soap however, is super gentle while being effective! I love it :) I use it on both my face and body- it lathers well, and almost feels creamy. Fab find!
04/03/2019, By Sunae
My family (me, hubby and toddler boy) struggled to get soap for our sensitive skin. This is a proper soap it lathers well and if you have to it is even mild enough to use on your face. Will definitely recommend it. No more, irritated, itchy and dry skin for us!
04/03/2019, By Greg
Definitely a 5-star product. Top quality.
04/03/2019, By Ulaine
This soap smells lovely! My skin feels so soft and clear!
04/03/2019, By Jennifer
It foams well and smells great. The only problem is that it doesn last very long.
04/03/2019, By Lelanie
very good for a natural soap.
04/03/2019, By Bhavna
This soap is totally amazing. I suffer from eczema and have verrry dry skin.. But this soap does wonders. It leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. To do a test I did not lotion my body after using the soap and my skin still felt good compare to when I used other normal soaps. Im so pleased with it that I stocked up for the next three months. It lathers great and the smell is kind of nice. Great buy.
04/03/2019, By Anso
Awesome product! My skin was so itchy that I often required cortisone. I even use this on my face after giving up super expensive algae based face wash from an elite international brand. It works much better than my previous face wash and my pores have reduced in size as well. My skin no longer itches and is looking more amazing by the day - head to toes!
04/03/2019, By zintle
All i can say is I love it, it works for my skin
04/03/2019, By Juanita
Great little soap, foams nicely. Perfect if you have a oily skin. Hubby also loves it. Leaves the skin feeling a bit tight but that is easily rectified with some moisturizer. Will order it again.
04/03/2019, By Yolanda
Its a great product it help clear up acne and oil in one week of using this soap.
04/03/2019, By Angelina
Ive been using this little soap with the Lavender and Myrrh facial healing oil and in just 2 weeks Ive seen a clearer complexion with less stubborn spots. The soap gives a great foam and does make your skin feel a little tight after use (As with all my cleansers Ive used even the expensive ones do that) but once I put on a moisturiser and the healing oil my skin is soft and no longer tight. Will purchase it again
04/03/2019, By Male
The most effective soap I have used so far, yet not harsh on sensitive skins. The smell is also fine for sensitive noses.
02/03/2019, By Leds
Works well, doesn't irritate my skin. Just wish it was available in a larger size bar too!
19/02/2019, By Gayle
Minimizes breakouts and clears existing acne
19/02/2019, By Gayle
Minimizes breakouts and clears existing acne
13/02/2019, By Chanél
Great for sensitive skin! Smells nice and leaves skin soft.

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