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Hey Gorgeous Coconut Body Soufflé

Hey Gorgeous Coconut Body Soufflé
Hey Gorgeous Coconut Body Soufflé
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  • 200g
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Give your skin a taste of the tropics, with this delicious-smelling buttery body soufflé from Hey Gorgeous. This coconut-based body cream is whipped into a thick, smooth and ultra-rich formula that your skin will simply soak up, leaving you with that perfectly pampered feeling only Mother Nature can provide. Made with coconut oil and coconut milk, in a base of whipped shea butter, this Hey Gorgeous body soufflé will keep your skin looking youthful and healthy, with a gorgeous natural glow… not to mention a divine natural coconut fragrance.

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  • No artificial fragrances or colours
  • No parabens or phthalates
  • No preservatives
  • Moisturises & protects
  • Reduces the signs of ageing

The superstar ingredient: Coconut oil has a unique fatty acid profile; it’s extremely rich in medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which are ultra-nourishing for your skin while also being antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory.

With coconut oil, your skin is protected against dryness, itching and inflammation, as well as the microbes that cause skin irritations and imbalances. Coconut oil won’t disrupt your skin’s natural pH balance; it’s a super-gentle alternative to ordinary chemical-laden moisturisers.

Other Ingredients:

  • Coconut milk is also packed full of nourishing MCFAs like lauric acid
  • Arrowroot powder soothes skin irritation
  • Sweet Almond Oil moisturises & brightens the skin
  • Jojoba Oil is a nutrient-rich plant wax that slows the signs of ageing


Spread Coconut Body Soufflé generously over your skin after a bath or shower. Let your skin soak it up and enjoy the deliciously soft, healthy feeling.


Whipped Shea Butter, organic Coconut Oil, Jojoba, Sweet Almond Oil, coconut milk, arrowroot powder

*Please not that Hey Gorgeous are in the process of updating their labels and so your cream's ingredients label may vary slightly from the ingredients listed here. This is the corrct list and the recipe has not changed, it's still made with the same sumptious ingredients!

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Overall Rating
4.8 out of 5 stars from 82 reviews

78 out of 82 people would recommend this product

06/04/2022, By Gail
Wonderful body moisturizer without leaving my skin greasy.
05/01/2022, By Hem
Great product. Easy to absorb, smells great and makes the skin feel soft and amazing. Even my husband loves it.
09/10/2021, By Twinkle
Wonderful gift to give...luxurious and smells gorgeous
12/09/2021, By Yvette
Great for dry skin, smells divine
24/06/2021, By Thandeka
Previous bottle with delicious coconut fragrance -next order smelt like cheap floral scent
09/06/2021, By alouise
Honestly the best body cream I have ever used. Quickly absorbed and smells great.
06/05/2021, By Karin
Very nice. Doesn't feel oily on skin. Absorbs well. Nice smell like nivea
12/04/2021, By Rowena
Delicious scent and makes my skin feel pampered
25/01/2021, By Melissa
A light cream with a pleasant fragrance - doesn't smell like tanning oil!
21/01/2021, By Ree
excellent cream. no irritation.
13/01/2021, By Carolyn
This is my favourite cream ever. I swim in a gym pool every month and this cream helps my skin to recover after exposure to the harsh chemicals. This cream makes your skin feel incredible and smells divine!!!
13/01/2021, By Saireesha
Amazing and luxurious. Really moisturizes my dry skin
16/11/2020, By Trix
LOVED this so much! Smells great, absorbs great. I can’t wait to try another one from this range.
28/09/2020, By Cheryl
Great smell, absorbs beautifully and perfect for use on the face as well.
04/09/2020, By Rizo
Awesome all in one cream that can be used for sensitive skin
11/08/2020, By Nano
Great smell, very nourishing but light. Went through the tub quite quickly though (might just be a reflection of how much I enjoyed using it)
29/07/2020, By Carolyn
One of my favourite creams out there - its very pricey but I only use a little bit at a time.
06/07/2020, By Tessa
Not greasy, smells good. Lovely.
18/06/2020, By Katja
Beautiful fragrance, gorgeous texture and great absorption makes this product my all time favourite
11/06/2020, By Thea
Absolutely love this product - light enough to be absorbed easily, but does the job well and smells amazing. Easily absorbed.
23/05/2020, By First born
Great stuff
12/05/2020, By Nat
Lovely smell and texture! My skin feels soft, refreshed and nourished! very nice
11/05/2020, By Faye
I've lost count of how many of these I have ordered. It is a firm favourite. It is the perfect consistency. It doesn't feel heavy on my skin. It deeply moisturises and leaves my skin glowing. The scent is to die for. You will not regret ordering this. Summer in a tub. x
22/04/2020, By Kristi
Amazing for dry/Itchy skin. My legs get really itchy from shaving and this product has really helped me with that.
21/03/2020, By Jax
The only cream I've found that I can use on eczema outbreaks
17/03/2020, By Mandy
Loving the scent and they way it moisturizes
15/03/2020, By Green
This is world class stuff
14/03/2020, By Nicky
Really good moisturiser. I am very happy with this brand. I love the smell, it is subtle and the cream moisturises well. Definitely a keeper!
09/03/2020, By Bhavashnie
Absolutely amazing body moisturiser
24/02/2020, By Angelique
I love this rich luxurious cream. It makes the middle of winter feel like summer.
24/01/2020, By Katja
Very moisturizing, great smell and light in texture and love the fact that it is natural. Will not use anything else. Definitely recommend this amazing product
07/01/2020, By Helper
Try it
02/01/2020, By Paige
Love the scent, love the consistency - everything about this body soufflé is totally luxurious! You'll feel like you're vacationing on a tropical island.
02/12/2019, By Sox
Body Souffle is saved under my favorite items. You can use this cream in winter and summer as it does not leave the skin heavy and sticky.
07/10/2019, By Carolyn
This cream is just incredible - smells gorgeous, easy to put on, a little goes a long way, purely natural and not greasy! Really my favourite product!!!!
03/10/2019, By Faye
Absolute winner. It smells fantastic, it is very hydrating without being a heavy cream. My only feedback would be I would want to option of getting a larger amount. It is a body cream after all and this little pot runs out pretty quickly.
13/09/2019, By Ruth
It smells amazing. Nice texture. Highly recommended.
03/09/2019, By Liesel
It smells and feels great! Just a bit on the expensive side
29/07/2019, By Abena
Best body lotion ever!
06/07/2019, By Kelly
I struggle with my hands in the dry winter weather, this cream has solved my problems. Would recommend it to anyone!
12/06/2019, By Annique
Okay so this body cream smells incredible. Also moisturizing without feeling too heavy on your skin. Definitely would recommend. Wish it was a bit more affordable though, I'm using it sparingly.
01/06/2019, By Paige
This is my favourite body cream of all time. The price point is a little high, but it’s totally worth it in my opinion as you get quite a bit of product. Smells like a tropical paradise and is lightweight but offers complete hydration throughout the day.
25/05/2019, By Melissa
Great product, I would recommend. It smells nice but not as great as I'd hoped. I don't think ill purchase again.
21/05/2019, By NR
Excellent product
20/05/2019, By Lorna
I'm very happy with this body lotion. It's so light and fluffy - easily and quickly absorbed. I don't love the scent so much, but it goes away quickly and I am more than happy with it as a moisturiser.
06/04/2019, By LIZELL
Happiness in a jar - all in one. Super luxury moisturizer - leaving skin with a beautiful glow and works wonderful on keeping elbows soft and supple.
20/03/2019, By Nina
Beautiful scent, light, easily absorbed, moisturises so well!
14/03/2019, By Sita
Smells amazing, but wish it was richer in texture
05/03/2019, By Rochelle
This is the best body wash I've ever used!!! I love the smell.
23/02/2019, By Ava
This is the best body moisturiser by HG. The last one I used (rooibos and vanilla) was watery, messy and didn't smell great. This one has a lovely consistency, delicate beautiful smell, it's well absorbed.
05/11/2018, By AT
the best lotion in the world. Perfect for dry skin.
20/09/2018, By Lorin
This cream is 100% perfect for dry skin and it doesn't leave an oily residue like shea butter does. It smells great and soaks right in.
20/06/2018, By Wilma
The most effective moisturiser I've ever used. Super luxurious and lasts the whole day.
04/06/2018, By Nats
this is by far my favourite body cream. I adore the smell. I must agree that is doesn't particularly smell natural. I do get a hint of alcohol. I assume that perhaps they are using coconut extract. but it is not listed on the label so not sure....
I do however purchase this every month as it keeps my skin smooth and soft.
28/05/2018, By Natural Girl
Not my favourite product because I prefer very natural, earthy mosturisers.
This product is heavily perfumed and has a somewhat 'chemical' feel to it. As in, Shea butter is oily and brownish in colour so that is what I expected since this product contains a high content of shea butter. However what you get is pure white highly perfumed almost watery mosturise. It does not feel natural in the way that I define natural.
20/05/2018, By Steph
Absolutely my favourite all body mosituriser and I have tried quite a few brands.
Smells gorgoues, absorbs easily, mositurisers well.
I feel like royalty when using it.
24/04/2018, By Anthea
I've been using this product for a month and it smells great but leaves my skin dry... I noticed that my skin was starting to peel on my hands
19/04/2018, By Nompumelelo
Love this body lotion. I've been struggling with very dry skin and nothing was working until I used this. Absorbs very well and smells amazing. Would definitely recommend this if you have dry skin.
24/03/2018, By Rebecca
Absorbs well, smells great and nourishes the skin.
26/02/2018, By Louise
This is absolutely heavenly! Very moisturizing and lovely smell.
10/02/2018, By Michele
Loving this smell. Much better than the choc-nut one I bought before which made me smell too edible. I do find you need quite a bit of this to nourish as it gets absorbed super quick. But it is a generous size tub, and does last a while, so won't take a star off for that.
08/02/2018, By Gcins
This is the best body moisturizer I've ever used. Keep Skin is hydrated for all day
07/02/2018, By Natalie
this is absolutely the best. I have been using it for years and will continue to use forever! It absorbs in an instant and the scent is absolutely divine
16/01/2018, By Paige
I have extremely sensitive skin which tends to soak up moisturizer quickly, often leaving me with a feeling of dryness. This, however, is the best one I've used to date - it leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished - but not sticky - throughout the entire day. Also a bonus: the coconut scent is to die for :) Can't wait to try more 'Hey Gorgeous' products.
09/01/2018, By Going Green
I received my hey gorgeous coconut body souffle yesterday. I tried it immediately and this morning again. I'm very happy with this product and will definitely recommend it. It leaves my skin soft, smooth and moisturised. I love the smell too.
18/12/2017, By G.burger
So soft and light on the skin. The smell is divine, very subtle but so so lovely!
10/10/2017, By Rebecca
very moisturising and doesnt irritate my eczema prone skin!! also it smells soooo good - like a mixture between baby powder and coconut?
06/10/2017, By Tracey Joy
Lovely product. Not sticky at all.
02/10/2017, By tash
I love this product. It smells like summer and it absorbs perfectly into my skin!
08/09/2017, By Yu-ting
Smells amazing, and is nice and light but not moisturizing enough for my skin
01/09/2017, By Melanie-Ann
Oh my word. I love this product so much!!!! If I could double my vote I would. It smells divine and doesn't break out my eczema which is a HUGE bonus. Makes my skin super soft and did I mention that it smells delicious?
16/06/2017, By Wendy
This is the best body lotion ever and I have tried so so many
11/01/2017, By Shari
Love this product! Smells divine and is so lovely to use on your skin. Your skin feels softer and smells heavenly after use.
23/10/2016, By Amber
This is a stunning product. Smells fresh and fruity with a hint of coconut. Leaves skin moisturized and glowing. Love it!
23/09/2016, By Ilze
Highly recommended. Absorbs well and gives the body a healthy glow. Smells absolutely divine!
14/07/2016, By Jeane
It smells delicious, subtle coconut. Perfect for winter time when your skin is extra dry as it is rich and oily and leaves slight oily residue behind on your skin. Will keep on using it.
I would also like to add that FTN has the best customer service, friendly, efficient and professional. Thank you.
02/11/2015, By Shann
I love this cream. It is light weight and absorbs easily. It smells divine and leaves a nice glow to my skin while leaving it feeling nourished the whole day. One thing to mention though is that in warm weather, the coconut oil seems to separate from the rest of the ingredients - but thats nothing a good stir can fix. Would definitely recommend this product!
20/10/2015, By Kajal
This product is truly amazing - I really enjoy using this and knowing that no harmful ingredients are being absorbed into my body. it smells great and is not oily - very nice
08/10/2015, By Antonia
This Body Souffle is a wonderful creation from Hey Gorgeous. It smelt heveanly when I first opened it. It applies very smoothly and it retains the lovely cocnut smell excellently. My skin felt moisturized well all day long. THe only thing that let me down, is i felt the container to be a little small and because i loved the product so much it ran out so quickly. Could you possibly consider making bigger containers Hey Gorgeous. All in All i still give this product a great rating for its ability to make me feel well moisturized.
03/09/2015, By Mizelle
I am in love with this product!! It smells amazing and my skin slurps up every single drop!
I have not been dissapointed with any of the Hey Gorgeous products Ive tried yet. Would love to try other body mousses in the range - Cookies Cream Whipped Mousse or Marshmallow Whipped Mousse
24/08/2015, By Angelique
I love everything about this coconut body soufflé - the way it smells, the way it feels and totally melts into the skin. Its like a little summer in the middle of winter. It also makes skin look lovely, happy and glowy! a bit expensive though. I bought it on a promotion but, at R155 I might wait a while.
02/06/2015, By Wilma
Whats not to love about this decadent body soufflé? Its so light, smells divine and is super moisturising. Even the most delicate and sensitive skin will feel smooth and soft without any irritation. Not only does it work like a charm but it is also vegan, doesn contain any harmful ingredients and is 100% organic. Its simply gorgeous!

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