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Earthsap Body Wash - Honey & Almond Milk

Earthsap Body Wash - Honey & Almond Milk
Earthsap Body Wash - Honey & Almond Milk
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This is a scrumptious and foamy natural body wash that moisturises and softens your skin. Earthsap body wash is completely natural and non-toxic, and that means there are no nasty ingredients going into your skin or your environment. Made with almond milk and honey, it cleanses and heals, and even helps to fight the signs of ageing. Earthsap body wash is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin; a nourishing everyday cleanser with a heart of gold.

Our strict ingredient policy means that you can always shop according to your values. Every item on FtN is checked to be better for the environment, socially responsible, good for you and free from toxic ingredients.

What makes this almond and honey mix so special?

  • Almond milk is full of essential nutrients that your skin needs to stay healthy.
  • Honey opens up your pores allowing your skin to be properly cleansed; plus it’s a potent antioxidant that fights the signs of ageing.

Earthsap’s entire range is affordable and easy to use, ideal for anyone who’s new to natural products. Developed by microbiologists using only the best natural Ingredients, Earthsap products are safe for your family and your environment.

  • No synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives, phosphates, petrochemicals, chlorine or bleaches used.
  • No animals were harmed to make this product.
  • 100% biodegradable; non-toxic.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.


Water, saponified coconut extract, decyl/ Lauryl Glucoside, Almond milk, Salt, oil of Lemon, Honey, Lemon, Lavender

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Overall Rating
4.8 out of 5 stars from 97 reviews

96 out of 97 people would recommend this product

12/11/2023, By Pier
I have used this product for about ten years and it is the nicest bodywash I have ever used. So gentle, leaving the skin feeling clean, but still moisturised. Tried another environmental one recently and found it harsh much harsher.
04/11/2023, By Presh
Happy with this body wash. The scent is quite subtle and it doesn't lather as most do, but regardless I'm happy with my purchase
17/09/2023, By Pier
This is the only shower gel I use as well as for washing hands at the basin. Gentle non fragrance and leaves the body and hands feeling soft and clean without feeling dry. I tried another hand gel in the natural range and my hands were left feeling dried out. I have used this product for about ten years now and will never change.
08/08/2023, By Ilze
Love the Earthsap Range of body washes. All smell divine.
23/06/2023, By Monique
Gentle on dry skin. Delicate fragrance. Suds up well!
Good to know that I am not applying any hormone altering ingredients to my body.
21/11/2022, By Laurie
Fantastic body wash. I think I have every one of this brand. Leaves skin clean and sost
12/01/2022, By Rushanah
I have tried the other earthsap body washes but always come back to the almond and honey one. I have been using this one for almost 2 years. What I love is that the entire family can use it, that it's all-natural and very gentle on the skin. The scent is not overpowering, so it doesn't trigger my very sensitive sinuses.
19/10/2021, By Debra
I've been using this product for the past 3 years or more and I never tire of it. It lathers well and the scent is refreshing. The natural ingredients leave my skin beautifully moisturised.
23/09/2021, By Jenny L
Very happy with this product. Nice neutral smell
16/08/2021, By Rushanah
This body wash has become a staple in my household. It is so gentle that even kids can use it. The smell is absolutely amazing and it leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. A little goes a long way.
08/07/2021, By Caddie
Lovely as always! Just as wonderful as the other scents from this brand. Good and clean and fresh - trala-la!
16/05/2021, By Sue
first time using this product. have used the vanilla earthsap body wash. both are nice
27/04/2021, By Nikki
This is an excellent product! Definitely recommend it!
10/04/2021, By Zoe
I love the Earthsap Bodywash range as they leave your skin feeling nourished. The Honey and Almond scent is very subtle. I do however prefer the Wild Rose and Vanilla- it smells nicer, has a thicker consistency and lathers better.
04/03/2021, By Kelly
Love this stuff. Buy more if you can!
01/02/2021, By Christine
This is the only product that I find acceptable for our bodies. I love that we are not exposed to harmful chemicals, and only riding on the front label to sell the brand as non-toxic. Yes, I am one of those people that reads every ingredient and must know:)
19/01/2021, By Robz
19/01/2021, By Robz
13/01/2021, By SAireesha
Lovely smell and feel. Great for sensitive skin but does not make a very good lather.
12/01/2021, By Renata
Love the smell and the way it makes my skin feel
14/12/2020, By Carli
Nice smell and gentle on my skin!
25/11/2020, By Michelle
Love this product. Was sceptic at first, cause i like creamy bodywash. But this is better than any ive used. A little goes a long way and it smells nice. My skin has improved alot. Love it
08/11/2020, By Nix
I love the smell and it feels so gentle on my family's skin, will definitely buy again
26/10/2020, By Thasmine
Very nourishing
20/08/2020, By Sakura
Easy on the body and nature
24/07/2020, By Jasmin
Really enjoying this non toxic shower gel. Smells great and I know I'm not letting harsh chemicals down the drain.
22/06/2020, By Manjula
Beautiful texture and scent. Would be nice in a pump bottle.
15/06/2020, By Naz
Love love love. Skin feels like silk....
08/06/2020, By T
Gentle and smells good.
08/06/2020, By R
Very gentle soap.
22/05/2020, By First born
Good ingredients
09/05/2020, By Real
Lovely fragrance coming from this body wash
28/04/2020, By Adele
So nice product
24/04/2020, By Candy
30/03/2020, By madeleine
I have been using this product for over a year and really am happy. It lathers well, smells good and is gentle on the skin while cleaning well. Highly recommend it,
19/03/2020, By Nanike
This product smells delicious - I can recommend it.
09/03/2020, By Marietjie
It is a lovely product, but not my favorite though
26/02/2020, By Connect
09/02/2020, By Carla
Loving this so far. I have skin that is sensitive to strong fragrance, this is so mild.I enjoy Earthsap's Honey and Almond range for this reason
12/01/2020, By Mianca
My husband tried a lot of different organic products when we started living together but this has been the one product he kept on buying! It smells great for both men and woman
03/01/2020, By Helper
18/12/2019, By Leanda
Love these products...but PLEASE can we get BIGGER bottles or PLASTIC FREE PACKAGING!
18/12/2019, By Leanda
Love these products...but PLEASE can we get BIGGER bottles or PLASTIC FREE PACKAGING!
21/11/2019, By Zonelle
The only shower gel I use these days. Affordable and lovely!
11/11/2019, By Natascha
Lathers really well and the scent is light and sweet. Will buy it again!
28/10/2019, By Keren
I got this for my boyfriend as a gift and he loves it! It has a beautiful, gentle scent.
08/10/2019, By Tessa
Smells lovely, it has as a very perfumey smell which I was not expecting. It lathers well and a little goes a long way.
05/10/2019, By Janine
I've tried all sorts of bodywashes, anything from soaps to masks and exfoliators etc but I keep coming back to this earthsap bodywash. Nice scent and very gentle.
01/10/2019, By Michelle
Smells and feels luxurious and still great for the grey water system!
20/09/2019, By Fatima
I love this product! Smells beautifully and leaves my skin soft. Best body wash that I have used.
17/09/2019, By Guinevere
BEST WASH EVER!!! Great product, great price. Smells AMAZING!!! I use this as a hand and body wash, shampoo, bubble bath etc.....
04/09/2019, By Jamie-lee
I love this body wash, very gentle on my sensitive skin, not too fragrant.
31/08/2019, By Clair
Beautiful delicate scent, lovely moisture. Love it! I received this as a sample and I've just ordered another one in the same range. Good value for money as you don't need to use much - lathers well
16/08/2019, By Clair
Love this shower gel and it is now my staple! It foams nicely, has a lovely subtle honey scent and is gentle on skin.
11/08/2019, By Nadia
Love ALL of Earthsap's body washes, including the Men's East India Islands fragrance. This one, for women, is by far my favorite of them all. The smell is just amazing, and it makes me feel so clean and refreshed. Skin is soft, even more if you use Earthsap lotion afterwards.
02/08/2019, By Tanya
I love this body wash! Love the fragrance and it leave my skin soft and hydrated.
Definitely a favourite x
30/07/2019, By Jianine
Good price. I was disappointed, though, as I was expecting a stronger fragrance. Will try one of the other fragrances next time.
12/07/2019, By Carla
Love it. Lasts long
08/07/2019, By Lily
Smells good and makes skin feel really soft , lasts a long time as well.
12/06/2019, By Neo
i prefer this to tea tree & peppermint body wash. a little goes a long way.
27/05/2019, By Lsch
I love this body wash! I am loving all Earthsap products at the moment.
25/05/2019, By Ronelle
Got this as a free sample and love it! Would never have bought it myself but now I will for sure! It soaps well, doesn’t dry skin and you only need a small amount. Smells so lovely too!
12/05/2019, By Jodie
Foams up nicely and smells good. Does the job without concern after harsh chemicals
12/05/2019, By Jodie
Foams up nicely and smells good. Does the job without concern after harsh chemicals
11/05/2019, By Jordana
I got this body wash as a gift. It smells wonderful and it lathers and cleans well.
10/05/2019, By Kty
Bought This As Part Of A Birthday Pressie For My Mom And Now It's Always Included In Her Gifts. Especially Since My 2 Year Old Nephew Decided It's His Favourite Soap Too. It's Not Over Powering Smell Wise And Feels Good To Use. Great If You Looking For Something For Someone With Sensitive Skin
03/05/2019, By Jodie
Love the smell of this product and will clean well. Thank you
08/04/2019, By Caroline
The product itself cleans well and smells very nice, and of course it's eco-friendly. Thing is, the plastic packaging puts me off and whenever a beauty / health product markets itself as ''non-toxic'' I find it annoying, because... duh... toxic means poisonous. I'd have thought that was a given! For the price, though it is pleasant and a small amount does go a fairly long way, I think I'll skip this next time.
07/04/2019, By Corne
I love the smell and feel of this shower gel. It leaves me feeling clean and fresh without any overbearing lingering smell or soapy feel.
31/03/2019, By Nick
Lovely body wash, no harsh scents and foams nice.
15/03/2019, By Lisa
I cannot believe that I have gone my entire life without this product! I have really dry, eczema prone skin, and struggle with most nice smelling perfumed body washes.. Even though I suffer through it for the foam and bubbles. But this body wash is so gentle, and smells amazing, and foams and bubbles! It lasts forever, and it is the best feeling knowing that it's not doing any damage to my skin or the earth!
03/02/2019, By Amanda
Love this body wash! Lathers well and smells so nice :)
13/01/2019, By Sasha-lee
This shower gel is foamy, and it lathers very well. I love the smell aswell. I tried the vanilla and rose body wash previously and this one seemed to keep my skin more moisturised then before. I would definitely recommend this one!
01/01/2019, By Sasha-lee
I absolutely love this shower gel. It's one of my favourites. It's foamy and lathers very well. The only downside is that I thought it would moisten my skin alot more but it didn't.
03/12/2018, By Lisa
I have incredibly dry and eczema-prone skin, and am thoroughly surprised at how non-drying this wash is! I really like the feel it leaves, and the fact that it lathers so much. Overall I'm impressed and will definitely keep buying this product.
19/11/2018, By Junette
I use this body wash for my kids. It is perfect for little skin and less expensive than some of the organic baby & kids products. You also only need to use a little bit, as it foams A LOT, so will last a long time.
25/10/2018, By Sonny
22/10/2018, By Marinette
Love this product! It makes my skin feel so soft, it helps with dry skin and it smells amazing. Surprisingly it also lathers very well.
20/10/2018, By Rebecca
I LOVE this. It leaves your skin feeling SO soft and it smells SO good. I would highly recommend it. It's a lot of product as well so it'll definitely last a while.
10/09/2018, By Elizna
Expensive for body wash BUT I love it. I have very sensitive skin and struggle with body wash as well as lotion, even organic products, but this wash is does not affect my skin, it is perfect and smells amazing!!
06/09/2018, By Bee
I won't use anything else again. I love the light honey smell, honey is by far my most favourite thing in the world. My skin was left super soft and hydrated! Recommended all the way.
30/08/2018, By Freshnu
Bought for a friend and she is sold, she just loves it.
25/08/2018, By Tracy
Fantastic all round product for the whole family. I use it to wash my hair too! I love the honey fragrance.
02/08/2018, By Mieke
Super foamy and gentle on my skin. 1 bottle easily last more than a month.
16/07/2018, By Melissa
LOVE the smell and I love the fact that I'm not hurting my skin as well as the environment - my skin feels great after one wash.
05/07/2018, By Erika
Best body wash ever! So loving this great smelling, foamy body wash. Will keep ordering.
25/06/2018, By Janine
Very economical as it lasts for ages but the earthsap bodywashes have just gotten to dry for my skin, used to love them. Will work very well for those with normal dry skin.
22/06/2018, By Ria
Very moisturizing and smells amazing
11/06/2018, By Ricardo
Lovely smell, and lathers really well. Works well for my wife and son who have dry skin type. For me though, it dried out the skin on my chest (I have a more oily skin).
18/04/2018, By Claire
Love how long this body wash lasts. The honey smell is not a personal favourite, but it works well. Next time I'll try a different scent.
08/04/2018, By Larisa
I heartily recommend you this heavenly body wash. It is really worth the money! Only a little squeeze and your whole body is covered in the amazing scent and lathered up really well. A great product! Wow!
04/04/2018, By Tammy
26/03/2018, By Sandy
I have recently made the switch from commercial body washes to this one and I can say with certainty that I am thrilled with this product. The smell is heavenly, and you only need a small amount for it to lather up beautifully.
02/03/2018, By christie
This body wash is amazing! it is my favorite fragrance out of all the earthsap products. I recommend this to everyone and will be using this product again.
12/02/2018, By Monique
This body wash foams lusciously and smells just divine!
30/01/2018, By Paula
A great product! Gentle on your skin, gives you a nice all-round scrub without drying your skin out. A very pleasant and delicate smell. I thought it would not foam well, but I was very wrong!
14/01/2018, By Monique
I like the scent, it's my fave one of the earthsap shower gels at the mo. Lathers well.

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