Earth Probiotic Earth Bokashi

Earth Probiotic Earth Bokashi
Earth Probiotic Earth Bokashi
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Take your composting to a whole new level with this nutrient-rich fermented wheat bran, otherwise known as Bokashi. This is a specially brewed bran formula packed with the power of Effective Microorganisms (EM), which work to break down all sorts of waste into nourishing food for your garden’s soil. Bokashi bran from the Earth Probiotic brand is the perfect indoor composting solution – it’s quick, convenient and odour-free. This compost starter works on all sorts of scraps, including bread, dairy and even meat. Earth Probiotic’s Bokashi Bran is brewed and produced in South Africa.


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Earth Bokashi’s earth friendly formula includes the use of indigenous South African Microbes and quality waste materials including sawdust, which would otherwise be disposed of into landfill. Whilst looking different, Earth Bokashi neutralizes fermentation odours while delivering the ideal balance between carbon and nitrogen to assist with effective post fermentation treatments.

  • Earth Bokashi refill bag for composting of food waste
  • Simply add food waste to the bin, sprinkle over a handful of Earth Bokashi and gently press down to remove air. Close the digester between fillings.
  • When Earth Bokashi is added to food waste, the moisture in the waste activates the beneficial indigenous microbes which start the fermentation process.
  • Earth Bokashi stops food from rotting, eliminates foul odours and pre-treats food waste so that it can be safely and easily composted, trenched or fed to composting worms.
  • To be used in conjunction with Earth Probiotics Bokashi Food Waste Recycling Bin
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4.8 out of 5 stars from 15 reviews

15 out of 15 people would recommend this product

09/11/2018, By Kate
I love my Bokashi system. The activated wheat bran breaks down food scraps and then I feed the mixture to my worms. The food mixture is partially broken down already so the worms digest it quickly, making "black gold" beautiful nutrient rich compost in a matter of weeks. A stress free way to turn kitchen waste into compost!
06/11/2018, By Megz
Love this product speeds up the process and leaves no odors.
25/10/2018, By Lola
My bro loves to use this
18/10/2018, By Juanita
I am happy with the product itself. I use it to help along the composting process in my large outdoor composting bin. The only thing I am not fond of is the thick single-use plastic packaging.
17/10/2018, By Melissa
We have been using the Bokashi system for just over a month and it has greatly reduced our waste to landfill, I especially love the fact that meat and bones can also be fermented. No bad smells and we have already started treating our garden with the tea. Patiently awaiting our first batch of compost.
13/10/2018, By Cindy
Purchased this bran with the big bucket about 2 weeks ago. Love the fact that I can do my better bit for the environment.
05/10/2018, By Ru
I've made quite a few batches of compost with this product. It works great!
30/09/2018, By Wendy
Have made mounds of wonderful compost with the Bokashi bins and bran. It is great to use all your scraps, peels and , stale bread instead of sending them to landfill. The bran keeps everything smelling nice while it breaks down the food.
28/09/2018, By Les
I recently purchased this little wonder and am so pleased with it. It was a toss up between the outdoor compost tub or this one and am very glad I chose the Bokashi. Fits nicely in my tiny kitchen and already has produced ‘tea’ for my plants. No smell at all as it seals well and is so easy to use. I would recommend this to everyone. Just remember to order the bran when you order the composter.
26/06/2018, By Adél
I prefer this over the Bokashi spray. It takes away any odour and it's nice that it covers the food scraps, so when you return the next day you don't have to see the previous day's scraps.
I wish they would, however, package this in something that is not plastic. I don't want to buy the tub every time, so it would be great if this can come in plant plastic or something else that can biodegrade as well.
19/03/2018, By Julie
My favourite one on the market because it is made with sawdust and has a nice smell
23/05/2017, By Fatima
Great product, it works, there are no overpowering odors, the bran makes fermenting organic waste smell sweet.
03/11/2015, By Nikodemis
I love the bokashi indoor kitchen waste composter bin and the bran that goes with it. This is one of the best things thats hit the market since sliced bread - and u can even compost the sliced (or toasted or cheesed or buttered or burnt) version of the toast in this as well :) . I have been recycling and repurposing my various recycleables from home for many a year, and my garden birds have been getting their share from the kitchen too. I also make compost by my veggie garden but being a smallish suburban garden next to a public park, all these processes attract rats and smells. And of course not much of my kitchen waste went to my compost either. However, with the Bokashi indoor composter my wildest expectations were surpassed. No odors, just a pleasure - no more left over cooked foods to fowl my municipal dustbin or pollute the land fills or set gases free to do more damage to the fragile ecosystems. And the compost tea makes magic happen to my potted herbs et al. I love it! But do be mindful that u have to have two of these bins so one is used when the other is full and pickling away for a closed up 2 weeks before being buried in the garden. I got so inspired I even built my own 2nd bucket. And know that u use at least one good solid full handful of bran per layer of compost.
08/06/2015, By Earth Probiotic
Hi there M. Paloma Werner

We are so glad that you enjoyed our product.

The only reason why you would have flies in the small collecting container is if it isn closed properly. Just make sure that you have the lid on securely to deter any critters.

Thank you very much for choosing Earth Probiotic Recycling Solutions for your food waste recycling needs! Continue feeding the soil and not landfills.
20/03/2015, By M. Paloma Werner
I love my compost bin and think the bran is fantastic. The bran keeps the flies away and the bin does not smell when I open it to put additional cut-offs in. Just struggeling a little with the black small bin in the kitchen with the food flies and hope winter will help. Does anybody know if the stainless steel bin is better?

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