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Earth Ant Shampoo Bar

 Earth Ant Shampoo Bar
Earth Ant Shampoo Bar
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  • 100g
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Support soft, shiny and strong locks as well as the zero-waste movement with Earth Ant’s Shampoo Bar. This shampoo bar combines the richness of olive, coconut and castor to minimise frizz, detangle and preserve your hair’s natural moisture. With added neroli and lemon essential oils, this shampoo is bright and refreshing too! De-stress your tresses the waste-free way with Earth Ant Shampoo Bar.

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  • Solid shampoo bar
  • Made from natural and organic Ingredients
  • Naturally fragranced with essential oils
  • Bright, refreshing citrus scent
  • 100% plastic-free
  • Wrapped in unbleached paper
  • Suitable for vegans and strict vegetarians

Ingredient Highlight:

  • Olive Oil has high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A and K, it also contains high levels of certain antioxidants. Olive Oil adds softness and strength to hair by penetrating the hair shaft and preserving moisture. It detangles hair and minimizes frizz.
  • Coconut Oil is the richest natural source of medium chain fatty acids especially Lauric acid. Lauric acid is supportive of hormone health and cellular health. This beneficial property of Coconut Oil is also one of the reasons it can help prevent protein loss in hair (for some people). Coconut Oil also acts as a natural sunscreen.
  • Castor Oil has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties and is high in Vitamin E, minerals, proteins, and omega-6 and -9 beneficial fatty acids. The antioxidants in Castor Oil support the keratin in hair and help make hair stronger, smoother, and less frizzy.


  • Rub your Earth Ant Shampoo Bar directly onto wet hair until it foams.
  • Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

Care Instructions:

  • This bar will perform best when allowed to dry between use. Store on a well drained surface away from splashes or spraying water.

Why a bar and not a bottle?

  • Earth Ant encourages sustainable lifestyle change. Ditch the plastic! Be an active consumer and choose body products that are beneficial to your body and the environment. This bar is 100% plastic free, and supports a circular economy, eliminating waste and minimising the continual use of our diminishing resources.


  • Nett Weight: 100 g


Country of Origin:

  • Proudly South African.
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Overall Rating
4.2 out of 5 stars from 76 reviews

62 out of 76 people would recommend this product

30/09/2021, By Caryn
Not a great bar for long, fine hair. I enjoyed the idea behind it and still ended up using it as a body soap. However, I would not buy it again for long hair.
09/09/2021, By Elizabeth
I have been using the shampoo on short hair for almost two years. I sometimes use a bit of conditioner or ACV. My husband, with short thick, curtly hair started using it at the beginning of the year and now prefers it too. We each use one bar every four months. Light on the pocket, our hair and mother nature.
24/08/2021, By Ellen
This bar leaves a build up which causes my hair to feel greasy and stringy. I've tried extra rinses but nothing seems to work. My hair never actually looks or feels clean. Was really hoping to love it but sadly not the case.
My husband doesn't seem to mind it.

My hair: long, fine, blonde.
Husbands hair: short, fine, dark.
28/07/2021, By Lisa
Tried a shampoo bar some time ago, was not too impressed. This one though... nice fresh small, lathers well, dries nicely if on a ventilated rack. But more importantly has that good balance of cleaning my hair properly, yet without a need of a conditioner. Yet to see how long the bar lasts, but after a week very very happy!
18/07/2021, By T
This made my hair extremely oily
15/07/2021, By Elizabeth
The shampoo lathers well, my hair is clean - neither greasy nor dried out. I use an ACV rinse once a week. I have used about four bars in a year on short hair washed every day in summer and every second day in winter. My husband started the shampoo four months ago and has just finished his first bar and is also satisfied. The bar does not get gooey if it is aired on a well drained soap dish.
22/06/2021, By Emma
I liked that this product came with minimal packaging, it foams nicely and smells fresh.

I disliked that my hair felt rather "stripped" after using it. Maybe I was using too much?

A good product for the price.
22/06/2021, By Taahira
Leaves hair a bit too dry.
21/05/2021, By Mandini
I have very fine, thin, long hair and I have tried countless shampoo bars and they all leave my hair a greasy mess. This is the first bar I have used that actually works, my hair is soft, looks fantastic and I am thrilled!!!
09/05/2021, By Georgina
I absolutely love this shampoo bar, will definitely buy it again. Thanks for a great product. Smiles!
08/05/2021, By Luane
Better than this company's conditioner bar, but also takes long to foam. Does dry quick and is a harder product which is better for traveling. But for a quick jump through the shower, this might not be your first choice.
08/05/2021, By Luane
Better than this company's conditioner bar, but also takes long to foam. Does dry quick and is a harder product which is better for traveling. But for a quick jump through the shower, this might not be your first choice.
22/04/2021, By Olivia
Just be sure to keep it in a dish / container because I left mine on the shower rack and it just melted away, half the bar was gone before I could use it.
18/04/2021, By Debra
I have tried a number of different shampoo bars over last 2 years, and this is the best one yet. It cleans well but does not dry out the ends; a problem I had with other bars.
13/04/2021, By juls
Not suitable as shampoo,irritates scalp .Hair does not feel clean,compared to other brands.More suitable as hand soap
13/04/2021, By Alison
I love this shampoo. It's a little different if you're using an all natural shampoo for the first time, as it doesn't contain all the chemicals to make it lather! But my hair came out squeaky clean (literally) after washing!
04/04/2021, By Muriel
No more itching and dryness of my hair .
04/04/2021, By Muriel
My hair has been so strong and bold after I used this product .
04/03/2021, By Zel
Great product, foams well and leaves hair feeling clean.
04/03/2021, By Kelly
Nice buy disappears too quickly, back to bottled shampoos
24/02/2021, By Abigail
Really nice. I love the smell of Neroli and its super moisturizing on hair
11/02/2021, By Candice
I've had dreadlocks for well over 10 years, and have always had issues with shampoos leaving buildup. The Earth Ant Shampoo bar not only leaves my scalp and hair clean, but it's also moisturizing (no more itchy scalp) with no excessive buildup in my locks! I'd be super keen to see this product add abit of menthol/tea tree in future :) so happy!!
29/12/2020, By David
Thoroughly enjoy the experience of washing my hair using this bar. I suffer from Psoriasis of the scalp but since using this product it has completely disappeared. Lathers well and long lasting. I would definitely recommend.
24/12/2020, By Les
Fantastic little bar - great for travelling. Keep mine in a little tin once dry. Leaves my hair, which is very fine, feeling beautifully clean and would definitely recommend this product.
23/12/2020, By Jacqui
The bar is easy to use and has a lovely fragrance. Makes a comforting lather and hair feels clean. My hair will need conditioner with this shampoo every few washes, but it doesn’t dry my hair out so much that I need conditioner with every wash. I keep the bar out of water and it has kept its shape (not dissolved) over a number of washes. LOVE that there’s no plastic!
16/12/2020, By April
I have straight (1b) medium length virgin hair. Normally I use any cheap shampoo once a week and then rub coconut oil in. I tried shampoo bars because I was sick of using plastic bottles.

This bar looks cute and smells fresh. It lathers up nicely, although you have to be careful to rinse well. My hair feels "squeaky clean" when wet. It had some roughness and tangles. However once fully dry it feels smooth and tangle-free. It even became a tiny bit wavy.

The soap bar does get slimy so you have to store it on a dry rack or container with good airflow. For the price it's a god product and worth trying out.
10/12/2020, By Carla
I love the natural ingredients in this shampoo bar! Affordable and works well, smells wonderful and leaves my hair looking, feeling and smelling fantastic!
07/12/2020, By Andrew
The shampoo bar left my scalp feeling so clean, but didn't work so well for curly hair. Would recommend this product for men with shorter hair or fine hair
26/11/2020, By Mich
Love it
18/11/2020, By Shavit
I really like how this makes my hair feel once washed. Good price too and lasts super long
06/11/2020, By Kim
Foams well and leaves hair feeling clean and fresh. Wish it came without stickers as that is not recycable.
25/10/2020, By Mien
Does a great job
21/10/2020, By Susie
Love this. My hair is less frizzy & my scalp less itchy after under a week of using. The fact that it is plastic free is the cherry on top. Will definitely buy again
19/10/2020, By Jesse
It took me quite a bit of time to transition to a natural shampoo and I struggled with residue and a straw-like feel, even with the apple cider vinegar rinse.
It was worth persevering though, now that my hair has adjusted, I am very happy with this bar. I have long thick straight hair (not oily or dry). I keep it in a travel soap case to protect it from melting away in the shower.
Looking forward to trying out the conditioner bar.
17/10/2020, By KAREN
Great product, leaves your hair feeling extra clean, a little goes a long way.
06/10/2020, By Corrie
Love that it is plastic free
30/09/2020, By Marie
The bar works well. Keep away from running water in the shower, else it will melt away a little. Have to rotate it once a month with a liquid shampoo, else it does build up a little. However, I will definitely reorder. It is the least irritating shampoo I have tried for my scalp.
21/09/2020, By Abi
We've been using it for about 3 weeks now and our whole family has enjoyed this product. I have always struggled with dry hands after using mainstream shampoos but with this shampoo bar I havent had a problem.
15/09/2020, By Arisa
I have used several shampoo bar, it's best one for me. Because I don't need to use apple vinegar as rinse.
10/09/2020, By Marilize
Lasts lons. Smells good and feels good.
04/09/2020, By Lauren
I have been using these cars for 6 months and my hair is so much healthier and stronger! It takes a while to get used to using a bar but I won't go back. I don't have to wash my hair as often and my scalp is so much healthier too.
04/09/2020, By Jen
Completely dried out my hair. Even using conditioner didn't remedy this situation. My hair feels grassy and dry, even after weeks of use. Will never buy again.
25/08/2020, By Soft
One of rare shampoo bares that really work! It does what it is said it does :)
23/08/2020, By Monny
Shampoo bar, it does not strip hair of its natural oils and leaves it smooth, soft and silky.
16/08/2020, By Angie
It took my hair about a month to get used to this product and even then, my hair felt very dry and knotted. It did however clean my hair very nicely and I found that I didn’t have to wash my hair as often as I normally do.
06/08/2020, By Dee
I agree with Marissa that this is not good for curly hair. Probably because it dries it out quite a bit. It definitely doesn't soften, as some people suggest
05/08/2020, By Marissa
Unfortunately did not work with my hair at all. Left it feeling greasy and did not curl anymore.

Using it as body soap now which is fine
05/08/2020, By Sunny
Just love! I have gone through quite a few shampoo bars and this is the first one not to make my and mums hair greasy (it might have done lightly in the first 2 washes). I have used it on shoulder length medium to dry hair for about a month now. It is currently a very dry winter so will see if summer makes a difference. It lives in a dry spot, so its kept well.
04/08/2020, By Kalita
I usuall y leave in my conditioner but while using this shampoo bar i havent bought or needed a conditioner. I like that the product keeps well, it soesnt go all gel like at the end. Sometime i wash my hair twice in one go if its been a rough day. As I feel the shampoo bar isnt always as effective with the first was. The bar last super long though i have some left still and i bough it nearly 3 months ago
03/08/2020, By Elizabeth
Third try lucky. I have tried other natural shampoos that dried out my hair and scalp. With an apple cider vinegar rinse it is perfect. After a month my scalp is mostly sorted out. Ditching the plastic is a big bonus.
25/07/2020, By Lina
Love this shampoo bar. Its packaging is ideal but it also works perfectly in terms of cleaning -just as good as other FTN shampoos. I have paired it with good conditioning treatment. If this is your first time using natural shampoo- dont be discouraged if your scalp becomes a bit dry. Your skin is just getting used to it apparently. I had a dry scalp in the beginning but have paired it with good conditioning treatment and after a while my body has adjusted. May be different for others but it has been good for me :)
24/07/2020, By Kristina
I have been struggling to find a natural shampoo that works for my hair - fine hair, but with a sensitive scalp. Had high hopes for this product based on the reviews, but unfortunately it did not work for me. The first two washes were great, but after that it started to leave my hair looking incredibly greasy.
23/07/2020, By Mel D
Love the idea of this but I found it left my hair a bit greasy at the roots and not so soft and shiny all round (I have straight, Caucasian hair that's neither dry nor oily). I stored the bar in a ramekin in my shower so haven't had an issue with it disintegrating. Will use it as a laundry bar for my face masks rather :)
19/07/2020, By Rachael
I have medium-long fine hair.

Pros: Lathers well, the bar is long lasting so good value for money.
Cons: After a couple of washes it does start to leave a residue and leaves my hair quite limp.
04/07/2020, By Em
Easy to use, lathers well. My hair is still getting used to the difference though!
29/06/2020, By Zan
I've got long, fine hair and this product really didn't work for me. The more I used it, the thicker the residue buildup got, on my hair and my brush, until I actually didn't like touching my hair anymore. My fiancé, who's got short hair, likes it though, so it's not bad for everyone.
16/06/2020, By Stephan
Makes your hair squeeky clean. Lathers nicely.
11/06/2020, By Marius
Lathers beautifully. Natural and clean ingredients.
02/06/2020, By keri
It came in very cute beeswax wrap packaging and it cleaned my hair really well, no need for a apple cider vinegar rinse. the only problem is that when i left it in the shower in a soap holder, it completely disintegrated in the leftover water. i used it maybe 5 times before it was gone.
31/05/2020, By John
Increases volume of the hair whilst leaving it feeling soft and clean. Easy to use. No unnecessary packaging.
22/05/2020, By First born
Nice firm bar
15/05/2020, By lulu
i love this a little really goes a long way to.
12/05/2020, By Ashley
I was worried that this would not work as well as normal shampoo, but it does! Satisfying lathering when using and very healthy for my hair
09/05/2020, By Real
Right choice
08/05/2020, By Bea
Excellent product
28/04/2020, By Happy
Never knew of such a thing
27/04/2020, By Deirdre
I've tried several shampoo bars and each one has been really nice....but this one is absolutely The Best!!!
26/04/2020, By Candy
Was hesitant, but this is it
24/04/2020, By Nicky
I like the shape as it's easy to hold. Lathers well. Keeps its shape and hasn't dissolved yet in the soap dish. Hair feels good afterwards. I do have to do 2 washes sometimes but I have thick curly hair.
23/04/2020, By Andrea
I have thick straight hair and this worked surprisingly well! It spreads nicely throughout your hair. Even though I did not use conditioner my hair looked great, shiny (in a good way) and was soft BUT my hair was very knotty. Usually if I don't brush my hair for a few days my comb still goes through with ease and no knots.
14/04/2020, By Michaela
I have extremely temperamental hair and scalp so I was very skeptical about trying this, but I'm so glad I did! It lathers up beautifully and my hair feels amazing afterwards. No conditioner, just fresh, clean, clarified, shiny hair. This is what's so great about the FTN review section - would not have bought had it not been for all the great reviews
04/04/2020, By Heidi
A nice, big, hard bar of soap. It lathers well and eans well. I always rinse with ACV and water mix.
26/03/2020, By Leanda
I was washing my hair with a normal, natural body-soap bar up until now...the is waaay better! Doesn't leave any heavy residue...I just rinse with a bit a bit of vinegar water and off I go!
27/02/2020, By Marius
Lather really nicely. Easy to use and enjoying the freshness
22/02/2020, By Eco
Good switch
13/01/2020, By Janine
This is the best shampoo bar I've found so far! I know everyone loves the lush ones, but they turn to jelly near the end and are really expensive. This one stays a bar, lathers so well and is such a great price. Makes my hair feels nurished and clean.

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