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Naturals Beauty Avocado Night Cream (Dry/Combo Skin)

Naturals Beauty Avocado Night Cream (Dry/Combo Skin)
Naturals Beauty Avocado Night Cream (Dry/Combo Skin)
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  • 50ml
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Avocado oil assists in the regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin. It is also high in sterolins, which help heal sun damage and scars and reduce age spots. Sterolins also helps to soften the skin and leaves a superior moisturizing effect. Avocado oil increases the collagen in the skin and is easily absorbed into deep tissue of the skin.

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  • Geranium oil has antiseptic, refreshing and astringent qualities which help it to balance the production of sebum in the skin.
  • Suitable for dry or combination skins and for those suffering with the itching of psoriasis and eczema.


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Overall Rating
4.4 out of 5 stars from 87 reviews

81 out of 87 people would recommend this product

08/05/2022, By sm
Feels amazing on my skin. Smells awful. Really really awful. Maybe I'll get used to smelling like avocado and rosemary but so far I'm just looking forward to it using it up so I can go back to my regular vanilla scented cream from the same brand.
24/03/2022, By Tania
This is not a neutral earthy smell, it stinks and for something on your face, it is really unpleasant to breathe that in. For years, this cream used to be the only cream I used but now the smell is so revolting I will never buy it again. I don't know what has gone wrong but something changed a while ago. I thought I would give it a try again but it has not improved.
01/09/2021, By Keitumetse
I chose this product based on the amazing reviews it had on this site and it has definitely delivered. Indeed, a little goes a long way and I wake up with my skin feeling luxurious in the morning.
26/07/2021, By Nadya
Although this cream works fine (not wonderful or great), it has quite a weird texture and smell. It's feels quite heavy on my skin. I won't buy it again.
03/06/2021, By Binta
This night cream works beautifully on my skin. Rich, without being oily and makes my skin eel soft and nourished
02/06/2021, By Lindy
Interesting smell but it feels so natural and leaves my skin feeling great. Also a little goes a long way and you don’t need to use a massive amount. Even in this cold wintery weather my skin hasn’t felt dry at all.
11/05/2021, By Paige
Love this product, have been using it for a year now. It is so rich and creamy and leaves my face nourished throughout the night. It is priced very well too.
04/03/2021, By Kelly
Very chuffed with this. My skin is so moist, good value for money
28/12/2020, By chris
Great night cream- it just doesn’t absorb very well and kinda just sits on top of the skin.
26/12/2020, By Taz
This cream is awesome. love it
20/12/2020, By Ewa
I love this face cream. It feels so nice on my skin.
29/11/2020, By Candice
Love the natural ingredients! Really great as a night cream for my hypersensitive skin.
12/11/2020, By Lee
I have been struggling with acne from hormone imbalances and wearing a mask 12h a day and nothing worked. Within a week from when I started using this product, my skin is less dry, my spots and skin marks have become less and the acne have impoved. An amazing product, the smell is a bit off-putting but it truely works.
22/10/2020, By lisa
Amazing. Skin is clearer and much brighter
20/10/2020, By Sarah B
Great moisturiser for bed. Lasts very long. Little goes a long way. Ever so slightly thick and greasy but has amazing results. On my second bottle
03/10/2020, By Charmaine
I'm really impressed with this night cream. Very nourishing and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated
29/09/2020, By Happy
23/09/2020, By Paige
Super moisturising cream. My complexion is better.
12/08/2020, By Losh
Natural goodness! The smell may not appeal to everyone, but I didn't mind it at all. Highly, highly moisturing so great for winter. I am prone to breakouts and I didn't break out with this product. Face is noticeably softer the next morning.
30/07/2020, By Tania
I cannot rave about this night cream enough. It is a superb product. It has a very natural scent which I prefer and is just fabulous in every way.
23/07/2020, By Candice
I love this product, they recommend it for dry mature skin but it worked amazingly for my normal to combination skin.
08/07/2020, By Popy
Very moisturising love the smooth feeling on my skin, I dont enjoy the smell, it smells like olives. The cream itself looks like avocado puree, green and natural love that . Its worth the buy if you have very dry skin and like the feeling of a rich moisturiser.
23/06/2020, By Lucy
Soaks nicely into my skin and makes me feel moisturised
14/06/2020, By Ashley
Smells amazing! Soaks in well and makes the face soft.
29/05/2020, By Natasha
Leaves skin soft, supple and moisturized - a must during the dry, harsh winter months
17/05/2020, By Paige
Great product. Keeps my face feeling moisturised. Will definitely buy this again.
12/04/2020, By Kelly
I have very dry and sensitive skin and have tried many different brands which have not quenched the thirst of my skin and has also left me with a rash. This cream has been absolute magic, it has helped with my dry skin, no rash, and it is looking better than it has done in years. Very happy with this cream. And it smell great to, I love essential oils and all things natural.
29/01/2020, By RaynieJ
This is my favourite moisturizer over ever used. I wake up every morning with such a glowing face! I can already see the benefits of avocado oil and how it’s improving my complexion and skin elasticity. It is very rich and for a normal/combination skin, I can understand if it’s too heavy, but for a dry skin like mine it’s so perfect!
08/01/2020, By Bianca
Does the job
08/01/2020, By Amanda
It smells weird and it's definitely rich. I only use it when my skin needs a little extra moisture. It works well (Combo skin)
07/01/2020, By Helper
Top stuff
25/12/2019, By Phumzile
I would have given this product 5 stars if I had received it full. The bottle was half empty, it leaked in transit. It would be nice if the supplier could find a way to seal it for protection. The other thing disappointing fact about this product is that it is more of a lotion than a cream. But I have to admit, in all fairness that it is a good product. I started seeing results after few days of using it, my face is brighter, feels softer and pores appear to be smaller.
15/11/2019, By Heids
Rich and moisturising. Is easy absorbed.
13/11/2019, By Lauren
Amazing product, really moisturising, smells delicious!
03/10/2019, By Janine
So far so good.
16/09/2019, By Anni
Fantastic moisturiser
12/09/2019, By Sally
Whilst this is a lovely rich night cream, the consistency has changed which makes it more difficult to apply in moderation. It is more lotion like in consistency than a cream, as it was before. A disappointing change. The company was responsive and friendly in explaining that the change is due to a new preservative.
12/09/2019, By Tania
I have extremely sensitive skin and this has been a miracle cream for me. I have used it for years and my skin looks and feels better than it ever has before.
31/08/2019, By Lucy
I use this on the dry portion of my face and it absorbs into my skin beautifully and stops it from getting dry patches
21/08/2019, By Corne
Very runny but smooths onto skin really nicely and absorbs quickly. Very rich and feeds skin very well
15/08/2019, By Nicole
Love the feel of this night cream but it seemed to have burnt my eye lids just below my eyebrows. Will avoid that area in future.
05/08/2019, By Jolandie
Great product, love the glass, the smell and also great value for money, although the thickness of the product is not consistent. The first one I ordered (around March 2019) were very thick (which I prefer) the one that I received last week is very runny...although product still smells great & feels the same on my skin.
30/07/2019, By Binta
This is a lovely, silky and nourishing night cream - great for my skin. Love anything avo and this one works really well. Great price as well
26/07/2019, By Busisiwe
Rich and nourishing for the skin. My skin loves it and I used it day and night. Will continue to buy it. Only issue was the jar was 3/4 full - perhaps more quality control is needed from manufacturer
15/07/2019, By Nomvula
Great replenishment for dry winter skin. Apply in dots for better absorption. I only wish the consistency was a bit more runny it would help with application. My skin has been very relieved to have the extra moisture this winter. I actually use this as a day cream, my skin just drinks it up.
15/06/2019, By Mich
Feels very thick and sticky but once applied it’s absorbed really fast. Love it, takes away the dryness immediately.
13/05/2019, By Heather
Highly recommended for dry skin. I have very dry skin and have been using this night treatment for years. LOVE IT
12/05/2019, By Victoria
Absolutely love this product. I’ve been struggling to find a cream that is rich but does not cause breakouts. I have very temperamental skin where it is dry but does not like too much moisture.
06/05/2019, By Thando
I liked the older version it worked very well for my dry sensitive skin. This one breaks me out badly.
30/04/2019, By Marelize
As someone with dry skin, I was instantly interested in this product when I saw it. I purchased it (alone with the rooibos vanilla one) to use as a night cream. It feels so rich and luxurious one the skin without any strong fragrances. I can't believe it's locally produced as this might just be the best night cream I have ever bought. Please never stop selling this!
27/04/2019, By Gail
Very effective face cream but remains sticky for ages.
14/04/2019, By LG
Really impressed so far. I am partial to avocado face moisturizer and react to shea so. This is thick enough for cold coastal winter weather. Fair price point too. Consistency is thick, more balm than cream.
25/02/2019, By Sally
Wonderful moisturising night cream for dry skins. Extremely happy with this product. Additionally, fantastic value.
15/02/2019, By Nicole
Enjoy it as i have sensitive skin and love Avo.
28/01/2019, By Semone
I bought this product a while ago as I was in desperate need of something to hydrate my very dry and flakey skin. I am obsessed. I LOVE the smell and it always leaves my skin feeling super smooth. It’s not oily and lasts long as you only need to use a little at a time to cover your whole face.
07/01/2019, By Tania
This is the best night cream I have ever used. I have used it for months and my skin is finally soft and hydrated.
09/12/2018, By Tracey
Really great product for dry skin, love how well nourished my skin feels after using it.
12/11/2018, By Nita
Its really worth the money. I can feel how this is skin food, it has improved my skins texture. I am over all happy and will buy it again.
29/10/2018, By Anonymous
I found it to be more of a balm than a cream.
21/10/2018, By J
Love the way this product makes my skin feel.smells very natural.
18/10/2018, By Leigh-Anne
I love this product, it is very rich and creamy and has done wonders for my extremely dry skin. Recommended to only use it as night cream due to its oily nature.
08/10/2018, By Binta
I've just purchased this product for the 2nd time because I love the way it makes my skin feel. I also love the fact that it comes in a glass container and that it's so budget-friendly. Will definitely buy again.
14/09/2018, By Kathy
I love this night cream. I've been using it for years and it's the only one strong enough to moisturise my mature, dry skin, but without making my skin greasy.
17/08/2018, By chantel
this is very good cream but the price has shot up several times since I bought it....
06/08/2018, By Binta
This is the first time I've purchased this night cream and it's wonderfully rich and leaves my skin feeling really soft and hydrated
04/08/2018, By Chloé
this works well on very dry skin! you'll wake up with soft, well moisturised skin (apply a little to your lips as well!). if you have acne prone skin this product isn't for you as it is very rich and may clog your pores. the texture is creamy and the smell is lovely~ it does leave your skin very shiny after application but i didn't mind that. a little goes a long way so i think it's worth it!
02/08/2018, By Tania
I absolutely LOVE this. There is not much scent but the texture is fantastic and what it has done for my skin in winter is wonderful. It's fantastic.
18/06/2018, By Giselle
It is a great night cream, my face feels even greater when I wake up! A keeper
03/04/2018, By chantelly
lovely smell, lovely texture, makes my skin feel soft when I wake up its been a week so I'm waiting to see more results :)
25/01/2018, By Varsha
Such a great night cream- love that a little goes a long way and it keeps my skin supple and hydrated.
29/12/2017, By Channelien
Love it
29/12/2017, By Channelien
Enjoy the texture of this product on my skin.
25/10/2017, By Smily
I read the info on this on the website, and it says "dry / combo" skin. My skin is neither oily, nor dry, so I presumed that I have a combination skin. But I found that this night cream is much too oily for my skin, and it does not absorb well. It does not apply well, and keeps feeling tacky / sticky for quite some time after I have put it on. It will probably be good for a skin that is very dry. I now use it on my lips (so as to not waste it), and it feels good!
22/10/2017, By SG
This is the best night cream I've ever used, it leaves my skin soft and nourished, i always get compliments on my skin and this product definitely contributes to that. I'm not the biggest fan of the scent I can't really describe it as it isn't distinctive however it's not overpowering and definitely won't deter me from buying the product again.
03/09/2017, By Inky
This is a lovely cream. I've been using it for about 7 years and people comment on my skin!
24/06/2017, By Jessy
Beautiful, rich product. Extremely hydrating to dry skin. My favourite face cream by far.
03/11/2016, By Benita
Reasonably priced and leaves the skin feeling great!
03/11/2015, By Ingrid
Ive been using this cream for about 5 years now as a night cream and as a moisturizer before I put my make up on - just a tiny bit. I love it and I love the price. People comment on my skin!
29/06/2015, By Stephanie
This is an awesome product. It detoxes your skin while you sleep. In the morning I find loose pieces of skin on my face and wash it of and my face feels fresh and clean. Really great!
23/10/2014, By Phyllis
Naturals Beauty Avocado night cream is too solid for my liking as one has to rub so hard to get it absorbed and leaves a slightly oily residue and yet the skin still feels dry . I am using mine as a hand cream!
15/08/2014, By Anel
I have definitely finally found my night cream! I have been struggling to find a night cream that feels like it feeds my dry/ combination skin and keeps moisture locked in throughout the night. This cream both absorbs into the skin (best applied straight onto face rather than first putting it onto your hands; doesn work well) and leaves a slight film that protects my skin from becoming dry throughout the night. Quite a neutral scent. Oh yes, and the price definitely facilitates it keeper status!
09/02/2014, By Suzanne
Lovely, rich cream. A pleasure to use!
12/08/2013, By Khalida
What a gorgeous product! It is simple decadence for my skin and has helped so much with moisturising! As per Prem it has the consistancy of mashed avocado and is a real treat for my skin. And at such a BARGAIN price too!
24/08/2011, By Angeline
I love the smell but not mad about the very thick texture.
08/06/2011, By Billie
bought this cream from your stand at the Natural and organic exhibition and simply love it. I am over 70 years old and I'm finding the avocado oil replenishing & my skin no longer feels so dry.
09/05/2011, By Nicolene
Wonderful night cream, definitely one of the bests from those I have tried so far
18/04/2011, By Prem
Texture the consistancy of mashed avocados. Very nourishing to winter skin.

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