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Top Staff Picks – Jolene’s Favourite Finds

Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Jolene and I am an adrenaline junkie. I love motorbikes (yes, I have my licence); I have (briefly) flown a stunt plane (barrel rolled and loop-di-looped!) and I have summited Kilimanjaro. Conversely I am also super chilled and spend literally hours on the beach every week playing with my dogs who I love as much as (or a little more than) anyone else in the world!

I never get sick. This is a true story. And I attribute my good health to my daily juicing routine and the organic turmeric capsules that I take.

Along with my brother, I run the Kirstenhof Street Store bi-annually. An immensely fulfilling bit of charity work that involves the whole community. Click here to learn more about the Street Store.

What do I do at FTN?

I am the Operations Manager at Faithful To Nature. I have the very exciting job of keeping the warehouse flowing, logistics moving and the website smiling. Every day at FTN brings with it new opportunities to impress our customers with new features on the website, lots of love added their orders and speedy deliveries so that they don’t have to wait long for all that joy to arrive on their doorsteps. (It really is as much fun as it sounds).

A typical day in the life of a green ninja!

Early morning skin routine

I have fallen in love with Eco Products Moisturising Baobab Oil. I use copious amounts of this stunning oil on my neck and chest every day. (It seems to last forever, so I don’t mind splashing out on this – literally!)

I have started using the VG Bearberry Cream for pigmentation. It’s really great, because it’s light, I can use it as a moisturiser and the results are amazing!

I have long since given up regular deo’s because of the aluminium that is found in conventional brands. My favourite from the FTN range is the Jozi Organic African Citrus Roll-on. It has a smell that I like and it works really well.

 Eco Products Moisturising Baobab Oil

Baobab oil is a very effective moisturizer

 Bearberry Pigmentation Cream

Helps alleviate sun damage and pigmentation.

Jozi Organic African Citrus Roll-on

Made from plant derived organic ingredients

Off to the kitchen:

One of my very first Faithful to Nature investments was the 5l Stefani Water Filter. I have never looked back. It provides me with deliciously filtered water that is always stays cool because of the clay pot.

And then of course there is the slow juicer I bought. As mentioned earlier I attribute my good health to daily juicing and the Kuvings Juicer is easy to use, maximizes the juice I get from fruit and veggies and best of all its quiet!

I must admit that I am quite new to cooking so am still producing very simple meals. Happily for me, I have most of the Good Life range at home, turning my rather basic meals into delicious creations (you can just ask my friends: I make the best roast potatoes and my secret ingredient is organic rosemary).

Stefani Water Filter 5 Litre

Cools water through the natural process of evaporation.

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer

The masticating action gives you a high yield.

Good Life – Organic Rosemary

Good Life’s rosemary is organically grown.

Out and about:

My best form of sun defense has been the natural lab sunscreen. It’s non-oily and the 30SPF works really well to prevent sunburn (and I have very fair skin, so this is a big plus).

With the onset of summer, we welcome back (not really!) mosquitoes. My best find was the VG Wild Basil & Lemongrass Mosquito Repellent. This has the most amazing smell, it rubs on like a stunning moisturiser (not greasy or sticky) and works wonders. I have an allergy to bites so getting this right is crucial for me and I cannot recommend this product enough.

I am very concerned about the amount of plastic we as a society use without sparing enough thought to the consequences of our temporary-use, throwaway society. (I am generalising of course, and it fills my heart with so much gratitude that our customers are socially conscious and caring.) My first and easiest step towards preventing the use of plastic is to reuse my water bottle and for that I have chosen the green consol grip and go bottle.

Natural Lab Face Cream with SPF30

High-performance mineral sunblock all in one.

Wild Basil & Lemongrass Mosquito Repellent

Safe for the whole family, even babies.

Consol Grip & Go Bottle

This funky drinking bottle from Consol is both ergonomic and eco-friendly.


At the end of a long week, there is nothing better than relaxing and unwinding. The mood is set with my stunning Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp – the gentle soft colour takes the edge off. Once my feet are up, a lovely glass of red wine (my favourite atm is the Laibach Luck Bug Red Organic Wine) and if I am going for all out decadence; then the evening can only be topped off by picking at my favourite handmade cashew nut chocolate.

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Ball Shape

Made from pure Himalayan crystal salt.

Laibach Luck Bug Red Organic Wine

The Luck Bug blend is the perfect “everyday red” .

 Native Raw Honey Chocolate Bar Cashew Nut

Even the delightful smothering of chocolate is chock-full of protective antioxidants.

The gifts I bought that I secretly wanted to keep for myself:

BOM Jasmine & Ginger Body Butter

Jasmine oil has a beautiful exotic fragrance; it tones & balances the skin

I bought this amazing body butter for my BFF. Words cannot do the delicious smell of this body butter justice. The jasmine is intoxicating! And the intricate hand carved wooden container it comes in is simply gorgeous.

Simply Bee Hand Wash & Lotion Set

This 2-piece skincare set is the bee’s knees!

This ‘simple’ gift set turned out to be a big winner with my mom.

She loves.. no; she LOVES the Simply Bee hand wash and lotion. She’s totally converted now .

Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook - 200 Juices & Smoothies

Packed with plenty of easy-to-follow recipes for sublime smoothies and juices.

Finally, I bought this juice recipe book for my brother. And ever the entrepreneur, he has out sourced the job of juicing to his lovely child minder. She follows the easy recipes and the whole family enjoys fresh daily juices.

I hope you feel a little of the inspiration I feel at Faithful to Nature every day. Namaste‘ beauty-filled people xx

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