The One Trait You Need to Create a Successful Life

If you had to look around you and select one thing that the most successful people in all your different networks have in common, what would you choose? Luck, will, money, talent, time…?  

What if I told you that the thing that all these successful people have in common is courage, and that this is the single most influential trait that could make all the difference in living your life to its fullest potential. 

Real impact in our own, and others, lives happens when we step out of our comfort zone. It takes courage to be authentic, it takes courage to learn new skills and to reach for greatness. It takes courage to live in Joy.

The more we become comfortable with the uncomfortable, the easier it becomes to grow. 

I look at my team at Faithful to Nature, and there is no doubt that our shining stars have all had to spend many days way out of their comfort zone as they learned new skills, tried out the challenges of a leadership position for the first time, and in being willing to stretch themselves have had to deal with rejection and tough feedback. But I’ve watched over the years how much more at ease they have become with feeling out of ease in their jobs. And as a result – they are thriving.

I look at some of our most successful ideas at Faithful; they have all, every single one of them required great courage to invest in and pull off. Take Faithful the Fish. I had to smile when I consider how our CEO Katrien must have felt taking this idea to the board and requesting a limited marketing budget to build a big wire fish.

Whether we are talking about the likes of Richard Brandson or the new office administrator who has had no education or prior work experience and has had to take on the daunting challenge of using a computer… these tall trees that stand out in their communities can thank their brave hearts. Talent and money may help, but they certainly are not a given. But bravery is. The more you are willing to step out of your comfort zone, the greater and greater the potential of your life lived.

Courage is like a muscle, and with exercise, it will become fitter and stronger. I urge you to let go of any victimisation or blame that you carry about not getting what you want from life and instead spend some time with yourself gaining insights on where you are playing small or hiding. 

Which fears are you allowing to truthfully be the biggest obstacles in your life?

My son and I are reading a story a night from a gorgeous children’s book called, “Boys Who Dared.” It contains 100 stories of boys across the planet, throughout the ages, who created extraordinary impact in their and others lives, from Kind George the V1 to Jamie Oliver. And, of course, the golden thread weaving all of these stories together is the fact that all of these men had the courage to be authentic (even against often judgement and ridicule) and to follow their hearts. By choosing to honour their individuality rather than to be another sheep, they have created success beyond their wildest dreams.

The only thing standing between you and that next goal is not time or money but a brave heart. And I love what an equaliser that is.

Being brave will not only go a long way in your success but also your joy. You can read more about it here.

The greatest fruit to measure a life well-loved is joy, this is hardly surprising though.


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