Robyn Shares Her Top 13 Faithful Finds

Faithful to Nature is celebrating its 13th birthday this October 2019! Yes, we’ve reached a cosmically historical number on our journey of growth.

As we all know “ONE” is the first number of the number list. It represents birthnew beginnings and self-motivation. The number “THREE” is the number of creation and completion. It signifies the past, present and future with a sacred focus on harmony, wisdom and understanding.

WOW. So incredible that we can get to 13 years and look at our past, present and future. The initial fears of stepping out and doing things differently and the hardships that we’ve to overcome; to the present where we are experiencing our ‘teenage-like’ growth spurt and then ultimately looking toward the future and the hope for what is to come.

Having said this, we can’t imagine how our 13th year could’ve have been a more significant and memorable one. Throughout our journey there has been one unfailing factor that has fed life into our growth, and that has been our faith to nature.

In celebrating 13 years of greener, healthier living, we bring you our inspiring founder’s top thirteen faithful finds – these are the Faithful to Nature goodies she simply cannot go without!

Robyn’s Faithful Finds

1. Planting Calendar And Garden Guide


“It’s like GPS for your garden, love it!”

2. My Little Loves Adventure Romper

“Sustainable, local, funky wear for my loved little eco-warrior.”

3. Vegan Collagen Boost

“FTN have done all the thinking for us with this awesome kit… you can look beautiful without leaving a heavy footprint.”

4. Sophi Prime+Polish+Seal System

“So happy to have found this little number to add to my home spa”

5. Zooka Kombucha

“My absolute number 1 kombucha blend on the planet”

6. FTN Konjac Sponge

“My top beauty product for the year, works like a charm”

7. PATCH Eco-Friendly Plasters

“Yet another amazing addition to keep it that much greener and lighter in the home.”

8. Sealand Recycled Jolla Backpack

“Sealand are going to give Patagonia a run for their money and awesome ethics one day… just love this company and the high quality products that they produce.”

9. Faithful to Nature Anti Oxidant Mix

“These plastic-free berries are just so moreish, the whole family loves them. Perfect for festive season snacks too

10. EcoCoconut Multipurpose Bottle Brush

“This eco brush works so well, less fuss and less waste once you’re done!”

11. Mirror Moon Eco Glitter

“ Glitter without the guilt should put a smile on ever Goddesses face”

12. Homespun Apothecary Q10 Time Stopper

“I’ve been looking for a good blend of Q10 for a while, ladies this stuff works wonders!”
13. Heath & Heather Organic Sage And Lemon Tea
“Sage tea is called “the thinker’s drink”, because it helps to clear the mind and lift the spirits.
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