Sarah Grace Mysteries

Mural Artist, Sarah Grace Joins Our Easter Artist’s Collection

You can’t have Easter Eggs without a sprinkle of mystery. That’s why we’ve partnered with artist Sarah Grace – her abstract mural “Mysteries” is here to decorate our new, super hideable and limited edition chocolate egg gift. “Mysteries” will be auctioned off in support of environmental preservation – funds from the once-off auction will go to CTEET (The Cape Town Environmental Education Trust) to help future generations fall in love with nature too.

Getting Familiar Sarah Grace

Art has always been part of Sarah’s life – she’s inspired by going into nature, to the wild places hardly touched by human hands and capturing the spirit of undisturbed spaces. 

Outside of the craft, Sarah is a homebody and wife – passionate about food and wine, close to family, her friends, and her cat, Ava. Her hobbies touch on everything from ceramics to needle-point, cooking, and reading. She enjoys pottering around at home and long walks through nature in equal parts. 

FtN & Sarah Grace Go Way Back

We’re equal parts honoured and excited to collab with Sarah Grace on our limited edition Easter Eggs – she’s been conscious about natural products for a long time – and a regular FtN supporter! Being a 10-year-long fan of Victorian Garden, a lover of Triple Orange detergents and a convert of Natraloe Dry Shampoo – Sarah’s journey with FtN started in 2011 with the search for eczema-friendly skin products. Her advice for anyone wanting to start a conscious journey is to recycle as much as you can, support local as often as possible, and research regenerative brands to support – she says shopping for basics on FtN is a great start.

Your Support Impacts Generations to Come 

For this initiative, Sarah Grace chose the CTEET to benefit from the funds of a once-off auction of “Mysteries” – the artwork celebrating our Easter Eggs. The CTEET changes lives through their transformative nature program – their mission is to enlighten and educate children about the environment. A critical factor in ensuring that generations to come can benefit from and be a part of nature. 

Her Connection to Nature Runs in the Family

As the granddaughter of farmers, Sarah learned her love of nature through the gardens and fields that her grandparents nurtured. For this artist, finding a connection to nature is important because when people truly fall in love with nature, they’ll start looking after ‘her’ and become truer to themselves – and their own nature – along the way.

Sarah’s Art Serves to Connect People and Nature

When people are in a wild, naturally beautiful environment they begin to understand – that’s why Sarah’s art brings nature to people. With every artwork, she hopes to create an emotional connection to the curiosities and beauty of the natural world. There’s no meaning to the madness – Sarah’s “Mysteries” piece created for our limited edition Easter Eggs aims to invoke the feeling of natural beauty rather than a specific meaning – it’s open to your own interpretation, your own reactions and response at the moment.

South Africa Can MOVE Forward With Sustainability By Banning Single-use Plastics

Sarah believes in the restriction of single-use water bottles and shopping bags. She continues with, “South Africans should be enabled to invest in our soil health, whether through supporting regenerative agriculture or the initiatives that are working to restore the indigenous ecosystems of our country.” As individuals, we can contribute by recycling, choosing sustainable items over plastic items whenever you can, and eating more plants. As for businesses, she believes that companies should design organisational systems inspired by the circular economy, and invest in business models and products that add more back to nature than they take away.

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