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Robyn’s Healthy, Waste Free Easter Essentials

Make sure your Easter 2018 has all the essentials: from travelling to Easter egg hunts,  we’ve got your eco conscious solution.

Easter means different things to many but to me it brings up memories of family, travel and chocolate. And the wind, I cannot remember a sunny Easter weekend in years. As for the chocolate, I always feel conflicted. I’m all for bringing in a little magic even with the commercial aspects of Christmas, Easter and Halloween as it is a great excuse to do something out of the ordinary, but at the same time just cannot bring myself to stock up on piles of sugar loaded, plastic wrapped chocolate. And to be honest, on the odd year where I have bought a little so that my son can join in with the Easter hunting fun, I always end up turfing out most of the chocolate the following year as even he looses interest quickly. And when a great celebration ends with a pile of waste I am left feeling queazy and guilty about it all. But it is 2018 folks, and there is so much inspiration out there on having a healthy, waste free holiday that tops the charts in fun too. It just takes a little foresight and planning!

We’re off to the Eastern Cape for a week, and in my bag you will find the following:

In my handbag/carry on luggage for the plane, the car and the beach:

To keep the celebrations healthy, you’ll find the following types of aids in my bag

An awesome chocolate mould so we can make some of our own and special cookie cutters, like this fairy one I recently noticed when doing some birthday shopping for my son’s friend. I’m also taking some of the smooze coconut lollies which are always a hit with my whole family.

I’ll also be taking a balk pack of fresh produce shopping bags like these, which take up so little space in my bags but help keep the waste minimal when away from home.

My favourite travel toiletries are:

Tried and tested mosquito repellant and natural sunscreen for the whole family. The 2 in 1 shampoo is perfect for us all and we use that as a body wash while away too. The aqueous cream is also a perfect lotion for the whole family. I never travel without the pure herbals kiddies range too which covers us for any illness when away from home, or the natural aloe gel for any topical issues.

I hope your holidays are everything you are wishing for them to be this year. Take care of yourselves xox

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