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Hey Gorgeous Rebellious Mane Tamer 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner

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Hey Gorgeous Rebellious Mane Tamer 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner

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Hey Gorgeous Rebellious Mane Tamer 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner
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  • 250ml
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This double-duty hair care solution gives you all the cleansing power of a shampoo, with the softness and nourishment of a conditioner. Hey Gorgeous Rebellious Mane Tamer works to leave your locks shiny and soft to the touch, free of tangles or frizz. The superstar ingredient is jojoba, which tames tangles and adds shine, while cleansing your scalp and balancing your skin’s natural sebum. Hey Gorgeous Rebellious Mane Tamer is a must-have for those who love their locks.

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  • 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner
  • Gently cleans & de-tangles hair
  • Adds shine & bounce
  • No build-up or residue left behind

Jojoba oil:

  • Cleanses & balances the scalp
  • Adds shine to the hair
  • Tames frizz & tangles
  • Promotes healthy growth
  • Combats dryness
  • Reduces hair fall & split ends


  • A natural plant-derived alternative to SLS
  • Derived from coconut & palm oils; conforms to ECOCERT's natural & organic cosmetic standard


  • Apply to wet hair; gently massage into the hair & scalp.
  • For an intensive natural treatment, leave on for 4-5 minutes.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water, & repeat if needed.


Distilled water, Jojoba, Vitamin B5, SLSA, botanical infusions & essential oils

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Overall Rating
4.4 out of 5 stars from 71 reviews

66 out of 71 people would recommend this product

10/11/2023, By Me
Very impressed with this product initially bought by accident. My frizzy curly hair is tamed!
11/10/2023, By Christine
great for curly hair and surprisingly enough conditioning for my dry hair for a 2 in 1!
14/03/2022, By Stevette
My favourite shampoo and its 2 in 1 which a bonus... saves hair washing time!
18/12/2021, By Jenny
I'm afraid to try anything else. When my fine, thin hair which I colour gets strawy and dry, this shampoo just fills in the gaps and sorts it all out leaving my hair smooth and soft. I alternate it with gaia organics shampoo. They have thinned it down though.
12/09/2021, By Yvette
As a 2 in 1 it is great, hubby loves it!
26/07/2021, By LIZELL
Tried and tested many natural shampoo's - always come back to this one.
03/02/2021, By Ashleigh
Not great. I have curly hair with a lot of volume that requires a very good shampoo. This product dried out my hair terribly and Im still trying to rejuvenate it. I am now using another product from Faithful to Nature that is helping me fix my hair.
I would not recommend this product.
04/11/2020, By Tiffany
Love this as a 2-1 really gets rid of build up and leaves hair feeling soft and clean!
31/10/2020, By Ari
Fantastic product
10/09/2020, By Vanessa
Just started using but leaves hair clean, soft & manageable as promised. Very liquid, thin which helps to spread into very thick hair.
07/09/2020, By Jen
I am buying my second bottle. I have fine, thin hair so don't need to use a lot. I either wash it out immediately or leave it on a minute or two if it needs conditioning and find it just perfect.
23/08/2020, By Ash
Another great Hey Gorgeous product. Shampoo's and conditions and leaves hair soft and manageable.
06/08/2020, By Henriette
I am head over heels. It leaves my hair light and silky and smells fresh and natural. I can leave my hair to dry and run my fingers through it on the way out and I'm good to go. Natural and effortless hair.
02/08/2020, By Sue
My daughter and grand daughter both use this shampoo and love it!
11/07/2020, By Antionette
Exelent product. Leave my hair soft and shiny.
08/05/2020, By Lilia
Works so well
08/04/2020, By Jennifer
Love this product!
22/02/2020, By Eco
07/01/2020, By Helper
Well done
08/10/2019, By Gail
Although I don't have a rebellious mane, I do have lots of very fine fly-away hair. This shampoo left my hair feeling thick but not heavy, and also very soft and manageable.
06/10/2019, By Candice
Washes well and softens my curls.
17/09/2019, By Guinevere
Really great shampoo. Smells great, lathers very well. A bit pricey, but so far my favorite and I've tried about 7 different brands from this site. The Aloe and Olive is also great and slightly cheaper.
14/09/2019, By Sonia
Past shampoos have resulted in bad dry scalp for me, but not this one. This shampoo doesn't dry my hair out and leaves it shiny and soft. In fact, my hairdresser has mentioned that my hair finally looks healthy. Also, my mom has psoriasis and my sister has eczema...and they all love this shampoo too. Great shampoo and highly recommended...especially if you have sensitive scalps.
14/08/2019, By Yusra
Works well enough, I think. There isn't really a comparable for it. Doesn't detangle my hair, but it works fairly well.
09/08/2019, By Annie
I still need to use s conditioner after shampooing. But leaves my hair shiny and clean.
16/07/2019, By Claudine
I was extremely excited to try this product and it worked for me.. but only for about a month and then my head started acting out and became itchy and irritated. All in all it is still a good product but just not for this girl.
16/07/2019, By Kim
My kids love this shampoo/conditioner. It is 2 in 1, which is essential for my boys, lathers brilliantly and has a great smell. My gym bag favourite too...
08/07/2019, By Lily
Works well but still needs to be used with a conditioner, doesn't dry out hair but leaves a slight residue on the scalp.
13/06/2019, By Kristal
At last a natural shampoo that works brilliantly!
08/04/2019, By Lu
I'm back to buy my 4th bottle of this product... After initially thinking it was too expensive to be a regular addition to my bathroom shelf... Here's the lowdown: my hair is curly and prone to be dry, it's cut in a shortish bob - I literally use a 50c size worth of product at a time. The trick (for me!) is to wet your hair, lather it up, and then leave it for a few minutes before rinsing. If I don't "leave it in" for a few minutes, my hair tends to "stick together"... I finish with a styling product that includes moisture. I've literally not used another shampoo in over a year!
06/04/2019, By LIZELL
Works very well with my thick hair. Leaves hair shiny and so soft. The men in our household loves the simplicity of the 2in1. This product is a must in our household and a one for all shampoo: long hair, short , thin ,thick.
01/02/2019, By Callie
Not bad but leaves my hair flat and a bit lifeless.
24/01/2019, By Bianca
Really nice shampoo, leaves my hair feeling soft and not as frizzy/static as other shampoos.
28/12/2018, By Fran
I was really impressed with shampoo. Works well, leaves my curls soft and my hair sleek. A great alternative to my beloved Aussie range which is no longer available.
25/10/2018, By Jenny
I have thin, fine hair that I colour so the ends are inclined to be a bit strawy. While I have one arm in a sling I find this is perfect as I don't have to use extra conditioner, and it takes the strawy-ness out. So very happy.
10/10/2018, By Maxine
It works well, and it is still gentle. A lot of organic shampoos leave my hair feeling dry.
15/09/2018, By Marieta
his is the first natural shampoo I can honestly say that does what it says.
14/08/2018, By VanessaDeyzel
Smells divine and makes my kids’ hair really soft and shiny. Great product!
09/08/2018, By Mary
I find this shampoo a bit greasy, and am disappointed that it leaves my rebellious mane slightly tangled. It has a lovely fragrance though and works well when mixed with a few drops of Oneka shampoo.
27/07/2018, By Deborah
I must say that I don't have rebellious hair but I bought this as I thought it would take less space in my locker. Very happy with the product - leaves my hair soft and shiny. A little goes a long way.
20/07/2018, By Carien Liebenberg
I got this for my husband and we love it! It smells amazing and makes his hair so soft.
30/06/2018, By Chanelle-J
It does nourish the hair but I have to wash my hair more often because the build-up on my scalp is quite intense. I feel like my hair is more flat than silky and smooth.
30/06/2018, By Chanelle-J
It does nourish the hair but I have to wash my hair more often because the build-up on my scalp is quite intense. I feel like my hair is more flat than silky and smooth.
28/05/2018, By Jenny
If this was sold simply as a shampoo I would give it 4 stars. But as a 2-in-1 it did not do for my hair what it claims i.e. it did not leave my hair shiny and soft to the touch, nor free of frizz.
Also, while the scent is lovely while washing it does not remain in the hair once dry.
18/05/2018, By Tarryn
Great 2 in 1 shampoo. It lathers really well and you only need a little.
12/05/2018, By El
A rich moisturizing shampoo/conditioning combo. Gentle yet effective. Smells amazing.
A little goes a long way.
09/05/2018, By Clare
I have dry, curly hair so I have never used 2-in-1's before but I tried it because of the great reviews. Wow, this not only smells great but lathers well and is quite hydrating! I still have to use a conditioner or treatment mask but works better than any shampoo I have ever tried! Won't be changing any time soon.
31/03/2018, By Tracy
Wonderful and smells so good. So convenient having a two in one shampoo/conditioner for travel and day to day use.
22/03/2018, By hair godess
this leaves my hair so soft!!!!
26/02/2018, By Andi
Love it! My hair is so soft and manageable.
07/12/2017, By Nadia
I have long fine hair and while I think this is good for a 2 in 1, I still have to use my regular conditioner, otherwise my hair feels too dry.
15/11/2017, By Marieta
I am really impressed with this shampoo. I have an under active thyroid which causes my hair to be coarse and frizzy. From the first application my hair is feeling soft and more manageable. It is also worth noting that I have VERY thick hair and surprisingly I do not have to use half the bottle to wash my hair, just enough in the palm of my hand is sufficient, thus making the shampoo very economic. Also what is nice is that it is a two in one. Will definitely recommend this and be buying it again soon.
13/11/2017, By sumaya
Smells super awesome ! It foams up so well.
10/10/2017, By SunStar
Love It! I have very thick but dry hair. After the first use my hair was shiny & soft with lots of volume .... without the frizz! Added bonus is that the product smells divine too.
04/10/2017, By Janine
I've tried what could be over a hundred shampoos by now over the years and no matter how moisturizing they claim to be my hair would always be stripped of moisture after shampooing. This is the first time ever that my hair has felt smooth after shampooing. I have extremely dry, fine, curly hair so I still needed a bit of conditioner afterwards. Its 2 days later and I can't believe how soft and smooth my hair feels. My scalp is still a bit dry though so I'll have to experiment with adding essential oils for that.
18/08/2017, By Lizette
A really great combo with a lovely smell. A bit pricey but a little goes a long way.
08/06/2017, By Joan
Even though the bottle I received lists different ingredients to those above, I still love this shampoo. It does wonders for my afro. It leaves it feeling really clean and soft without that stripped feeling.
01/06/2016, By Paula
This 2 in 1 works excellent for my thin curly hair. It feels clean, smooth and curls define. Great!
27/02/2016, By Sandra
Disclaimer: I have thin, fine, easy to tangle hair. This does not work for me. It cleanses ok but I still need a conditioner after using it, and then my hair ends up greasy. It works fine for my daughter, and the fragrance is divine, but it doesn work for my hair at all.
24/02/2016, By Janet
This is a very nice product. I wash my hair daily and also have colour treated hair. I don find a need to use a conditioner with it.
08/02/2016, By Varsha
i love the smell from from the 2in1; however with durbans humidity and my naturally thick hair it is not enough to tame my locks.. i still have to use post wash products to keep them in check. will probably work great for inland people who do not have the added kzn humidity!
04/12/2015, By nicole
I really like the product, I use it sparingly as it makes a lot of lather, it smells really delicious! and I was sceptical about the 2-in-1 deal, but I haven had the need to apply conditioner afterwards and dont have to use a mouse or other products to keep my curls together anymore. I really do have scattered rebellious curls, and the product helps tame them just enough but still leaves me with a good amount of volume.
23/11/2015, By Lauren van Rooyen
Really works well with myself and 2 daughters, bit on the pricey side but the bottle has lasted. We all have very different hair types so esp useful when we are away ... one bottle for all of us and hair done ! Tried quite a few of the hair products various ranges on this side, like this one the best so far for its all purposeness.
10/11/2015, By Rolene
Would definitely buy this again. I love the smell and my looks great after using it. I like it even more than Naturalmente.
08/09/2015, By Robyn
I have very fine, wispy hair that dreads naturally by the end of the day. So while I still need to use a conditioner after my shampoo, I cannot recommend this great product enough. It is soft; creamy; smells beautiful; leaves my hair manageable and shiny - love it!
28/08/2015, By Carien
I was amazed. Ive been trying out different organic shampoos for a while now and could never quite get the correct one. Even though I still have to use a bit of extra conditioner after shampooing (I have long hair). I think this product is the one, Im a satisfied customer... ;o). Im now going to try their Coconut Oil for extra moisture.
20/08/2015, By Chanell
I was so excited to try this product, the first of its kind that I have come across in the natural or organic ranges - yay! a 2-in-1! But was a bit disappointed. Still had to use conditioner and it has a very runny consistency, have to use quite a lot to make a lather and difficult to get onto hair without it all running through your fingers
01/08/2015, By Vanessa
The best shampoo Ive used thus far. After using it my hair is so shiny and soft and still looks fresh days later. Ive received so many compliments regarding my hair since using this product. The fact that its a 2 in 1 and so quick and easy to use is a bonus.
24/07/2015, By Jennifer
I chose this product by its name: Rebellious mane, as there are 2 long, thick, curly manes in this household. We needed something bio-degradable as our grey water runs onto our farm land. Ive never been a fan of 2-in-1 varieties but my boyfriend wanted something fast so he could wash his hair more often,as he gets quite dirty on the farm and his hair knots something terrible. This Hey Gorgeous product is simply amazing! It leaves hair soft and silky and you only need to use a very small amount. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.
05/06/2015, By Mizelle
Really enjoying the ease of using only one product and it delivers on what it promises.
04/06/2015, By Julia
This is my new favourite natural shampoo and conditioner. I love that its a 2 in 1 formula that saves hassle and expense; plus it foams just enough, and leaves my hair feeling very clean and soft. Personally I think this is the best Hey Gorgeous product Ive tried so far.

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