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Eye-Opening Natural Ways to Boost Your Tiny Tots Immune System

Most mothers with young children at this time of year feel that there is constant warfare to keep their household healthy. Unfortunately a large percentage of children are required to take frequent and prolonged courses of chemical antibiotics, which often only lead to further weaken the immune system and in some cases, exacerbate allergies.  Moms despair and promise themselves that this will be the last course of anti-biotics, but wheezy chests the following week are too horrific to bear (quite rightly) and anti-biotics are given again.

I understand that you may feel helpless, confused and continually anxious about the next signs of illness that follow on from every play-date. But, keep an open mind and please give these suggestions a try.


Here are a few simple tricks to use the power of natural nutrition for the war for health – and I speak from experience here. We’ve been very fortunate that my almost 6-year-old son has never had to take a course of antibiotics, even though he obviously does get sick. While I do believe that western medicine has its place, and I will be very grateful for the day we need them and have access to them, it concerns me deeply to see how misused and misunderstood this practice can be within the home. I see kids jump from one course of antibiotics to the next, while their immune systems struggle to recover in-between and I feel for them and their parents, who I know are just doing the best they know how with the information they’ve been given.

  1. KEEP IT FRUITY. Fruits are high in vitamin C and antioxidants, and both of these natural nutrients boost the immune system. Antioxidants travel through the bloodstream and protect tissue from damage. They are like the anti-rust protection in an automobile, helping reduce the wear and tear on the engine. The less wear and tear on the body, the less susceptible it is to infection. You can always make smoothies for your babies and feed it to them as puree.
  2. BOOST ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS (EFAs). Put linseeds; sunflower seeds and almonds through a grinder or blender to get a fine powder. With it’s nutty sweet taste, it can be added to a variety of meals – it is especially good on vegetables. EFAs boost the immune system and reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract.
  3. MAKE FRIENDS WITH GARLIC. It is a wonderful natural antibiotic. And is most effective if taken fresh and raw.  To do this, pass 2 raw garlic cloves through a crusher to express their juice and mix this juice in fresh sweet fruit juices or steamed vegetables, or any mealtime foods that your child will enjoy. Alternatively, try our natural antibiotic made from garlic extracts.
  4. GET THE RIGHT OMEGAS. Omega 3 fats, especially those found in cold-water fish, are key immune boosters and maintain the health of almost every single organ in the body. Plus they increase the efficiency of white blood cells which fight bacteria. Grandmothers knew this fact years ago in the pre-antibiotic era when they prescribed that awful tasting cod liver oil. Either feed your children a good source of wild salmon three times a week, or take grandmothers advice and add a little cod liver to juice or oatmeal.

TOP TIP: Chia and Hemp seeds are a great source of ETA’s.  This awesome cereal from Health Connection packs a powerful fatty acid punch.  This hemp seed bar is a great lunchbox treat!

  1. DON’T BE TOO SWEET. Find alternatives to sugar and other sweeteners. Studies continuously show that a high intake of sugar reduces the ability of immune-fighting white blood cells significantly.Coconut blossom sugar is a great-tasting alternative.
  2. FIND QUALITY VITAMIN C. Unfortunately the vast majority of ascorbic acid available in vitamin C synthesised from corn sugar. Even though it fits the strictly defined molecular structure of vitamin C, it is really not the form encountered in food.  Find a 100% natural vitamin C from plant sources, like The Real Thing Ester-C Combo Tablets, made with sea vegetables and citrus bio-flavonoids. Otherwise, harness the availability of superfoods, and add a powder like Baobab powder into smoothies and deserts.  Baobab contains high levels of Vitamin C, calcium and dietary fibres. Recent studies have shown that baobab fruit is an excellent antioxidant and has prebiotic properties.
  3. KEEP THE TREAT REAL. Homemade cookies and cakes with wholemeal flour, oats, cold-pressed oils, honey, dried fruits, and linseed, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and almonds powders.  These are much healthier than store-bought bakes, which contain sugar, salt and artificial chemicals. All of these ingredients are available on our online organic shop.
  4. EAT LIKE A RABBIT. Green leafy vegetables boost our immune systems, provide antioxidant protection and rejuvenate our cells. Green leafy vegetables also contain significant amounts of protein, minerals and fibre. As we naturally eat heavier, richer, cooked foods in winter it is important to keep eating a proportion of raw greens.  They provide balance to our meals and aid digestion and detoxification. Children need protein to build muscle, bone, and a robust endocrine system. They need zinc to assure growth, healing, immunity and maturation through puberty. They need a host of trace nutrients to run and regulate enzyme systems throughout the body, fuel brain development, and, ultimately, support the entire system. These fantastic little green numbers will reduce the onset of those greying hairs.

TOP TIP: Smoothies are a wonderful way to sneak green food into your children’s diets. Get them involved in making their own smoothies. The great thing about this is that you can sneak superfood powders in without any resistance. Getting your children to help you grow your greens is another way to get them on board the green train.

  1. OPT FOR TISSUE SALTS. Try our organic tissue salts the moment you signs of illness. Tissue salts provide the body’s cells with essential inorganic nutrients, helping to correct cellular imbalances and boost the body’s self-healing and cleansing abilities. Modern living tends to deplete your body’s salt reserves, and this tissue salt imbalance leaves you vulnerable to numerous ailments. My experience has been that tissue salts are especially effective with children. The biometric tissue salt blends from AllisOne are ground by hand and carefully formulated to retain 100% of their mineral value. All tissue salts are sugar-free, lactose-free and vegan-friendly, prepared using time-honoured, traditional biochemical methods. This Pegasus Homeopathics Kit is also an amazing investment and covers them all.

TOP TIP: I often hear people say that one of the drawbacks of homeopathic medicine is that it takes much longer to work. Please do clarify this with your practitioner as in reality if you have found the correct ailment you should see a noticeable improvement, within 24 hours.

  1. KNOW YOUR SILVER. Colloidal silver is a wonderful all-natural mineral supplement perfect for babies or young children who inevitably suffer from all the usual childhood ailments. It is not a medicine or a drug but rather all-natural ionised silver in de-ionised water with natural viricide, nactericide and fungicide properties, which all support the body in overcoming infections. It is a remarkable catalyst in the reproduction of a healthy, disease free cellular life. It has been used in space (NASA and MIR Space Station) for many years and has natural antibiotic properties. It strengthens the body’s natural immune system to function at optimum output. Best of all, it hardly tastes of anything and so can be given to children without any hassles.
  2. GO ESSENTIAL OR HERBAL. Often under-estimated, essential oils and herbs can only add to the length of your “supermom cape”. These are some of my favourite products to help my children heal faster and stay healthy for longer:
  • This blend of essential oils is amazing for tight chests or blocked noses – I put a few drops on pyjamas, and in the bath and everyone sleeps better for it!
  • The infusions vapour rub is a great alternative to conventional chest rubs with a lot of petroleum byproduct. This mom who left a review on the product, says it better than I ever could: “I was so so happy to find this – I hate using Vicks on my son, as it contains formaldehyde and other nasties, but has been one of the only vapour rubs with camphor in it that works. I have even researched and spoken to other parents with the same worries who cannot find an alternative that works as well. Now there is one! This stuff works like a bomb, isn’t too mild or overwhelming, but perfectly soothing. I’m telling all the parents I know about it!” – Alex
  • This natural inhaler is perfect for the whole family too.
  • Another favourite in the medicine chest: Pure Herbal Remedies. They have been an absolute lifesaver in our home, treating everything from pink eye to snotty noses, upset tummies, and mild fevers.  I honestly cannot recommend them enough.
  1. A DOSE OF TURMERIC A DAY KEEPS THE DR AWAY. Turmeric is one of the foods with the highest antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is anti-viral and anti-fungal. It’s certainly not news these days that this is a goodie, and as a result there are so many great ways to get your kids to ingest more of it. Try this turmeric-infused honey or make your own Golden Turmeric Latte, or even these DIY Turmeric Gummies (kiddies will think they’re munchies on sweeties). This Turmeric Plus contains over 5.5% curcumin, the active compound in turmeric and is a great one to add turmeric to your kid’s foods.
  2. GO WITH YOUR GUT. The friendly bacteria in our tummies, otherwise known as probiotics, protect our digestive tracts, help us expel toxins and shield us from harmful bacteria and viruses, there it is no surprise that when these good soldiers are lacking our ability to stay healthy and fight off possible illness becomes weakened. This high strength probiotic spray is perfect for kids over the age of one.
  3. DON’T FORGET YOUR VITAMIN D. Adequate levels of vitamin D are essential for our immune systems to function properly. This often overlooked vitamin could be the missing link in your child’s healthy immune system. I love these great vitamin D chews as they contain probiotics too.

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