Author: Jessica Kotlowitz

What to Eat to Balance Your Electrolytes

Whether you’re a pro-athlete, a weekend warrior or just a regular gym-goer, you will know that your nutrition and hydration are of utmost importance for your performance and recovery. During exercise, the average person will lose between 0.8 and 1.4 litres of water per hour mostly through sweat. Sweat is made up of not just water, but electrolytes such as sodium, chloride and potassium which need to be replaced in order to ensure adequate hydration. Failing to replace these electrolytes can lead to symptoms such as cramping, fatigue, muscle soreness and dizziness. Extreme dehydration and electrolyte imbalances can even...

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Pregnancy: Month 9: What Our Dietitian Has To Say

You have reached the final month of your pregnancy and by this time you are feeling ready, if not impatient to meet your little one. Your baby has dropped down into your pelvis which has helped to relieve your constipation and heartburn. Your baby will continue to grow and build up fat stores during this month so it will be important for you to continue to eat nutrient dense foods and to get enough calories and protein in. This is also a good time for you to start preparing your body for birth, and this includes preparing yourself nutritionally....

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Pregnancy: Month 8: What Our Dietitian Has To Say

You’re nearing the end of your pregnancy and by this time you will most likely be feeling uncomfortably heavy, moving around will be more tedious and you will be more tired than usual. Your baby will be gaining weight rapidly at this point, so you may find that you are extra hungry. But as the baby continues to grow and push upwards into your abdomen, you may find that you get full more quickly or that you experience heartburn when eating, due to less space available in your stomach. Getting in enough nutrients, protein and calories are as important...

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Pregnancy: Month 7: What Our Dietitian Has To Say

Welcome to the 3rd trimester! This is usually a time of nerves and excitement as you prepare for your babies’ arrival. By the third trimester, your baby is a fully formed little human and will use the remaining months of pregnancy to develop his or her lungs, reflexes and most importantly, to grow and gain weight. This means that you will need to keep paying attention to your nutrition so that your baby continues to gain weight as much as possible before birth. Especially important is ensuring that you get sufficient energy, protein and iron. In fact, the largest...

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Pregnancy: Month 6: What Our Dietitian Has To Say

You have reached the sixth month of your pregnancy and whilst you may be rid of most nausea and food aversions, you may also be experiencing food cravings. Food cravings are characterized by a longing for a specific food or combination of foods. These may be foods that you previously disliked or combinations of foods that you would never have thought of eating before. You can even have cravings for non-edible substances such as chalk, ice or soil (a condition known as Pica). The exact cause of food cravings during pregnancy is unknown but is thought to be largely...

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