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Bee Natural Cococabana Body Butter

Bee Natural Cococabana Body Butter
Bee Natural Cococabana Body Butter
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  • SPF20
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Cover yourself in sunshine with this magical coconut and honey body butter made from all natural raw honey, beeswax, bee pollen, propolis and coconut oil. All the ingredients used bring something special and healing to this body butter, leaving you feeling positively radiant. What’s more, carrot seed oil has been added for its natural SPF properties (between 20 and 40), so this indulgent cream will protect you from those harmful UV rays.

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  • Bee Natural Cococabana Body Butter contains beeswax, which softens and protects your skin
  • Pure raw honey is a brilliant antioxidant and detoxifies your skin
  • Bee pollen nourishes your skin, keeping it healthy
  • Propolis has antibacterial properties
  • Coconut oil is a natural miracle that is moisturising and rejuvenates your skin’s overall condition
  • Pure orange essential oil gets your circulations going, which is great for cellulite
  • Carrot seed oil has a natural SPF of between 20 and 40
  • 100% natural chemical, synthetic fragrance and preservative free
  • UV protection

Bee Natural are masters of bees and have come up with some wonderful products that are geared towards looking after you and your skin. Committed to sustainable farming and production methods, everything used in their beauty products is natural and chemical free.


Beeswax, raw Honey, Pollen, Propolis, Coconut Oil, cold-pressed Avocado Oil, pure Orange Essential Oil, Carrot Seed Oil

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Overall Rating
4 out of 5 stars from 59 reviews

49 out of 59 people would recommend this product

21/07/2021, By UmmiLion
I love this product but I didn't like that it had a smell like old oil
26/01/2021, By Alistair
18/01/2021, By Kiara
Love it, I only use this
04/11/2020, By Tlholo
Its good
24/10/2020, By Melanie
I love this brand
16/10/2020, By T
Received a sample of this and was very impressed. It really calmed down an eczema breakout I was having
02/08/2020, By Rubleen
Love this product its one of my favorites. I use it when I get out the bath an for my baby. It smelly lovely too
20/07/2020, By Alicia
Love the spf in this and how natural it is. Use it on my kids faces daily. Just a bit greasy so have to rub it in well
16/06/2020, By Rubleen
I love this product, it makes my skin an babys skin so soft.
21/04/2020, By Nelmari
Love Love Love!!! Smells amazing and last longer than any other body lotion.
29/03/2020, By Lucy
Moisturises and smells great!
26/09/2019, By Roux
Smells great! easy to put on. Just watch out does attract the odd bee
25/03/2019, By Cecilia
Smells great, a bit oily though. I only use a little bit at a time so it lasts quite long.
17/03/2019, By Rosh
I love the feeling of this body butter on my skin; my skin felt beautifully moisturised. However, the consistency is a but runny, and I expected a bit more of a fragrance - it's rather subtle.
16/03/2019, By Kgauhelo
Very oily on skins so we mix it with aqueous cream to dilute a bit but really great treatment for the skin. Heavenly smell.
26/02/2019, By lungi
I love this stuff, I also use their tissue oil, both very moisturizing, not drying at all, like other oils usually do
04/02/2019, By Melis
I find it very oily but I can't complain because my skin just soaks it up. The bonus factor is that it has a natural sunscreen benefit, without clogging your pores. PLUS, it smells sensational!
04/01/2019, By Estelle de bruyn
What a lovely feeling as this oil glides over the skin. The scent is so natural, love it.
17/12/2018, By Danielle
It works well even on fair skin.
07/12/2018, By Tacita
Think it is super. My kids and I use it and it works wonderfully. Love the smell and how conditioning it is for the skin.
19/11/2018, By Button
I love it - and my skin loves it too; and love the fact that it doesn't "smell great", as this, to me, means that it hasn't been tampered with.
14/11/2018, By Melinda
Feels nice in the skin. Not my favourite scent
13/11/2018, By Riley
Works very well
13/11/2018, By Riley
Works very well
04/08/2018, By Danielle
Ive got a light skin tone so was sceptical, but I braved the hottest beach days and it works! Smells good but could use more citrus oil for scent. No complaints though!
04/06/2018, By Jeanne J
I tried it and found it too runny and oily for me, ugly packaging and didn't like the smell. Love this brand, just don't like this product. BUT I gave it to my friend and she really liked it!
09/04/2018, By rebi
best sunscreen ever - it moisture the skiing for a lon time and really is the best in feel smell and so working - I love this product
09/04/2018, By rebi
best sunscreen ever
01/03/2018, By Danielle
It does its job by protecting you from the sun (I'm fair complexioned) I only think it can smell a lot better - it's missing a vibrant orange scent (although it states orange is included). Its a pretty good moisturiser as well so you don't want to add your own scented lotion after.
28/02/2018, By T
I really didn't like this. Despite exfoliating my skin regularly this product just kind of sat on my skin without absorbing properly. I don't know about its sun protection abilities because I could only use at night due to it not absorbing. The bottle also isn't the best packaging considering how thick the product is.
20/02/2018, By Wilna
I am allergic to the world and finding any body butter or body cream has been an endless struggle. This, however is the BEST one I have ever used. Not only do I have no reaction to it whatsoever, it leaves my skin feeling like silk and super healthy. Great product!
05/02/2018, By Anneen
The body butter has a strong coconut smell, I like it but it could put people off. It definitely makes my skin soft and hydrated. It is very oily though so not ideal to put on just before going out. I haven't tried it in the sun
22/12/2017, By Alicia
Love the smell...its a bit greasy at first but most natural lotions are like that. My favorite is that it has natural spf in it
11/12/2017, By Nicole
I found this a bit too oily and doesn't absorb well. I haven't tried using it in the sun yet, so can't confirm that it provides any sun protection.
11/12/2017, By Lily
This is one product i love so much and never want to be without! It smells heavenly too!
22/11/2017, By Paula
I wouldn’t use it as a sunscreen but definitely as an after-sun. It smells amazing and is perfect for hydrating your skin after being in the sun.
07/10/2017, By Yvette
Love the smell, just too oily though!
16/09/2017, By Tanz
It's an excellent skin moisturizer for the body. The most hydrating and luxurious body cream/butter I've used. I love it. The tiny beads that don't dissolve in the bottle are my only nuisance as they fall to the ground whenever I put the cream on so in that respect it's a bit messy to use but it's so super hydrating and luxurious that I can overlook this, although it is annoying. Other than that it's an amazing product.
03/08/2017, By Michael
Citrus oils are not advised for sun exposure!
12/06/2017, By Monique
The smell is divine, i use it as a night time moisturizer, it is very oily so if you don't like a shiny face, don't use it when you're about to go out. Just doesn't work in winter because the contents become so hard because of the cold that you can't get it out.
26/05/2017, By ShiSandy
I absolutely love this as a natural alternative to chemical sunscreens. It smells great, makes your skin feel lovely and really does prevent sunburn.
26/12/2016, By Carina
This product should really not be listed as a sunblock. My friends and I got burned badly after only a couple of hours in the sun.Extremely oily and causes breakouts.
20/05/2016, By Sheri
I actually like this product as a moisturizer. Im not sure if it works as a sunscreen as I haven got burnt and I don spend a lot of time in the sun. I found that this product is very rich and oily but it will work best for dry skin. You also have to use very little as it is quite thick. I love the smell of this product and it is actually one of my favorite products from Bee Natural.
18/05/2016, By Michael
It is my understanding that any citrus oil exacerbates sun exposure.
02/05/2016, By Tanya
I dont know if I miss understood the use of the product, but it didnt help at all.. my husband had melanoma cancer a couple of years ago, and I used this product as a sun screen while we were in Durban two weeks ago, and he fried in the sun... I wouldn recommend it especially for men, because it is super oily and my husband felt uncomfortable with it on his skin, shining like an angelic being.. I will use it as a sun tan lotion from now on.. I had to buy Nivea... and with a tight budget I didn expect spend R112 + R250 on sunscreen.. plus I really wanted to stay away form chemical products..
01/02/2016, By Leigh
I have not used this as a sunscreen on its own because I am very fair, but I use it when I know Ill spend a little time in the sun (in the car, daily etc). I like it but I often use too much...its greasy, so use sparingly. Overall I am happy with the effect on my skin
27/01/2016, By Jessica
My husband is olive-skinned and doesn really burn, but after using this he burned quite badly- I think the oily texture acts more to attract the sun rather than resist it.
20/10/2015, By Stacey-Lee
Im super tempted to buy this because it sounds deliciously decadent, but Ive done a lot of research on carrot seed oil, and the claims that it works as a natural spf haven been proven. I wouldn tempt fate by trying this out under our African sin. Zinc is a way better, and proven, natural sun block.
05/10/2015, By Genevieve
A very rish moisturiser with a nice scent. I have dry skin love rich creams butters, but this I even found a little too rich. I still love it would recommend it.
05/10/2015, By Lebo
This product is awesome. Its great as a moisturizer and as sunscreen.
05/06/2015, By Adriana
This product blew my mind! We recently went to Mozambique, where I last got a second-degree sunburn while wearing a high SPF. One morning, we decided to take a two-hour stroll on the beach on our way to breakfast. When we started our way back, it was already 11AM. I haven used the product before, and even though I knew about the UV protection carrot seed oil provides, I was convinced I was going to burn blisters once again. When we finally got back, my fair skin wasn red, hot or blotchy. And the next day, my skin looked even better than before! Smooth, moisturised, and even a little bit more tanned (first time ever!). It must be said that the product is rather like an oil than a lotion or body butter, but from my experience, it hasn left any marks on my clothing. And the smell is heavenly!
15/05/2015, By Jane
I have dry skin - but I apply this once in the morning and don have to reapply at all during the day. Its awesome.
09/03/2015, By ronel
Love the cococabana body butter.
16/02/2015, By Mieke
When I used it for the first time, I was a bit dissapointed by the texture, it is not at all like your usual body butter, don know why they call it that, but don expect a cream or something, its oil based and feels greasy at first...that said, it smells very nice and is perfect for when you
e gonna be in the sun for a while, it keeps your skin protected and very soft for a loooong time! I love it!
12/11/2014, By Siamisang
Left my skin soft, we---moisturised and after spending some time in the sun its claims of having an SPF are 100% true. Love!
17/04/2014, By Katia
It leaves my body all day long moisterised. And what a nice smell. I love it.
13/01/2014, By Natilee
Really enjoying this product. It works great, spreads easily and smells deliciously like coconut. It is oil based and therefore works well for casual/outside activities but I wouldn wear it for formal occasions. It leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft and burn-free. Love it!
23/12/2013, By Jenny
I have used other Bee Natural products and have been very happy with them but I do not like this one at all. Its too oily, has an unnatural coconut smell; an un-smooth texture, and it doesn work very well as a sun protection.
22/12/2013, By Helen
A wonderful; great smelling and very nourishing product. My skin has a wonderful glow to it even with the long days in the sun and wind and I am convinced I have Bee Natural and Faithful to Nature to thank for this :)

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