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Stefani Water Filters Replacement Candles

Stefani Water Filters Replacement Candles
Stefani Water Filters Replacement Candles
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Stefani Ceramic Water Filter Candles are simple in design and easy to maintain. The Stefani Dechlorinating candle filter features activated carbon, which eliminates bad odors and improves the taste of the water. Stefani Dechlorinating candle filter can last 6 to 9 months depending on usage and local water quality standards.

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Stefani Ceramic Water Filter Candles are simple in design and easy to maintain. The Stefani Dechlorinating candle filter features Activated Carbon, which eliminates bad odors and improves the taste of the water. Stefani Dechlorinating candle filter can last 6 to 9 months depending on usage and local water quality standards.

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Overall Rating
4.8 out of 5 stars from 125 reviews

122 out of 125 people would recommend this product

04/03/2024, By Natalie
We love our Stefani water filter and could not live without it.
Please FTN, never stop stocking Stefani spares - like these candles and the taps. I agree with Bree's review - the candle is costly, perhaps running a special every year, two for the price of one, would be a good idea.
24/02/2024, By Bree
fantastic product but the price has nearly doubled in last 15 months, its not really affordable for the average person!! I purchased for R275 at the end of 2022 - it was on special and I got two for the price of one (so two for R275). In February 2024 it costs R435 for one - that is extremely high inflation
04/08/2023, By Janine
The Stefani water filter works really well. I replace the filter candle every 3 or 4 months. Its best to buy it from Faithful-to-Nature as they pack it so well. The filter candle is very fragile.
14/12/2022, By Rowena
We enjoy the Stefani water filter. We do notice that the flow slows considerably after a few months
09/11/2022, By Mariannel
We have used the Stefani water filter for years and would not be without it again.
07/09/2022, By aileen
great filter systems , water tastes so good.
08/08/2022, By Pip
I'm so happy that these filters are available from FTN because I love my Stefani filter and can now replace them at the same time as ordering my favourite health foods online.
09/06/2022, By Deon
Good for filtering chlorine and fine sandy residues that plague our water system when repairs are done, or just for better, cleaner water due to this antibacterial filter.
12/05/2022, By Shelley
These work great and the Stefani water system is a fantastic idea. However our water is loaded with impurities and heaven alone knows what else, that the replacement candles only last between 2-3 months. This means that it is a very expensive system to operate. It is effective and the water tastes great, but so expensive. The candles too have become unaffordable which is unfortunate
12/03/2022, By Sue
Bought my Stefani water Filter more than 15 years ago. It has travelled with us to all the exciting neighbouring African Countires we have visited. Would never be without it.
10/03/2022, By Alison
Have used the Stefani system for 20 years. Love the taste of the water and the look of the system
22/02/2022, By amanda
excellent filter system
21/01/2022, By Diane
Such a marvellous water purifying system. We've had ours for 25 years and still love it. Wouldn't change the ceramic case for anything. Keeps water cool in Summer. Just the very best.
15/12/2021, By Rowena
Easy to use and to keep clean
15/12/2021, By Rowena
Easy to use and to clean
07/12/2021, By Leatitia
This is the only water I drink it home. The filters are so easy to change and lasts! Fantastic product
06/12/2021, By Shanaaz
the filter lasts for about 6 months . The upper tank needs to be filled. The water is cool and clean. It is pleasant to drink and the different to drinking tap water is evident. I am glad I made the change. I love the product
20/10/2021, By Chelle
I use this in my stefani filtration system. It works beautifully !
24/08/2021, By Wendy
Lasts for 6 months, a bit of a process filtering off the first few litres but I will never drink tap water again
05/08/2021, By Maninie
Still going storing 3 yrs later
02/07/2021, By Gabriele
We are using the filter now the 3rd year- very happy with the product Filter must only be replayed every 5-6 months and the price is reasonable.
26/06/2021, By Verena
The Stefano water system has been such a successful purchase!!! Had it for years already and still magnificent
26/06/2021, By Phyl
I have used these filters for over 30 years. The best.
08/06/2021, By Rowena
I love the Stefani water filter system. It works very well for our family
21/05/2021, By Leatitia
Fantastic water filter product! Can't beat this fresh taste.
19/05/2021, By Aryn
Can’t live without my Stefani filter.
The replacement process of these candles is easy and they do a great job on our drinking water
10/05/2021, By Paul
Great product, use it everyday, really improves the taste of our municipal water
25/03/2021, By Susan
I couldn't live without this product. Economical and easy to use
19/03/2021, By Charlie
I can't bear all the chlorine I can taste now in tap water, these filters make water so soft and tasty
14/03/2021, By Kieran
First purchased a Stefani unit in 2016 and the candle filtered brilliantly - you could a hear each drop. Recent purchases just seems to drain through a bit too quickly. Appears that the quality of the candle may have changed.

If someone could provide input that would be great.
25/02/2021, By Verena
Love my Stefani water purification system. Had it for years and it works so well
18/02/2021, By Bee
Great natural taste and quality of water
17/02/2021, By Neischa
I already love the filtered water. And I have not used this one yet, but I purchased it for just in case, and when the 6 months are up.
30/12/2020, By Kim
Effective and good product
26/12/2020, By Rob
I have replaced the candles several times and always good results
13/12/2020, By Deborah
Needed a slight scrub to start working efficiently. Otherwise an excellent filter system.
26/11/2020, By Jeannie
As always, an excellent product
11/11/2020, By Wendy
The best investment! The filters are well priced considering they last for 6 months.
27/10/2020, By Izak
My water tastes great. Thank you for a great product
26/10/2020, By Rowena
I enjoy the quality of water from my Stefani filter
19/09/2020, By Sheldeen
They are very effective and easy to use.
20/08/2020, By TR
A bit pricey especially if they have to be replaced more often but a great water filter system
17/08/2020, By Heleen
We replace our filter every 4 to 6 months. Very happy with our Stefani filter.
16/08/2020, By Kim
I love my water filter. Had to buy the replacement filter as I had been away for a long time and the filter didn’t work properly anymore. Works perfectly now with the replacement :)
11/08/2020, By Yolandi
Works a charm. Provides good, clean and sweet drinking water.
30/07/2020, By Ocean
Great stuff
21/06/2020, By Mimi
This filter system has changed my life! Bought it on special yrs ago and when I see how expensive it has become, I’m glad I bought it then
21/06/2020, By Mimi
This filter system has changed my life! Bought it on special yrs ago and when I see how expensive it has become, I’m glad I bought it then
15/06/2020, By Kim
I love my Stefani water purifier.
09/06/2020, By Goodness
Works properly
28/05/2020, By Rock
Will use it when needed. Delivery was good
21/05/2020, By Tanner
Very useful
13/05/2020, By Nina
Great to be able to buy these replacement filters for my 6l countertop water filter.
04/04/2020, By Blue
01/04/2020, By Winner
Good stuff
16/03/2020, By Mahala
Just what I was looking for and it is working well and easy to instal.
15/03/2020, By L
Fits in my "Only Natural" water purifier, love it.
07/03/2020, By Cersei
Excellent product. Easy to change and has great longevity. Huge fan of the Stefani water filters. We have had a ceramic filter for years now and the water still tastes the best compared to anything else.
09/02/2020, By Orignal
30/01/2020, By ValerieK
Great product. The filter is easy to change and lasts for ever!
29/01/2020, By Phyl
Have used the Stefani water filters for about 25 years. Love them - have 2. Nothing better for great tasting water.
14/01/2020, By Support
07/01/2020, By Tania
Love love love my Stephani, I have the 8L unit, so need two candles at a time. I only needed to replace my candles after 12 months (as I do clean my unit regularly), so the first set were great quality. Unfortunately my second set of replacement candles were not as good. The one candle's 'staff' or screw-in-part broke off when I screwed it back into the vessel after cleaning it (only 1 month old!!!!)
21/12/2019, By Cheryl
I have had my Stefani filter for about 20 years. I change the filter about once a year but scrub it about every two months to get any sediment off. I highly recommend this filter system!
15/11/2019, By Pete
I have had my Stefani Water Filter for about 15 years and the candle works so well that I only need to replace it about once a year, It needs to be cleaned about once a month to remove the mud that is trapped on the outside - showing how effective the candle is because one does not see the mud in the tap water.
13/11/2019, By Emmarentia
i bought the Stefani water filter system about 3 years ago through FTN - never looked back!!
28/10/2019, By Diana
Great water and easy to replace candle
11/10/2019, By TR
Really love the quality of the water and excellent customer service from Stefani. The filter just got used up quite quickly in our area but keen to try the new one and see this time around
09/10/2019, By D
No need to buy bottle water nemore. My StefanI water filter is lovely
09/09/2019, By Elizabeth
2 months into purchasing this for our filter, it broke by the pipe part (we discovered this when we removed it to clean the water filter because it wasn't filtering any water through - because the water filters get clogged after a few days and you must continuously clean them to make the filtering drip fast again).
The quality of this product seems to be going down (we have had our Stefani water filter for about 2 years now).
01/09/2019, By Heleen
We love our Stefani water filter! We replace the candle every 6 months and then it runs like a dream again, lovely fresh water!
26/08/2019, By Nina
This is a replacement filter for the best water filter I've ever used. Tap water makes me feel weird in my brain (probably flouride and chlorine), bottled water bloats my tummy (darn plastic-leeching compounds!), reverse osmosis water gives me cramps (it lacks all minerals and is literally 'dead') - however, THIS water is awesome and makes me feel so much more alive. The clay water filter does not remove the vital minerals we need but gets rid of the chemicals we really dont need.
16/08/2019, By Gerda
Die Stefani water suiweraar en vervangbare filters is 'n uitstekende produk teen 'n baie goeie prys.
30/06/2019, By nicole
i really live this whole system, an easy and cost effective way to purify and restore water vitality. easy to install and maintain and clear instructions. just unclear what the most environmentally friendly way is of discarding the used candle?
27/06/2019, By Mel
Best water filter
18/06/2019, By Cheryl
We have been using our Stefani Water for 20 years. Excellent product!
17/06/2019, By Phyllis
Very reasonable and water tastes good. Very happy that I bought it!
14/06/2019, By Gerda
I've been using the Stefani Water filters for a long time. High quality.
25/05/2019, By Terry
I was shocked the first time I changed the candle - it was disgusting. And to think I was drinking that before I got the Stefani purifier! Those candles are pure magic!!
14/04/2019, By Mez vd Berg
Been using Stefani Water filters for close on 10 years. Very happy with the sparkling results and clean water. Cannot ever drink tap water again.
12/04/2019, By stephane
Water definitely tastes better with this filter. You can also clearly see all the bad stuff retained by the filter when you clean it. Overall very happy with this.
31/03/2019, By Nick
Very happy with this water filter and filtering candle!
18/03/2019, By Barbara
Replacing the filter every 6 months is a reminder of just how much gunk we are not putting into our systems!
20/02/2019, By Aniki
Peace of mind for fresh good tasting drinking water.
27/01/2019, By Claire
We have a Stefani Water Filter which we started using during the worst of the Cape Town drought, and continue to do so even after as the water tastes substantially better.
We have not been too rigorous with keeping track with how long a filter lasts, but roughly 3 - 6months
21/01/2019, By Gaynor
Filters well and water tastes much better than out of the tap.
16/01/2019, By Gila
Exactly what we needed, just needs to not be in plastic.
10/01/2019, By Caroline
I would give this a 5/5 if it came in non-plastic packaging.
09/01/2019, By Victoria
The replacement candles for the Stefani water filter are easy to use, long lasting and make the water taste great.
09/01/2019, By glynabee
A bit of a shock that it doesn't filter out Fluoride according to Shan's review in August 2018! That IS one of the MAIN threat to our health in tap water. Fortunately we get Mountain Spring water from which i then filter out any bacteria in my Stephani Water Filter.
02/01/2019, By Laura
Very excited to get our first set of reusable straws and these straws are perfect! Wide enough for thick milkshakes, good quality build, and the colour markers ensure we each have our own straw. Would highly recommend them.
31/12/2018, By Jackie
Brilliant, they last a long time, six month, and they work perfectly to provide cool, fresh, nice-tasting water.
16/11/2018, By Jeannie
Fantastic as ever.
16/11/2018, By Jeannie
Fantastic as ever.
30/08/2018, By Shan
It seems that the Stefani candles (filters) do not filter out fluoride which is the one of the most toxic elements in our tap water.
It is by now well known that the fluoride they put in our drinking water is not a pharmaceutical grade additive - It is an industrial waste byproduct - it is an industrial waste byproduct which causes a host of chronic diseases.
I mistakenly assumed that these filter candles filtered out fluoride. As per Stefani's website - "No. The water purifiers will not remove any dissolved salts such as fluoride, calcium, magnesium etc."
20/08/2018, By Emmarentia
have been using these filters for nearly 3 years now - best investment was to buy a Stefani water filter system!
28/07/2018, By Michael
We have been using the Stefani ceramic water purifier for six years now. It makes great tasting water--the filter candles last a long time. Just take it out every now and then and use a clean brush or kitchen scourer to brush off the brown muck that accumulates on the filter. When you see that muck, you will wonder what actually comes out of the tap and be glad you are filtering your drinking water.
16/07/2018, By Jan
Very economical. My previous filter lasted almost 11 months.
25/05/2018, By Tracey
Easy to install. With a couple cleans it lasts a long time.
10/05/2018, By Johani
So convenient to order the replacement filters from FTN. 24 hours after ordering and it's at my door! Thank you!
26/04/2018, By Gretna
This is the second filter I used, the first one last over 2 years and I'm very happy with the great taste of the water.
31/01/2018, By Ronel
I lived in Knysna for almost two years and the Stefani system really helped us through Knysna's green water. The filter cleaned the water so thoroughly that we never had any weird things floating in our drinking water and it was crystal clear. The filter cleaned so well (and the water going in was so green) that I had to scrub the filter once a week to get al the slime off for the filter work effectively again. Now that we live in Cape Town again, my filters last much longer and we definitely do not have as much stomach ailments as other people drinking directly from the tap. A big thumbs up!
30/01/2018, By Lyn
Have been using this product for 4 years, and it is a winner.
28/01/2018, By Loraine
Very happy with the Stefani water filter. Water tastes fresh and is always cool.
23/01/2018, By Ronel
Great product, thank you! Been using my filter for 3 years now and super happy with how the filters work.
01/01/2018, By Colourfool
I have been using this filter system for well over 20 years and have never found a better one - I can highly recommend it.
24/11/2017, By Tracy
Most fantastic water filter system I have used! I love it. The water is delicious and is always nice and cool.
12/10/2017, By Luisa
Great for fresh, clean water.
06/10/2017, By Sandra
Clear, fresh-tasting water every hour of the day! Yay!
03/10/2017, By Aryn
Efficient and long-lasting
05/09/2017, By CreativelyMe
The combination of my borehole water and this filter produces the best tasting water. Seems to last longer than the packaging states, if cleaned regularly.
24/07/2017, By Cathy
Extremely happy with this product been using it for almost 2 years. Water tastes absolutely great. I have 3 water filters in the house. Not sorry at all, eventually these things pay for themselves
09/07/2017, By Kirsten
Our tap water used to taste metallic especially if left standing overnight so I knew it wasn't perfect. I bought the system when my baby started on formula as I wanted to improve our water quality.

Water now tastes fresh and neutral once filtered. The clay urn also cools the water so it's lovely in summer.
08/07/2017, By Annlerie
I loved my previous water filtration system but couldn't find the filters anymore. However, I am very happy to say that I love the Stefani system even more. The water is very nice, the filter lasts at least six months and is reasonably priced. Very glad I switched to this.
03/07/2017, By Leigh
When you see the muck that accumulates on this filter after a few weeks of filtering supposedly clean tap water, you will never, ever again drink straight tap water!
23/06/2017, By Ayanda
The water is safe to drink but I don't like the taste 100% so I re-filter it. With these filters, we dont "taste" the water, but rather we enjoy it. I can no longer drink the bottled water straight. I enjoy these
04/03/2017, By MICHAEL SAVUAS
at times the float gets stuck floods kitchen floor, they refuse to replace float valve assmbly
28/06/2016, By Gail
We use it to filter borehole water in the Karoo. The crystal clear, cold water is heaven!
22/12/2015, By Jaco
Works very well, tasty and clean water! I can comment on how long it lasts because Ive only been using it for a few weeks.
10/06/2015, By Sam
Absolutely love my water filter. Highly recommend it :) :)
12/02/2015, By Rachael
Very happy with my water filter. Works an absolute charm, and the replacement filters are very well priced for 6 months+ of tasty, clean water.
23/01/2015, By hjia
Love it. We drink clean water every day:-)
22/01/2015, By Audrey
We have had our urn for 15 years now. This is still one of the best purifiers on the market and the candles don need to be replace all that often.
05/01/2015, By Moira
Have had our urn for 7 years and still enjoy good quality water from it.
Thank you Faithful to Nature for stocking this item and also for your excellent and friendly service.
27/12/2014, By Angelique
After a few months we replaced our old filter and it was covered in brown sludge (from our tap water!). Very impressed with how it removes gunk from our tap water. Water also tastes really nice.

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