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Soil Rosemary Essential Oil

Clean Beauty Choice
Soil Rosemary Essential Oil
Soil Rosemary Essential Oil
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  • 10ml
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A well-known aromatic herb; Rosemary has been used medicinally for centuries. Considered a tonic for the central nervous system, Rosemary is said to improve memory, stimulate the brain and relieve headaches. It is also excellent for hair and scalp problems. In fact Rosemary oil and rosemary teas are used extensively for hair care in shampoos and lotions. Regular use of rosemary oil helps in stimulating follicles and increasing circulation to the scalp and is therefore effective in helping hair grow longer and stronger. It is also believed that Rosemary oil helps retard premature thinning and graying, and soothes and conditions the scalp. Hence it is an excellent tonic for bald people. Rosemary essential oil is also beneficial for dry and flaky scalps. Regular massage of scalp with rosemary oil nourishes the scalp and removes dandruff. This herb is a purifying and antiseptic agent that cleanses the hair follicles of any build up and helps normalize greasy hair. It also adds sheen to the hair.

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It should not be used during pregnancy and by persons suffering from epilepsy or high blood pressure.

Directions for Use
Essential oils are the highly concentrated active Ingredients of plants. They should always be diluted in a base before use and should not be taken internally without professional recommendation.

Rosemary is also very effective at helping painful & stiff joints and arthritis.

  • Baths: Add 5 - 10 drops of essential oil(s) to a warm run bath. If skin is sensitive, blend the essential oil in a teaspoon of carrier oil first. Close the door so the vapours don't escape. Soak for at least 10 minutes relaxing and breathing deeply. For added moisturising dilute the oils in 10ml of carrier before adding to the bath.
  • Massage: add 5 - 6 drops of essential oil per 10ml of carrier oil. Mix thoroughly and apply liberally to the skin.
  • Inhalations: Add 4 - 5 drops of essential oil to a bowl of steaming water. Place a towel over your head, close your eyes and lean over the bowl. Inhale the vapour for a few minutes.
  • Burners and Diffusers: Fill the bowl of the burner/vaporiser with water and then add 3 - 6 drops of essential oil. Light the candle and the oil will evaporate as the water heats up. Do not let the bowl dry out.

Caring for Your Essential Oils
SOil essential oils and carrier oils are living products that are vulnerable to heat, moisture, air and light. It is best to store them in a cool, dark place with the lids well sealed. If your fridge is the only cool place around, allow the oils to reach a cool room temperature before use (around 20 degrees C).

Rosmarinus Officinalis

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Overall Rating
4.8 out of 5 stars from 129 reviews

129 out of 129 people would recommend this product

15/09/2023, By AJ
Love the earthy aroma,inhale it when I remember
Using it in a carrier oil for my hair
Not sure if it is effective because I don't use it often
12/08/2022, By Shiksb
Lovely smell! I add it to some of my favourite carrier oils to create my own hair growth oil
15/07/2021, By Mulalo
I have mixed it with coconut oil and using it for my hairline. I have not seen any difference yet but its too early to judge bcos i have only been using it for a week or two.
24/06/2021, By Lerato
Good quality organic essential oil.
29/05/2021, By Nicky
Rosemary is my go to for any time my head feels clouded. Had read so much about how it can calm yet focus you at same time. My favourite blends with it is grapefruit, geranium, peppermint but that just personal preference (obviously all Soil)
29/04/2021, By Hanri
Smells amazing! Good price , good product
09/04/2021, By Maruschka
This one is earthy and is excellent paired with winter green in bath salt.
05/04/2021, By Tash
Heard nothing but good things about this product. Going to be trying it in my hair oil to promote healthy hair.
06/03/2021, By Heidi
A good quality oil that I use in my diffuser and add to my conditioner for healthier hair. It smells so fresh.
28/02/2021, By Faaria
Great quality, would definitely recommend
21/02/2021, By Nokuphila
Lovely oil that is good for my skin. I add it to my face wash and moisturiser, and my face is inlove with it.
29/01/2021, By Fran
Very good product.
25/01/2021, By Tshepiso
My hair has been softer since I started using it.
18/01/2021, By Melissa Naidoo
Absolute quality grade. I add 4 drops to a teaspoon of FTN shea butter and I use it as a hair mask. Unbelievable growth results
14/01/2021, By S
Great product. Purer than other brands and great for hair loss.
13/01/2021, By Sharifa
Best quality
06/12/2020, By shalla
awesome oil, love it
30/11/2020, By Karel
Love this - great on hair
12/11/2020, By Teresa
as always "soil" oils continue to surprise me
31/10/2020, By Karen
Love the smell of this oil. Impressed with Soil essential oils in general.
31/10/2020, By Ari
Great product
25/10/2020, By Eretia
21/10/2020, By Noeks
This is my favourite oil and I absolutely love the smell. It is so versatile and a wonderful addition to natural air fresheners. Soil oils are such good quality!
16/10/2020, By Tyler
This brand is so great, I love all their essential oils and find them to be of an incredible quality
06/10/2020, By Pearlene
Has a beautiful scent
03/10/2020, By Anthea
Thank you for the great selection
10/09/2020, By Noeks
I love this, very versatile and smells like home
08/09/2020, By TJ
Great for hair.
01/09/2020, By Tina Bee
Whenever I have a headache, I add a few drops to my diffuser and inhale, hold my breath and then exhale a few times. I have been using it on my scalp too, I have curly hair and tend to have product buildup so once a week I massage a few drops into my scalp - it removes buildup and strips grease. Smells amazing too.
24/08/2020, By Jamie
Has an amazing strong scent. Might be too overpowering for some, but I absolutely love it! I'm currently using it with castor oil and peppermint EO on my scalp to stimulate hair growth and so far it's been working well. Highly recommend, as it has so many other uses too.
13/08/2020, By Morgan
Strong anti-inflammatory and lovely savory taste.
08/08/2020, By Mountain
01/08/2020, By Shelby
My favorite oil from Soil!!!!
20/07/2020, By Lowell M
Used Rosemary, Lavender and Almond Carrier oil (After 2 months added tea tree, peppermint and Jamaican Black Castor Oil to the mix) and it helped with a patchy beard, also helped stop and reverse a friend's balding head. Great Product
19/07/2020, By Barbara
Such good quality oil
27/06/2020, By Roxie
Very refreshing smell
21/06/2020, By Mimi
Nice multipurpose oil
01/06/2020, By Talent
Best in the range for aromatherapy
14/05/2020, By Sandesh Elaine
12/05/2020, By SavStClaire
Soil has such good quality essential oils. Great variety of uses.
11/05/2020, By Meagan
I really liked this as an exfoliator, but it did not help with blackheads or minimising pores... or not a noticeable difference at least. Did make my skin feel smoother though :)
10/05/2020, By Real
05/05/2020, By jean-marie
05/05/2020, By jean-marie
04/05/2020, By ngwedi
26/04/2020, By Candy
11/04/2020, By Heidi
I love the smell of this EO and I add a few drops to my ACV rinse after I've washed my hair with a shampoo bar.
01/04/2020, By Jarel
29/03/2020, By Green
08/03/2020, By Robin
Great for hair growth! I use this as a serum with Castor oil as a carrier oil for lengthening my eyelashes. Only been a week and I can definitely see a change.
19/01/2020, By Aid
Top stuff
02/01/2020, By Helper
06/11/2019, By Mo
So many really useful benefits and all that with a bright re-assuring smell.
07/10/2019, By V
Great for brain health!
03/10/2019, By Adene
The aroma of this was weak and not long lasting.
19/09/2019, By Alicha
Stimulates hair growth
Always use with a carrier product oil shampoo or conditioner
21/08/2019, By Genevieve
Love the many uses of rosemary essential oil. I add a drop or two to my home made creams that I make and it really helps relieve stress.
12/07/2019, By Amanda
I use it to help me sleep.

I put a few drops on my hands and on my pillow and sleep well throughout the night.
12/07/2019, By Carla
I put a few drops in my shampoo. Cleanses well and smells great
11/06/2019, By RaeesaB
I cant say it has worked yet but like most soil products the quality is exceptional. I do wish they would put a short description on the bottle of what the specific oils are good for.
30/05/2019, By Stace
Use for calming and relaxation after my yoga practice
27/05/2019, By Alison
I use this for memory and for hair. works well for both.
05/04/2019, By Jenni-Lee S
I use it mix into other oils that I apply to my hair. Always takes my hair to another level - love it.
26/03/2019, By Robyn
Great product..will definitely purchase again.
10/03/2019, By Liesha
I use this with a carrier oil massaged into my scalp for 15 minutes before washing to aid hair growth. Love it.
04/02/2019, By Kirsten
I bought this for my Soil diffusing for study time - find it calming and soothing which helps me to focus.
03/02/2019, By Lané
Calms and focuses me when I need to study.
20/01/2019, By Robyn
Lovely smell, tried the toilet paper trick works perfectly.. i use this for my hair and it is working well.
17/01/2019, By T
Lovely strong smell. Makes a great hair oil when mixed with coconut oil.
16/01/2019, By Nas
I add it to coconut oil along with rose geranium to use on my hair and sometimes as a body oil.
Completely happy with the product.
14/12/2018, By Nadine
High quality
03/12/2018, By Ashlyn
Great product. Beautiful scent
29/11/2018, By Dee
Great for hair really help my hairline
28/11/2018, By Mireille
It smells lovely!
18/11/2018, By Abigail
Superb quality though can be very potent. Great for aiding hair regrowth and providing support for stress as a sniff of it reduces cortisol (also why it is potent though if you are weak) Multi uses. (Not medical advice)
11/11/2018, By Tasha
My favourite scent right now! I used it for the toilet paper trick: a few drops on the cardboard leaves the bathroom smelling fresh and clean.
Highly recommended.
10/11/2018, By Sharleen
I use this for inhaling: steaming with hot water. It helps ease my chest and improves my breathing.
06/11/2018, By Marcienne
Love Soil essential oils! We use Rosemary oil in our shampoo, conditioner & homemade coconut oil mask. My daughter also uses Rosemary whilst studying- it calms yet stimulates- aids learning & memory.
05/11/2018, By Oil addict
Good smell, use it on my afro.
02/11/2018, By Leoni
Great for overall hair health and growth
16/10/2018, By Ilze
Great oil. Works well for headaches and use in bath. Works great in pendant diffuser.
10/10/2018, By Ragani
I add a few drops to coconut oil as a hair treatment, the combination has made my hair soft and shiny.
08/10/2018, By Alicha
I like this product and brand. It grows hair visibly fast
02/10/2018, By Rona
Good quality and works well.
28/09/2018, By Alicha
I love this rosemary oil and prefer it over any other rosemary oils
07/09/2018, By Elmonix
Love the smell, use it in hair products and my hair feels softer from first go!
02/09/2018, By Chelsea
I really do love this oil. It has helped my hair grow and is so calming to the scalp. i love this brand.
01/09/2018, By Merq
Great used for haircare. Relieved itching and sensitive scalp.
21/08/2018, By Andi
I love this brand! And the rosemary is great on my scalp and for my hair. Also tried the toilet roll trick, such a delight.
07/08/2018, By Tasha
Using it for The Toilet Roll Trick (from the FTN article on how to use essential oils). Bathroom smells delightful and fresh especially with the "yellow let it mellow" rule! Can be overpowering for sensitive noses I think.
01/08/2018, By tendayi
Just started using it, but so far so good
21/06/2018, By MrsPepper
Great brand and good quality oil.
19/06/2018, By Amanda
Lovely smell.
Essential oil indeed.
07/06/2018, By Hassain Hasham
Really helps my scalp
21/05/2018, By Mrs Jackson
All Soil organic essential oils are great quality
14/05/2018, By Hellizma
This is a definite staple. Will not even try to live without it - my scalp certainly can't
06/05/2018, By Kay
Love the scent. I add a few drops to my shampoo and also when doing foot soaks.
05/05/2018, By RED
Really good essential oil for improving the memory and helping with Studies and Exams
26/04/2018, By Bronwyn
Love this brand!
23/04/2018, By Marily
Only used it once, but I love the smell. Nice to add to your bath with epsom salts after a tired day.
22/03/2018, By Healthy Girl
13/03/2018, By Dyan
Nice clean smell. A few drops in the water saving buckets in the shower is good!
19/02/2018, By Yvonne
Use as a hair thickener or growth oil Put 5 drops of rosemary oil on scalp and massage in after showers or use my homemade rosemary mint shampoo recipe.
15/02/2018, By mbali
Will always buy this oil for hair growth
07/02/2018, By Janine
Add it to my shampoo, conditioner and hair masks. Love the scent!!!
26/01/2018, By DM
Love the smell, added to my shampoo.
15/01/2018, By Charmaine
Love the way this product smells, added to shampoo, conditioner or argan oil for a treatment, it really is a super little product.
11/12/2017, By Karin
So glad to have found rosemary essential oil to use for adding to my hair products. Lovely smell.
06/12/2017, By Naydene
works wonders. the smell is amazing!
20/10/2017, By Tracey
I add this to my hair growth formula - castor oil & rosemary oil :)
09/10/2017, By Herman
I've been using this for sometime and I love it. It's very invigorating on the scalp and it just feels nice and clean. It's smells wonderful and I'd like to say that it helps with hairgrowth! It definitely gets the blood flow going, which is great for the scalp!
08/10/2017, By Tracey
Lovely to burn in a diffuser, add to a bath or hair treatment.
Love the smell
31/08/2017, By Anel
I LOVE rosemary and I add couple of drops onto Himalayan salt and Epson salt and use it when I bath. Love it. Super relaxing.
22/08/2017, By Judith
Looks like this product is the solution for your scalp problems. I have a very sensitive scalp and a sort of excema that leave my scalp really itchy. When using this product my hair is much more relaxed and sleek!
22/08/2017, By Melissa
I add this to my shampoo and my hair feels thicker and stronger. Love it.
07/08/2017, By Ruth
I bought this oil because it is recommended for hair and scalp problems. I always get dandruff during the dry winter months, but not this time! I added a few drops to both my shampoo and my conditioner, and let me tell you, it really does work! Not only is my dandruff almost completely gone, but my hair also feels thicker and stronger and it smells great!
05/08/2017, By Lor
Such amazing quality just like the other oils! Would buy again!
03/08/2017, By Lindsey
I've been using this along with the tea tree oil to add to my mineral oil bottle for my bath oil. It helps relieve headaches and sore muscles when you're inhaling the steam. It's very good for hair and you can add this to your shampoo too.
31/07/2017, By Melanie Coetzee
Rosemary essential oil is a must have in your home. Its helpful for a variety of issues. I use it specifically on my hair. Mixed with vit E capsules, and lemon essential oil, is works very well to prevent the fall out of hair and stimulates regrowth. Added to shampoo makes worthwhile cocktail. I also use the mixture on my dry ends and see a marked difference. My hair looks healthy and thicker. Also helpful to stimulate hair growth in male pattern balding. It works!
11/07/2017, By Sanet
I used this in a hair mask with castor oil and Shea butter. It is quite potent so next time I'll use fewer drops, but it made my hair smell amazing. After two uses, my hair is feeling thick and strong.
28/06/2017, By Brenda
What a great brand and so affordable.
30/05/2017, By Joan
Bought this oil to help with hair growth and relaxation
Used some in the bath for the first time last night
Love the smell, my hair and skin already feel nice

Will continue use and see what happens
08/11/2016, By Sarah
I use rosemary essential oil every day on my hair, one or two drops. Helps with frizz and smells great.
17/08/2016, By Janine H
I always add rosemary oil to masks, shampoos and conditioners, its a must-have for all hair products.
17/01/2016, By Fazila
I love rosemary oil for its wonderful properties - particularly for the relief of painful and aching muscles after working out. The most recent bottle I received smells very synthetic. It was a bit of a disappointment.
Soil is generally a high quality product.
11/03/2014, By Gillian
I add the Rosemary oil in with some Coconut Oil and then apply this to my hair once per month, as the Rosemary oil assists with hair growth, this leaves my hair sleek and happy :)
09/03/2014, By Kerry
I mix rosemary in an oil burner with some bergamot, and lavender if I feel like a pick me up. Find it so refreshing and it really lifts your spirits. Always great after a long day.
07/03/2014, By Jo
Good for keeping flies away from the food table at summer braais and picnics. I just use it in my oil burner and it works a treat :)
03/10/2013, By Angela
I use a few drops in my conditioner, gives my hair a beautiful shine and makes it soft. Love it!!

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