Sereen Sceletium Capsules 200mg

Sereen Sceletium Capsules 200mg
Sereen Sceletium Capsules 200mg
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Sereen brings you these convenient capsules of the traditionally used Sceletium, a natural extract from the succulent native to South Africa, Sceletium Tortuosum, or what locals might know as Kanna, Channa or Kougoed. Traditionally used by the Southern African people as a mood enhancer and cognitive enhancer, recent studies have proven what they knew- sceletium is a wonderful aid for those suffering from stress, anxiety and even depression. Please note: SereniT has changed their brand to Sereen  - these are still the same SereniT Sceletium Capsules you know & love!


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  • 1 Box of 30 Capsules, each containing 200mg of Sceletium
  • Each capsule has been standardized to contain 0.5% total alkaloids each.
  • Grown organically in Kwa Zulu Natal
  • Effective in the treatment of anxiety, stress and depression.
  • Effective for use as a cognitive enhancer for studying or working for long hours.
  • It is believed to function as a natural SSRI – selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor

How Sceletium Works

Sceletium works by assisting the brain in optimizing function of serotonin. It does this by processes that work on the 5-HT and PDE-4 receptors of the brain. These two receptors are responsible for the chemicals in our brain that regulate mood, cognition, memory, anxiety and stress.

Some Sceletium History…

A traditional African medicine, it has been used for thousands of years as a mood elevator, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety and stress reliever. Traditionally, it was often used to enhance peoples enjoyment of life in tough times and arid lands. It has been used as an appetite suppressant during times of drought, and hunter-gatherers as a cognitive enhancer to help them on long journeys.


200 mg pure Sceletium Tortuosum per capsule (standardised to contain 0.5 % total alkaloids each). Bovine free capsules.

Overall Rating
4.4 out of 5 stars from 49 reviews

47 out of 49 people would recommend this product

14/09/2019, By Mrs. Stein
This formula didnt seem to work and gave me diarrhea. Maybe they need to put more milligrams in each tablet. Is there a Sceletium brand with a stronger dose?
12/09/2019, By Tammy
I have an extremely varied and stressing workload and unsure if it is helping much there, but I have found that it helps me relax for bed and get a better night's sleep
26/08/2019, By Elizabeth
Have been taking these for a couple of weeks and seem to feel more at ease. Will continue to take
11/08/2019, By Parias
It is natural and helps with trauma release,shock and helps calm and puts one into a very relaxed state. Wonderful to take daily for any one suffering from serious illnesses. Also helps with sleep.
03/08/2019, By Claire
This product has worked fairly well for me to lift my mood. Suffering from Hashimoto's means there are so few products you can take that are natural but you just hope they do the work. This product seems to work, so I'm going to keep taking it and see if I get better long term results.
16/07/2019, By Gillian
My go to stress/anxiety tablet, this is a must have in my hand bag and by my desk. Works greats to just take the edge off during a stressful moment
26/06/2019, By Bronwen
I've read so much about this product and so many good reviews. I've seen it on a buy 1 get 1 free promotion. I hope ftn has another promotional offer like before.
17/06/2019, By Chrissy
Buying these for my son, can see difference in his mood.
05/06/2019, By Chrissy
Really works!
30/05/2019, By Bogart
Thank you for your great service and offering this product. It has substantially improved my husband's mood and motivation, as well as my own. Frankly, we didn't expect it to work this well. We'll never go without again.
23/05/2019, By Nikki
I’ve been using this product for a few days now. I haven’t felt a difference in my mood but I do definitely feel more focused. I’ll continue to use it and see if there is a difference in my mood and anxiety.
20/05/2019, By Kathryn
This has helped me so much! I've been very stressed recently and this made a huge difference to my whole look on life.
29/04/2019, By M
Sereen has worked really well for both my husband and I for anxiety, stress induced irritation and concentration.
02/04/2019, By Ash
Good product if you are prone to light anxiousnes.
28/03/2019, By Steve
Sereen is a real great cognitive booster. You can feel a very noticeable improvement in your energy levels, mood, focus and concentration from the first time you take it.
28/02/2019, By Janey
Sadly it did nothing for me - had to go onto the real McCoy
14/02/2019, By Carls
Works wonders for my IBS - Someone told me stress worsens IBS (as most people carry their stress in their stomachs) and recommended Sereen. I was sceptical because I wouldn't classify myself as someone who stresses a lot but, these capsules definitely helped. As soon as I stopped drinking them my IBS returned.
09/02/2019, By Mich
I received my order about a week ago and have been taking my tablets diligently. I have never been on anti depressants but they were prescribed to me. I opted out because they are highly addictive. I am not sure if these work but it's still early days. I'm just so glad I found a non-addictive alternative.
06/02/2019, By Amanda
Does absolutely nothing to me. I suffer from chronic [more than 20 years depression].
I need something much stronger than this but I guess it is great for those who do not suffer from deep depression/anxiety.

Does anyone know of another natural product that would help somebody like me?
21/01/2019, By z
I'm not quite sure about the effects of this tablet yet. I am currently on antidepressants and wanted a natural alternative. I supplement my current medication with this but have not noticed any substantive effects to comment on its efficacy. perhaps it works better for sufferers of mild depression
10/01/2019, By Dineshree
In my line of work, I can't afford to lose focus or creativity so after I was diagnosed with TN, I started looking for something to give me a boost, keep a spark in my spirits and keep my mind balanced - Well, thank you Sceletium, you did the job!
10/12/2018, By JEANNE
Good day
I please want to know if I can take the Sereen Sceletium Caps with my Zytomil tabs?
07/12/2018, By Bronwen
I am so glad I found this product. It is a mild antidepressant, and really helps with stress relief. I also find my focus is better. This is the mid range of three strengths I bought, and I use this one on most days. I recommend finding the right strength for your needs
29/11/2018, By Daneale
I love it that this can be successfully combined with conventional anti-depressants prescribed by a doctor. My specialist knows about Sceletium as a relative grows it and supplies a range of companies.
08/11/2018, By Tamsin
Love that its stronger than the other options, only need to take one
30/10/2018, By rebecca
This is one product that has really helped with my depression
16/10/2018, By cat
it has an calming effect, think it really does work
21/09/2018, By Birgit
it makes you more relaxed
17/09/2018, By claudia
On my second dose- took about 10 ten days to really kick in for anxiety and a bout of depression - feels like Linus with safety blanket, character from Peanuts- highly recommend it
03/09/2018, By rebecca
Really helpful for bad depression
23/07/2018, By Zee
Have only been using this for about 2 weeks, but already feel much more elevated and could honestly feel a difference. Feeling happy and excited again.
05/07/2018, By Aislinn
I have been taking one a day for about 2 weeks and I seem to be consistently perky. Still feeling quite anxious, but that could have to do with the low dosage (but I also suffer from severe anxiety issues, which should be treated with something stronger. I imagine these would work beautifully on low to moderate stress and anxiousness).

I am going to up my dosage to two pills a day and see what happens, but it seems decent so far.
27/06/2018, By rebecca
This is fantastic and has really helped lift my grey fog. I have put my 12 year old daughter on it too
20/06/2018, By Ed
Works fast for stress and anxiety . Got better results on this than St Johns Wort
14/06/2018, By Sam
Really eases the stress and anxiety
23/05/2018, By Matt
I have been very happy with this product. Sceletium is an incredible plant and SereniT has been the best brand that I have tried. I have recommended this product to a lot of friends who have all been very grateful for having been introduced to this wonderful product
24/03/2018, By Veganshmegan
Helpful in stressful times to calm and relax. Higher dosage than other similar tabs. Started taking them for adrenal fatigue and I notice the difference if I don't take them.
12/02/2018, By Ands
Excellant product. Helps with stress and sleeping
30/11/2017, By Wildcoastdawn
Excellent product - has changed my life!
30/10/2017, By Travis
These are amazing! They helped a few members in my family deal with some really difficult situations... It helps releave anxiety and has really done wonders! I would definately recommend this product!
09/10/2017, By Dee
I was on about 3 different anti depressants when i discovered this wonderful herbal remedy. I am all about herbal and natural as i believe this is how we have always lived if we look back to our ancestors. This product taken once a day in the morning really does lift your mood and make you feel high spirited and happy. I've got energy and have a real can do attitude. I've been on this tablet for 3 months and whats even better is i no longer take any anti depressants.
28/09/2017, By Vasha
After doing several searches on Sceletium products, I found this to have the most amount of Sceletium per capsule. I was so excited to receive it, and even bought a 3 month supply. But even with taking 2 even 3 capsules a day, i found that it did absolutely nothing for me.
08/08/2017, By Charley
These definitely make a huge difference in alleviating anxiety and improving overall mood and emotional well-being. Great product!
02/08/2017, By Chelsea
I really noticed this product help when my mood was low!
16/07/2017, By Kerry
This is a great product! I found it really made a huge difference when I was experiencing anxiety and stress. I also found it much better, and much stronger than the other Sceletium products that I tried!
29/05/2017, By Sara
This product is going to be a standard monthly order from now on! Bought it for my son who battles with anxiety and stress due to varsity and he has commented that he feels so much better after taking it.
I love that it is natural - no weird chemical mood enhancers which is great!
I've started taking it too and we have a very happy home at the moment ;-)
25/04/2017, By Lene
This is my favourite product. I would give it ten stars if I could. After several miscarriages and failed IVF attempts, I struggled severely with depression, insomnia and anxiety for years. After using this product I am back to feeling like my old self. This helps me sleep at night, makes me feel happy and has eased my anxiety. Thank you Faithful for introducing me to this product.
31/08/2016, By Alex
after trying a few other things, including sceletium tea, my partner has found these to seriously help him with stress and anxiety, and they have noticeably uplifted his mood from day 1 of taking them. these are also stronger than the other sceletium supplements on this website, so you take less and it lasts longer. love this brand - the sceletium is proudly home grown too so its a real win.
14/04/2016, By Anonymous
I really noticed the effects of this product from the first time taking it. My mood was noticeably improved and I felt that all my functions were enhanced. I could think more clearly and get through my days with a lot more ease. Great product!

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