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Organico by Oco Life

OCO Life

Live in harmony with nature, tradition and your true self with OCO Life.

Every OCO Life product carries the legacy of a little girl's dreams nurtured by the wisdom of a strong grandmother. OCO Life’s roots run deep, it is the embodiment of the aspirations of a young girl of mixed heritage raised on a farm in the enchanting landscapes of Ixopho. Guided by her grandmother, a figure of resilience and intelligence who instilled a deep reverence for traditional medicine, an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, and a profound respect for nature, OCO Life has blossomed into what it is today. Oco Life is an African-born, multiple award-winning brand where African heritage and ancient wisdom meet innovation to create transformative wellness solutions. From the verdant landscapes of Ixopho to your home, OCO Life brings you a collection of meticulously crafted organic essential oil blends, ultrasonic aroma diffusers, air purifiers, and traditional medicinal treasures.

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Trusted and Traditional Medicine :

For centuries, traditional medicine has been an integral resource for health in many cultures and communities. The essence of Oco is based on the love of traditional medicine and plant therapy. Our holistic approach to well-being transforms your space into a sanctuary of tranquillity and vitality.

Sustainable Farming:

OCO Life supports sustainable farming by contributing to a sustainable ecological environment for future generations. Each essential oil is carefully harvested from its native habitat, ensuring potency and purity in every drop. By buying and being organic, we support and protect our planet.

Community Support:

With over 60% of South Africans living in poverty and a staggeringly high unemployment rate, OCO Life, as a passionate and purposefully driven team, strives to capture the essence of economic value by upskilling and empowering employees while reducing our ecological footprint.

Passionate Purpose:

Our mission extends beyond mere products. Our purpose-driven actions, rooted in a strong company culture and commitment to integrity, guide our customer-centric and eco-conscious approach. The highest eco standards are our blueprint to help achieve a better and more sustainable, more balanced world for all.

Organico by Oco Life

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