Mother Nature Nappy

Mother Nature Nappy
Mother Nature Nappy
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Price From: R215.00
  • White or Beige


  • Reduced health risks: Disposable nappies contain paper pulp, plastic, absorbent gels, chemical additives and perfumes. All these materials impact on the health of your child.
  • You can save almost R7000 over a 2.5 year period
  • Environmental Impact: One baby uses approximately 6935 nappies. Due to the plastic content, disposable nappies are not biodegradable.

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Price From: R215.00
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Proudly South African

Cloth Nappy Features

  • Adjusts to fit from birth to potty training and any size in-between.
  • Elasticized waist and legs give a snug and leak-proof fit.
  • Plastic poppers are used to fasten the nappy. These snap on easily and are very strong and durable.
  • Made from 100% natural bamboo-cotton towelling which is not only more eco-friendly to manufacture but it is 4 times more absorbent than cotton.

Directions for Use

  1. Place the Nature Nappy on top of the Rainbow Cover with the T-side upwards.
  2. Place a nappy liner flat on top of the inner absorbing bamboo pad (Bio-Degradable Flushable Liner or a Fleece Nappy Liner).
  3. Place under your baby and fasten with the popper on the Nature Nappy, then adjust the velcro straps on the Rainbow Cover.
  4. FOR NEWBORNS: to about 7kgs, to reduce the size of the nappy, tuck the inner flap/pad under itself. Fold the front panel of the Nature Nappy down (outwards) and then use the bottom row of poppers to fasten.
  5. Check that the cover fits snug and tuck away the liner and nature nappy all the way around in order to prevent leaks.


  • Use either a Bio-Degradable Flushable Liner or a Nappy Fleece Liner inside the nappy. The liners allow urine to pass through thus keeping delicate bottoms drier for longer as well as protecting the nappy from becoming heavily soiled. The solids are then disposed by flushing down the toilet, either with the bio liner or by shaking off the solids then putting the liner in the bin.
  • Use a Booster Pad for extra absorbency for example at night.
  • Separate Nappy and Cover Design:  Either a Mother Nature Day/Night Nappy Cover or Fleece Cover is worn over the nappy to keep baby dry.
  • Wash the Nature Nappy once before use to increase the absorbency.
  • Change your baby's nappy on average 5 times per day or whenever you are aware they are wet.
  • Do not leave the wet nappy as this will cause skin irritation from prolonged exposure to the uric acid in urine and faeces.
  • We recommend the Mother & Baby Barrier Balm for effective prevention of nappy rash.

FULL TIME USE 20 – 24 Nature Nappies & 5 Rainbow Covers in each size PART TIME USE 10 – 12 Nature Nappies & 3 Rainbow Covers in each size Nappy Cover Sizes: Small 0-7kg, Medium 7-11kg & Large 11kg +

Washing Instructions

  • Wash the nappies once before use to increase the absorbency.
  • Once used, keep wet nappies in a dry, lidded bucket until washed.
  • Rinse off all solid matter very well.
  • Place rinsed nappy in the dry bucket.
  • Only pre-soak badly soiled nappies in non-chlorine based products. Try 5 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil to a bucket of water as a soak solution or a tablespoon of ordinary sodium bicarbonate.
  • During periods of frequent soiling (e.g. weaning phase) it is suggested that you use a 2-bucket system, one for soaking soiled nappies and the other being a dry bucket for wet only nappies.
  • Fasten the Velcro tabs before washing to prevent lint build-up.
  • Do not use softener as this reduces the absorbency of the nappies.
  • ALWAYS ensure that the washing powder/cleaning agents used are safe on your baby's skin to avoid irritations. We recommend the Triple Orange Bio-Detergent.
  • Wash nappies at 50 - 60 °c. Consistent hot washing and high tumble-drying causes hardness and some shrinkage.

Drying Tips

  • Line dry and/or tumble-dry on low.
  • In winter use a local laundrette for drying only as this is often cheaper than wash & dry.
  • Try a second spin cycle to squeeze out the excess water.
  • Do not iron or dry-clean (nappies or covers).
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24/07/2016, By Gaia Mama
So glad I got the full time pack as a gift! These nappies are the best - almost never have a leak, even at night. They are super comfy soft (tumble dry mine for 5min after drying outside in the sun). Also affordable no worrying about all the nasties in normal nappies! Only one down side for me was that they only started fitting my baby once he was 3months 5kg. Before that they fit, but were extremely bulky on him - clothes didn fit it would make is spine arch when lying down. So I didn feel comfortable using them for those first few months used Moltex nappies in stead. But now they are absolutely perfect Ill never look back :)
11/02/2016, By Grace
This was literally the first nappy my baby ever wore, even though they seemed a bit big at the time. These are the softest cloth nappies and most breathable, I let LO wear them during the day without a cover so as to avoid nappy and heat rashes in the hot summer.
15/03/2015, By kay
This is an excellent nappy. Very absorbent, soft and comfortable.

They work very well. Is easy to wash and dry as well as it can be put in the tumble dryer.

Do take into consideration that it has to be used with a plastic wrapper but all the same - I have used a lot of brands, fancy pants, alva, terry squares and these are the best by far.

I could even use them at night without changing once until my baby was 14 months old. For some reason at this point he started to pee a lot more - :)
13/11/2014, By Leana
These are soft and stretchy and are more suitable for a big toddler than the all in one nappies. The rainbow covers from mother nature are also big and thus I gound these work really well as they grow older.
29/10/2011, By Bec
These nappies are fabulous but they do take a while to get the hang of so persevere! It's so rewarding washing my own nappies and they don't leak like disposables do.
23/10/2011, By Kim
Was so keen to use non-disposable nappies, great for the evironment and easier on the piggy bank! Was given some and tried them out when my baby was about two weeks, the nappies were so big and baby was so small and really just didn't feel right at the time, but at 8 weeks I tried them again, and they really worked well, my baby is more comfortable with them, they easy to use. I would really recommend these non-disposable nappies, they adjustable so your baby doesn't grow out of them and absorbent. I will most certainly carry on using them and recommend them.
01/09/2011, By Louise
My baby is out of nappies now, but I really loved them and he preferred them over disposables. It's not always easy to get them dry and after two years, mine was getting quite hard and worn (had to repair them). It is still worth it. The Moltex nappies are great for travelling if you won't be able to wash.
06/08/2011, By Petro
These are just great nappies. Could not believe how absorbent they are! Definitely Recommend!!!
29/04/2011, By Ingrid
I really enjoy using these nappies part time- with both my children. I also made my own with old t-shirts etc- pretty easy from internet patterns. The bamboo nappies are very easy to put on.
29/01/2011, By Sands
I adore these! I used normal terry squares for a while, but the folding got the better of me after a while. Did the disposable thing as the bambino Mio nappies didn't catch my attention for needing to buy three different sizes... Then I found these and I have not looked back since! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!! Especially the beige colour, and if I could pick again, I would start with these, but this time just in beige and not mixed!

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