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Gaia Organics Bio Shampoo 250ml (Rosemary & Bergamot)

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Gaia Organics Bio Shampoo 250ml (Rosemary & Bergamot)
Gaia Organics Bio Shampoo 250ml (Rosemary & Bergamot)
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  • 250ml
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A gorgeous herbal shampoo with organic botanical extracts that will restore and repair the hair and add shine and lustre. PH balanced, the shampoo is mild and can be used daily. It will leave the hair with the beautiful fragrance. This formula is packed full of nourishing natural goodness to treat your tresses eliminate buildup and heal your scalp. When applied to hair, bergamot soaks into the scalp, stimulates the blood flow to the follicles around the roots and infuses into strands to give hair strength and shine. Rosemary promotes hair growth and health of the scalp for beautiful, healthy hair.

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Bergamot: An essential oil with many fantastic benefits. When applied to hair, bergamot oil soaks into the scalp and strands. It stimulates the blood flow to the hair's follicles to give hair strength and shine.

Rosemary oil: Promotes hair growth by stimulating the division of cells. Helps to condition the scalp and prevent dandruff.

You’ll likely see very shiny, very healthy locks in a month or so of using this shampoo regularly. Women with curly hair may benefit most from bergamot for hair because it is reported to help tame frizz, soften dry hair, and help loosen curls. This means those with frizzy, curly hair may develop loose, flowing locks when they use bergamot oil products.


Wash with warm (not hot) water to prevent stripping of lubricating protective sebum. Avoid over-use in oily hair conditions. This may appear counter-intuitive, but shampooing less frequently and allowing the hair to remain slightly oily over a period of time, will in fact correct the over-production of sebum as the process adapts to the retentive presence of more sebum than previously. Follow with a lubricating sebum compensating and scalp protective acid mantle restoring Hair Conditioner.


Purified rainwater; coconut cleanser; Green Tea extract; Vegetable Glycerine; expressed oil of Lemon; Thymol and essential oils of Bergamot, Rosemary & sage.

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Overall Rating
4.1 out of 5 stars from 52 reviews

47 out of 52 people would recommend this product

10/02/2024, By wakarimaska
It's watery but not much is needed for one wash. Nice for oily, long and thick hair - calming. Lovely smell of rosemary. Though natural, it feels quite potent and I don't use it daily. Lasts a while as a result. Perfect.
26/10/2023, By Luci
The smell is heavenly. However it did not soothe my dry scalp and made my hair squeaky clean (which some people might like but I don't - it feels like my hair has been stripped of the natural oils).

It foams well but as someone else also suggested, just pour it directly onto your hair. You don't need much. I would not repurchase but glad I tried it anyway.
06/08/2023, By Emma
At first, it look and feel and work different than any other normal shampoo. Watery consistent
but very effective
28/07/2023, By Leandi
The product looks like water but works miracles. The condition of my hair improved drastically within 2 weeks.
31/08/2022, By Janine
The 2 stars are for the ingredients and the lovely scent but unfortunately didn't help my dry scalp at all. Scalp was very dry and flaky.
16/07/2022, By H
I received this as a sample. Left my hair shiny and smooth like satin and so soft I could hardly believe it. It doesn't foam and is thin but one uses very little and and knows that it is doing its job. A bit pricy but I think the bottle will go far. Will definitely order.
08/06/2022, By Kelly
My hair feels squeaky clean and I love the fresh herb smell
21/02/2022, By MARLENE
Enjoy the product - lathers and cleans well
13/01/2022, By Lisa
My 2nd favourite shampoo on FTN (first is the Hemporium one), a bit too many additives but still 99% better than toxic shampoos.
23/08/2021, By Mariska
I love this shampoo. The first few times, however, I struggled keeping the runny liquid in my hand but then discovered it works much better simply up-ending the bottle and squirting a bit of liquid directly onto my hair section by section.
30/05/2021, By Jen
Always make sure I have this shampoo for my fine hair. I use it daily, love it, and it's so easy to sprinkle a few drops on then pop the lid back. Love the ingredients. Because the winters are so dry here I sometimes use a shampoo with conditioner to tame the static hair.
15/04/2021, By Bubble
I don't get this runny product. It doesn't lather and did not leave my hair feeling clean at all.
02/02/2021, By Schonmommy
This shampoo does everything it promises... and it smells so fresh. Just a small amount is needed as it is not a thick creamy shampoo. The essential oils are amazing and once massaged onto the scalp, one can feel the tingling sensation of the oils doing their work. After using it for a week, my hair has become so shiny, soft but not flat. It just feels healthy and the best part of it is that I am not harming the environment at all since the ingredients are all biodegradable. Definitely money well spent.
21/01/2021, By Lee
Unusual herb like fragrance, but I like it. Runny consistency, a little goes a long way. Left my thin oily hair feeling clean and bouncy.
15/12/2020, By Jenny
The price dictates I will buy one more only! I love the way I can just throw a couple of drops onto my head and close the lid. Personally I love this shampoo for my fine hair.
14/11/2020, By Kc
20/10/2020, By Karin
Only shampoo I use now for my oily hair
23/09/2020, By Cindy
Gr8 product! It lathers surprisingly well, considering that the mixture looks pretty watery.
11/09/2020, By TJ
This shampoo didn't work for me. Didn't lather and give me that fresh clean feeling.
18/06/2020, By Katja
Very runny consistency - did not enjoy this product. Did however pass it onto my daughter who absolutely loved the results it has had on her hair.
16/06/2020, By Jess
Although it does lather quite well once in hair, it is very difficult to navigate the running consistency to get there - so a lot lands up wasted. It also didn't leave my hair with a great look or texture. Smell is divine though
15/06/2020, By Maryanne
Nice smell, I did find relief from my dry scalp but I felt that I needed to use quite a bit of it to clean my hair.
08/05/2020, By Mandy
lovely shampoo
08/05/2020, By Renske
This shampoo is truly organic. When the first ingredient is rainwater you know you’re in the green business! Takes a little getting use to initially, normally you add shampoo to your hand, this I recommend splash straight onto the hair. Lather is plentiful so no need to squeeze the bottle. I just wish for a bigger bottle!
22/02/2020, By Eco
Eco friendly
03/02/2020, By Marlene
Good product - bit expensive but lasts a long time, lovely fragrance, am on my second bottle now
24/01/2020, By Katja
Very watery consistency, expensive and after trying it once gave it to my daughter to try. She absolutely loves this product. It has cleared up her dry scalp and the condition of her hair has improved.
07/11/2019, By Lea
Completely Natural. Removes all oil, which isn't always so great as you want some natural oil in your hair to keep it healthy. I only need 4 drops to clean my hair thoroughly though, so if you don't over use it is perfect.
28/08/2019, By Dami
Strange small, strange consistency, expensive
16/05/2019, By Jennifer
Fantastic works well and smells great!!
04/05/2019, By Celcomrep
11/02/2019, By Pippa
It took a little time to get used to this very liquid shampoo (Not your usual gel type consistency) but have been on it along with the conditioner for two months now and my hair is digging it! Love the smell too
09/02/2019, By Maret
Foams nicely. Love that the ingredients are organic!
22/01/2019, By Ty
I have been using it for 8 months. I love the smell and it foams up beautifully. It does leave my hair feeling a little bit dry and my psoriasis has flared up slightly so switching to something with tea tree. One bottle will last you a very long time so good value for money. I would recommend especially for oily hair and to be used with a conditioner.
08/01/2019, By Bails
It's very liquid and smells a little bit like Dettol but I really liked it! Cleans well without drying the hair out. I used it with the same brand conditioner.
22/07/2018, By Sarah
This is a super product. I was struggling with an extremely dry scalp and I have tried many shampoos. This is the first one that has finally helped me. I am delighted!
18/06/2018, By Loren
Lately my hair has been looking oily constantly, even after washing and my scalp was itching. I searched online I was a bit skeptical when I saw that it contained coconut oil and it was so liquid, BUT, it has been great on my hair. All itching gone and my hair no longer gets oily 1 hour after washing.
04/06/2018, By Franke
I love this shampoo. It did all it promised to do and left my hair shiny and smelling clean. My scalp is healthy and maybe this is just my imagination, but I think my hair grew faster. The only down side is that it strips down colour as well. I'll continue to use it now and then to balance my scalp.
06/05/2018, By Kay
Nice shampoo but didn't realize how small it was for the price.
04/05/2018, By Ronel
Absolutely the best shampoo I have ever used. My hair has never felt so soft and shiny before. And it stays clean for longer. No more itchy scalp at the end of the day. I only have to wash every second day. Before I had to wash every day.
14/04/2018, By Monique
I was most surprised by this product! I took one look at the thin liquid consistency and couldn't imagine it could be very effective. Boy, was I wrong! I can safely say it is THE best shampoo I have ever used. My hair and scalp both feel so clean, and best of all, my curly dry hair feels super soft and moisturized.
06/04/2018, By Jennifer
Great really feels good. Hair and scalp feel clean and nousished.
13/03/2018, By Estelle
Amazing shampoo! The ONLY one that does not leave my hair oily! Please try it! And you only use a little bit!
26/02/2018, By Jimmy Locks.
Definitely an adjustment in approach to previous shampoos (also natural shampoos by the way) I have used, but honestly the best results I have experienced. Worth paying attention to the directions. I used to have to wash my hair every day to avoid greasy buildup, but now can go up to four days without a wash which was unheard of for me before. Takes a week or two to get used to the way it helps ones scalp and hair rebalance in terms of sebum production and PH, but it really has done wonders for my hair. More lustrous hair, less washing. Saves on water too!
05/02/2018, By Maria
Love the product! From daily washing of my hair I am now down to two washes.
06/08/2017, By Lorraine
Horrible, my husband and I find it does not clean and by the end of the day the hair is oily. The scent is awful and the packaging has not been thought out at all. Using it for the first time was dinkum tricky in the shower. I had to buy shampoo as we cannot use it at all.
21/09/2016, By Mary
Love this shampoo! Have had an itchy scalp for years and this product sorted it out. Daily use doesn make scalp or hair dry
18/08/2016, By Malie
No-good at all.
11/04/2016, By Ondria
Im so happy to see that FtN is stocking Gaia products. I have been using the shampoo for several years and it is such a good hair cleanser and nourisher. (I have fine straight hair)
23/02/2016, By Jodi
Does everything it needs to do, cleanses well without leaving a buildup on my scalp.

Very runny, but very little needed to produce clean results (I only shampoo my scalp).
18/02/2016, By Saskia
This shampoo is very runny, almost like water, so it needs to be applied directly to the hair and not in the hand first. Its smells lovely and herbal with a hint of citrus. Leave it in for a bit to let the coconut oil penetrate the hair. After three washes of using the shampoo and conditioner together I was amazed at how beautiful my hair feels and it has a new wonderful shine to it. Just like all the Gaia products, it needs some getting used to, but its amazing and it works.
16/02/2016, By moira
I like this shampoo, once you get over the strong medicinal smell. It lathers well and a little goes a long way. My hair feels clean without leaving the hair feeling stripped of its natural oils.

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