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Better Earth Conditioning Laundry Gel, 5 Litre

Better Earth Conditioning Laundry Gel, 5 Litre
Better Earth Conditioning Laundry Gel, 5 Litre
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The Better Earth Conditioning Laundry Gel gently cleans and conditions your laundry. Spring Blossom Fragrance. No need for fabric softener as this gel contains a fabric conditioner that is safe for all fabrics.

Our strict ingredient policy means that you can always shop according to your values. Every item on FtN is checked to be better for the environment, socially responsible, good for you and free from toxic ingredients.
  • The Better Earth Laundry Gel was a finalist in the Best Cleaning Product category voted in the Fair Lady Best Buy Consumer Awards 2012.
  • The 1 Litres are packaged in the grey, 100% recycled bottles
  • The labels are recyclable as well
  • Contains Palm Oil sources
  • Locally made in Cape Town
  • Vegan friendly


  • Put a 20-30ml of gel into your washing machine dispenser. Do not add fabric softener. For a really dirty load 1/2 cup can be used.


  • 5 Litre.


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Overall Rating
4.6 out of 5 stars from 79 reviews

76 out of 79 people would recommend this product

24/11/2023, By Anna
Great scent
07/10/2023, By Carol
My household is new to using organic cleaning products and all that I can say is wow! This product smells delightful, cleans well and am so happy that we changed to eco-friendly cleaning materials.
27/06/2023, By GG
Best natural laundry detergent I've used. Leaves your clothes smelling amazing (but not over powering), you don't need fabric softener (which I was sceptical of when I read about it, but you really don't!) Great value for many.
21/03/2023, By Nicole
Works really well and lasts so long. I love that you don't need extra softener. I still struggle with dirt on my kids clothing but for a natural option it's one of the better one's I have used
08/07/2022, By Greg
I really like this product - my only complaint is it is a bit difficult to measure out the recommended amount (I am used to using the lid to measure), and that the great fragrance doesn't last as long as I would like it to on linen. Otherwise Highly recommended
08/07/2022, By Beverley
The best laundry gel. Some of them say you don't need softener but you do but this cleans & conditions. Plus a no mess no waste bottle.
08/07/2022, By Beverley
The best laundry gel. Some of them say you don't need softener but you do but this cleans & conditions. Plus a no mess no waste bottle.
08/07/2022, By Beverley
Great stuff, cleans well & conditions & no itch skin.
08/07/2022, By Christine
Wash well
08/07/2022, By Just
Cleans well and great ingredients too!
08/07/2022, By Mina
This product is good & the fragrance not too overpowering. However, I tend to use it for hand washing (works 100%) & to pre-treat clothes as a soaker. I have found that it does not work that well on stubborn stains when I wash in the machine & sometimes leaves a bit of a residue on some cotton t-shirts. I would buy it again, but I would perhaps first consider laundry powders over this one just yet.
08/07/2022, By Candice
Products seems to work very well. I have used it on some seriously dirty clothes and it does the job and smells great! Wish the smell lasted as strong once clothes are dry.
08/07/2022, By Jianine
I bought a 5 litre container of this on a special a while back - really a good product. Used a tiny bit to wash an old towel on which one of our cats had urinated (whilst taking him to the vet), and the smell is completely gone.
08/07/2022, By Trudy
Love this product . Lovely soft laundry, no pasticy feeling
08/07/2022, By Bronwyn
This is good value for money because you only need a little and you don't need additional fabric softener. It leaves laundry smelling lovely. It doesn't always get stains or really dirty marks out, but when pre-soaked or treated everything comes clean. Really good product I would highly recommend.
08/07/2022, By Ilse
I have been using this product for many years now and I am very satisfied. I also reuse all my waters for my garden so it gives us peace of mind knowing that it will not damage our garden.
08/07/2022, By Jianine
Nice that one can purchase a 5-litre container - makes it a bit cheaper. Also good that this is a biodegradable product, as we collect and re-use our water in the garden.
08/07/2022, By Thea
Works great and smells amazing!
08/07/2022, By Khaila
Smells amazing and I've felt a real difference with how soft my clothes feel, so that definitely worked!
08/07/2022, By Kirsten
Love this product - I've always preferred liquid detergents but this one smells good, less harmful and biogradeable. Good for hubby's sensitive skin
08/07/2022, By Ilse
Not only does it wash clean, it is also economic as one uses just a little and there is no extra conditioner needed. Then there is also the peace of mind that I can re-use the water for my garden, So it is a win win situation all the way. Recommended.
08/07/2022, By Wanda
Such a great range! Completely natural ingredients and toxin free. Works like a dream.
08/07/2022, By Vaw001
Smells wonderful. The insects seem to be attracted to my laundry whenever i use this product. Lol.
Love that its eco friendly and doesnt dry or irritate the skin.

However, more than 30ml of detergent needs to be added to the washing machine in order to clean well.
08/07/2022, By Kristel
Excellent product, smells great and includes a softener. Value for money and goes a long way! Glad I can purchase it in a 5 lt. This product is one of my favorites.
08/07/2022, By Jenny
I actually use this as my softener and the triple orange bio-detergent as my detergent. The combination works for me and leaves clothes smelling wonderful.
08/07/2022, By Tricia
I love this product. And it is easy as it is 2 products in 1. My clothes smell amazing and the colour last. Definately recommend it.
08/07/2022, By Goodness
Fragrant clothes
08/07/2022, By Blue
Impressive results
08/07/2022, By Mrs Fox
this is an amazing product!
08/07/2022, By Rock
Impressive results
08/07/2022, By Ocean
Real stuff
08/07/2022, By Winner
Clothes seem much better out of the laundry
08/07/2022, By Jenece
I swap between two "green" laundry liquids. I like this one because it is a bit thicker and includes the conditioner. Smells lovely and cleans pretty well!
08/07/2022, By Kelly
Second time buying this. Works well on darks not so great with whites
08/07/2022, By Wanda
Works well. Will definitely use it again.
08/07/2022, By Jola
Be wary. I used this gel in cold water while hand washing and it left bleach-like spots on a black dress.
08/07/2022, By Colleen
I only use cold water in my washing machine and this product is not ideal. It has left marks on my clothing. I will probably use it for hand washing though.
08/07/2022, By Samantha
Absolutely love this product and their range, leaves a fresh smell that isn't overpowering and I can use it on my pooches bedding.
Can do your washing and refuse without feeling too guilty about your carbon footprint seeing you reducing it.
08/07/2022, By Support
Well done
08/07/2022, By E
Love how this stuff smells but have had some issues with residue and having to rewash loads of washing. Bought this for a second time and it seems as if the second batch was less effective than the first. Does not do well with toddler clothes or my husband's shirts. Have been buying this and the triple orange laundry gel. This one lasts longer, but will go with the triple orange from now on.
08/07/2022, By Samantha
I have tried a number of green products but this one is by far the best. I have even thrown my sneakers in the wash and voila! Very happy and impressed and love the smell.
This is by far one of the best products on the market.
08/07/2022, By Samantha
In my quest to find an eco-friendly laundry liquid that could be used in my grey-water system, I was looking for something that smelt good, didn't just massage the clothes but cleaned them too.
I set about ordering four different eco laundry liquids from Faithful to Nature.
Over a period of a month, Patricia, my housekeeper, used a different product with each wash, in her quest to find the best one for us. In the end she decided on Better Earth. She felt that it cleaned best and when she hung up the washing on the line, she always got a waft of lovely aroma.
08/07/2022, By Amy
This is such a great product! We've bought it a few times - the 5L lasted about 6 months for a household of 4! Our laundry smells wonderful and we use the grey water in the garden - it's a win whichever way you look at it!
08/07/2022, By Kim
Love this product, clothes are clean and smell great with no harm to the environment. I use very little and it works well for hand washing clothes, so it is also easy to take a small amount in a sample bottle when travelling
08/07/2022, By Ava
Fantastic smell and the laundry was so soft and fresh. I will buy again.
08/07/2022, By Tricia
I bought this product for the first time this week. It smells great and it is a 2-in-1 so I don't have to add fabric softener as it is already included.
08/07/2022, By Catherine
Works well - I especially like the 5l option as I don't have to order as often, and I can re-use the smaller bottles for my house and in the cottage I rent out.
08/07/2022, By Lizette
This product works well. Doesn't leave any residue on clothing and I save on fabric softener. Love the 5l option too.
08/07/2022, By Rosemary
This is a really lovely laundry gel. It's the first time I've tried it and I am very impressed. Only a tiny amount is needed and it leaves the washing clean and soft.
08/07/2022, By Jennie
Not convinced. Used it to wash a load of brand new clothes to take out the shop smell. After washing they still smelt like shop, so had to rewash with ordinary washing powder.
08/07/2022, By Ilse (Perrys Leisure cc)
I am very satisfied with this products and on top of that it gives me peace of mind for the environment especially so as I use all my used water in the garden.
08/07/2022, By Robyn
It does everything you'd want from a detergent, am sold on it
08/07/2022, By Ilse
Exellent product. I use only this product.
08/07/2022, By Jackie
It gets the laundry clean and it smells nice, what more can you ask?
08/07/2022, By Lynn
Very economical as you don't use a lot, don't need conditioner and it's far superior to the harsh 'brands'. I would not use anything else now.
08/07/2022, By Smit
The best, gentle enough for baby clothes also. Removes stains better than conventional washing powder and you also don’t need softener anymore!
08/07/2022, By Mariska
Living in a biosphere reserve, you have to be conscious about what goes back into the environment. I am also very impressed with how well it cleans and the lovely fragrance of the laundry.
08/07/2022, By Ilse (Perrys Leisure cc)
I have tried many natural laundry products on the market, this one seems to be the best value for money. My housekeeper insisted I buy this one again, so I trust this one is the best so far.
08/07/2022, By Ilse
This is the best natural Laundry Gel I have ever used. Even my househelp said that it was the best product.
08/07/2022, By Penelope
I only use eco friendly products as, living in Cape Town, I use grey water for the garden. I am very happy with this gel, cleans well and smells lovely
08/07/2022, By Nadia
A beautifully scented eco friendly laundry gel, buying it in bulk for the washing. I tend to soak stains in my clothes before laundry day, and have noticed no problems with clothes coming clean using this gel!
08/07/2022, By Dave
It’s great for normal washing. Heavily soled clothes need a normal washing powder. Good the our grass in the western Cape.dave
08/07/2022, By Lene
I've been using this gel for three months and really can't fault it. The laundry comes out clean and smelling great, and the gray water from the laundry machine is much better to use in drought-stricken Cape Town - doesn't kill the grass.
08/07/2022, By Lynn
Love the smell, washes well without needing conditioner, and is very economical. Perfect product for these times of water shortages when the laundry water is being recycled.
08/07/2022, By Lucille
Works well, but not so well on heavily stained / soiled clothes. Like it as I don't need to add softner.
08/07/2022, By Ingrid
Have been using this for ages and really love it - plus it's garden-safe
08/07/2022, By Catherine
I love that I can buy this in bulk, it smells fantastic and lasts for ages.
08/07/2022, By Ilse
Wonderful for many reasons: Smell, Clean, Use of water in garden, Economic, Soft and peace of mind of knowing that it is environmentally friendly, etc.........
08/07/2022, By Varsha
Awesome gel to use with my machine
08/07/2022, By Lucille
I love this product, you need a very little quantity for your clothes to have a flowery fresh smell and they come out soft without adding any extra conditioner. And the grey water that comes out of your laundry machine can be used for everything including watering your plants!!! I love it and have recommended this product to all my friends.
08/07/2022, By Nickola
This was the first environmentally friendly washing detergent i tried. I chose it for the high reviews, however it does not clean well at all. This product does not remove odours from sports or gym clothing. So i cant recommend it for that reason.
08/07/2022, By Maureen
Excellent product.
No need to use a lot of this gel.
Leaves laundry smelling lovely and soft to the touch.
Will certainly buy again.
08/07/2022, By Natilee
I've tried so many different laundry cleaners and this product is by far my favourite. It works great, it smells amazing and a little goes a long way. And there is no need to add a softening agent as this cleans and softens!
08/07/2022, By Tandy
A little goes a long way with this laundry gel, and no need to add extra fabric softener. Because it is eco-friendly, we pipe our wash-cycle water straight into the garden with no risk of harming our plants :)
08/07/2022, By Tina
Our clothes smell great
08/07/2022, By Maritza
I purchase this in bulk and it lasts quite a while (we are a family of 5). Clothes are clean, soft and smell wonderful! Brilliant for towels.
08/07/2022, By Bronwen
This is a great product! It lasts for ages and cleans the laundry really well. Leaves clothes smelling so fresh and clean.
08/07/2022, By Alexandra
I second Tanyas remarks.
08/07/2022, By Tanya
I have recently come across this product and really like it! cleans well and leaves a lovely fresh smell on the clothes.

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