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Wazoogles Vanilla Sky Superfoods Protein Shake , 500g

Wazoogles Vanilla Sky Superfoods Protein Shake , 500g

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Wazoogles Vanilla Sky Superfoods Protein Shake , 500g
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  • 500g
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Wazoogles Vanilla sky Superfood Protein Shake is a magical, lush combo of the purest, most ethically sourced, nutrient dense superfoods around packed with plant based protein, nutrients, living enzymes, vitamins and vital nutrients, without any fillers, artificial colours or flavourants to spoil it. It’s been carefully formulated to help reduce cravings and nourish and balance your body all the way to the cellular level with organic ingredients such as pure Madagascan vanilla pod, maca root, protein rich hemp, chia seeds, wild harvested mesquite and french grown yellow pea protein. A meal replacement smoothie breakfast fantasy come true.

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  • Re-usable, re-sealable bag of Wazoogles Vanilla Sky Superfood Protein shake
  • 25g vegan protein per double serving(contains highly digestible and usable  pea protein powder)
  • A full plant-based, nutrient dense, whole-food meal replacement (ideal as a breakfast)
  • Certified organic and raw Ingredients
  • Sustained energy – perfect for pre and post workout
  • Formulated with pure and ethically sourced superfoods with no added fillers, chemicals, flavourants or preservatives
  • Gluten, Sugar and dairy-free
  • GMO-free


  • 500g

What Are Superfoods? Superfoods are the most mineral & nutrient dense foods on the planet, easily absorbable by the human body.

Introducing the superfoods in your Wazoogles Vanilla Sky Superfoods Protein Shake:

Chia Seeds: “The gold of the ancient Aztecs”: the richest plant source of omega 3 around, and also high in Calcium, fibre and protein

Maca Root: “The Incan warrior power food”: an intelligent plant that adapts to the needs of your hormone, energy and immune system

Hemp protein: “The plant of life”: the most complete edible, usable, digestible protein in the plant kingdom

Mesquite: “The Native American White Carob”: a protein and nutrient rich slow release food that balances blood Sugar

Lucuma Fruit: “The Creamy Peruvian Superfruit”: abundant in Beta Carotene, niacin and iron with significant amount s of Calcium


Superfood Protein Smoothie – can be had as a breakfast or meal replacement

Add 1 – 2 scoops to your blender along with 300 ml water or milk alternative, a peeled frozen banana and one cup of frozen berries or other fruit, 3 – 4 blocks ice and 1 – 2 tsp Honey (or your favourite natural sweetener) if desired. Blend.

You can make your own variations – get creative with frozen avo and nut butters for creaminess, or dates for sweetness


Organic wild harvested Mesquite*, organic yellow pea protein*, organic raw Chia Seeds* organic raw Maca root*, organic raw Lucuma fruit*,  organic Vanilla powder*.

*Raw and certified organic at source

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Overall Rating
4.6 out of 5 stars from 278 reviews

268 out of 278 people would recommend this product

10/08/2022, By Lynda
Love this product. All the flavours are great!
10/08/2022, By Rachel
Best protein powder I have ever used.
10/08/2022, By Trix
I like this protein powder flavour the best. It goes down easier and the vanilla comes through nicely
10/08/2022, By Kyleigh
Tastes great
10/08/2022, By Jenny
My favorite Wazoogles flavour
10/08/2022, By shabi
Makes smoothies taste great
10/08/2022, By Amy
My favourite flavour of Wazoogles. It's refreshing to find a protein powder without all the synthetic flavouring and sweeteners. I have definitely improved my running training by consuming once a day
10/08/2022, By Eirean
I love this protein - it’s not full of nonsense and it tastes great! It’s very versatile and great for baking too.
10/08/2022, By Jo
Filling and yummy
10/08/2022, By Sigal
I was not happy to see that each serving contains more than 9 grams of sugar.

The taste has nothing to do with Vanilla, did not like it at all.

Very disappointed.
10/08/2022, By jennifer
I didn’t really like it
10/08/2022, By Genevieve
Great product. Got it on special to give it a try and so far I've been positively influenced. Great to add to smoothies or porridge.
10/08/2022, By RC
I love Wazoogles products!! I seriously need to order in bulk!
10/08/2022, By Pri
The least bad tasting protein thing I’ve had lol I’m only taking it because protein is also good for your skin and my diet severely lacks in that. Good buy
10/08/2022, By Andrea
10/08/2022, By Sharifa
Absolutely love this protein powder,one of my staples
10/08/2022, By Rox
Great Product
10/08/2022, By Rox
Great Product
10/08/2022, By Monica
My favourite flavour. It always reminds me of Horlicks.
10/08/2022, By Rev
Lovely Shake,tasty and filling!
10/08/2022, By Fiona
Wazoogles morning shake is the only way I manage to get some nutrition in to my partner in the mornings.
10/08/2022, By Nici
Super delicious! My favourite flavour...yum!
10/08/2022, By Philippine
Great product, 100% packed with super food and tastes nice. My all time favourite protein powder.
10/08/2022, By La
Not a fan of the taste, but that's my personal preference.
10/08/2022, By Duané
Simply delicious! I love this one!
10/08/2022, By Tam
Great product
10/08/2022, By FK
Soooo delish!
10/08/2022, By Mel
This is the most delicious protein powder. Add it to my smoothies every day.
10/08/2022, By Naadira
Love these, I definitely feel a difference since starting a few weeks ago, good value, good vitamins!
10/08/2022, By Gessica
Absolutely love this protein, it tastes so good in a smoothie and really fills you up. I will 100% be repurchasing when I run out.
10/08/2022, By Charmaine
Love it! I add it to my morning smoothies and it tastes great.
10/08/2022, By Gabi
Great for adding to morning smoothies. I’ve also used it for protein balls, adds a great taste.
10/08/2022, By Fantasy
Excellent product
10/08/2022, By M.K
Gives you so much energy and tastes good. Great that its full of suoerfoods
10/08/2022, By Lili
I add this to my vegan pancake mix, tastes great
10/08/2022, By Nokuphila
A superfood indeed- great taste and gives great energy.
10/08/2022, By Lisa
So yummy and lasts a long time - don't need much.
10/08/2022, By Bronwen
Great way to get my morning protein.
10/08/2022, By B
Nothing but healthy and organic protein, love it.
10/08/2022, By Elzette
A very nice after taste
10/08/2022, By Brooke
LOVE!! on my 2nd bag. tastes delicious and great ingredients,
10/08/2022, By Talent
Wonder shake
10/08/2022, By Amy
Introduced to this product during an unwell period for a nutritional boost. What a help it was! This is a great neutral flavour to mix with different fruits. Also a good one to start with if starting with Wazoogles protein shakes and you're not a fruit and veg fundi.
10/08/2022, By Caroline
Very nice
10/08/2022, By Charmaine
Very Nice
10/08/2022, By Salome
A great product to purchase
10/08/2022, By Cortney
Bitter taste on it's own so add your favourite fruits - enjoy.
10/08/2022, By Deidre
I like the fact that it's all organic and amazing superfoods but the taste is very bitter on its own and does not taste like vanilla.
10/08/2022, By Sandesh Elaine
10/08/2022, By Elder
Dessert fro breakfast with this delectable shake
10/08/2022, By Yourinde
Such a brilliant, delicious shake
10/08/2022, By Glad
Ton of energy
10/08/2022, By Annique
Definitely the best flavor of this range. I made protein balls out of this one and the taste is AMAZING
10/08/2022, By A
Dessert to sustain your workouts. Such a marvellous idea!
10/08/2022, By Starts in my eyes
Delicious protein powder, with a subtle taste of vanilla and not too sweet. Great in morning nutribullet
10/08/2022, By Moca
I was expecting it to be more tasty
10/08/2022, By Monique
Definitely one of my favourite wazoogles products!!
10/08/2022, By Kirsty
My favorite flavor!
10/08/2022, By Blue
This rocks
10/08/2022, By Simone
My children love this. I use it in smoothies. My children eat it in their oats.
10/08/2022, By Alex
Love love love this one! Can’t get enough of it! I love all the wazoogal products!
10/08/2022, By Ann
This is my "go to" protein powder. Can be mixed into a multitude of smoothies, used in flour-less Banana Oat Protein Muffins or had with some almond milk straight up after gym. Great product!
10/08/2022, By Go
10/08/2022, By Deidre
i love all the healthy ingredients including all the amazing superfoods but it just does not taste that good. its quite bitter and I expected it to taste more like vanilla.
10/08/2022, By Lucy
Great in all sorts of smoothies!
10/08/2022, By Got to have
It adds more flavour to the smoothies. Wonderfull product to add more protein to your diet
10/08/2022, By Karen
One of my favourites ever. Incredibly healthy.
10/08/2022, By Jia
This is absolutely delicious. Can't believe it's so healthy.
10/08/2022, By BR
It is very filling and had a nice creamy texture when miced with veggie milks, but I did not really lile the taste so much. I was expectibg a more vanilla-like taste, but all I could get was the maca root, which I am not a huge fan.
10/08/2022, By Aislinn
Was delicious, does have an earthy flavour, wasn't a big fan of the Chia seeds in it.
10/08/2022, By Alex
Although I like the ingredients, I found this flavour a bit bland (it is vanilla!) and would've liked a bit more sweetness. For a natural taste though, it's great!
10/08/2022, By domenica
Absolutely love this blend!
Kids love it too!
We add it into our smoothies/smoothie bowls and oats.
Love it!
10/08/2022, By Sharifa
I can chop & chmge my smoothie flavours with ease. This is by far my favourite favour in the wazoogkes range.
10/08/2022, By Amy
Delicious and nourishing product. Full of goodness. Really enjoy blending it up with a banana, some water and ice. Simple and yummy.
10/08/2022, By Budge
Just add some berries, banana and ice
10/08/2022, By Celine
Great product, subtle taste a=so easy to put use in many smoothies. Taste great with strawberry and banana
10/08/2022, By Sasha
Great as a breakfast on the go. A pleasant taste and consistency. I find the aftertaste somewhat strange, but not unpleasant. Add with lots of milk and shake up really well.
10/08/2022, By Sas
I really enjoy this product as i know that all the ingredients are natural and good for my health and it has no processed materials in. It is perfect in smoothies.
10/08/2022, By Nasreen
Love wazoogles in this flavour!
10/08/2022, By Natasza
This is my favorite flavor! I some up with yogurt for my daughter (1 year old) as a snack and she loves it too.
Great product!
10/08/2022, By Jess
Always a quality product!
10/08/2022, By Phoebe
This is a great protein powder, it's packed with healthy ingredients and is so much better than conventional protein powders. The texture is a bit gritty when used solely with milk or milk substitute, but it tastes a lot better in smoothies and smoothie bowls.
10/08/2022, By Estelle
Product has a very pleasant taste and is a great option for people on the go and little time to prep own smoothies.
10/08/2022, By Carli
best product
10/08/2022, By none
We like vanilla as its not overpowering taste. We add the fruit we like to our smoothies for different flavours.
10/08/2022, By RUTH
I have been buying this since the product launched - it is the best !
10/08/2022, By Sasha
I like that this flavour isn't overpowering if you add cocoa etc to your smoothie, but also tastes good on its own.
10/08/2022, By Samantha
I really the enjoy the vanilla protein. Its a fantastic addition to my smoothies. Good flavour, no bad aftertaste
10/08/2022, By Michelle
Love the vanilla sky protein mix. Taste amazing. Gives me peace of mind knowing it has all the added health benefits.
A must try.
10/08/2022, By Laurel
I Cannot Live Without Wazoogles Vanilla and Chocolate. Its once to twice a day daily staple. Awesome Tasting Filled with Goodness and No evil sweetners or sugars...Its the best Health Food out there as a Protein Powder packed with Goodness. It's my Gem for Sure!!1
10/08/2022, By Lynette
The vanilla is a great flavor. Amazing with peanut butter and banana. Can't wait to try the rest of the flavors. Also great with wazoogles breakfast bombs.
10/08/2022, By Erika
My absolute favourite to add to smoothies, raw ice creams and puddings. Love the versatility of the vanilla
10/08/2022, By Faye
My Absolute fave flavour in the range of powders. It is very versatile and super tasty. Love the malty, vanilla notes. Such a winner.
10/08/2022, By Megan
It's a fructose-free vanilla protein, which is hard to find. So it's kinda gold!
10/08/2022, By CM
Wazoogles, your flavours amazes me... I have tried many protein shakes but this range wins... Vanilla is a great one as is, or even in a smoothie... love the natural taste
10/08/2022, By Riva
fabulous local protein powder, great taste, wizzes up wonderfully with berries and banana's
10/08/2022, By S
Yummy start to my mornings
10/08/2022, By Carmen
Quite a distinct taste, not really 'vanilla', but still a good product
10/08/2022, By NikijayB
This vanilla version is the best one to buy because you can do much more with it than their other flavours; I also really don't like their Chocolate Moondust flavour because it uses cinnamon with chocolate (not a problem for some, I despise that) so I often just add some cocoa and a frozen banana to this, for a truly excellent chocolate smoothie.
10/08/2022, By Hope
If you're a pronutro fan, you'll love this!
great flavour as you can ad it too anything and it tastes amazing!
I add plain yoghurt, banana and cinamon (frozen or fresh berries for a sweet ZING!
Keeps the cravings at bay.
10/08/2022, By Dineo
I have supported Wazoogles for years since they first started. I wanted to try this shake to see if I would enjoy it more than another vegan one. I was reminded that this one was packed with more ingredients (the good ones). However, it meant that it tended to be more gritty and sometimes the texture made me cough. It was good and filling and will probably purchase it again.
10/08/2022, By Erin
One of my favorite flavors of Wazoogles! The vanilla is so tasty and versatile that I can add it to just about anything! Great way to get in some extra protein. Love the Wazoogles brand.
10/08/2022, By Vaw001
Tastier than the Unicorn Berry, but not too thrilled with the aftertaste. Think i will stick to Kungfu coffee or Choc Moondust.
10/08/2022, By megan
The vanilla flavor is wonderful. Great versatile protein powder
10/08/2022, By Megan
This stuff is amazing and tastes great! I didn't find it powdery at all and it didn't taste like any other protein powder (I can usually taste them straight away). I will say that I have this blended with bananas and perhaps that adds to the taste - definitely recommend doing so!
10/08/2022, By Claudia
Really great addition to a smoothie or sprinkled on yoghurt.
The vanilla is my favourite flavour, and I love knowing that the ingredients are natural with no funny stuff added!
10/08/2022, By Kim
I love this flavor and I can enjoy it guilt free.
10/08/2022, By Wilmarie
This is part of our standard grocery list since my husband really loves it - especially after a good training session. Amazing taste - the vanilla is a favourite in our house.
10/08/2022, By Natali
I didn't get a vanilla taste, more of a powdery something else taste
10/08/2022, By Busieh
Love the vanilla taste but has a little powdery like morvite after taste
10/08/2022, By TheOak
Bets flavour of the lot and great source of all kinds of goodness.
10/08/2022, By Q
The first time I had this without any sweetener. I prefer sweet things so the next time I added dates and banana to my smoothie. It's great!
10/08/2022, By Tamra
I love that it's packed full of goodness. I like the subtle flavour and as others have said, it's the perfect base to add anything you may want.
10/08/2022, By Sarah
Definitely my fav Wazoogles flavor - it goes great in smoothies
10/08/2022, By lize
This is honestly the best power food I've discovered in a long time. Works so great in my morning smoothies
10/08/2022, By Penny-Jane
Adore the Wazoogles brand and loving the protein powders. Smoothie bowls are the best thing to have happened to breakfast time.
10/08/2022, By Marzanne
I add this to my cacao porridge in the morning and get extra protein and all kinds of other amazing nutrients (like Omega 3 etc) in for the day as a vegan and have lots of fun doing it!
10/08/2022, By G
I really dig this!! It's a great protein to add into smoothies, however, sometimes the taste can be a bit weird. Otherwise, it's amazing!
10/08/2022, By Marietjie
Yip ! Agree ! Definately gonna be a regular purchase.
10/08/2022, By Lané
This was my very first vegan protein and I will never go back to whey again. It is so easily digested which makes it perfect for IBS sufferers and it is packed with superfoods. The vanilla flavor is very subtle and can be used as a base to almost any smoothie recipe.
10/08/2022, By myra
a lovely taste! add berries and you can even turn it into a berry flavour. i really love this product!
10/08/2022, By Phathu
A smoothie staple
10/08/2022, By Nass
Decent in terms of flavour and great as a protein additive to shakes.
10/08/2022, By Abigail
Yummy and superb quality ingredients
10/08/2022, By Steph
Not a bad tast but not a fan of the texture.
10/08/2022, By Laurette
Delicious. I use 1 scoop with a banana, 2 dates, half cup almond milk, half cup water and about a cup of berries: YUMMY and feel full after. Winner!
10/08/2022, By Jacki
Yummy but very expensive.
10/08/2022, By Jane Doe
Great flavour and not too over powering. Really makes a difference when added to a smoothie to turn it into a meal that keeps you going and feeling good all morning.
10/08/2022, By Kim
I love this protein shake. I prefer this supplement as to the commercial ones.
10/08/2022, By Corrine
Tastes yummy!

I don't drink protein shakes, but I enjoy using this in energy balls that I make, or adding it to smoothies. Great for that nutrition boost!
10/08/2022, By Rikus
Ideal and tasty addition to smoothies,
10/08/2022, By Aggie
As a person who gets to work at 5am - then drinks coffee and eats toast with marmite and starved all day to go home and eat like a horse - Wazoogles has changed my life. I love my breakfast now and full of energy and at 64 that’s great
10/08/2022, By Candice
My favourite flavour! Its delicious and healthy. Love it!
10/08/2022, By Anel
Tastes good and good source of protein
10/08/2022, By Gill
I love the way it tastes! Healthy and nutritious.
10/08/2022, By Marguerite
this was my first time using the Wazoogles brand and I am super impressed! absolutely delicious
10/08/2022, By Sherlee-Ann
When I used the amount they suggest it didn't taste great in the smoothie, so I use one scoop for 2 or 3 servings and it tastes much better! Great way to get a super boost!
10/08/2022, By Melissa
Absolutely delicious! I put it in my smoothies
10/08/2022, By Tracy
Not too bad as a shake with milk, although it does need a sweetener (real maple syrup worked well).
10/08/2022, By Camilla
I like that it’s very healthy, I don’t advise making with water as I did, I imagine it will be nicer with milk and perhaps something to sweeten slightly, even just an added banana
10/08/2022, By Cami
LOVE IT :) been making all sorts of smoothies with it.
10/08/2022, By Anonymous
Love wazoogles. Great tasting. Great quality
10/08/2022, By Lize-Mari
Great flavor. Think it's my favorite one.
10/08/2022, By Haajar
Awesome taste
Total meal replacement
Keeps one full for much longer
10/08/2022, By Jessica
Wazoogles is my favourite protein power brands and the Vanilla Sky is one of my favourite flavours and it's packed natural ingredients that are just great for your body. I initially wanted to give this a 4/5 start rating because of the price but considering all protein powders are expensive and that this has so many added extras, it may not be fair - so 5/5!
10/08/2022, By Rah
Have it everyday in my morning smoothie and just love this flavour!
10/08/2022, By ally
This was my favorite flavor out of the 3 I tried. I blended it with honey, ice and milk and used it as a breakfast smoothie.
10/08/2022, By Nadya
This is not my favourite flavour, but because the flavour isn't really intense, it lends itself to a wider variety of options without clashing. I love wazoogles!
10/08/2022, By Claire
I add frozen coconut milk and a spoon of honey (nut butter if I feel decadent) and then wazz it! YUM!
10/08/2022, By Amy
Really so delicious & keeps you full when adding to your smoothies.
10/08/2022, By George
10/08/2022, By Megan
Absolutely delicious
10/08/2022, By Brigette
Tastes awful on its own in water / milk of choice, but works well in smoothies. The only benefit to buying this product is the convenience of the superfoods being pre-mixed, but at a premium price.
10/08/2022, By Rebecca
love this stuff- a great healthy boost for soothies
10/08/2022, By Petra
I have been a hard core whey protein user for the last year and a half but have been moving away from dairy more and more due to allergies. I tried the single serve sachet first and fell in love with how it made me feel! Reduced cravings, more energy and just general ‘hell yes!’ I would recommend this product to everyone I know.
10/08/2022, By Jan
The best of all the flavours. Will buy again and again.
10/08/2022, By Sandra
Not exactly my favourite flavour was hoping it would have a more flavourful vanilla taste to it but it just tastes like original bland. Nonetheless it still has good ingredients added to it.
10/08/2022, By Elizabeth
My absolute favourite - I have it every single day and would HIGHLY recommend trying it if you are in doubt or even if the price puts you off slightly.
It's so amazingly tasty and gives me energy for hours until I eat something solid.
10/08/2022, By Nicci
I am so in love with the Wazoogles brand! This is probably my favourite flavour from the lot as it is not too overpowering. You're still able to taste the fruit and other add-ons you pop into your smoothie or smoothie bowl. I know the price is off-putting but it really is so worth it!
10/08/2022, By Nuraan
Delicious but very pricey
10/08/2022, By RG
Favourite flavour!

I end up craving it every day!
10/08/2022, By Giulia
Of all the protein/superfood shakes that I've tried, this is the only one I finished. I find the flavour really nice and delicate, makes it easy to mix with virtually any fruit, and even by itself is delicious.
10/08/2022, By Angie
I absolutely LOVE this taste! I add it to my frozen banana and coconut smoothie and it tastes like a delicious pudding! Yum!! and so healthy at the same time!!
10/08/2022, By Kez
So I've had my fair share of protein powders and the taste of this is amazing!!! I absolutely loved it in my smoothie. The only fault I guess would be the price. I can't afford getting the bigger packages.
10/08/2022, By Amy
This is a yummy protein powder that leaves me feeling satisfied and full of energy for the rest of the day. The vanilla flavour is easy to add to oats and smoothies with a subtle taste.
10/08/2022, By Carmen
Good product, nice taste
10/08/2022, By Anne
Got it as a sample. Tasted delicious with some frozen banana and mint CLO. I usually react to legumes, but didn't react to the pea protein extract luckily. Will buy a 1kg one day.
10/08/2022, By Amanda
Lovely taste, and great snack
10/08/2022, By Joy Christine
Great smoothie base to use. You can customize your drink and add fruits to make it more special and delicious.
10/08/2022, By Wilmarie
Best part of my morning is having a smoothie with this protein powder!!
10/08/2022, By Wilmarie
Best part of my morning is having a smoothie with this protein powder!!
10/08/2022, By Grace
v yum and filling
10/08/2022, By Malieka
Been enjoying this in my smoothies.
10/08/2022, By Shaylin
Great taste, and keeps you fuller for longer. The Vanilla Sky is my favourite to use when baking.
10/08/2022, By Amy
A really subtle flavour that makes it super flexible for smoothie bowls and baking. Also, the ingredients are obviously AMAZING!
10/08/2022, By Chris
So yummy feels like it should be a delicious milkshake, but nope, it's GOOD FOR YOU! :D
10/08/2022, By Katlego
I started using protein shakes when I started weight training last year. I used a big-brand whey protein, but it would always leave me feeling a bit unwell... Like nauseous or something. The taste also had me wondering if what I was consuming was doing more hard to my body than good. I also didn't see much improvement in my weight.

I started taking the Wazoogles shake as a better-for-you alternative and didn't change much else in my diet. I am glad to say I have picked up over 2kgs in the past month - the heaviest I've been in close to 2 years! It doesn't taste much like vanilla at all though, and when mixed with just water, it actually tastes quite bad. But it goes really well with homemade smoothies. I'm happy and will definitely try other flavours in the range.
10/08/2022, By Nat
Out of the three flavours I must say that the vanilla is the best! I love the hint of cinnamon. The berry one is also nice but a bit strong - does't taste like berry to me. These protein powders are filling - I have half a serving with my oats in the morning and it keeps me full for quite some time. It's verstile too - whether with fruit or chocolate etc yum!
10/08/2022, By Cat
Great tasting and satisfying. Thicker than I thought but great for smoothies and breakfast bowls with a high protein content!
10/08/2022, By Ron
LOVE Wazoogles! The Vanilla Sky variant is softly sweet, blends with anything and tastes great!
10/08/2022, By Rox
delicious! The best of them all!
10/08/2022, By Lou
So yummy! I blend this with heated almond milk for a delicious hot drink too :)
10/08/2022, By Demica
Packed with stunning nutrients, so if you can get over the taste then hello magic nutrients in the body
10/08/2022, By Nat
Out of the three flavours I must say that the vanilla is the best! I love the hint of cinnamon. The berry one is also nice but a bit strong - does't taste like berry to me. Vanilla is delicious and filling - I have half a cup (one inside given) with my oats in the morning and it keeps me full for quite some time. It's verstile too - whether with fruit or chocolate etc yum!
10/08/2022, By Jessica
This is the best protein powder I have used to date. Delicious taste and no weird feeling afterwards.
10/08/2022, By Malini
Versatile and flavoursome, you can really do so much more than make smoothies with this.
10/08/2022, By Kim
I enjoyed the taste of the vanilla protein shake and like the fact that you can add various ingredient to it and still get the benefit of the awesome ingredients. Will purchase again.
10/08/2022, By Ilse
Devine for a meal replacement, love the fact that it reduced my cravings.
10/08/2022, By Tracey
I've tried this flavour too many times with loads of fruit and milk, but the taste is just not for me. Chocolate flavour is better
10/08/2022, By Nirvash
Not as nice-tasting as other Superfood shakes I have used to make my smoothies.
10/08/2022, By Tam
Just love this brand and Vanilla is the best and most versatile flavour. Great as a breakfast shake or smoothie bowl - keeps you really full!
10/08/2022, By RUTH
The best smoothie superfood around
10/08/2022, By Jeannie
A great product for smoothies.
10/08/2022, By Sue
I am amazed at how healthy and energetic this product made me feel. It also kept my blood sugar levels stable the whole day. I would definitely recommend it to anyone suffering from chronic fatigue.
10/08/2022, By Selma
I really wanted to like this, but was, sadly, disappointed. The flavour is OK. Fairly neutral, so it should be fine in a proper smoothie mix. But it does not work as an on-the-go shake. I mixed it with coconut water only, but it was a strange powdery texture and all the chia seeds seemed to get stuck in my teeth at once! Will try another brand.
10/08/2022, By Katinka
What a fantastic product! Mixed with water or almond milk, a table spoon of oats, a banana and or raspberries- so yummy
10/08/2022, By Sian
It doesn't really taste like vanilla, exactly, but it's still really delicious and perfect if you like a healthy, nutrient-rich smoothie base that isn't overpowering in taste. I'd recommend adding berries - really yum!
10/08/2022, By Nadine
I love the vanilla. It's mild and doesn't taste artificial like so many other protein powders. It's mild also, and delicious in a smoothie.
10/08/2022, By Brig
My favourite and the most versitile. Best with some frozen blueberries!
10/08/2022, By Jooles
The absolute best. I have this every day!
10/08/2022, By Charlene
On-the-go mom so this works for me as a breakfast smoothie when I get a chance. Blended with banana, peanut butter and honey is delicious and nutritious.
10/08/2022, By Rox
The best of the range! So addictive!
10/08/2022, By Healthy Girl
very expensive
10/08/2022, By Arthur
Unfortunately the cost of your product is much too high compared to Dischem where we will make future purchases.
10/08/2022, By Beatrice
I used the single serving packs to try all the flavors, and preferred the vanilla and chocolate. Vanilla is a great base for a smoothie - I add combinations of frozen fruits, honey, cinnamon, flax seed powder, ice and water for a delicious and highly nutritious smoothie. The powder itself is not completely smooth but its not unbearable. This product is slightly more expensive than other vegan protein options but with the added Superfoods I think its worth it. I also looked at buying straight from Wazoogles as its was around R30 cheaper for the 1kg bag but Faithful to nature offers a lower free delivery threshold. And as always Faithful to Nature delivers super quickly with no hassle at all <3
10/08/2022, By Maureen
I thought this stuff was expensive until I checked out the ingredients. Am busy reading How Not To Die (amazing book) and even though I am vegan and have been for many years, decided to give this stuff a go. My non vegan husband has been convalescing with it instead of that disgusting Ensure stuff that his doctor wanted him to drink and it has improved his energy a lot.

Yes it is more expensive to buy it here but then it comes delivered to your door (saving you time and petrol money) and not everyone lives close to a Dischem.
10/08/2022, By Charlene
On-the-go mom so this works for me as a breakfast smoothie when I get a chance. Blended with banana, peanut butter and honey is delicious and nutritious.
10/08/2022, By Caylynne
I really enjoy this light flavour. Great with some yoghurt, berries, seeds and nuts!
10/08/2022, By Janine
I tried this over the weekend and its so good. All I added was water, banana and a tablespoon of almond butter. There really is no need to add a sweetener. I've got the green and berry one as well, cant wait to try it.
10/08/2022, By Arthur
Unfortunately the cost of your product is much too high compared to Dischem where we will make future purchases.
10/08/2022, By Roxanne
Tastes good and is nutritious.
10/08/2022, By Matthew
I've tried literally all of the available shakes - nutritious and not so nutritious - and this is by far the healthiest and the most delicious I have had. And it gives me so much energy. I love the vanilla one especially.
10/08/2022, By Nikki
Great for smoothies and to add to making overnight oats.
10/08/2022, By jencar
I have been looking for a superfood shake for a while now (one without artificial sweetners or synthetic subastances) - and decided to give this a try. This product really surprised me: not only is it fiilled with supreme nutrients but it is totally delicious and it adds a special taste to my smoothies. A really great buy.
10/08/2022, By Alicia
The vanilla is my favorite so far! love how it is packed with super foods and tastes so good
10/08/2022, By georga
This tastes good, but I found it quite powdery even when it was blended with the smoothie and to have a bit of a strange aftertaste. I definitely think you get your nutritional value in and it does give you loads of energy!
10/08/2022, By Rene
So yummy with banana ! The neutral flavour makes it convenient to mix with a whole bunch of ingredients.
10/08/2022, By Tania
We use this in our morning smoothie and it tastes great and keeps us full for much longer than without it.
10/08/2022, By Emmajane
I really enjoy this and the chocolate flavour from Wazoogles
10/08/2022, By Roz
I had given up on finding a shake to suit me, because they all have added sweetners - great to find one with natural taste and NO sweetners! I add yoghurt or honey for slight sweetness, because non-nutritive sweetners are not for me. Breakfast each day, and keeps me going with no hunger pangs
10/08/2022, By Heather
Love this flavor, a great base to mix with any fruit combinations for a yummy smoothie
10/08/2022, By Natalie
This is so yummy and keeps me satisfied for hours! Delish!
10/08/2022, By Nadia
I bought a few of these and it worked well in my banana smoothie.
10/08/2022, By Ilse
Best flavour out of the bunch for me. Mix it with some banana and peanut butter and you have the best breakfast!
10/08/2022, By Ilse
My favourite flavour of the Wazoogles range. So versatile and makes for the best smoothies in the morning. Also add it to your pancake batter (vegan) and it adds some lovely flavour
10/08/2022, By Bronwen
I have used this vanilla flavorful yumminess in almost everything and my little vegan toddler just loves it while it pumps her full of protein.
10/08/2022, By Adrienne
Definitely my favourite flavour. I am in love with maca powder and you can actually taste that maca in here!
This product is amazing, thank you so much, guys!
10/08/2022, By KimmieAB
I like the tastes
10/08/2022, By RUTH
I think this is my best Wazoogles flavour - delicious
10/08/2022, By Marix
Love Wazoogles - perfect meal replacement. Vanilla flavor being the most versatile.
10/08/2022, By chav
The least of my favourite flavours.
10/08/2022, By Ireeze
Delicious! A lovely meal replacememt when in a hurry
10/08/2022, By Candy
This is definitely the best flavor and most versatile to add to oats/smoothies/baking. I wouldn't recommend it for those serious about training and needing a protein supplement like whey, but it's a great vegan protein product all round. Quite pricey compared to others that contain more protein per scoop though.
10/08/2022, By Hloni
Tired this in a smoothie and as protein pancakes and I'm obsessed with this flavour!
10/08/2022, By Tracey M
Great taste. Lovely with banana, peanut butter, plant milk and a few ice blocks.
10/08/2022, By Kiti
It took me about 2 servings to get used to the texture but after that I was in love. Vanilla is a versatile flavour so it’s easier to get creative with this one. My favourite combo to have with this flavour is frozen mango, pineapple and some honey.
10/08/2022, By Liv
Good to have a neutral flavoured bas so you can mix with many different fruit/shakes/nuts etc. Eases the conscience knowing that it's good quality, all natural super foods going into my body.
10/08/2022, By Tracey Joy
I got a sachet as a sample in one of my orders. WOW love the combination and so easy to use.
10/08/2022, By Amelia
Really appreciate a protein powder that isn't full of sweeteners! We are enjoying this vanilla base as a starter for either green smoothies or cacao/cinnamon variations!
10/08/2022, By Madeleine
Adds a delicious vanilla flavour to smoothies. I also use it as an addition to my seed, spice and coconut oil sprinkle yum!
10/08/2022, By Zakho
it's so filling, just adding one teaspoon with milk, can make you full the entire day
10/08/2022, By Fionna
I tried this with half a frozen banana and some strawberries. The taste was OK, but not as good as the chocolate Wazoogles. I'll probably stick to the chocolate for now.
10/08/2022, By Vithasha
The flavour is not so bad but not appealing either. I blended it with half a banana and some dates but this did not help the taste. The texture is also a bit like sand. I didn't enjoy this at all but I do like the amount of nutrients it contains, therefore the 3 leaf rating.
10/08/2022, By Carla
One of my favorite flavour's under the Wazoogles' range. Very subtle and versatile vanilla flavour that blends well into smoothies, bakes etc. Tastes okay on its own when blended with water as a post workout drink.
10/08/2022, By Ruth
Smoothie staple - love love the vanilla !
10/08/2022, By Tania
This is my favourite addition to our morning smoothie. We love the flavour, it keeps us full for ages and it's my go-to Superfood Shake. I have tried a few other flavours but none compare to this one, it's by far the best.
10/08/2022, By Leigh
Tastes yum and healthy too
10/08/2022, By Amelia
Loving the lack of sweetness in this vegan protein powder. This allows you to play with your own combination of fruit/cacao powder/spirulina and peanut butter to create your favourite flavours!
10/08/2022, By Janisha
My absolute favourite protein shake!
I blend it with almond milk, frozen banana, peanut butter, fresh dates & some cocoa powder - its the best pre/post workout drink, or a super yummy breakfast shake
10/08/2022, By Kaeli
This is my favourite protein powder.
It adds a subtle vanilla flavour to my smoothies or oats without overpowering the taste of the fruits. It's also a big help to know that I am getting a little superfood boost in the morning!
10/08/2022, By GenPot
This. Is. Delicious.

Great in a super smoothie with all the bells and whistles, or simply whizzed up with water and a frozen banana.
10/08/2022, By Kaylah
Better tasting than most protein shakes, texture takes some getting used to but the results are amazing and the taste is great
10/08/2022, By Tasch
10/08/2022, By Von
This protein shake doesn't taste to bad, but the texture is disgusting if you want to use it as an ordinary shake. I presume it will be ok in smoothies, but don't use it as a shake.
10/08/2022, By Taschyana
Vanilla magic
10/08/2022, By Malini
A tasty way for vegans to add more to their smoothies :)
10/08/2022, By Liv
This protein is a clean protein that helps muscles recover well, even after strenuous exercise. Happy to have something that's non-toxic for recovery, and is also light enough to have before a session.
10/08/2022, By Liezel
My favourite of all the flavours. As a diabetic I appreciate the great nutrition without sweetness. Yummy meal replacement on super busy days.
10/08/2022, By Jess
This product is of high quality but i personally could not drink it as it tasted very much like pea protein. As i say everyone has their own likes and dislikes in taste. I did however give the rest to a friend and he simply loved it. He added banana's into the mix and loved it.
10/08/2022, By Tanya
I love the ingredients and the texture of the smoothie with some almond milk or water. I like to add some honey if I feel like something sweeter :) the chocolate and coffee flavour are also really yummy!
10/08/2022, By Mons
Wow, this superfood shake definitely made me feel full and it successfully replaced my dinner after gym. Just loved it. Cannot wait to reap the long term benefits!
10/08/2022, By Jenna-Leigh
I love Wazoogles Vanilla Sky protein shake. It tastes good and doesn't have a funny texture like some other vegetarian protein shakes. It also contains superfoods which saves me the time adding them to my smoothie!
10/08/2022, By Monika
Love the flavour, not too sweet. I have even pepped up my oats or hot raw cacao (although the 'thickened' chia texture might be a bit much for some) in the chilly winter months
10/08/2022, By RUTH
A delicious vanilla addition to my daily smoothie
10/08/2022, By Tania
We have been using this in smoothies and not only does it taste great, it keeps you feeling full for hours.
10/08/2022, By Mashie
Love it - great taste - mix it with my yoghurt and fruit and keeps me full for long!
10/08/2022, By SHARLAIN
10/08/2022, By Karen
All of their flavours are great, but the Vanilla is best as a more neutral base for smoothies.
10/08/2022, By ♥♥♥
Lovely for smoothies. Keeps you full for long. Use it for my child who has Type 1 Diabetes. Fantastic.
10/08/2022, By RUTH
A must in my daily smoothie - all the nutrients I need as a vegan granny
10/08/2022, By Rae
Just superp quality, taste and packaging. I only use this in my morning shake! Add a frozen banana, some cinnamon and a large cup of rooibos tea - blend and voila
10/08/2022, By Andrea
This one really is more like pudding - if you prefer sweeter blends - and tastes delicious with macadamia nut butter added.
10/08/2022, By Renee
Have tried many protein blends, but this one is really the best! I like the subtle vanilla flavour; the sweetness is just perfect. Great on its own, as well as or when adding a frozen banana or nut-butter. And yay for the super goodness!
10/08/2022, By GEORGIE
This is by far the best best protein powder I have had. Full of all the superfoods you need and so delicious. I typically use this powder in my smoothies, but I also use a teaspoon or two in my homemade granola in the morning as well.

Just overall deliciousness in really cute packaging.
10/08/2022, By Nikki
I received a free sample in an order and I tried it out. I have since bought my own large bag.

My boyfriend and I absolutely love the shake. Its the first shake I have tasted that I can actually stomach. It also works out to be reasonably priced when you consider all the super food ingredients that it contains.... so convenient for me in the mornings too... I used to make my own maka / chia seed shakes - now its all done for me in one scoop.

I haven been taking it long enough to notice the immune benefits, but I believe food to be medicine, so I have no doubt that my health will improve overtime.

PS.. I LOVE the name and packaging.... and cant wait to taste the other flavours
10/08/2022, By Debbie
I battle with reactive hypoglycemia so I need to eat within minutes of waking up. At the same time I am very weight conscious so don like to eat bread. Since having a wazoogles smoothie for breakfast I haven had a sugar low because I haven eaten breakfast, but also haven felt bloated because I made a bowl of porridge or a sandwich. It tastes great too fills me up until lunch time. I mix the vanilla with 1 banana, 1 spoon of peanut butter, 5 almonds, ice then I half the milk water for fluid. LOVE IT.
10/08/2022, By Abigail
Tastes great when made according to directions on the packet. Really a filling meal :) I use frozen pawpaw as well!
10/08/2022, By HELGA
This Vanilla Shake tastes very different to the main stream protein shakes... but the taste is great! There is no aspartame after taste and it fills you up and keep you full for hours. I only mixed mine with Almond Milk and I can honestly say this is the best shake Ive ever bought. Can wait to try the Berry Flavour.

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