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Olgani Detoxifying Charcoal Toothpaste

Olgani Detoxifying Charcoal Toothpaste
Olgani Detoxifying Charcoal Toothpaste
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  • 75ml
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Increasingly, people are turning to natural activated charcoal for its intense whitening properties. It may not look like it (you will be startled by how you look using this), but activated charcoal is powerful at absorbing toxins and tannins, helping to reduce staining on tooth enamel. It’s non-abrasive, bleach and fluoride free that cleans without damaging tooth enamel.

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  • Activated charcoal toothpaste containing bentonite clay, sea salt, coconut shell, coconut oil and mint oils for freshness
  • Charcoal is great at absorbing tannins and toxins
  • Glycerin, bleach and fluoride free


  • Shake before use. Place a large pea-sized amount on your toothbrush and brush as normal, preferably just before going to bed
  • For children under 6 years, use a small pea-sized amount
  • Safe to swallow

Aqua (water), oryza sativa (rice), sea Salt, Calcium carbonate, Bentonite Clay, Cocos Nucifera (coconut) shell, Activated Charcoal, Xanthan Gum, Coconut Oil, Mentha piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Spearmint oil, Limonene, Linalool

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Overall Rating
4.3 out of 5 stars from 103 reviews

97 out of 103 people would recommend this product

26/10/2021, By shum
Love the clean feeling, really great toothpaste range.
26/06/2021, By Willie
Whitens teeth, cleans my teeth like no other toothpaste I've ever tried.
20/01/2021, By Thobeka
Quickly got used to the taste after reading the reviews, I knew what to expect.
Placing my second order.
27/11/2020, By J
After a year of use I still notice the saltiness every time, but this toothpaste does an excellent cleaning job and I would buy it again.
14/11/2020, By take me
23/09/2020, By Michelle
Does whiten, but have to use regularly. Doesn't help too much with stains
24/08/2020, By Lesley
This toothpaste is smoother than their others and I noticed my teeth looked whiter after only a couple of days using it morning and night (my teeth are stained from tea). Would suggest brushing teeth in the shower!
29/07/2020, By Xane
First time using it I honestly did not expect the taste it had but then the more you brush the better it gets, lemony minty fresh with a whole lot of black :)
Its effective and absolutely amazing!
10/07/2020, By Nikasha
Great toothpaste
09/05/2020, By Steve
Exceptional quality. Effective at cleaning teeth
11/01/2020, By RAY
This is an interesting toothpaste. Took a while to get used to seeing black in the white bowl and I wondered whether the price was worth it. It does work though- teeth feel slightly more clean using this than other toothpastes whether natural or chemical. Worth a try!
07/01/2020, By Helper
27/11/2019, By Lize
This is a good product and does exactly what is says - personally the texture gives me the creeps, especially if I look into the mirror - BUT that does not take away its effectiveness. I just couldn't get used to it xx
17/11/2019, By Lorindi
Takes a while to get use to the taste. Leaves a fresh and clean feeling after brushing making this product a must have.
17/11/2019, By Lorindi
A healthy treat. Pops are lightweight, fresh and fully popped. Does not pop into hard, untasty pops.
25/09/2019, By Faithful Vegan
I really enjoy this toothpaste it progressively after regular use whitens the teeth.
13/09/2019, By Lulu
LOVE this toothpaste! Makes my teeth feel so clean!
12/09/2019, By Kleopatra
Amazing! Works like MAGIC. Teeth feel super clean and white.
26/08/2019, By Carmen
I read the product reviews before purchasing so was prepared for the salty taste but it wasn't as exfoliating as I had expected. It definitely isn't a good choice for messy brushers because of the colour. Keep white towels away when brushing!
13/06/2019, By Lau
Love this product.
I was a heavy smoker until a month ago and my teeth were badly stained, which not even 6 monthly spit and polishes from the dentist eliminated.
The stains have all gone and my teeth are getting whiter and whiter...I can smile again.
The taste takes a bit of getting used to initially, but now I like it.

Love that it's all natural...and no fluoride
31/05/2019, By Henk
the stain removal is fantastic and my oral hygienist agrees. pockets are stable without anti bacterial chemical tooth paste
23/05/2019, By Wendy
Great product! Leaves my teeth beautifully white.
24/04/2019, By Natasha
1st thing in the morning... not a good idea! The taste makes my face do an uncontrollable ugly face dance! I know its organic but it tastes like salty chemicals! BUT it cleans oh so well! Does it work? Yes 100% do I look forward to the taste? Hell no! Will I buy it again? Sorry no!
02/04/2019, By Melize
Great toothpaste! It cleans well and does remove some build up along with a lovely fresh feeling after brushing. Like one of the other comments, I have to say that it is quite salty at first, but after 2 brushes you get used to it.
25/03/2019, By LJP
Great toothpaste, my teeth feel so clean.
07/03/2019, By Dani
I love that it's fluoride free. It's also black which is very aesthetically appealing. It works like a charm, it's beautiful and healthy - compliments the ideal lifestyle!
14/02/2019, By Ayanda
I don't use any other
02/01/2019, By Gina
Highly effective! Use in the shower as suggested:) I’ve combined with the evening mineral version to prevent over cleaning and it’s been great.
18/12/2018, By P
18/12/2018, By P
28/11/2018, By CarrinaN
Enjoying it. Really salty - had to get used to the taste at first . Can also be messy. No obvious benefit yet, been using it for two weeks. But love that’s it’s fluoride free .
28/11/2018, By Elle
Excellent product! Well worth it!
13/11/2018, By Annemarie
This is the nicest toothpaste I ever used and my teeth feels great. I used to suffer with bleeding gums and the use of this toothpaste healed it completely. Bit salty taste at beginning to get used to but will not change to another brand.
31/10/2018, By Lulu
Love this product so much.. it is a bit salty, but you get used to it. My teeth have literally never felt so clean.
29/10/2018, By Lisa
A lovely alternative to all the sweet toothpaste out there. I have geographic tongue so I usually have to rinse with salt after washing with normal toothpaste because the salt is a natural anti-bacteria/cleaner which helps my tongue condition. With the salt added in the toothpaste I don't need to do so anymore, and so I would recommend to anyone who has mouth sores or problems in the mouth as all the sugar in normal toothpastes I find actually aggravates my geographic tongue. Love that its a local product too! Local is Lekker!!!!
03/10/2018, By Kaamilah
I bought the product as a recommendation from a friend. The formula of the toothpaste is not foamy/bubbly like other toothpastes and also very salty but you get used to it very quickly. As for the results I bought it a month ago and didn't see a dramatic change but a slight difference in my bottom teeth which looks a shade whiter which i am still happy about:).
27/09/2018, By Bianca
Great organic toothpaste. Love that fresh feeling after brushing and it doesn’t strip your teeth of all the natural goodness like normal toothpaste. I also find that I feel fresher for longer compared to normal toothpaste. You’ll get used to the taste.
25/09/2018, By zee
not really sure if i have noticed any improvement in the colour of my teeth with this, but it certainly leaves my mouth with a fresh taste
22/09/2018, By Jackie
I like this toothpaste as it does a good job of cleaning my teeth, plus it doesn't mess up the toothbrush. It doesn't taste the best and I do wish it was a bit more minty so that my breath could be fresher, but it's nice to know it's natural.
16/09/2018, By Bianca
Took me a while to get used to the taste, but the toothpaste works great. Definitely a good option if you want to switch to a natural toothpaste.
05/09/2018, By Shandee
My teeth definitely feel cleaner and more buffed. Everything everyone is saying about the taste and mess is 100% true! I'm still waiting to notice whitening effects, as i've only been using it for 1 week. As far as natural toothpaste's go. this is probably one of the most effective i have tried.
31/08/2018, By Whitney
It has a really salty and bitter taste. Would be nice if they could work on improving the taste naturally. Because it doesn't foam it does splatter around the bathroom so make sure you brush your teeth before getting dressed for the day. Haven't seen any whitening results yet but I've only just started using it a week or two ago. Tooth feel squeaky clean afterwards.
30/08/2018, By Zainab
I don't enjoy the taste at all.
It makes me want to brush my teeth with regular toothpaste after I use it.

I can't comment if it works or not as I am hardly using it due to the lack of taste
16/08/2018, By Zuleikha
Makes my mouth and teeth feel clean.
09/08/2018, By Mary
I have been using this toothpaste for about two weeks but have not noticed that my teeth are any whiter. I do enjoy the taste though, compared to some of the other natural toothpastes I have tried, and it leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean.
05/08/2018, By Alisha
At first I was very excited to use this new black toothpaste. I like the packaging and idea that it's good for the environment and for my teeth. It took a few brushes to get used to the salty taste and the black colour in my mouth and on my toothbrush. But now, after more than two weeks I notice that my gyms are swollen and my teeth are sensitive. I am going to stop using this toothpaste and back to Sensodyne.
24/07/2018, By Kim
Wont go back to using regular toothpaste, this is worth the cost! Sparkling white teeth!
24/07/2018, By Johanda
Love this toothpaste. Have only used it for a week now but I can feel the difference!
24/07/2018, By Phatli
I don't like the taste but I think it is good for my teeth. I Only started using it recently and it seems to do the job well. My teeth feel so clean.
23/07/2018, By Nadia
Did NOT expect the salty taste. But my teeth fees clean and it's nice to know that I'm supporting a product that is more eco-friendly.
25/06/2018, By Kess
Can definitely notice a difference after a few days, leaves my teeth feeling cleaner for longer.
14/06/2018, By Kerry-Anne
I've been using this toothpaste for two months now and I love it! One tube lasts me two months as I only use a pea sized amount. I've gotten used to the saltiness and love it now. My dentist has even noticed that my teeth are whiter. Will keep using this product!
08/06/2018, By Ron
This is by far the best organic toothpaste I have come across - I buy in bulk wherever I find it on special.
07/06/2018, By Sanet
I use this at night and it definitely seems like it works! I've been using the Olgani Herbal Refreshing Toohpaste for a while, and this one (Detoxifying Charcoal) is less salty and more minty. It does leave a black trail down the toothbrush and in the sink, but it rinses off with no effort.
31/05/2018, By Suné
This tastes horrible but after the second brush I could already begin to see a difference and my teeth feel so clean.
24/05/2018, By Yolandi Nel
Saw results after my first brush. Leaves the mouth feeling clean for long after using
23/05/2018, By Rachel
I bought this and HATED the taste. I still don't really like the taste but I'm used to it and at the end I gargle with alcohol free mouthwash.
Taste aside, I think it's really worked to whiten my teeth. People are constantly asking me how my teeth are so white and this toothpaste must be the reason! Couldn't believe it... I've spent thousands on importing strips, special exfoliating powders, the works - and no one has ever taken notice before. I personally don't see a huge result, except in photos, but I guess that's how it goes.
Very strongly reccomend you give this a shot.
10/05/2018, By Giulia
I only started using it recently, but it seems to do the job well. It doesn't make any foam and hasn't got the strong flavor you find in industrial toothpaste, so it takes a bit getting used to it, but it does leave the mouth fresh and clean.
10/05/2018, By Jessica
Not the best tasting but your mouth does feel much cleaner afterwards. Quite a messy process and you need to clean both your sink and hands/clothes afterwards. Still waiting to see the results but defiantly worth a try and would recommend it to friends/family :)
04/05/2018, By Therita
It's quite an adjustment getting use to the salty taste, instead of the normal minty and frothy toothpaste I'm used to. Not sure how much whitening has actually happened to my teeth because I didn't take a 'before photo'... Not 100% sure if I would recommend it to a friend though.....
01/05/2018, By Nadia
Its okay, not a good taste, did not really see results
23/04/2018, By Caryn
Yes, its salty, but it's not that bad, just different to "normal" toothpaste. It is messy though, don't wear a white shirt while brushing. I am starting to see whiter teeth and I've only been using it for a week.
09/04/2018, By Emma
It takes a while getting used to, but you do still end up with that typical minty-fresh toothpaste feeling.
09/04/2018, By Mishk
VERY salty, shock to the taste buds first thing in the mornings. Slightly starting to whiten my teeth, no stains. Teeth feels extremely clean after usage.
03/04/2018, By Nick
Tastes pretty good and seems to whiten up my teeth slightly
29/03/2018, By fehmidah
very messy ,but it helps.
29/03/2018, By Yusra
Really couldn't get used to the taste, but my husband seems to love it. I tried the Dr Organic one before and actually loved it. After reading all the great reviews I wanted to try it, but the salty taste is just too overwhelming for my tastebuds. So for those who can handle that, it is worth a try for all the benefits it is known to have. Would definitely love if we could have more plastic free brands/products as well.
27/03/2018, By Angela
Loving this toothpaste. Has made a slight difference in whiteness by removing the stains and has a pleasant taste. Leaves teeth feeling really clean.
22/03/2018, By Tebogo
My teeth don't seem any whiter, but I can definitely feel that my mouth is cleaner after using this toothpaste. The freshness lasts all day, even after eating.
11/03/2018, By Abigail
Update. When I finished this and went back to finishing off another Olgani toothpaste, I realised how much whiter my teeth were while using this. Not as salty as others, best consistency, great clean feeling mouth and fresh breath.
09/03/2018, By Chay
It has a very salty taste, but after a few brushes you get used to it. My teeth always fee amazing after I brush them.
04/03/2018, By Juani
I absolutely adore this product. My mouth feels great after using it!
24/02/2018, By Mo
I've been using plain old activated charcoal to brush my teeth so my bestie bought me this for my birthday. It's weirdly salty but it works very well. It is a touch pricey though, but mine has lasted very well too.
29/01/2018, By Lady Bug
Very salty but doesn't have that harsh feel like regular toothpastes. No harsh aftertaste but quite expensive for family use.
26/01/2018, By Terri
Results after the first use! I am very happy with this product. It has a very salty taste but definitely achieved the result I was after. My coffee stained teeth were much whiter after the first use.
11/01/2018, By Cobus
My teeth feels cleaner for longer after using this. Was a bit weird in the beginning being so use to the sweet minty taste of normal toothpastes, but you get use to the taste and the odd black color in your mouth.
08/01/2018, By Carika
My first time trying an organic toothpaste. It wasn’t all that bad, the salty taste and of course black colour took a while to get used to, but now it does not bother me at all! I feel like my teeth are whiter and for some reason I now always feel better after brushing my teeth!
26/12/2017, By Dudu
It definitely cleans well. I love making smiley faces in the mirror while I brush because I'm an overgrown child. However, I don't like the slightly watery texture and the acerbic taste...
18/12/2017, By Emmie
It’s not your usual foaming white minty toothpaste, but it works. Removed coffee stains, definitely whiter and cleaner teeth.
04/12/2017, By siri
I wanted to like this, but I really don't. I find the saltiness a bit off-putting, so I use it with my normal toothpaste. Also haven't seen much improvement in the whiteness of my teeth. Don't think I'll be re-buying this one.
22/11/2017, By DM
Really not keen on the taste, however leaves your mouth very clean, fresh and can already see teeth whitening a little bit after a weeks use..
20/11/2017, By Corinne
Wish it was a bit more minty
07/11/2017, By barry
this feels really good
02/11/2017, By Caitlin
A little messy but honestly what else would you expect.
Leaves your mouth feeling super clean and slowly but surely whitens your teeth.

17/10/2017, By T.
The kid in me just wanted to try black toothpaste. I am eager to see how this works LONG term as I find the powder options out there a bit messy. This seems like a good alternative.
09/10/2017, By Hayley
My teeth feel very clean after use. As it does not foam, it tends to be quite difficult to keep all that black liquid IN my mouth. Be aware not to dribble onto your clothes, especially if you are dressed up to head out of the house.... It is a very messy affair and I feel that it takes more water to clean the bowl after brushing, so possibly not too water-wise. However I am learning to brush differently to accommodate this. Also turn away from the mirror to avoid black splashes, lol. Is it whitening my teeth? Time will tell...
06/10/2017, By Jan
Been using this for about two weeks now and see absolutely no whitening effects on my teeth. Very messy to use too. I far prefer the other normal Olgani toothpaste.
05/10/2017, By Miss T
What a product I enjoy using it and I'm love with it.
26/09/2017, By Imogen
Such an amazing product and definitely the better alternative to normal toothpaste. I really have seen a difference in the colour of my teeth and will be purchasing this product in bulk going forward.
14/09/2017, By Meags
Still getting used to how this toothpaste works and feels however its a lot of fun to use!
09/09/2017, By Abigail
This is great. Leaves teeth very smooth and clean. Is dark grey when brushing but rinses easily. Not salty like other Olgani products, lovely mild mint and spearmint.
08/09/2017, By Kaylah
This is fantastic, a real clean. It's salty and looks horrible but, wow! no more build up or bad breath.
06/09/2017, By fehmidah
After just 2 days I noticed a difference. My teeth are much more whiter and shiny.My mouth feels fresh throughout the day and my teeth feel clean and plaque free.I am very happy with this product and would recommend it anyday.The only thing that I dislike is my sink gets totally black but its not a train smash to clean that.
04/09/2017, By danielle
Salty taste, looks grouse when you brush your teeth, but my teeth has never felt this clean before, and it lasts throughout the day
18/08/2017, By Elizabeth
The best (natural) toothpaste on the market I've found so far.
It is very refined and feels like it really cleans my teeth - and it whitens them too.
11/08/2017, By emma
This toothpaste is very effective, after the first brush my teeth seemed whiter already. It looks quite strange in your mouth because of the charcol color and I'm not a fan of hearbal toothpaste flavors in gereral, so it didn't taste too great for me. But the result makes this product well worth the money!
10/08/2017, By Jolene
I'd def buy this regularly; enjoying the fact that it is not a sweet toothpaste, it cleans really well and the black charcoal makes for a fun toothbrushing scene!
08/08/2017, By Cherise
Took some getting used too as it's doesn't foam like conventional toothpaste, but it works! I don't know how but I definately feel an improvement on my teeth. My teeth feels clean and doesn't taste bad. The black is a bit weird, but you do get over it. I have only been using it for a few days, so can't say that I've seen any significant whiteness
01/08/2017, By Gillian
So impressed with this toothpaste, I can't stand the plain Olgani as it is so salty, whereas this I am loving it and feel my teeth are whiter just after one use, and the taste is fairly neutral compared to the other Olgani toothpaste. Loving it
28/07/2017, By Nads
Salty, fresh, minty. Gets the job done.
21/07/2017, By Elizabeth
I have tried various 'natural' kinds of toothpaste, and I have complaints about the efficacy and taste of every one. This toothpaste finally appears to be 'the one'. Even though one's mouth does appear to be something out of 'the night of the living dead' whilst brushing, my teeth are definitely already a bit whiter. I also appreciate the taste - it is not as salty as other 'natural' toothpaste, and it is not as overwhelming and harsh as commercially-prepared varieties. And I can definitely see that the overall health of my mouth has improved, and I have less plaque build-up. So a prospective purchaser should view this toothpaste in a broader context - it is a much healthier regenerating toothpaste with the capacity to remineralize and build up teeth enamel and balance the mouth - its whitening properties should really just be viewed as an added bonus.
10/07/2017, By JazDon
I bought the toothpaste just for the novelty of a black toothpaste more than anything else. Its been 2 weeks and so far I cant say for certain that I've seen any whitening.
That said, the packaging is really premium - creates a great first impression. It is quite novel to see black in your mouth while you are cleaning your teeth. It makes quite a mess in a bathroom, but washes and wipes up easily. Just so much more noticeable than a white mess.
The taste is interesting, its pretty salty and earthy tasting with a hint of mint in the background. I cant say that it leaves my mouth feeling fresh but it does without a question leave my teeth feeling smoother and cleaner than any previous toothpaste. If I rinse with a minty mouthwash then its a great result.
27/06/2017, By Casper
Really cleanses well and leaves your mouth feeling fresh. I might be imagining things, but my teeth do appear whiter after using it for a few weeks. The only criticism I have, is that it is a little too watery.

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